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Angelina Jolie Releases Statement on Syrian Refugees - Read it Here

Angelina Jolie Releases Statement on Syrian Refugees - Read it Here

Angelina Jolie is turning the spotlight from her big wedding to Brad Pitt to the devastating situation in Syria in a newly released statement

“Three million refugees is not just another statistic,” the 39-year-old actress and UNHCR special envoy, said of the displaced citizens who have fled Syria because of the civil war. “It is a searing indictment of our collective failure to end the war in Syria.”

“International stability is steadily bleeding away in Syria. UN Security Council Resolutions are being ignored; war crimes are being committed on a daily basis; regional countries are staggering under the human burden; and Syrian refugees are dying in the Mediterranean sea, trying to reach Europe. We need to see a new attempt to resolve the conflict and greater efforts to support more than 13 million Syrians who are in desperate need,” Angelina added.

“The reputation and credibility of the international system is at stake with so many thousands of lives threatened in Syria,” she concluded.

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  • bap

    Proud of you Dame Angelina!

  • Saffron

    All the stuff going on in her life and she still thinks of others. Love her for that!

  • Malta

    Her thoughts are never far from those in need, just a wonderful human being.

  • Question!

    proud of you, Mrs Pitt

  • shar

    Love it! She turns the spotlight to more important issues.
    That’s how you play the game. Other celebs should take note!

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Love her. One of the most selfless women in this world.

  • 15 lbs

    Wonderful caring woman. Now she just needs 15lbs and she’ll be able to help on a bigger scale.

  • Emmie

    Emmys or no Emmys My Father would have been at my wedding. There were lots of no shows at the awards Jon could have NOT gone. If Angie didn’t invite him that is just plain mean and evil. Either way Angie and Jon are screwed up. It is sad..

  • George the Pak i

    What about the refugee children who were sent back to South America to suffer under the drug lords, a life of crime, and suffering. Did you stand up for them. You are a hypocrite, anti-semitic just like Penelope Cruz.

  • bap

    @15 lbs

    Dame Angelina is married now, her husband should be the only one worrying about he weight.

    You are angry that the are married! Whoever you are get over it.

  • Oups

    ‘Friends’ Reunion Gone Wrong? Why Fans Are So Upset

    Me thinks Huvane told Aniston about the wedding and she was REALLY upset.
    She’s not over the divorce and never will.

    Congratulations Angelina and Brad for the wedding, you two fabulous humanitarian and caring people
    Love you

  • Zelda

    Words don’t cost money. She talks about issues, but never follows through, like when she said she’ll marry when homosexuals were allowed to marry too. And we know how she lied about that. She is a shock value attention seeker unstable woman

  • Christian

    LOL! She is so comically skinny, only in America a witch looking, borderline personality middle aged woman gets that much attention.

  • MYOB

    @15 lbs: Why don’t you take the 15 lbs and stuff up your A**hole, since you seem to be carry them around.
    Did she tell you get lap band surgery, because you’re a heifer.
    You’re on a bigger scale and all you can do, is eat and belch and contributes nothing to the human race, but your envious comments.
    Put down the bowl and try reaching your toes it is going to take all day, but at least you would be helping yourself, tubby.

  • bap



  • They both do heroin

    It’s been said there was a lot of heroin at the wedding party, available to all guest and children.

  • Oups

    Angelina is an humanitarian
    What JV did and say about Gaza and fellow actors is indefendable.
    Angelina adores her work overseas and she loves Almodovar

    Me thinks , it’s a way to say , i’m not close to his zionist ideas

  • bap

    @Christian are speaking about your crazy self?

  • bap

    @Carly why would mention being on the street unless you probably have been out there?

  • Michelle.

    HA HA HA, Her Public Relations machine is working overtime blogging in her favor in every single site.

  • @George the Pak

    George the Pak i @ 08/29/2014 at 11:18 am

    What about the refugee children who were sent back to South America to suffer under the drug lords, a life of crime, and suffering
    @George the Pak i do you mean kids that living in parts of Detroit and Chicago?
    You know dare well if the refugees can prove their life would be endangered based on unusual circumstances than they were not sent home.

  • Kick

    The only thing she accomplishes with statements like this is polishing her own halo once again because no one here is talking about the Syrian conflict or the refugees rather they are just commenting on what a saint Angie is for simply making a public statement about it. This is a problem for the politicians of the world, addressing the public is not going to matter much.

  • Poor Jen

    I wonder what Jennifer really did when she found out they married. Cried like a baby why Justin wasn’t looking. She will never get over Brad or the power she had while with Brad who only wanted a Family. Jens life would be so different now, she screwed up so bad..I can not feel sorry for her, she lied to her husband.

  • Saffron

    Lol….the trolls are foaming at the mouth again – everything is perfect in the Jolie-Pitt world!

  • Ron

    Once that video came out showing her high on heroin, I told my friend, it’s a matter of months before she gets married to Pitt to divert attention from her drug problem, which she and Pitt still have. The both do heroin, he’s said so. And he said he knows where to get it in every major big city in the Country.

  • Emmie

    @MYOB: I think your talking to passing through and don’t know it..haha

  • Ms. Sangha.

    I don’t pay attention to Heroin Junkis

  • lol

    she’s a truly remarkable woman

  • bap


    What have you done lately to make a difference in this Global World?

  • DR. OZ



  • Saffron

    OT @ PT
    That dress looks like metallic pajamas Miley Cyrus would wear.
    Oh and the next time you put up one of those huge closeups…give a strong warning, would you?? Stuff like that can give a girl nightmares. Fuzzy face, crepey skin, sausage nose…I could go on but you get the idea. The fuzzy face has got to go – that’s just creepy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone in RL with a fuzzy face like that.

  • Emmie

    @reply | Flag This

    Christian @ 08/29/2014 at 11:23 am

    LOL! She is so comically skinny, only in America a witch looking, borderline personality middle aged woman gets that much attention.


    Scary looking isn’t she? I have been skinny all my life and people so easily comment on a skinny persons looks to there face. I wouldn’t do that to a fat person. Give Angie a few years, like they told me once you hit 40! I am no longer called Twiggy and I feel good. I think she has a lot of stress in her life we don’t know about. She has to many irons on the fire. She needs to smoke a joint and cut her schedule down a bit and quit trying to be wonderwomen

  • Salma

    Well sweetie tell that to your bosses who are feeding the war

  • Emmie

    @<a href="/2014/08/29/angelina-jolie-releases-statement-on-syrian-refugees-read-it-here/comment-page-1/#Saffron @ 08/29/2014 at 11:32 am

    Lol….the trolls are foaming at the mouth again – everything is perfect in the Jolie-Pitt world!

    Except Angie health. She looks sickly.Do you not see the pictures of her skin bones and veins?:

  • Let it go

    Lots of screaming @ the oceans by the same old trolls. Got punch by the surprise wedding. Now you are back to whining and creating your ignorant lies again. So pathetic.
    It’s been 10 years people. Let it go Let it go….
    You should know by now you lose; Angelina wins. Because she does not give a damn about your comments. She keeps living her life and succeeding.
    You may not care about her statement about the Syrian refugees. Well she did not make it for you. She made it for people in power. She made it so when we look back at this time it will be known that people were standing up for other human beings.

  • Levi


    What about Gaza?! And the Iraqi People?!

    She doesn’t actually care about any of them not even the Syrians. This statement is so hollow and halfhearted she might as well have not said anything at all!

  • bap


    Emmie as you know personally you can gain weight but you cannot lose your ugliness.

    Emmie take a look in the mirror if you can.

  • nat

    How sad that her fans have literally nothing to say about the issues she is discussing and just want to gossip about her body, her marriage and her lifestyle.

  • Let it go

    @Levi: She has spoken about them. Go do your research. Stop assuming that what on Just Jared is all that she have ever said on conflicts in the world

  • bap

    @levi go tell it on a mountain!

  • Levi

    @Let it go:

    NO! You show me right now what has she said. Post it on HERE.


    MRS PITT ……………..MY HERO




  • valis202

    Rather than coming onto a celebrity website and bitching about Angelina Jolie how about using that negative energy of yours to do something concrete and constructive about the plight of the Palestinians and Iraqis.

    People like you always so quick to criticize but I bet you do sod all to make any kind of difference to what is happening in the world.

  • bap


  • bap


  • bap

    Levi stop flaunting your ignorance against Dame Angelina!

  • Levi

    You guys are so full of it. Instead of providing a source you pull the ‘ do your own research’ well guess what, not everything you read on the net is actually what she says. Tons of things have been attributed to her but nothing was actually said by her. She won’t say ANYTHING about tee Palestinians, she has NEVER visited Gaza. And now she’s in Malta just 20 miles away from Gaza’s shores – why isn’t she vising them? Like she Visited Libya DURING the fighting?

    So show me, what has she said and when has she visited Gaza, the Westbank or Palestinians refugee camp.

  • Let it go

    Oh Emmie you don’t care about Angelina. You are just a troll probably a jenhag.
    Angelina has always been boney and veiny.
    She has been this size and carried two toddlers around.
    She was this same size while doing Maleficent and swinging from a crane.
    Here is a picture of Angelina back in the day appropriately doing UN work
    You can see a tan, boney, veiny arm.

  • bap

    Levi use google!

  • Let it go

    @Levi: Google is your friend. Use it to not only find about past statements Angelina has made. But also about What You Can Do rather than whining about what others have not done.