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Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, & More Celebs Fall Victim to Nude Photo Leak After Alleged Massive Phone Hack

Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, & More Celebs Fall Victim to Nude Photo Leak After Alleged Massive Phone Hack

Jennifer Lawrence and many other A-list stars are reportedly the latest victims of a nude photo scandal.

According to Buzzfeed, a massive phone hack can be traced back to 4chan’s /b/ board, which allegedly features naked pictures of Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, Teresa Palmer, Krysten Ritter, Kate Upton, and more female stars.

There’s also a master list floating around of names of celebrities who also have naked pictures waiting to be revealed including Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, and more.

The photos have not been authenticated. The hacker claims to have explicit videos of Jennifer, as well as over 60 nude selfies of her.

JJ will not be linking to the alleged photos.

This story is developing…

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  • Anonymous

    @badgirl: AJ

  • ola


    Your arguments are non-existent.

  • Anonymous


  • 7

    @ola: you can’t handle the fact that I’m right and you are wrong.

  • Gemma

    @pff: Yeah and there will always be the idiots that excuse the bad people/ behavior like yourself.

  • 7

    @Anjelica: well said. There should be new laws out there. society is sick.

  • hahahhaha

    @badgirl: hello Badgirl! who’s your shoot going in Malta?

  • $

    @Anonymous: yep!!!! you’re good!

  • pff


    Actually the worst people usually think they’re good and that would be your case.
    You’re probably one of those sweethearts who condemn leaking the photos and then send death threats to the people who post them.

  • Stupid Celebs


    You are naïve.




  • badgirl

    I would’ve settled for JA but I’ll take AJ. She is more famous.

  • Rose

    Dear Idiots of the World, newsflash: NOTHING you put on your phones or social media is truly private!! Is it wrong to leak things like nude pics or personal info? Sure, but the truth is, it’s very easy to do if you’ve got access to the accounts and phone numbers! How about not putting so much personal stuff onto social media or your phones if you’re so afraid of people seeing that stuff. This is one of the many reasons why I personally don’t have any social media accounts or take intimate pictures of myself on my phone. Once you take a private picture of yourself and post it on social media or your phone anyone can hack into it and make it viral. So while I hope this hacker gets caught, I also hope this incident opens up people’s eyes and makes them realize that nothing they put on social media or their phones is truly and 100% private!

  • 7

    @pff: wow, you really can’t deal with people telling you the truth about yourself right? Someone tells you your behavior is bad and you invent something about them and blame them with some kind of imaginary excuse? You should take your meds. who said anything abut death threads? are you sick or something? did you just pull that out of your a$$? Do you realize how bizarre you are right now? jeez. I thik you want to be good and kind but with what you’ve said you are clearly not. Maybe you could work on that and become a better person.
    @Gemma: people who think that way are wrong and they need help.

  • Naughty

    You peopl watch a lot of porn

  • Stupid Celebs


    She is a realist. Not necessarily any celebrity.

    These women made the decision to take the pics knowing phones are often hacked. The responsibility rests on their shoulders.

    If you don’t want the pics to be public, don’t take them.

  • jenn21

    Haven’t they learned anything? And whoever posts Ariana’s nudes on the net will also be brought up on child pornography charges. I know she’s 21, but still looks like she is all of 12. Creepy alert.

  • 2115

    @Stupid Celebs: can people hack pictures on a computer? it’s a crazy world.
    can they sue them at least? this is just bizarre, no more values or respect…

  • ddi

    @Rose: How true I will never put a nude pic on a phone there are too many hackers out there so just imagine if you are famous, unfortunately they are more at risk for something like this to happen to them because of who they are, its not right but that is the way it is.

  • pff


    I feel like you’re writing about yourself hah

    What truth can you tell about me when YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME?
    I’ve wrote 4 sentences in 3 comments and you called me a bad person …for having a different opinion…about celebrities LOL

    There’s clearly something wrong with you. Maybe you should take your own advice and TAKE YOUR MEDS.

  • 7

    @pff: go back to YOUR aj threads.

  • OK Wait

    Why no pics of any guys??

  • Stupid Celebs


    Hacking computers is easy for hackers. Remember Target being hit big time?

    But these pics were on phones stored on ICloud. They might have deleted them on the phone but the images were saved in the cloud.

    Maybe these are stupid women if they did not know this.

    I think they were idiots to take them in the first place. JMO

  • Domino

    More like massive PR stunt.

  • marten

    You can watch the video that Jen’s pictures were leaked from lol. It’s on

  • Myla

    Why do you say those celebrities are stupid?
    They have the right to do whatever they want. The bad person here is the hacker. Why do people have to be so careful? the fault is from people who don’t respect other’s privacy.

  • Rose

    @Myla: Why do people have to be so careful? Are you 12 years old or something? Overusing the internet, your phone and social media is a very dangerous thing. If you put too much private info or too many intimate photos out there it’s extremely easy for people to gain access to that stuff. The world is a very scary place with lots of shady people in it who do crappy stuff to others and violate their privacy all the time. It’s wrong, but that’s life. You HAVE to be extra careful online and on your phones. Otherwise you’re screwed.

  • Lena

    So, I read this was the statement from JLaw’s camp… “This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”. I read that on JJ Jr…

    What authorities exactly? The “authorities of the world” “universe” what???? And who is anyone? So if a hacker doesn’t like celebrities and sets this thing loose on the internet anonymously and it goes viral all over the world in a matter of hours, what happens?
    Do they call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council? Does Angelina Jolie get called in to help? Jolie stopping in her endeavors ( to pay off the local businesses on that Island to close shop for $200000 so she and Brad don’t have to look at lower mere mortals while they are there filming a movie) so she can spring to action and go on a worldwide “save Jennifer’s privacy and dignity UN world tour?”.
    Will they call in Brad Pitt to crack the hacker nutters? LOL :). Or maybe Clooney will go to Congress with DiCaprio for a special session to pass a “Consolidated Ominous J Law.” Where a special financing taxation levy bailout of states will occur to raise funds to build extra prisons for the millions of people who will be prosecuted if they post a leaked picture of Jennifer. Oh my…

    I’ve been saying it. Nobody listened. I think Jennifer wants everyone in jail. Shes made comments to that extent. Very childish and controlling in my opinion. It will be interesting to see her prosecute and jail thousands of people who post such a picture if it’s leaked. Oh dear… The mind of an elite… Go figure…LOL… :)

    Do I get in trouble for even discussing it? Or is that allowed JLaw spokespeople?

    But then again, when that kid was incarcerated for worshipping her and then talking about God and then showing up to a police station where she wasn’t? Can anyone else see how she might think that system is at her disposal?

  • Eva

    @Maddy: This is ridiculous. Saying that women, even those that are public figures, shouldn’t take nude pictures in the first place is the same as shaming women for getting sexually assaulted because they were wearing revealing clothes. Don’t blame the victims. Everyone has a right to take as many private pictures and videos of themselves, hell they have the right to DO anything they want without telling the whole world as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. None of these women have invited the public to see their private lives. Have some respect and don’t invite yourself to see them, and stop trying to make the problem their fault. There is a violator and a violated. Don’t mix the two.

  • none

    Can you add both of will smith’s kids to that ban and non-linking please. They’re not nude, just hideous looking kids to be sharing. Thanks Jared and company.

  • ?

    Maybe I shouldn’t keep my computer or tv in my house. Never know when someone will break in and steal it. That’s basically what some people are saying here.

  • Sandy


    Don’t be so naive. Life is not fair and sometimes you have to use common sense instead of juvenile ideals that don’t really apply to reality.

  • @Eva

    Well said Eva. J-LAw will survive this…After awhile this will keep happening and nudes wont be such a big deal anymore..which it isnt! I’m already bored of this story!

  • Myla

    @Rose: I agree that that is the reality now. My point was that it shouldn’t be that way. I was talking about how thing should be. Sometimes when girls are raped people think that the girl has the fault because she was wearing a short skirt, when the fault is of the rapist. That was my point.

  • Marietta

    Never post a picture or write vile comments that you would not want to have as the leading headline in the news.

  • dave

    nope, her rep confirmed that its her

  • Dresh


  • A VERY Special Snowflake *

    @COMPLAINER: Taking pictures of yourself or allowing yourself to be photographed does not automatically make one a narcissist. Look up what narcissism really is before misusing the word to shame behavior you disapprove of.

  • liz

    @x: I agree. there is a lot of sensitivity with these kinds of things but the real question is what the hell are you guys doing taking pictures of yourself naked in the first place? don’t you have better things to do? stay classy girls.

  • commonsense

    Say what you will about her but notice Miley’s name isn’t on the list.

  • A VERY Special Snowflake *

    @liz: What an idiotic and prudish thing to say. Just because a grown-ass woman does sexual things WITHIN THE PRIVACY OF HER OWN HOME doesn’t mean she lacks class. Your definition of class must require a chastity belt and a burqa or something.

  • sagboot

    Watch Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, and Kate Upton Leaked Photo @

  • A VERY Special Snowflake *

    @Sandy: Sandy, clearly your internalized misogyny is showing, (a conservative, perhaps?) and it’s sad that you think human decency is a juvenile ideology that doesn’t work in the real world. The presence of decent human beings of both sexes is evidence that human decency DOES work. But when people and societies trivialize bad behavior by blaming the victim, it excuses and enables those who would behave badly because it teaches them, “If I do this bad thing to someone over here, the blame and shame won’t be placed entirely on me.”

  • To eva #78

    There are a lot of things people have a right to do but it doesn’t mean it’s not stupid.
    You might have the right to walk outside naked in your front yard while a dangerous gang is out there. Sure, if they harm you its their fault and their crime but you are the one that is naive if you think the response should be “its my right to be naked in my front yard”. Most comments are just saying she is incredibly unwise to do this. Not that being naked in and of itself is bad but using the internet is plain stupid for a celebrity.

  • mike hawk

    Follow @celebrityleaker on instagram for all the pics and more to come

  • becca

    @Rose: TRUTH.

  • Janet

    A lot of those photos look like they were photoshopped. The heads don’t match the bodies.

  • yamm

    Andriod phones dont have this issue do they?

    Is anyone else wondering if Nick Hoult took those pics?

  • Cris

    @Lena: To answer your question FBI.It’s not the first time that they find hackers. Like Johansson case. The rest of your comment is stupid.

  • Ally


  • Violet

    I got shocked as well when I saw the photos. You may visit this link for the complete photos