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Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, & More Celebs Fall Victim to Nude Photo Leak After Alleged Massive Phone Hack

Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, & More Celebs Fall Victim to Nude Photo Leak After Alleged Massive Phone Hack

Jennifer Lawrence and many other A-list stars are reportedly the latest victims of a nude photo scandal.

According to Buzzfeed, a massive phone hack can be traced back to 4chan’s /b/ board, which allegedly features naked pictures of Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, Teresa Palmer, Krysten Ritter, Kate Upton, and more female stars.

There’s also a master list floating around of names of celebrities who also have naked pictures waiting to be revealed including Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, and more.

The photos have not been authenticated. The hacker claims to have explicit videos of Jennifer, as well as over 60 nude selfies of her.

JJ will not be linking to the alleged photos.

This story is developing…

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  • smh

    ”JJ will not be linking to the alleged photos.” good

  • x

    How about not taking nude pictures at all? And now people are slut shaming them.

  • Rose

    Why do celebrities take nudes of themselves while knowing their phones can be easily hacked?!?! I just don’t understand that concept. If I was a celeb I’d never take a nude of myself nor would I let anyone else do it. When it’s on your phone it’s not as private as you may think.

  • Outrageous!

    This is absolutely disgraceful! What has society come to that people actually feel good of themselves by going into someone else’s private file and publicising their private affairs?!?! I just honestly don’t get how they can somehow get enjoyment out of this.

  • Hottie

    All these celebs have all their libids so high and myself working all day everyday…

  • WTF?!

    It’s terrifying. Those people have no respect, it’s like they don’t know what the word LIMIT means.
    And they know they are trying to destroy the other by doing so.
    The worst part is that, like you said, they want to feel entitled for doing it, but if they were the ones in that position, they would flip out and go against the people who exposed their privates lives.
    Luckily, not everybody are like them or would even think of doing such a horrible thing.
    But the more people will do it, the more these things will continue, and it might get worst one day.
    They want to lower other people, control them, make them weaker.
    It’s abusive and it’s wrong!

  • 7

    victim blaming and sl•t shaming. Its not a female celebrities fault if their nudes leak. Most of the time their pics were taken from years ago and were probably for their boyfriends. I read JLaw’s pic was while she saw in a dressing room in between changing clothes ffs. Couples do that all the time and they’re meant to be private. Instead of blaming the female celebs why not blame the douchebags who invade their privacy and humiliate them for a quick buck? This is so similar to rape culture and I’m tired of it.

  • Maddy

    If you never take nude photos, you never have to worry about them leaking. Simple.

  • Petino

    I agree with you. It is a really lame thing to do. THe UK press got taken to court over it. Some of the things they did you wouldn’t believe. Really low & sick. Police collusion too. You can be sure those who do it rationalize it out to themselves and feel no remorse. They are the types that think it is their ‘right’ or entitlement or ‘why not’ or worse think themselves ‘clever’ ‘cos they can’. They live in a delusion.. other types do it out of fear or in order to control.. just like Howard Hughes.. and look how he ended. We’re not put on earth to control or demean or take what is not given. But that’s what people do all the time. It’s sad. So…next time naybody reading here’s boss asks them to pop a little camera here or there.. or earywig into a stranger’s telephone convo..or do a little spying on the qt on the dl..speak up and out for what is right & proper & say ‘no’. there are still classy people in this world who do the right hopes with you :)
    btw I ref HH & mafia, press, etc etc cos that’s the earliest I know of recording devices being used to spy on other’s private lives!

  • Bismark always acting classy and respecting celebrities… Thank you Jared and good for you.

  • hmmm

    Exactly. Why do people not realize that when you plug in to anything on the net it is not safe. Whatever you put on phones that you use for social media is open for hacking. NOTHING is safe. The only place that is totally private is what is in your head.
    These people need to be smart. Stop taking nude pics. if you don’t want them seen. I’m surprised by a few of these women that have such FAKE good girl images. Who were they sending the pictures to. Get smart because this stuff is dumb and you have seen example after example of how wrong it can go.

  • December

    People should stand up to this, sue them and bring some new laws. it is gross and dangerous! it should be stopped!

  • Town

    @hmmm: that’s like saying they deserve it. what a weird way of thinking; what is in your phone, is in your phone. hackers are the ones in the wrong.

  • pff

    They are paying for their own stupidity….

  • ?

    Please tell me it’s not true the person responsible for hacking these celebs pics is getting paid 7 figures for them? That can’t be right, right?

  • 123

    what if someone didn’t put those pictures on a phone but other people decided to show them to the public? in that case, can the people who put them out can be sued?
    In their case, they shoudln’t have had those pics on their phones, too dangerous.
    But what if these pictures are old and someone brings them out? just wondering?

  • assman

    good thing celebs love their iphones with their sh!tty security

  • pff


    It was on their iClouds and nothing on the internet is private … especially when you are a celebrity and people will pay to see your photos.

  • shar

    SHOCKING! a lot of these pics are disgusting really. No celebrity (who are prone to hacks etc) should take pics like these. That should be a lesson learned!

  • JD

    The laws in the UK are better than here in the USA.
    The celebs should sue Reddit and twitter.

  • jasmin

    this is not the celebrities’ fault. they have a right to their own privacy and they can do whatever they want. they can’t always worry about being hacked regardless of their status because they shouldn’t be worrying about it. some of these pictures are old and might be deleted from their phones but stored in their iclouds, but regardless, it’s never their fault.

  • 123

    @pff: But the things is. Hackers get paid for leaking them but after that, those celebs fight back so it’s a no win situation. it’s ridiculous.

  • Wonderful body

    I never take nude pictures of myself because apart from not having the feeling to take them, Im afraid of this. Yeahh Im more intelligent than what I/they think! :D

  • mal

    JLaw is such a classy young lady. Even her legs are classily opened for a better view of her vayjayjay.

  • yo

    Okay, I have seen the Jennifer photos and I can tell that the topless and nude ones look fake. There are 2 photos which kinda look like her, but she is just trying bathing suits. The rest look really fake, either photoshoped or just another person.

  • Unbelivable

    No limits! it’s pathetic. do these hackers also hack computers? jeez!

  • Cris

    to those who say that they should not take those kind of pics, remember they take them in their privacy because they are free and have the right to do it. They cannot be living under the feeling of fear. They choose to share their bodies with whoever they want to, like we all do. And nobody has the right to take that from them
    only those hackers have a problem, and probably an mental illness.


    Waiit dont these women show nudity in films ? What’s the difference ? These women and models are narcissist who love photographing themselves. Its good for them. I’m the photos aren’t as graphic as hustler magazine. I’m not saying hacking phones is okay but these women should cut it out.

  • Niko

    Don’t forget to repear to yourself: she’s so down to earth!!! My thoughts exactly, she does nude pics like everybody else.

    Great body btw. Don’t feel bad JLAW.

  • Stupid Celebs

    Her lawyers say they are suing but why take these type pics in the first place and store in ICloud or anywhere else? The pics are everywhere, too late to stop their dissemination.

  • Rose

    @Cris: While they do have a right to take the nudes they also must understand that nothing they put on their phones is private. Same goes for non-famous people. And nobody is saying they deserve to be hacked. But really, when you do this sort of thing you shouldn’t be surprised when someone hacks you. It’s just too easy to hack someone’s phone and if you don’t want certain pics to go viral don’t take them with your phone.

  • What is love

    Yeah, bodyguards cant protect you from this.
    Btch problem against male problem.

  • Cris

    @Rose: again, taking nude pictures is not a crime, and they should keep taking them if they want to. It’s like you got run over, you’re pissed, and plus, like EVERYONE is saying: you idiot! you should know that crossing the street is dangerous, you shouldn’t do it idiot! next time you better think twice!

  • ?

    “Nothing they put on their phones is private.” But isn’t that the problem? What I put on my phone, what you put on your phone, what celebs put on their phone should absolutely be private.

  • What is love

    What if they steal their smart phone in a disco or something?

  • I know you

    @COMPLAINER: Hi leo! We know you like to exploit women in general so of course you don’t care.

  • Marianne

    The people here who say “They shouldnt be surprised this happens”, sound like the same people who say that a rape victim should have expected it for a revealing outfit. Like F U, how about people be actually decent for once, and let people conduct their lives they want without invading their privacy/body?

  • Niagirl

    You take the pic and you show or send it and you or the receiver deletes it. Real simple. You don’t store s***t on the internet or your phone.

  • pff


    You live in teletubbies fantasy ?!
    There always was and always going to be a sh*t load of bad people in this world.

  • 7

    @Marianne: really well said. but the people who say that are usually antagonistic or they like to blame things on the vicim.

  • 7

    @pff: yeah and you’re one of them.
    @Cate: yep.

  • badgirl

    I saw the photos. Tons of them. It’s undeniably Jen! She has a video too. Some of them looks like from a casting couch. I guess even if she’s a very on demand actress, she still has to sleep her way in for the roles. Very disappointing.

  • Sunny

    @hmmm: ” I’m surprised by a few of these women that have such FAKE good girl images” i can’t believe you said that? so you actually want to invade people’s privacy? and then you get a thrill out of breaking their so called good girl image? wth? do you even have a life? or you just like to think of yourself as a bad girl who is actually a loser with no friends?

  • Sunny

    @badgirl: I bet you’re a celebrity yourself!

  • badgirl

    Why are you affected by this? Are you JLaw? Calm down girl, nothing you’re gonna say is going to change the fact that she took naked photos and now it’s leaked online.

  • pff


    If being a realist makes me a bad person than you must be a naive 13 yo.

  • 7

    @pff: You’re a bad person. bad people don’t want to be how they are but they have no choice. In your case, you are stuck with yourself.

  • Sunny

    @badgirl: I know who you are.

  • badgirl

    Oooohhhhhhh. I’m so scared!

    Btw, Jen has a banging body! Those rumors about her sleeping with David O. Russel must be something……

  • Anjelica

    This is disgusting and all of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) should be doing something about this! This a violation of all these women. This isn’t a celebrity problem this is a society problem! We live in a world where there are websites for ex boyfriends to put private photos and videos of their ex girlfriends on websites to humiliate them. Everyone needs to stop shaming these women who did not take these pictures for you! They took them for someone they felt they could trust! Anyone here acting all high and mighty can just stop right now. Just because you haven’t sent nudes doesn’t mean people can’t violate you or humiliate you. Private texts can be shared. So lets take this seriously! Just jared please help. You have the means to have a bigger voice than others. Use it wisely and kindly for every single women or man violated by someone who just wanted to make some extra money.