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Zac Efron Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pic from 'We Are Your Friends'

Zac Efron Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pic from 'We Are Your Friends'

Zac Efron emerges from his trailer with his headphones around his neck and heads to set on Friday afternoon (August 29) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actor filmed a scene in a graveyard for his upcoming flick We Are Your Friends where he plays aspiring DJ Cole Carter.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

While on set, Zac has been sharing some behind-the-scenes pictures.

“Cole #WeAreYourFriends #wayf #firstlook #onset #bts,” he captioned a picture of himself sitting in a large tree.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron on set in Los Angeles…

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zac efron new movie character 01
zac efron new movie character 02
zac efron new movie character 02a
zac efron new movie character 03
zac efron new movie character 04
zac efron new movie character 05
zac efron new movie character 06
zac efron new movie character 07
zac efron new movie character 08
zac efron new movie character 09
zac efron new movie character 10
zac efron new movie character 11
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  • OK

    Zac looks great!! Glad to see him working.

  • You Know

    I don’t understand why he gets so much hatred. He minds his own business, he never said anything bad about other people and all I hear from other celebrities how he’s very nice and down to earth guy. He turned into a decent actor despite his ”troubled” past.

  • alexa

    He’s not respected because he’s unsophisticated. He’s a mimbo; that is, a male bimbo.

  • OK

    Guessthat depends on who you talk too. I happen to really love Zac and can see he is trying. we all have struggles at times.

  • Hmmh

    @Alexa Like you?

  • Wanna know

    @You Know: It’s because he is a liar and a fraud. He portrays himself as this nice guy and tries to make his fans believe he cares about them but he doesn’t. He fuc*s up then he lies about it. If he had any guts he would come out and tell the truth. then he’d get more respect. Instead he scr*ws up then plays the PR game to cover up. Lies to the public to protect his good guy image. Yeah others do that too, but his fans know what he is doing and he lies about being sober when he is not and it’s just hurting him.

  • Tia

    Still trying to make this closet case happen…

  • OK

    @Wanna know So nice to know you know everything about Zac. So if everyone does it why are you hating on him?
    Zac still has true fans that love him and understand people make mistakes. (Not everyone is perfect like you.)
    Looks like he is taking care of himself again.

  • OK

    @Tia Have you seen him with guys? Come on give us the exclusive. your just hateful and nothing more. Zac is straight.

  • Just sayin’

    @Wanna know:You’re sick, you know that? This hate will ruin you. Dude doesn’t lie. He never said that he’s a nice guy, that he’s perfect or that he never makes mistakes…It’s all what you haters make up. And that other one who called him a male bimbo… you’re sad little girl. Do you even know what that word means? Well…better look it up. Zac was a straight – A student and always is very polite and well behaved. He donates to people who need it since day 1. And you can only say thanks to mother nature for his good looks. He is no different from any other male celeb around his age. Only he has really lame haters who always have the same old insults. Have so imagination at least. And let me get one step ahead of you,sad ones, not everyone who don’t bitch at others are fangirling.

  • Wanna know

    @Just sayin’: he’s a drunk and drug addict and a famewhore when he’s with them.He goes on Bear Gyrlls and lies to make himself looks one way then he’s off to Italy acting like a party boy toy. He needs help and I hope he gets it, but in the meantime don’t lie be upfront and go to rehab and drop the fake party pals. He’s working now but he is a functioning addict . that is the truth act sober on set be sober on set then when he’s alone boom.

  • Emily

    Haters give him a chance He is trying hopefully he is starting again to live a better healthy life and change. He is looking so hot BTW and people on set praise him.

  • prettypictures

    He loves to see himself in pictures…

  • emily.d

    I’m still a big fan of his. My feelings for him have got a lil’ controversial…based on many contradictory things that I’ve been happening to read about him lately…but the truth is that I’d still love meet him one day. I wish him the best.
    Not many people “passing” my life have made a deep impression on me – Zac Efron is definitely one of them. (And his looks are just part of that impression).

  • Just sayin’

    @Wanna know: Do you actually know him personally?you know what he does 24/7? I think not. Just because you know that he had problems doesn’t mean that he has them now. There are such thing as self-control. And Zac looks good. Healthy. I think he learned his lesson and he’s back on track. Blaming him for old mistakes won’t make you any happier. Move on like he has.

  • Mean

    Zac looks good. Good that he’s working on a movie to keep him busy.

  • Mean

    Don’t hear about Michelle his x anymore. Sense the breakup.

  • Yup

    @Wanna know: That’s exactly what I hate about him. No one expects perfection from anyone. It’s the constant games, hiding, the lies, the deceit, the PR crap. All of it. I don’t expect him to not make mistakes; I do expect him to quit being such a wuss and own the mistakes, and quit being such a slave to his image and act like a man. I also can’t stand a manwh*re, who hides behind a nice guy personna. Just be a Gerard Butler, and own your player image.

  • hehe

    @Yup: replied yourself. Classy. Could have changed at least a little your style. Just putting it out there… but it’s not really manly (because you’re jealous man child,it’s obvious) to write this kind of crap here, under some fake names about a guy, who’s on top, who’s rich, who’s very loved in the industry,who’s generous,who’s sweet and over all doing just fine. Say that in his face (this sh-it he’s not reading anyway), film it and then we can talk. Otherwise you’re just a peace of trash who tries to raise his ego by bi-tching on a very successful man, who can’t shout your mouth,because he doesn’t even know that this unhappy person lives on this planet.

  • Yup

    @hehe: Sorry. Different person, loser. Not jealous of this deceitful, little man. Not ONE bit. He can make all the crap movies he wants. He sucks as a man, he hides behind his image, and his so-called sweetness is all an act. Can see right through this jerk, and I don’t give a crap about the money he makes. Money hasn’t made him a man.

  • H!

    @Yup: @Wanna know: Wow, I am SO glad you people know him more than his fans and family. Bravo. A lot of research and hours spent on someone you both love to hate. It says a lot about your pathetic lives.

  • Claudia

    You shouldn’t pay attention to haters, you know? Haters are gonna hate anyway, not matter what reasonable people say to them.. It’s MUCH easier like that. Either way, what they say doesn’t matter, Zac doesn’t even know what people say about him on media, he doesn’t read it, it’ ok guys. He receives 10000 times more love than hate, that’s the important thing :D

    I’m pretty sure he knows he gets hate like every other celebrity in the world, everybody knows… so if he doesn’t care, I don’t care either. It has really worked on me, it’s great, you’re just loving and supporting somebody which is good :D Really guys, don’t wate your time :) :) :) :)

    Aaaaaaaaanyway, I loove you, Zac!!! Can’t wait for this movie!!!! He looks sooo good in those pics!!! <3 <3

    Peace and love, everybody!!! :D :D <3

  • lol

    THE HATER is here! lol @Yup, @WannaKnow, 2Alexa ,@Tia all THE SAME PERSON. She’s just a fan in denial. Just ignore her Zattakers!

  • http://Twitter Taylor

    Here’s my question… If all you worthless little brats hate him so much, why do you take the time to read articles about him? Is it because you have absolutley no life and the only happiness you get is hating on a person way more successful than you’ll ever be? Get a life… You haters make me SICK!

  • hehe

    @Yup: And this makes you one? He was a bigger man in his diapers than you will ever be.

  • Teresa condello

    Guys the haters know Zac is a great person. They just want to see what people have to say back to them. And those of you who saw him on bear grylls saying he wasn’t honest about his rehab situation obviously didn’t pay any attention to what he said. Because they’re Obviously 12 years old

  • sara

    Lainey gossip pretty much confirmed he’s gay/bi sooooo I guess him and Gianluca broke up lol

  • Fruitfly

    Beautiful Zac!

  • mah

    @sara: Yeah, cause if gossip site said that, then it’s true. ;D

  • sara

    @mah Lainey knows more than you ;)

  • mah

    @sara: how to nake up BS that’s for sure.

  • x

    @sara: Oh yeah, Screwing a woman for 5 years totally makes you gay. GTFO. Just because you are gay doesn’t mean EVERYONE is. Annoying wishful haters

  • Mica


  • sara

    You were in the bedroom with them to know what they were doing? Haha Funny how all her blinds are eventually revealed to be true. But remain in fantasy land fan girls.

  • LOL

    @sara: I suggest you to get a life, Sara. Your obsession over Zac and his sexuality is terrifying. But then I again you believe blind items, so you must be dumb.