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This Joan Rivers Interview from 1986 is a Must See Video

This Joan Rivers Interview from 1986 is a Must See Video

The news that Joan Rivers is fighting for her life has left us so sad and we have been spending some time watching some of the highlights of her career.

One moment that we decided we have to share with you all is this interview that Joan gave on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in 1986.

Joan was appearing on the show to talk about her new book at the time and she spent most of the interview reminiscing about the beginning of her career. In case you didn’t know, Joan got her big break on The Tonight Show and she considered Johnny to be her mentor.

Joan Rivers – “Tonight Show” Interview in 1986
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  • wonderful

    she was wonderful and hilarious then and still is now! I think she is great.

  • Deeppearl

    Joan Rivers: ‘Palestinians deserve to be dead’ apparently THAT was ‘comedy’ so lets apply that funny stuff now.

    ‘Joan Rivers deserves to be Dead, its all her fault, she went into an outpatient instead of an actual hospital, she’s an idiot ‘

    Not funny?


  • Deeppearl

    Okay lets try this one

    Joan Rivers is brain dead and on life support.

    …I actually think thats funny.

  • James

    @Deeppearl: I agree with you man! Lets see if her illuminati gods come to save this zionist pig now. Heartless old b!tch. You reap what you sow. They forget that eventually they will die and all this money and hatred they spew to further their agenda is just not worth it. Why is her life any more important that any of those innocent Palestinians? Serves her right, zionist pig!

  • Rocky

    She was very funny bak then until she turned mean.

  • Ladyb

    Love her. Yahoo also has been playing some of her funny videos. Her SNL skit playing Elizabeth Taylor is so hilarious. She looks so much like daughter in her younger years.

  • mike

    I think its funny there are so many people who prop themselves up like their better people. Ive never wished death or made fun of someone dying. You can’t criticize someone for doing it when you obviously do it yourselves.

  • were the morons

    Please make it through Joan. The E! Network won’t be the same without you.

  • Mass Murderers

    Wow. So many “peaceful” muslims coming here to spew hate and death just like they do everywhere they go.

  • Tanya

    Wishing Joan Rivers a prompt recovery. Fashion Police is the show I always watch, and I don’t even care about fashion!
    She makes me laugh so much. Better than going to therapy.

  • Joy


    My husband was security guard at a function that both Joan and Elizabeth attended. Joan went up to him and asked him to walk her dog. He told her he could not as he was on duty. She was not pleased.

    He was given the honor of wheeling Elizabeth to function. As he’s wheeling Elizabeth to her appointed seat Joan went over to her and asked her if she was upset over her jokes. Elizabeth, who was someone you didn’t mess with told her, she didn’t know when enough was enough and that being made fun of all the time when was was having major health issues was NOT funny. My husband said she told Joan. “Maybe you should check on the people you’re making fun of before you trash them”. Elizabeth then asked my husband if he would please move her to another table. When the organizer of event heard this, he moved Joan to instead. My husband remained with Elizabeth throughout the function and said she was the most wonderful person he ever met. On the other hand Joan walked around like she was royalty. He said if anyone was royalty it was Elizabeth. When function was over he helped Elizabeth to her limo, but before she got into limo, she gave him a huge hug and thanked him. A few weeks later he received a box with an autograph picture of Elizabeth. It read……”To my hot wheel Mike, Love Elizabeth. That picture sits in our den and pity the fool who touches it.

  • Alice

    @Mass Murderers:

    I’m NOT a Muslim and I don’t wish anyone’s death, but Joan was just plain hateful!!

  • Deeppearl

    @Mass Murderers:

    Wow look another bigot who takes a group of 40.000 men and attributes them to 1.2 BILLION people – sound logic right there pal.

    ISIS is killing MUSLIMS or is it only convenient for your argument when you DON’T mention who the real victims are?

    So while ISIS slaughters muslims YOU slander them for being muslims in the first place – pot meet kettle. Two levels of evil

  • ladyb

    My husband said she told Joan. “Maybe you should check on the people you’re making fun of before you trash them”………..did you say your husband was a security guard? A security guard talking to guests like that? Maybe he should mind his business.

  • HAHA

    @Deeppearl: Yeah right!

  • N’nekka

    @Deeppearl: Actions speak louder than words. Anywho, sending healing vibes to Joan and strength to her family during this difficult time.



  • Lena


    Yikes to your husband. That post just seems to be a reflection on him rather than the women. Elizabeth Taylor was a man stealing pig in my opinion. Ask Debbie Reynolds? Joan Rivers said she cheated on Edgar but was with him for 22 years. Her only other marriage annulled. So, I’m not idolizing Joan either.
    But, your husband seemed very quick to latch on to Elizabeth Taylor. I have no problem with a woman like Joan Rivers exposing the hypocrisy of Hollywood oversensitive snoots and elitists. And the above video showed she was self deprecating in her humor as well. Her famous phrase “oh grow up….”. And that’s what I would have told princess Elizabeth Taylor. Ahhhhh….so interested in people thinking about HER fragile feelings before they merely SAID something about her.
    But, did Elizabeth Taylor actually stop and do the same thing she was self righteously preaching for Joan to do when she didn’t just make fun of Debbie Reynolds, she actually made a move on her husband Eddie Fisher, actually breaking up a marriage, and thereby interfering with Carrie Fisher’s childhood in practice, and not just in words alone.

    You sound like your husband has weird loyalty concepts. And, is easily swayed by charm and sweet talk..oh dear…creepy in my opinion.
    Oh, you wanted your husband’s experience to define Joan to us and not him too?

  • J

    “Sensational!”…can’t tell which was better, those old commercials or Joan’s interview…Okay, it was Joan. Get better, Honey! Comedy is comedy, people need to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. And Joan, that lady walking the pig in that Kodak commercial almost beat you out! :–)

  • Alice


    Seems like YOU don’t know sh– because Debbie and Eddie were not the sweet Hollywood couple the rags made them out to be. To this day Carrie has said that Elizabeth did her mother a favor by taking him. Carrie also visited Elizabeth many times and at one of the major AIDS function introducing Elizabeth as her stepmother. Carrie also disowned her father after he wrote some nasty things about Debbie. Get your info straight!!

  • Joy


    YOU’RE AN ASS!! You don’t know me or my husband. STUPID WOMAN!!