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Amanda Seyfried & Jennifer Carpenter Share Lots of Laughs on Their Coffee Date

Amanda Seyfried & Jennifer Carpenter Share Lots of Laughs on Their Coffee Date

Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Carpenter both emerge from a coffee shop laughing on Thursday afternoon (August 28) in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old actress and Jennifer, 34, grabbed some coffee on their friend date and looked like they had a great time!

“Biggest laugh of the day goes to @kimcarpenterdc. My Sister, on marriage: ‘Nothing should be more than a pinky-swear.’ ’’’” Jennifer tweeted the day before. LOL!

Jennifer and Amanda starred in the 2012 film Gone together and have been friends since! The movie is about a woman who is convinced her kidnapper has returned when her sister goes missing.

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  • David

    I missed Amanda’s posts so much,i really love her friendship with Jennifer it just shows how her co-stars can’t get enough of her i can’t wait to see how gorgeous Amanda will look at the “Toronto film festival”

  • .

    I loved Jennifer in Dexter. Her potty mouth was hilarious.

  • Carmen

    @David: What movie is she premiering at the TIFF please ?

  • Fercat

    @Carmen: My guess is ‘While We’re Young ‘.

  • David

    @Carmen: Yeah it’s “While We’re Young” from the director of “Frances Ha” it’s going to be Amazing i tell you she stars along side Ben Stiler and Naomi Watts.

  • PinkySwear

    jennifer carpenter is cool that goes without saying .

    amanda on the other hand is not at all ‘cool’ in fact she really a lame drunkard .
    she just uses her personal relationships and her men to climb the ladder plus she’s a terrible braggart …i hate the way she blatantly used her infatuation with dominic to score points in interviews…yet no one has yet called her out on it.

  • Lame

    @PinkySwear: you said so many BS in one comment no one has called her out on it yet is because no body cares most people love Amanda because she’s the most real and candid celeb out there plus it’s no secret that Dominic has cheated on her it has been all around the news a couple of years ago,so please next time if you want to critcize Amanda find something Logic to say.

  • CallThePapz

    still amanda follows the papperazzi around on a weekly basis.
    there is rarely any paps working in whatever town she is in yet somehow …there they are cameras in the waiting for her!!!
    wow unbelievable the paparazzi must be telepathic or something!!!!!

    Why is she always smiling at the photographers anyway?
    anyway that girl need NEVER wear shorts agin those are not legs you need to have on display.

  • PinkySwear

    nothing i said was BS .
    “Dominic has cheated on her” and? what’s that gotta do with us? NOTHING . so why does she keep feeling the need to tell the public the ins and outs of her private life? something she has done with nearly all of her many boyfriends.
    she has done the very thing a normal celebrity wishes to fight against…..keep her private life discreet .

  • Fercat

    If she actually calls them then she would’ve dressed better.

    Yeah, she smiles at everybody. I guess you’re disappointed that she’s NOT an awful person.

  • Emma

    @CallThePapz: If she calls the paps than why is this the first post we’ve seen of her for weeks ? the haters on this board are so LAME seriously they can’t find anything bad to say about Amanda so they just throw some BS and for your information i think that Amanda is the only actress right now who isn’t trying too hard or is overexposed and under PR controle unlike many many others and you know exacly who they are.

  • Fercat

    I would not call it bragging, she could do that with guys higher up the food chain. Dominic and her are still friends. And yeah, shes weird that way.

    She talks about her friends from time to time and most of them are not A-listers. So what’s there to brag? She doesn’t rattle of a bunch of BS written by some PR hack. God there are plenty of those.

  • David

    @CallThePapz: “anyway that girl need NEVER wear shorts agin those are not legs you need to have on display.”
    Hah nice one dear let’s see your legs and see which ones are better.

  • @@

    @Emma “under PR controle unlike many many others and you know exacly who they are” !!!!! huh ,wtf are you talking about and no i dont know who you are talking about.

    @FerCat “Dominic and her are still friends.” no they are not friends ,not really friends otherwise why is she so angry at him she has to continuously ‘use’ him in nearly every interview she does? and why was she so eager to parade him in front of the papperazzi .
    she seems an angry girl behind all those smiles.

    she has outed and used many other guys to the media including her current boyfriend and alexskarsgard , ryan phillipe , dominic and others .
    she is a braggart .
    and sadly unlike other celebs she gets away with it.

  • Fercat

    @@@: It’s better if you actually trolled with facts.
    The problem for you guys is that this girl is pretty much an open book. She says a bunch of stuff that would make PR guys pull their hair out. We all know the crap she sometimes say and she admits to it.

    There’s plenty of stuff out there to refute every bit of your trolling BS. But feel free to continue.

    Seriously, Alex Skarsgard is the only guy in your list worth bragging about and I think she only mentioned him ones and it gets repeated in the blogs forever.

  • David

    @@@: It’s funny because people who actually know her personally unlike you don’t agree with you yes she’s still friends with Dominic either you like it or not and she doesn’t need to use any of her boyfriends because i believe that she’s more successful than them so she has no need to do that.
    Why can’t you accept the fact that Amanda is one of a kind ? because she doesn’t need your approaval you know she’s such a fresh air in this fake hollywood world.

  • Fercat
  • @@

    @Fercat @David @Emma

    that’s okay if you dont wish to agree with me or others who have “called her out”
    but i am entitled to my opinion of her and the negative things that have been said ARE TRUE .
    you have even gone on to say the more negative posts here are BS then you go on to confirm what’s been said!!!!!
    i understand that celebs have Fangirls like yourselves but i am not one of them. accept it and move along.

  • @@

    @Fercat #17
    that link proves nothing really other than that she will not let him go.
    despite the fact both he and her have other partners….she still clings on ..desperately hoping one day he will feel for her whatever it is he feels for the ‘other woman’ he two-timed he for.

  • @@

    omg i had a look at her ‘mingey’ page and i see she is using her dog more than she has been exposing her men!!!

  • Seyfried Fan

    @@@: i can’t believe some people are even replying to you gosh guys don’t you know that you should never argue with an idiot.

  • Fercat

    @Seyfried Fan:
    I’m just letting the guy tick-up the comments count. I wanted to see if he actually had something new to say. And it was fun. :)

  • Seyfried Fan

    Yeah i know it was fun to see how stupid this troll is,i find it pathetic how he couldn’t find anything bad to say about Amanda so he just threw some BS but i’m sure he knows we’re right he’s just in complete denial.

  • Emily

    Jennifer Carpenter is such an awesome actress- love her on Dexter.