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Mary Elizabeth Winstead Comments On Her Nude Photo Leak - Read Her Statement

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Comments On Her Nude Photo Leak - Read Her Statement

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who was part of the massive photo leak earlier today (August 31) featuring alleged naked pictures, has taken to Twitter to address the issue.

“To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.” the 29-year-old Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter actress tweeted upon hearing the news. “Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.”

Other stars such as Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, Teresa Palmer, Krysten Ritter, Kate Upton, and Jennifer Lawrence are part of this massive hack, though it’s unknown if all the pics are real or not. will not be publishing any of the pictures.

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42 Responses to “Mary Elizabeth Winstead Comments On Her Nude Photo Leak - Read Her Statement”

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  1. 1
    assman Says:

    this just a PR stunt for the new iPhone, Apple has gotten really good at marketing

  2. 2
    ummm Says:

    Why would a hacker care about this woman? Never heard of her, but she’s definitely using it to put her face in the spotlight.

  3. 3
    hmmm Says:

    Honey you took nude pics.. left them on a camera or social media. your husband had the real person in front of him. He didn’t need pictures.
    Keep your personal pictures off line. Obviously what is deleted isn’t really deleted.. LESSON LEARNED

  4. 4
    Tragic Says:

    Ok girls, pose as Mary Elisabeth Winstead before marrying someone ;)

  5. 5
    Lily Says:

    Mary is lovely, this is a real shame but @ least her pictures are classy, not ****** like Ariana small head Grande

  6. 6
    ladyb Says:

    That’s scary – that you can delete pictures from your phone and it ends up on the internet – it has to be somebody working with the phone company. Please don’t blame this poor girls – yes I agree they should not be taking nude pictures of themselves but this is truly an invasion of privacy. I hope the FBI finds this people and punish them severely.

  7. 7
    Ralph Says:

    She’s so hot I wish I was her husband

  8. 8
    assman Says:

    @ladyb: its apple and icloud, could be inside job or bad security by Apple

  9. 9
    Kellan Says:

    SHE’S HOT! really worthy winning seven evil exes

  10. 10
    JJ Says:

    Sad for her and Jennifer Lawrence because both are really good actress, don’t care for the rest

  11. 11
    jenn21 Says:

    Doesn’t your husband get to see you nude practically every night, why take photos.

  12. 12
    Marianne Says:


    So because she’s a no name in YOUR eyes, she should not say anything even though her rights were violated?

  13. 13
    Lisa Says:

    Love her in Smashed and Scott Pilgrim vs The Word, she’s a fantastic actress and @ummm Mary loves ACTING, she never care for being famous, she declined 2 marvel roles in the past two year, so it’s safe to said that she’s not doing this to became more famous.

  14. 14
    Richard Says:

    Feel bad for her cuz she was always classy, but at least her pictures are ok, nothing too revealing

  15. 15
    Not worried Says:

    Its obvious these girls were so insecure when taking those pictures. Trying desperately to look sexy.

  16. 16
    Ramona!!! Says:

    why you do that Ramona :( IDK, she’s still my dream girl

  17. 17
    Well Says:

    At least she is not denying! I remember when Blake Lively’s pictures leaked and she said it was fake

  18. 18
    Hum Says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is obviously going to be the main target here.

    From what I’ve read Mary Winstead is married for 4 years now and she dated the guy for 10, so it’s not big of a deal, I doubt this will have any negative impact on her career, but IMHO Jennifer is in danger because she’s a teen sensation, look what happen to Vanessa Hudgens.

  19. 19
    IDK Says:

    She’s hot

  20. 20
    LOOK Says:

    She is lovely, kind and very very talented!

    Who cares what a pervert thief has to show

  21. 21
    Steven Says:

    I did not see anything scandalous in her pictures. Good for her, she confirmed and people will move on

  22. 22
    Roger Says:

    @IDK: yes she is

  23. 23
    Monica Says:

    her pictures were classy LOL, like artistic nude or somethig

  24. 24
    Rosie Says:

    @ummm: Never heard of her? Put her face in the spotlight? How old are you? Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a well-known actress; look her up and look at these comments. She doesn’t need nudes to “put her face in the spotlight”, she’s an amazing actress that owned up to these nudes with maturity.

  25. 25
    Lily Says:

    This is such bullshit, everyone is defending Jennifer like its the end of the world but nobody gives a damn about the other victims. Which hoes to show unless you’re an A-list star it’s ok for people to call you a ****.

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