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Brad Pitt Wears His Favorite Orange Hat Again in NYC

Brad Pitt Wears His Favorite Orange Hat Again in NYC

Brad Pitt dons a colorful fedora while leaving his hotel on Sunday morning (August 31) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor was reportedly heading to finish filming a PSA commercial with Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. We can’t wait to see it!

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The day before, Brad was spotted looking dapper in his suit while heading to the set again, with his wedding ring on display.

In case you missed it, get all the details on Brad‘s recent wedding to Angelina Jolie!

FYI: Brad is wearing Vans shoes.

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  • 50 year old hipster

    @geez: yeah and Angelina – the woman in the relationship is able to go without paparazzi attention. It is clear who is being a fameho about their wedding and ring. It’s BRAD.

  • Wonderbust

    Let’s not forget that She not funny this way still hasn’t picked up distribution and was trashed at Venice. That dud is going straight to VOD as well. Meanwhile Angie gets a distributor before her movie is even filmed. Yet Angie is suppose to be jealous bwahhah.

  • troll meltdown

    Can you imagine if the JPs really had PR?! Actually, no I can’t- the JPs have proven that there are far better things to do with your money than to pay it to liars and spin doctors. Lameo PR addicts like FAT tick old manny have to spend millions to get attention and hide all their evil deeds. Time to buy another dirtbag award!

  • Ⱦamsіn




    Hahahaha… BINGO!

    Of course this is the case. And Jared is also part of their PR team. There’s no other 50 year, old fading, sexually ambiguous actor whose fashion choice of wearing a hat is considered worthy of notice and discussion by gossip blogs, save for this one.

    Jared may have some sort of contractual obligation, but more importantly, Heroina’s relatives are tight with him, so it’s more like a “family” obligation.

  • Observer2

    #24 Wonderbust @Wonderbust:

    The way Ticky’s movies are going, she’s going to be having to pay to be in movies. LOL. Even if they’re only 7M movies.

    That’s putting bad money after bad.

    This is why Ticky’s name is never equated with excellence and why people like Christopher Nolan throw her under the bus. LOL.

  • Rose

    @GEORGE: I need a life according to you and your life is stalking me and sniffing my drawers, weirdo.

  • amazing

    go Brad flash your wedding ring. you deserves happiness, best wishes to you and your wife Angelina and your adorable children.



  • Ⱦamsіn

    @OLd MAN PITT:

    Hahaha.. well you know the racial vvhore thinks that her whiteness is the only part that is worth celebrating. And loons, who are very racist themselves, agree with her on this, even though most of them are blacks and Asians.

  • Rose

    @Saffron: You noticed. All the freaks comes out at the same time. What are you willing to bet it’s is the same weirds freak changing names right and left.

  • a lurker

    Epic trolls meltdown continues. lol.

  • Observer2

    #52 Wonderbust @Wonderbust:

    I know, Angelina’s coming off of a 750M hit and Ticky can’t get people into her movies for 7.50. LMAO!

    Angelina’s movie that she directed without getting tan lines, is in the Oscar conversation sight unseen. Ticky can’t get a movie to direct with tan lines.

    Angelina writes a movie for she and Brad and she’s directing it. All 7 studios bid on it without it even beginning to film. Ticky and Tacky can’t sell their souls to the devil fast enough and Tacky got kicked off of directing Zoolander2.

  • geez

    I feel sorry for ticky hens and trolls.

  • Wonderbust

    Ticky was on GMA, today show, handjob show, Kimmel, staged a friends reunion, got publicity for trying to be a feminist, got publicity from ALS challenge, got publicity from brad and Angie’s wedding YET her movie only managed $3,000 per theater avg in 33 theaters. Indie movies under. 50 screens are suppose to have large avgs. I remember the troll calling TYAS a flop when it opened to 18 theaters with $980,000. This flop won’t even make up to. $10mil

  • Observer2


    Your list for Little Tacky Cibrian pissed off Ticky’s 7 fans. LMAO!

    You’ve arrived. You have your own stalker. Be very, very proud that Tina Graced you with stalking you.

    The bunny boiler is back to boil Brad’s bunny some more, under, yet, ANOTHER moniker. LMAO!

  • Brad, Leo, Deniro, Scorsese

    Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Pitt draw so much attention and vile-ish lying comments from low life foaming stepped on and thoroughly squished squashed cockroaches, as always. Like Bears drawn to sweet delicious desired additive Honey they can’t stay away. Making lots of money for the JJ, cause a former forgotten in the dust of time ex and her munchkin of a man are forever money losing threads for him.

    Totally Love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lurker

    Can it make even 2 million

  • well

    Brad and Angie always win. sorry Ticky and hens.

  • http://justjared Susan

    Basil, Sybil, Polly and Manuel.
    Fawlty Towers

  • So

    When is Ticky and Tacky’s wedding? When is Ticky going to be a mother? LMAO.

  • Observer2

    Where are the write ups about how well the movie that it was a crime that it got made at?

    See, it was a crime that the movie got made. That’s what the investors are thinking about now. LOL.

    Damn, shame that they put their money into it.

    Story of Ticky’s life. She’s a damn shame.

  • Saffron

    @Wonderbust @ 08/31/2014 at 3:11 pm
    Can we repost those Crime on life numbers please I believe it was $99,000 in 33 theaters with an avg of $3,000.
    Wow! Impressive numbers. LMAO!
    Let’s see how it stacks up to Tacky’s romcom classic in the coming weeks:
    Domestic: $92,853 37.1%
    + Foreign: $157,329 62.9%
    = Worldwide: $250,182
    Domestic Summary
    Opening Weekend: $23,832
    (#62 rank, 4 theaters, $5,958 average)
    % of Total Gross: 25.7%
    > View All 7 Weekends
    Widest Release: 8 theaters
    Close Date: October 11, 2007
    In Release: 49 days / 7 weeks
    The Players
    Director: Justin Theroux
    Billy Crudup
    Mandy Moore
    Dianne Wiest
    Bob Balaban
    Bobby Cannavale
    Christine Taylor
    Peter Bogdanovich
    Amy Sedaris
    Martin Freeman
    Tom Wilkinson

  • Exactly

    Brad is rocking that hat. It takes a bold man to wear a bold colored hat.

  • Passing Through

    Crap…another new thread…I can’t keep up and watch tennis at the same time…
    # 137 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 08/31/2014 at 12:29 pm
    Afternoon Folks. I was at Mojo looking at numbers, and look at what I found:

    Title Weekend Gross Theatre Count Average Total Gross
    Mal $660,000 338 $1,953 $238,501,000

    LOC $99,500 33 $3,015 $99,500
    I was gonna post this but I see I’m a few hours behind. How funny is it that Angie’s movie, on it’s 14th weekend of release – 94 days – is not only playing in more theaters (338 to 33) than Ticky’s NEW RELEASE, but it made 666% MORE than Ticky’s movie? 666 – how fitting because that’s surely what The Crime on Life distributor is thinking Ticky is at the box office – the anti-Christ. LOL! Good old Ticky – always good fora big dose of CFG.

  • Passing Through

    # 162 Wonderbust @ 08/31/2014 at 1:24 pm
    I think if Crime on Life had a decent opening weekend Roadside would have expanded theaters next weekend. Now it’ll be lucky if it lasts 4 weeks in theaters. This is an embarrassment of epic proportions for Ticky. Angie just threw down $750 MILLION – and she can’t even open to $100,000? Hell, she spends someone else’s $100K every time she uses Hair Boy for an ad photoshoot.
    Let’s put this into perspective – Maleficent has made 7,575.757575757576 TIMES more than Ticky’s movie opened at. Even with a 4 week run the most Ticky’s movie is probably going to make is $400,00-500,000. Even misManagement made $934,658 and was released in 212 theaters. This is a step BACKWARDS for Ticky – not foward. Then she’s going to follow it up with She’s Not Funny That Way and Crack – IF they can find distributors? And yet the media continues answering Huvsy’s phone calls when he want to leak news of her vacay to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her engagement…

  • Observer2


    Never let it be said that you’re not doing your part for Ticky and LTC. See, you’re there for them. LMAO!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Notice Tampons shows up and so are its many alias. This Gaylord is crazy obsess with the Jolie Pitt.

  • 50 year old hipster…

    He’s filming a short for plan b’s billionaire investor’s Chinese hotel & casino. Lmao. The same billionaire is co producing/investing $ into Leo’s next movie. I think this is a favor to billionaire dollar daddy, he has to keep him happy. He is probably the same guys that saved world war z.

  • Wonderbust

    Bwahhah I was just trying to give the hags false hope. Crime on life might not even make $1mil how much more $10 lmao

  • a lurker

    Tampon was completely meltdown when Brad and Ange were engaged, he ranted on jj ever since. Now Brad and Angie were married, expect the worst meltdown and craziness from Tampon.

  • Ⱦamsіn


    LOL. I’m pretty sure you’re talking about your idol, because images are worth a thousand words. We’ve seen that tiny bloated femme man Pitty standing next to Orlando Bloom, and Theroux was also photographed doing the same. That 50 year old queen is lucky if he can pass for 5’9 wearing those high heels he likes so much.

    Why doesn’t he take off his lifts even at the beach though? Why is he embarrassed of his short legs? Care to discuss that?

    Poor Pitty-loons, every day they have to deal with the pain of seeing a balding, tiny, bloated, feminine former poster boy become a shadow of his former self, whereas Theroux at 42 looks to be in his prime.

    I guess the karma of being with a soul-sucking black magick wielding witch rubbed off on old Billygoat!

  • Saffron

    Love Monty Python! Run away! Run away!
    It gets me every time. I laugh just thinking about it.

  • Saffron

    And at the hairline….holy shit! lol!

  • Observer2


    Watch out Saffron, you’ve got the mental midget that makes pedophilia comments about Angelina and Maddox at Duhlisted all pissed off at you now.

    Don’t Run Away! Don’t Run Away!

  • .

    The former Idol Friends Jennifer goes to oblivion, what do you expect when your fame comes from its appearance and its romantic life or sterility?. Their nonexistent talent and their best friends racists and alcoholic like her.
    Poor Jen never to height as an actress: always sharing billing, perennially co-leader or part of a set, HAHAHA! luck with cake lol

  • Well well well

    # 47 50 year old hipster @ 08/31/2014 at 3:12 pm
    @Shiho: exactly. He is dressed just like my 15 year old nephew. Also lighting does wonders for this guy. If he’s caught in the wrong light suddenly he looks 60.
    No surprise here that he doesn’t have his kids with him. Have a feeling he’s not allowed to take them by himself anymore.
    @reply | flag this
    Yes, fans why hasn’t Brad been seen with any of his SIX children on his own in ages? Did Angelina & Children leave him and that is why he is pretending to be married? Angelina’s pr have not commented on this supposed marriage. What a sick way to manipulate his own family , angelina and children. Release a statement pretending to be married , flash the wedding ring EVERY chance you get and what can she do? She can’t deny it, but she sure as hell hasn’t confirmed it even go as far as trying to change the topic to SYRIA. OMG BRAD HAS LOST HIS MIND. HE IS LEANN RIMES RIGHT NOW.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    @50 year old hipster:

    Last time he was with one of them (Maddox) they were traveling from Australia to London and he got drunk as a skunk on the first flight and got withdrawal symptoms on the connecting flight. What kind of life is that for a kid who has to look after his mom’s boyfriend? Yup he’s not a responsible person, and he himself has admitted that he can’t handle more than 4 kids at a time. A self professed drug addict, no sane person would let him get near the kids without supervision, especially the little girls! We know he likes them young!

  • Saffron

    Lol…I don’t read his posts so I don’t even know what he said. But I won’t “Run away”!!! lol

  • Lily

    Brad and Leo in a commercial together. poor Leo, he doesn’t stand a chance next to Brad.

  • Observer2


    You’d think when his sugar mama was plugging up this bald spot:

    She’d have taken care of the whole of his head. LOL.

  • Saffron

    One of your old gems:
    “Besides, why would I listen to someone named Cooty?”
    It hit me funny and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Observer2


    I don’t either. Just saw that the 35 year old virgin from Costa Rica tagged your name and knew you’d done pissed them off but good.

    So, keep it up. LOL.

  • Saffron

    There’s always “Hair in a Can”

  • Brad news nickname = left eye because dat botox got that eye looking funny.

  • Passing Through

    # 175 Observer2 @ 08/31/2014 at 1:52 pm
    #168 Anon2 @Anon2:

    And they’re now trying to make up excuses for her coming closer and closer to saying she’s never going to have children. Even giving her health issues and miscarriages.

    Ticky would have milked that for all it was worth to gain sympathy. No woman that had had miscarriages and a hard time with fertility issues would be so crass as to make fun of those things like Ticky has in sketches and commercials. Her good friend had issues for years before she finally carried a baby to term. You know Ticky’s goddaughter that you never see Ticky with. That friend.
    There you have it in a nutshell – Ticky would milk miscarriages like she milked her dumping. We’d NEVER hear the end of it. She’s have set herself up as not The Lonely Emblem of Dumped Women Everywhere but the Poor Unfortunate Woman Who Yearns For Motherhood But Is Physically Unable To Bear Children Naturally. We’d have heard nothing but that for 10 years straight. She’s never been pregnant, never planned to be pregnant and never will be pregnant. The hens just need to get a grip and accept the truth – Ticky lied to them for 20 years and they fell for it. They have no one but themselves to blame for believing her.

  • Wonderbust

    So I looked up Roadside attractions movies to try and find a movie that opened up in 33 theaters to compare it to tickys bomb
    princess Kaiulalani
    Opened up with $186,000 in 33 theaters bwahhah.
    Adjust for inflation it’s $193,000

  • royalty

    Newly wed Brad is a so busy, he is hotter than ever, higher in demand than ever. The KING of HW.

  • Observer2


    He’s already using that and he still can’t get it to cover his big head. Even paint in a can is telling him his SOL.

  • tweet

    UNHCR United Kingdom ‏@UNHCRUK now

    Please join us in congratulating #UNHCR Special Envoy #AngelinaJolie on her marriage last weekend to Brad Pitt!

  • Ⱦamsіn

    To funny to see how the obsessed cunttrolls have brought out all the aliases in their repertoire to counter any objective views on the drug addled hasbeens known as Brangelina.

    Oh I’m sure that they’re crushed at the realization that the news of the fake wedding (that has no legal validity either in California or France) have failed to spark interest beyond a limited number of blogs; most of them paid to promote them anyway.

    Loons meltdowns are always provide lots of entertainment. Sad thing that the same cannot be said about the work of the idols they claim to defend. LOL!