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Joan Rivers Receives Prayers from Celebs - Read Them Here

Joan Rivers Receives Prayers from Celebs - Read Them Here

With Joan Rivers remaining in serious condition in the hospital, celebrities are sending in their prayers and support for the legendary comedian.

The 81-year-old television personality remains on life support at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City after she stopped breathing during a routine throat surgery earlier this week.

Her family is standing vigil by her side and we are all sending them our thoughts during this difficult time.

While Joan may have butted heads with tons of stars throughout her career, it seems they are all pulling for her to get better and make it through this scary situation.

Click inside to read a bunch of tweets from celebrities…

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    I’m praying for you too, Joan… Praying you spend eternity in the fiery pits of hell. Wishing you lots of pain xo you wh0r3 for zionism.

  • teplel

    so many jews


    We all love Joan

  • Tara

    Praying for Joan and her family.

  • Allah

    @YAAAS HONEY: Kharma be with all of you.

  • Roberta

    @SHINE: I don’t… not a single prayer from me.

  • namers


    So much ignorance.

  • Ava

    She one of the few celebrities who isn’t scared to be politically incorrect, and tells the truth , so many of them are pu**y’s, hope she pulls through .

  • assman

    Joan is an Icon

  • LOL

    @Roberta: Nobody cares, honey…You’re not that important.

  • Gross


    You are so SICK.

  • Joe

    Get well joan

  • encoregoddamngoddamn

    my prayers to you Joan and may your soul rest in peace.

  • wa3d

    I wish she die soon or NO.NO before she die I want her to suffer,,,
    and after she die she will (Rot in He**)

  • Roberta

    @LOL: Neither are you!!!

  • joan will burn in the hell

    many ignorance. shame on them !!! they don’t know what she said about children from palestine!!!!! she said that they deserve to die !!!. bitch burn in the hell and hope you will never Wake up!!!

  • Deeppearl

    Yeah suuure the blasphemers and the mass murderers believe in God.


    Now THIS and THAT is funny.

  • http://@goldendebbie Debbie Golden

    If you can’t think anything nice to say, no one cares what you have to say. Joan Rivers is a rock star!!

  • Deeppearl

    @Debbie Golden:

    Whaaaat can’t you take a joke? Its total COMEDY right now.

  • James

    @Debbie Golden: Yeah its the same comedy your Joan Rivers would do about the death of innocent palestinians. Lets see if her illuminati daddies can save this zionist pig now or not. As this braindead piece of trash said about those Palestinian people: its her own fault! Karma. Serves this zionist pig too right!

  • Free at Last

    Speedy recovery for Joan! Tough cookie, don’t back down. Get well soon!

  • bollo

    @YAAAS HONEY: so many miserable humans out there

  • god bless Joan

    The children in Palestine were put in hell on earth by the Arab world and the so called leadership of Palestine since 1949. Should have concentrated on taking the land from the mandate and building a country as strong as Israel managed to do. Imagine where the Palestinians could have been now. But that takes foresight and vision, rather than hate and corrupt and greedy opportunists like Arafat. Arafat accomplished nothing yet he is revered. Now there is someone who better be in hell.

  • Ashley

    I really don’t understand how so many people can support Joan. Have you not heard the comments she has made about the Palestinian casualties? She said its their own fault. Really? Over 2000 Palestinians have died in this war, most of them have been children. So she’s saying its those children’s fault that they were mercilessly killed by the Zionists of Israel. She is quite ignorant when it comes to relevant news that is happening around the world. She makes ignorant comments about a war that she is not fully informed about. The Zionists are living on STOLEN land. It’s not their land, it’s the Palestinians land. The British ‘gave’ the land to the Israelis when it wasn’t there’s to give. The land has always been the home of the Palestinians (muslim, Christian, jewish Palestinians). This woman has spoken about a topic she knows nothing about. This is truly karma. I feel sympathy for her family, as losing a love one is never easy, but its hard to feel sympathy for her.

  • god bless Joan

    @Deeppearl: Are you talking about the Muslims? Mass murderers indeed. Check out your heroes ISIS. They are sure making Hamas look Mickey Mouse.

    Speaking of mass murders did you know that Syria and Jordan, when Arafat was a “guest” there with his people, killed more Palestinians in a few massacres than Israel has killed in total. Seems even other Arabs are not fond of Palestinians. Why is that? Or Arafat just rubbed everyone the wrong way, the weasel.

  • god bless Joan

    Because my friend you misunderstood what she said. Or she really should have said the blood of Palestinian children is on the hands of Hamas. If Hamas did not put their weapons in areas with children on purpose including UN schools which is just another example of the corruption of the UN itself and if Hamas just stopped lobbing rockets at Israel after being warned for months they would not have given Israel the opportunity to finally destroy weapons and tunnels they’ve been wanting to for quite some time.

    It was so much better when Hamas and Fatah were just killing each other.

  • god bless Joan

    Back to Joan and more civil conversation. I realized when they said she was in a medically induced coma that was bad news and now life support. This is why it is very important to discuss these things before it happens. My mother had a DNR “do not resusitate” order in place so when the time came, we could let go knowing we were following her wishes.

  • Ashley

    @god bless Joan: Muslims are not mass murderers. That is such a generalization. So many Muslim’s out there don’t support what ISIS is doing as Islam is a religion that promotes peace. I encourage you to do some research as to what Islam represents. I have many Muslim friends and your post is so offensive to a religion that has been dehumanized in the news. Do you know any Muslim people? Go tell them what you have posted on this site so that they can enlighten you. The majority of Muslims around the world believe in peace and that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I hope to God that one day every religion can live in peace beside each other without all the hate.

  • Ashley

    @god bless Joan: But you do not understand my point. Hamas would not have had to gone to such extremes if Israel would just give the Palestinians their land back. Now Israel has agreed to negotiations to save face with the rest of the world as most countries support the Palestinians in this war. Before Israel existed Jews, Christians and muslims all lived in peace in Palestine, but then the British decided that the have the power to give the Palestinian land to the Zionists. The land was not theirs to give. Some supermarkets have begun to mark their products with labels like : “Created on occupied land” or “Made in Israel”.

  • Deeppearl

    Israel used the equivalent of SIX nuclear bombs on the Palestinians for 51 days – don’t talk to us about inhumanity. If nukes weren’t radioactive Israel would have used them on the Palestinians on the Lebanese.

    Since 2000 2326 Palestinian are dead in gaza alone. Not including the prisons and not including the west bank. 131 Israeli kids are dead on the outskirts of Gaza since sep 20 2000.

    Israel and its IDF are cowardly bastards. They wont meet real armies or people with actual military in all out war so they terrorize and attack people with no military whatsoever.



    Piss off. It’s OVER, nobody is going to listen to the JOKES Israel put out ‘feel sorry for us we’re the victims’ after the 51 day war – nope. The WORLD saw Israels true face, the mask finally came off.

  • god bless Joan

    I have done more research than you know.

    Until peaceful Muslims take a real stand against groups like ISIS and Al Queda and look the other way at the atrocities committed against other Muslims and Christians and Jews or Sunni vs Shia violence in other Muslim and Arab countries, this is what Islam is going to look like in the future.

    Look at Afghanistan. Please don’t tell me that the Taliban stand for peaceful Islam. The bottom line is probably the peaceful Muslims are afraid of these thugs and won’t or can’t do anything to stop them or the majority of the people in Afghanistan prefer Taliban rule. Either way it is a sad state of affairs.

    The Arab and Muslim world holds massive chunks of land all over the world and Jews have been driven out of just about all of them so if you are so peaceful, why begrudge Israelis their very small piece of the world which they have an indisputable sacred connection to which Muslims cannot deny because Mohammad said Jews are people of the book, the Koran..In fact there is a Muslim scholar who says the same thing. Given that Jews are supposed to be people of the book and given Jerusalem was first sacred to the Jews he says he believes Allah intended for the Jews to live there and that by opposing it have brought the wrath of Allah upon the Palestinian people. Needless to say most Muslim scholars do not agree with him and as seems to be the case with peaceful Muslims his life has been threatened many times. But he says it is in the Koran. And the Koran is the indisputable word of Allah. Of course always subject to interpretation and reinterpretation.

    Or maybe peaceful Muslims just don’t want to acknowledge those parts of the Koran that command Muslims to expand the Muslim ummah. Because the extremists sure have.

    The only saving grace for the rest of us is that there is a Sunni -Shia divide. And yet guess who finances Hamas – Iran. The enemy of mine enemy is my friend.

  • Deeppearl

    2326 dead Palestinian KIDS just in Gaza
    131 dead Israel kids
    All since 20 sept 2000
    This count does not include the wounded, nor the traumatized, or the west bank or the Israeli prisons or during the demolishing of their homes. Or the deaths prior to 2000 since the Nakba. Or of the deaths Jewish people who tried to protect the Palestinians.

    2326 Palestinian children.

    You can’t hide the numbers anymore.

    And if you bring up the damn KHAMAS charter,s eriously its stupid. Hamas SAYS Vs Israel DOES.

    Israel DOES kill Palestinians. Israel DOES call for their ‘sterilization’ Israel DOES work to exterminate Palestinians. Israel DOES used weapons of mass destruction on civilians, Israel DOES use banned weapons, Israel DOES violate international law, Israel DOES starve the population of Gaza just enough to keep the alive but not enough to kill them. Israel DOES imprison kids ( youngest 4 years old ) without charge. Israel DOES steal Palestinian land calling it ;state land’ Israel DOES occupy other peoples countries, Israel DOES invade other peoples countries.

    But all you’ve got i Hamas charter SAYS. Well the likud have their own charter and unlike Hamas they are PRACTICING it.

    WE see it all now.

  • god bless Joan

    Hama Massacre 1982. Assad Sr. order the massacre which killed anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 Palestinians in one shot. The accepted number is usually 20,000. Arafat was being an ungrateful guest as usual.

    I guess when Arabs kill Arabs in mass numbers it is okay.

  • Jen

    These stupid celebs didn’t reunite to support innocent kids killed by Zionist and they united to “pray” for this woman? WOW.

  • god bless Joan

    Not the Israel’s fault that Hamas has bad aim. They had many opportunities to stop their pointless rocket attacks. And maybe Hamas should not situate their weapons around civilians on purpose just so Deeppearl can use those stats. Because Hamas doesn’t really care how many Palestinian children get killed. They are heroes in the struggle and they will go to Paradise right.

    Turn this around. Imagine if Canada started lobbing rockets over the US border. You think the US would put up with that for one second let alone months. Imagine if Iran lobbed rockets over at Iraq or vice versa. Imagine if Scotland starting lobbing rockets over to the English countryside, imagine if Ukraine started lobbing rockets over at Russia. Hell the Ukraine have done nothing and they are being invaded. Please Israel exercises more restraint than just about any other country in the world if put in the same circumstances.

  • Mass Murderers

    Wow. So many “peaceful” muslims coming here to spew hate and death just like they do everywhere they go.

  • Deeppearl

    Yes lets divert and outright avoid actually holding a country that calls itself a member of the west and free world accountable when it doesn’t anything actually against international law. How does that solve anything?

    Swallow your pride. Israel is the fourth super power in the world, it gets to be judged on a different platform for that. It has been hostile, and antagonistic and it has used weapons of mass destruction of civilians. If you can’t even hold your own accountable for war crimes and violations of international law – what gives you qualification to call for it on other countries? Muchless give you the high ground?

    Ho about all the Jewish blacks in Israel still on concentration camps? How about the Ethiopian women Israel sterilized and would have kept at it had PALESTINIANS not smuggled some of the women out of the blockade zones to testify? That was HORRIFYING! Israel was sterilizing JEWISH WOMEN!

    Time to wake up people. Israel is Frankenstein monster.

  • Deeppearl


    Yes lets divert and outright avoid actually holding a country that calls itself a member of the west and free world accountable when it doesnโ€™t abide by anything and does everything actually against international law. *

  • Deeppearl

    Israel just announced it is seizing 1000 acres of Palestinian land RIGHT NOW and calling it ‘state land’ according Haarets. And bibi just announced plans for more settlements – 6000 units. Yeah Israel is really doing that ‘ we just want peace ‘ argument justice.

    Seriously, I would NEVER wish what is happening to Palestinians on anybody. Nobody sane condones this anymore. And if Russia adopts this policy none of you have the qualifications to condemn it anymore. Because all a country need do now is point at Israel to show the hypocrisy. Which in itself is a danger.

    Israel will be held accountable if the west wants to maintain ANY status in the world. Israels just gone too far.

  • porquenon

    Wow, who knew that the off the cuff comments of an 81 yr old commedienne would hold such sway in Israeli / Palistine relations. Rivers is an equal opportunity offender by the way: I saw her perform in June and she had a whole riff on Anne Frank being a whiner in her diary. I’m sure she’d also have a perfectly offensive riff for the people (person) on this message board wishing her death. At least she’d say it to your face(s) and not hide behind made up names and false indignation.

  • Julie

    The number of celebrities sending get well tweets isn’t very high.

  • god bless Joan

    @Deeppearl: I might agree with you if Jews were not run out of just about every Arab country in the world. The Allied Forces divided up most of the Middle East after WW

    And arguably this has been the cause of many problems in the middle east including Iraq by putting three ethnic groups that hate each together in Iraq.

    The mandate Israel and Palestine pretty much equal chunks of land I believe. Don’t forget the Palestinans made a bad decision in supporting the Nazis. You make bad decisions you get punished if your side loses the war. Remember the context. Germany tried to exterminate the Jews and almost succeeded.

    Given that Jews have been and still are being forced out of Arab countries I think this was a fair compromise.

    But rather than the Palestinians taking the land they got and making the best of it the Arab Countries have been using them as a political football and they attacked Israel and lost more land each time. You wage war and lose and this is what happens.

  • god bless Joan

    Oh please Deeppearl you wage war and lose this is what happens and it would happen the other way around if the Palestinians ever won a war or battle. The Palestinians backed the Nazis in World War II. You back the losing side, you get punished. Ironic how the mandate was established by the very UN that seems to be the Palestinians only real ally these day.

    I keep repeating what would have happened if the Palestinians had accepted the mandate and tried to build a strong country first. My personal opinion is that I think the Arab world sees the Palestinians as a convenient political football but the poor cousins who we really aren’t going to put out the maximum effort for except ironically Shite non Arab Iran who seem to be the biggest financial backers of Hamas along with Hezbollah and are anxiously trying to get a nuke to blow up israel never mind they will kill or radiate all of the Palestinians at the same time because sadly in the end all Iran cares about is destroying Isreal, they don’t really care about Sunni Palestinians. Sad isn’t it when you look at it from that perspective.

  • Marily Fields

    I learned to like to see Joan present Fashion Police for being very active in her old age. A great example. Will be missed