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Orlando Bloom Takes Selfies While Attending Wedding in Ireland

Orlando Bloom Takes Selfies While Attending Wedding in Ireland

Orlando Bloom steps out in a suit while attending a friend’s wedding stag on Saturday (August 30) in Dublin, Ireland.

The 37-year-old actor was nice enough to stop and take a bunch of selfies with fans and guests before heading to the ceremony of his pals Flora Montgomery and Soren Jessen. What a nice guy!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

A few days earlier, Orlando looked super sexy in his leather jacket as he arrived at Haneda airport to catch a flight out of Tokyo, Japan.

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44 Responses to “Orlando Bloom Takes Selfies While Attending Wedding in Ireland”

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  1. 1
    NYC Says:

    He is, without a doubt, the most gorgeous man on the planet.

  2. 2
    ta Says:

    He’s so gorgeous!
    But he’s not really taking selfies. he’s posing with fans and fellow guests. Big difference.

  3. 3
    ally Says:

    That is one tasty piece of man flesh. And I love the way he’s dressing these days.

  4. 4
    uriejxcbet Says:

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  5. 5
    IDLTrolls Says:

    LOL, YOU are still single. And you are alone. Take care of this first, woman-spammer.

  6. 6
    IDLTrolls Says:

    Orlando Bloom is stunning. Wonderful human being and a great actor.

  7. 7
    Jayne Says:

    I agree Orlando is a very good actor and so good looking and on top of that a good man. As if its been 7 year when he did that play in London.

  8. 8
    Eeww.... Says:

    Orlando is nearly 38 & yet still wears his pants hanging down like he did when he was 25. So ridiculous for someone of his age, he needs to pull his pants up & act his age.

    It’s sad that he’s dating a 20 yr old model, no wonder he’s such good friends with Leo. Both of them are beyond creepy & sleazy sleeping with such young girls.

  9. 9
    IDLTrolls Says:

    @Eeww….: Irrelevant. We already discussed your lack of sense of style. You should get a credit only for one thing: your nicknames fit your multiple personalities. LOL.

  10. 10
    Elena Says:

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Orlando, who never learned to dress himself, wears the same ugly, ill fitting suit and doucheb@ggy shirt to a wedding where there were actual important people in attendance but he managed to find a few commoners who are behind on the times and still think he’s a big deal. He took photos with them and got to pretend, just for a little while, that he was still Orlando Bloom and not some side show freak in the Miranda Kerrdashian show. Too bad that along with never learning how to dress himself he also never learned how to act, which is most unfortunate because he chose acting as a career. Perhaps if you could make a career out of doucheb@ggy shirts and ill fitting, ugly suits he would have been a smashing success.

  11. 11
    Elena Says:

    @NYC: What planet?

  12. 12
    Yes! Says:

    He’s so gorgeous! And so nice of him to stop and pose with fans.
    Love him!!

  13. 13
    @8 Says:

    Uhmmm, his pants aren’t hanging down, and he isn’t “dating” a twenty year old.
    Maybe you should pay more attention before posting? Yeah.

  14. 14
    Zachary Says:

    Orlando, go back into your closet and don’t come out until you have a proper suit!

  15. 15
    IDLTrolls Says:

    @Elena: Got lost again? LOL.

  16. 16
    IDLTrolls Says:

    @Zachary: The answer #9 is for you, in case you lost your focus again, Ele.., Eeww…I mean “Zachary.” :D (You are such a loser, LOL).

  17. 17
    EB Says:

    He is like a dreamy as always

  18. 18
    HA! Says:

    @IDLTrolls: For someone ho claims to not like trolls you spend an awful lot of time feeding them. That leads me to wonder if you are a liar or just stupid. Personally, I’m leaning toward stupid but knowing that you are a Miranda Kerr fan and that she is a big fat liar you could just be following her lead.

  19. 19
    Elena Says:

    @15 Okay, dumba$$ I am going to say this slowly and use small words so that even you can uderstand: On what planet is Orlando the most gorgeous man? Not this one, obviously. On this planet he is looking old and greasy and awful and passed his “bloom”. He is out to seed.

  20. 20
    PuppyLove Says:

    @@8: Please do not feed the Trolls. We have learned by experience it is best to let them lurk…post the occasional bit of slime..and slink back under their bridges without response.

  21. 21
    IDLTrolls Says:

    @HA!: You mean you “ate” too much of my attention to you? Tsk, tsk. Make up your mind, woman: you either want attention or not. You wanted it – you got it. Why are you whining now?
    I’m glad that you admitted publicly that you are a troll. (Though you are not that bright to see it before I’ve actually mentioned it, LOL). As for your Miranda Kerr’s comment – LOL. Let’s just say your abilities to analyze things are strongly surpassed by the number of the nicknames you chose. Ha. ;)

  22. 22
    IDLTrolls Says:

    @Elena: Aw, an angry troll. You are caught in your own ignorance and now you are angry that your own words backfired at you. Ouch. :) Do you honestly believe that he, me and all normal people care about what you say? Remember the words you’ve heard not once: you are nothing more but the “beat up the troll”- piece of the entertainment here! Ok, ok: here is the hard one for you: a sense of humor can be developed only in those with brain. Think about it. If you can, LOL.

  23. 23
    IDLTrolls Says:

    @PuppyLove: Well, I’m looking at this like at the act of mercy of sorts: she is dying from the lack of attention and I’m helping her in her suffering. LOL.

  24. 24
    Dear IDL Trolls Says:

    I suggest you take your meds and rethink your user name. Unless, of course, it actually means “I Do Love Trolls” in which case, carry on, moron.

  25. 25
    No Says:

    Actually, calling the troll out on her ignorance insanity and lies is the best way to get her to leave. If she goes unchallenged, she just keeps posting. But if you remind everyone how hateful, deluded, and sad she is, she disappears.
    Everyone knows the she is crazy, and pathetic. Insulting Orlando and Miranda is her only entertainment. Poor, pathetic troll that she is.

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