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Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Hang Out Amid Dating Rumors

Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Hang Out Amid Dating Rumors

Kristen Stewart and her good friend Alicia Cargile run errands around town together on Sunday (August 31) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress has been facing some rumors that she and Alicia have gone from friends to lovers, but sources tell Gossip Cop that the reports are absolutely false.

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Kristen was seen hanging out with Alicia just the day before while leaving a friend’s home. Looks like they are catching up after Kristen was away for a month in Japan working on a movie.

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  • leelee

    Not to stereotype but they look like they’d be down for some carpet licking.

  • kristina

    They have a couple necklace it’s so sweet. Kristen should not be ashamed of her sexual preference and come out now.

  • Honey

    I always believed Kristen is a lesbian or bisexual that’s why she cheated and hooked up with Rupert she was confused and wanted happiness. Well it looks like she has embraced her true self. I hope she will admit it. The truth will eventually come out even if she will deny it now.

  • Kathy

    Wow, I never thought this site would stoop so low for hits. You always seemed better than that. Will now be removing you from my follow list.

  • Martha

    I love Kristen Stewart if she is bisexual I will support her as long as she is happy.

  • Grace


  • LOL

    sources, you mean Kristen’s publicist that prefers Kristen to stay in closet.

  • Grace


    What is wrong with that? Same sex marriages are now legal and accepted by society. Or probably you still cannot move on from Twilight shame on you living in the past.

  • mah

    what’s up with that constant need to know what they like? She likes girls? whatever. I hope she won’t ”come out”, because that’s not something you need to admit just because everyone wants to know. You have rights to live your life the way you want. You don’t owean explanation.

  • Hot pools

    Kristen is wearing “A” ring too,epic love <333

  • b

    These 2 girls are together Kristen in not hiding that’s why she wore the ‘A’ ring she is in love with Alicia!
    Srsly have you ever seen her more happy??? Come on let the girl be gay it’s her true self!

  • mary

    wear that ring with pride KStew! And don;t be afraid of those white males running hollywood!!

  • joan

    @Honey: I absolutely agree. She was miserable…she realised sth was off in her life. Srsly, has any1 ever seen her look happier than she is since last November? And not every1 comes to terms with their sexuality from the start, many gays even get married to heteros and have families before they realise it’s not who they really are

  • peach

    @joan: how do you know how she feels? Did she personally tell you? If Kristen hanging out with a gal pal means they are dating then does that mean taylor swift is dating all her bffs? Are Hailee Steinfield and Sophie Turner dating because JJ has a pic of them holding hands?

  • dyan


    they cannot admit it for now as Kristen will be linked to Nicholas Hoult for the promo of their upcoming movie Equals.

  • dyan

    Kristen is being marketed by her management and publicist as one hot “girl” they cannot come out with her sexual preference because she has Equals to promote which is a mainstream movie.

  • joan

    “how do you know how she feels? Did she personally tell you?”
    this comment of yours shows me you’re a scared straight fangirl who can’t live in a world where her idol is a lesbian. So…nothing more to say there child..

  • mike

    @dyan: unfortunately that’s Hollywood for ya..they don’t want gay A-listers. They can’t promote them and shove them in people’s faces. A Gay KStew is bad for business and her career will suffer. That’s why her people are trying to keep her in the closet for as long as possible, to make as much money as possible while there’s still time

  • mike

    KStew, you ALS ice bucket challenge had the internet buzzing! You such a dude and a sexy one too! Embrace it boo!!!

  • Twyla

    Perfect match. Both fug.

  • Obvious!!!

    I wont be surprised if she come out lesbian or bi, cause she always look like a tom boy not very feminine at all in the looks department, but hey look at her friend, she looks like a man too, so I wont be surprise if Kristne was a lesbo, it is obviously she is although she had hidden it very well. maye is why she cheated on Robert and then cheated on the other guy, she did not know if she wanted to be with a man or a woman, she surely must be confused, I guess she feels comfortable with beign with a lady. So I m very positive she is lesbo.

  • Sam

    Love Kristen. Some of you judging away and hating based solely on the way she looks and the company she keeps. She will teach you a lesson about judging, and make you see what idiots some of you are. She is feeding it to you. LMAO.

  • gay is OK


  • Timmy

    Hmm, I can actually see her as a lesbian

  • xyzc

    Come on, everyone knows she’s actually lesbian

  • jj

    @Sam: NO1 is judging and hating here honey. If calling some1 gay is your idea of hating then truth is YOU are the hater! So fack off!


    A couple of young ladies who like to go hiking and fishing together.

  • Cameron

    Oh please, they MUST be a couple. Very butch looking pair… I don’t care, but Stewart used to look hot and now… Nah

  • many

    @LOCAL FISHING GUIDE: oh yeah ESPECIALLY fishing together

  • many

    I need KStew to ditch this girl and get it on with model Freya Beha Ericksen. Man…they were MADE for e/o!

  • peach

    @joan: her sexual preference is none of my goddam business and it shouldn’t be yours either.

  • dude

    KStew will NEVER come out willingly, she’ll take her mentor’s road, I’m talking Jodi Foster. Her team won’t allow their money maker to come out in homophobic hollywood. Too much money to lose

  • dude

    @peach: and why the h3ll not??? We’re talking sexual preferences and there is nothing wrong with that! Unless you think being gay is unacceptable and gay people should get locked in the closet forever. Srsly, can’t you see how wrong this mentality is? Sexuality must not a ‘no no’ subject, people shouldn’t fear to discuss their sexuality openly, that’s the wrong attitude honey

  • Eliia

    They’re totally dating. You don’t spend that much time with someone for well over a year and it not be a relationship. I am not with my sisters or best friend constantly. If it was a guy, some fans & the media would be all over it, saying it’s Kristen’s new boyfriend.
    I think Kristen might be more like Amber Heard or Anne Heche than Ellen D. or Ellen Page – meaning I think she will date men again. But, hey, I could be totally wrong. No big deal either way. Hope she embraces who she is and is completely happy.

  • jayjayembracedthelove

    @Eliia: time will tell if she’ll date men again, IMO she’s definitely a lesbian, she finally fully realised it and as her fan I’m happy because she’s never looked happier!

  • lesbianlove

    wow kStew…no offence but your girl is not all that pretty..please get it on with Amber Heard!!!

  • Twinkle

    I always got a strong gay vibe from her

  • peach

    @dude: and how exactly does the sexuality of another person impact your life? Love is love,doesn’t matter who a person falls in love with,its their life and they can live it however they like but I’m not going to sit on the internet questioning the sexuality of someone else as it really has nothing to do with my life.

  • scissor sisters

    @peach: then why the h*ll are you on the internet talking about someone else’s sexuality? Do as you preach, dear peach, and get on with your life

  • scissor sisters

    @Twinkle: yeah, who didn’t? Hope she takes this girl to a premiere or sth, that would KILL her fans!

  • Eek

    IMO devastating for her career here in the US

  • Jema

    i always thought her and Robert were just really good friends and that he knew he was a front for her. I always thought that’s why he was unaffected by her cheating, always said “there’s no one I need to forgive” and he still talks to Kristen. The “showmance” and “break up” was staged because Rob and her were never real. They were just close friends, which is why he was always with other girls under the radar. As long as he kept it quiet, Kristen could still appear “straight” for her image, their movie sold millions, and the cheating scandal was either staged too or she was just confused by her own sexuality like someone else said above. Rob coming out as the victim (or doormat, however you see it) and Kristen as the bad seed was probably a risk they knew they had to take, but since he covered for her for over 4 years, she was willing to be the bad seed because she naturally has a IDGAF attitude anyway. It all makes total sense when you think about it. If anything, I feel bad for Kristen…it’s a damn shame she has to hide who she is because the world can’t wise up.

  • peach

    @scissor sisters: I’ve not mentioned anything about anyone’s sexuality,was simply asking a question.

  • scissor sisters

    you got the answer girl: people will keep on talking about others sexualities because there’s nothing wrong with that! Believing that questioning some1′s sexual identity is a bad thing, is where the problem is. So, hope you can move on now


    Straight? Gay? Bi?
    I don’t think that Kristen Stewart eats from that tree.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    she’s lesbian? who’s know the proof of these thing? for me,everything is possible but if she never talk about this,who’s care?

  • vivika

    OHMYGAWD I’m so shocked KStew is a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Said noone ever…

  • jan

    @LOCAL FISHING GUIDE: you forgot asexual. Or does she eat from that tree?? lol

  • jan

    oh please, if this was a guy and not a girl she was with every article would have the title *New Couple Alert*

  • LOL

    @jan: That is what I said too. She went once for a dinner with Nicholas Hoult (while filming) and everybody was hooking them up.She is seen with this girl all the time and they are just friends?