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Melissa Rivers Releases Statement on Mom Joan's Condition

Melissa Rivers Releases Statement on Mom Joan's Condition

Melissa Rivers is speaking out to update her mom Joan Rivers‘ fans on her condition after being hospitalized following complications from an outpatient procedure on Thursday (August 28) in New York City.

“I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for my mother. She is resting comfortably and is with our family. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers,” the 47-year-old television personality said in a statement.

There was a report earlier in the evening that Joan was placed in a medically induced coma and that she would be taken out of it in a few days, though this has not yet been confirmed.

We wish Joan and her family the best during this scary time!

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  • Nancy

    When you have a been deprived of oxygen to the brain that is when they put you in a induced coma to give the brain time to rest, she is on life support , too so it will bw I treating to see what happens, how a melissa will handle everything,, interesting note that her publicist was in her room.
    Why would to Joqn go to a doctor that would not know hoot revive her.

    What kind of place is this? To get throat surgery should be done in a hospital!

  • offtheproperty

    Love you and your awesome, one-of-a-kind mom, Joan Rivers.

  • .

    I may not be a big fan but I hope Joan Rivers pulls through. I can’t imagine what her daughter is going through right now. I would be a complete wreck. *prayers to Joan and her family*

  • Spark

    Joan wishing you the best and god bless!

  • AHB

    Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is ironic.


    Can’t wait til you die, wh0r3! hahaha

  • Ashley

    Love you Joan!!! You bring happiness in my life and big chuckles.

    You are a FIGHTER GIRL!!!!


  • WTf?!

    @YAAAS HONEY: Hope you’re the one who dies in here…

  • Robyn

    We love you so much Joan. Please Please get better. Life will stink without you. A fan that loves to try to act like you. I adore you. Praying so much for you to get well. Love you Joan

  • Alx

    @Robyn: no we ont speak for your self still remember her justifying palestinian genocide karma’s a B.I.T.C.H no tears shed for this evil woman

  • adam

    one of the most evil persons in zionist hollywood,no big lost to the world in fact the world be better place

  • sam


  • Delight m sanchez

    we love you joan your in my praying god will be with you. my prayer go to you and all your family my god help you. your fan.delight.m sanchez

  • veronica

    good riddance, hope she dies for real. there is a god after all,wow a month ago she was justifying the killing of palestinian children,the devil will be waiting for this one

  • Joanne

    Joan my thoughts and prayers are with you today and always.

  • DAM

    wow talk about karma.

  • amil

    the spawn of the devil ,i guess god didn’t like her words justifying mass murder of palestinians, that was fast

  • wa3d

    I wish she die and RIH(Rot in Hell)

  • Will

    Hmmm, maybe she “deserves to die”, just like she said all those dead Palestinian children did? Enjoy eternity in Hell!

  • hah

    Karma’s a bitch, Joan…

  • janet

    i wish her well, but am not optimistic :-( they put my dad in a medically induced coma and he died three days later. it’s not a good thing, it means you are in serious danger and it might save your life, but often does not :-(

  • http://AOL CaSa

    What evil, hateful words spew from your lips. Everyone is entitled to express their political opinions. Expressing those opinions is no cause for your horrific response. You, and those like you, are the reason there will never be peace in the Middle East or in other war ravaged area of the world. …Joan, I love your ground breaking comedy. You put female comedians on the map in what was once a male dominated part of the entertainment industry. I wish you and your daughter the best and hope you use the same strength you have used over the years to prevail and to recover….As for these hateful comments; intelligent and caring people should speak out with kindness to counteract this vitriol.

  • http://AOL CaSa

    The “YOU” I referred to in my post are the people stating Joan Rivers, or anyone who expresses an opinion with which “THEY” disagree, deserve to suffer……I do not wish for anyone to misunderstand and think I was speaking of Joan. WE ARE AMERICANS and enjoy the freedom of expression.

  • asa


  • ;)

    Look Satan spawn is dying and not even Satan can save her now, hahaha. I hope she dies in pain and misery the way she wished for innocent kids dying.

  • ;)

    A person who doesn’t have mercy for innocent kids and women dying is an evil person. She said those innocent kids and women deserves to die just because they are Palestinians. can you imagine thousands of innocent KIDS were DYING, do you guys have any sense? SHE WISHED DEATH FOR KIDS. I can’t even imagine wishing for death on my worst enemies child let alone hundreds. I hope she dies in pain too. She is more than evil, she is Devil’s spawn.

  • Danny

    Jo tries too hard to be the biggest battleaxe on the block which does not leave her many sides to be on. Hopefully she’ll get better and stick to her medicine from here on in.)

  • Rocky


    WHAT A HORRIBLE THING TO SAY. I can’t stand the woman, but I sure don’t wish her death. YOU ARE ONE HATEFUL PERSON.

  • ;)

    We LOVE you Joan! We who love life unlike those devil worms who are evil and cause death all over the world. People die during war when their leaders rape, kidnap girls, children and women all over the world. Yes she will recover! Joan Rivers is a good human being who is honest. She will pull through!!! Same worms create problems everywhere in Israel, In Syria, Pakistan, In Iraq, In France, in GB, in Nigeria, in Sudan, in the USA.Those wimps who have promised to kill all children. girls, women and men who do not believe as them are on JJ spreading their hate. We will not let those devil worms all over the world and now on JJ. Why don’t they go post on their devilish site. We LOVE you join. The day you die you will go to heaven with the angels. The day you continue to live you will continue to make us all laugh.

  • http://Yahoo Baby’s wabsy

    To all you haters out there. Chill out whether you like or dislike Joan’s views she is still a human being who has family and friends who are grieving,show more respect ,you are all the reason this world is so screwed up,

  • Naye

    I hope Joan pulls through! I love her and her amazing sense of humor! We just lost Robin, we can’t lose Joan too! Praying for you Joan. Xoxo, a loyal Joan ranger.

  • Naye

    @Baby’s wabsy: exactly. People can be heartless when hiding behind a computer screen.

  • Emmie

    Joan could not find any compassion in her heart for the suffering children of Palestine.She could not even bring her self to say that no children should suffer regardless of their nationality-Israeli and Palestinian children are both innocent in all this. Surely…that would be an okay thing to say.
    However, getting ahead in Hollywood means that you have to have certain opinions and Joan did her best to oblige.
    But what does it all matter now? How can money and fame help Joan ?! I am sure that she would trade it all for a handful of good deeds, and maybe some kinder words.
    So Joan, as you begin a different journey now may you be given exactly what you deserve; not more and not less. That should be punishment enough! Karma is an amazing thing :)

  • michelle

    Hope joan pulls trough I love her show and how she loves her family don’t stop fighting u still hav work to do God Bless!