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Man Blamed for Hacking Jennifer Lawrence Denies the Claims

Man Blamed for Hacking Jennifer Lawrence Denies the Claims

A man named Bryan Hamade has been targeted by Reddit users and security researchers as being the person responsible for leaking a ton of nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and many other celebrities.

The 27-year-old man accidentally exposed his hard drive and network drive and showed off the leaked picture folder, but he says he is not responsible for this.

“I am not behind this. It was so stupid – I saw a lot of people posting the actual leaks and bitcoin addresses and I’ve read a lot about bitcoin and how they’re are valuable and I thought, oh cool I’ll get free bitcoins,” Bryan told BuzzFeed in an interview on Monday morning.

“I am just an idiot who tried to pull one over on 4chan and lost big time and stupidly left this identifying information. They took my proof and back traced it – it isn’t remotely true. I am not a hacker. I have no idea how the hell someone could hack into all those accounts,” he said.

To read the full interview, head on over to now.

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  • Jonny

    I have a feeling he will be talking to plenty of people this week from different levels of authority. Hacking is not taken lightly and even if he didnt hack them he had the photos and tried to disseminate them for money. Have fun buddy, hope the boobies were worth it.

  • Yup

    The only interesting photo was of Leo dicaprio ex showing her butt hole and then later pleasuring said butt hole with a curling iron. I did not know people did that type of thing and what is so appealing about a butt hole. I don’t get it.

  • Jenniferpaintedblue

    Whats the difference between painting a naked body ‘blue’ and naked skin? Jennifer is NAKED all throughout XMEN people.

  • Mmhhh

    There was a leakeage of a JLaw’s photo, when this person was been questioning, so he isn’t the guilty one

  • Guest

    I bet Harvey Weinstein is the one who was shooting the camera during Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes

  • lol

    Like Oswald, he’s nothing more than a dumb patsy. The real hackers would never get themselves caught so easily. 4chan users are in on it. They just need to blame someone as fast as possible to save face. I bet more pictures and vids will get leaked anyway.

  • Ava

    Hope who did this gets caught, there no difference between this and a peeping tom.. Or some guy putting a hidden video in a bathroom and filming you.. Then the saying it was your fault for using the bathroom.

  • Fercat

    @Jenniferpaintedblue: Her agent getting paid.

  • sweetness

    now this guy is going to be facing legal bills for being what he called himself an idiot…too bad..idiots need to realize loading up images without legal rights can get you in trouble with the law.

    he had his fun exploiting all these actresses private photos now he’ll be knee deep in legal fees.

  • Mia

    @ guest… You’re such a loser , Jennifer Lawrence did one movie with him, SLP.. She did after the first Hunger Games movie and after her first Oscar nomination , like she of all people would have to do something to get a part … Jealous loser get a life.

  • ugh

    As if this overrated fake ho needed more publicity and sympathy.
    At least now we know how America’s sweetheart got on top that fast. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gretchen Mol and Blake Lively, these pictures come with her resume. Just ask Harvey.

  • Tom

    @guest… And they would take the pictures on HER phone, how does a “casting couch ” work..wouldn’t have taken it on HIS phone… Some people are so stupid.

  • Fercat

    @Mia: Silver Lining is not just some movie. It was a guaranteed Oscar. It changed the calculus in everything, including for the HG series.

  • Nic

    @ Ugh. Go do something with your life, bitter hag.

  • Fercat

    Her people are upset because they can no longer dangle a potential nude scene for a big bucks payday. Same is true with Upton.

    Imho,they don’t look that shy. Remember they both rocked the bodypaint look.

  • Pics

    This guy is innocent. You can see he knows nothing about these things. That’s what I would say because I have no idea how to do it. I’m ignorant.
    @Yup: Poor girl. So it was a porn?

  • Guest

    Some of her photos were indeed taken on couches. The casting couch is real!

  • Fercat

    Some executive would ask for some ‘audition’ nude pics to help seal the deal. People have talked about this before.

  • Quincy

    She sounds really dumb in interviews and like she’d do or say anything for attention so I’m not surprised she was stupid enough to take $lutty pics of herself on her phone. Damage is already done. Her facial and BJ shots will haunt her career forever.

  • laura


    somehow I thought about it too…

  • u the dumb 1

    @Tom: Simple. She took the pictures and sent them to producers/directors as bait to get roles. Casting couch is still very real in Hollywood (when it’s not nepotism).

  • you asked for it, deal with it

    I don’t feel sorry for these celebs, they are so full of themselves that they have to take naked pics to admire themselves wherever they go.
    Narcissistic idiots. That’s what they get.

  • Draco

    It’s not really him or is on a plane to Russia. New lingerie pics have just leaked… The Fappening just keeps on giving.

  • Court

    Does anyone who we can contact if we see any of the leaked pictures online? In order for them to be taken down.

  • you asked for it, deal with it

    @sweetness: #9

    he had his fun exploiting all these actresses private photos now he’ll be knee deep in legal fees.
    NOTHING is private when you put it on the internet, when you let the interest have access to it.

  • Sam

    You people are so ridiculous , who would cast someone’s in a movie that cost millions just cause they send then boob shot, 99% of women in Hollywood are naked and do sex scene , not like celebrities actress aren’t open with nudity . Jennifer Lawrence isn’t some shrinking violent , she said herself first Xmen it was easier after the second week just to walk around naked while get painted for 4 hours.

  • chris

    My body is ready.

  • you asked for it, deal with it

    @ugh: #11

    As if this overrated fake ho needed more publicity and sympathy.
    At least now we know how America’s sweetheart got on top that fast. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gretchen Mol and Blake Lively, these pictures come with her resume. Just ask Harvey.

  • Dotty

    Its not just celebs who take naked pictures of themselves you know. I’m sure most of America knows this. I doubt any other person who has done this would feel just as victimized if this happened to them. What a person does in private is there business and shaming them afterwards is just as bad. Kick em when they are down. Go and watch Winters Bone and tell me JLaw can’t act. We have all seen JLaw blue and aren’t seeing anything new.

  • To Sam

    Happens all the time.
    Idk if is the case with Jennifer but exchanges sexual favors for parts is real.
    And sending the pictures doesn’t mean it was the end of it.

  • To Sam

    And those pictures aren’t just her naked its the way she is posing and what she might be doing.

  • Erin

    @ dotty.. People on here posting are just jealous, it’s obvious the pictures of Jennifer Lawernce where taken throughout several years, even after maga fame, so the chick likes taking nude pictures with her mate, not enough her privacy was violated and her property stolen , lowlife’s now want to turn the pictures into some more insidious, sad

  • Martin

    Nicholas leaked the photos in revenge…

  • diana

    @Dotty: #29
    I doubt any other person who has done this would feel just as victimized if this happened to them.
    I would not feel victimized if I was foolish and idiotic enough to take naked pics of myself and expose them to the internet.
    They are not victims, they are idiots.

  • diana

    This country is full of narcissistic t r o l l o p s.
    Girls if you want to see yourself naked, look in the mirror, DON’T TAKE NAKED PICS.
    And you are a bigger fool if you take naked pics and send them to a guy. Once those pics are out there, there is no telling who will get ahold of them.

  • woot


    It’s easy to talk like a prude behind a keyboard. I’m sure you have sent a nudie or two, its what couples and partners do. They have the right to privacy and thought they had it to the hacker took it. If he is caught it will not be a good day for him.

  • Amy


    Why though? How about just lingerie pics?

  • KWQ


    There are no casting couch Goop nude pics.
    Funny how all these young girls are of the starlet kind. No serious and talented actress seems to want to participate in those seedy promotion tactics. No Lupita, no Carey Mulligan, no Michelle Williams, no Jessica Chastain, no Mia Wasikowska, no Hailee Steinfeld, no Elizabeth Olsen.

  • reality

    Personally I don’t blame the celebrities but it does make me wonder, would the public + celebs make a big deal if the pictures had been of them fully clothed? I find the obsession with female nudity to be more disturbing. A naked body is just a naked body and people should stop being so shocked. Yes it was an invasion of privacy, but nudity shouldn’t be taken so seriously, especially adult nudity. I actually find the reactions to nudity much more disturbing than the event itself. If these celebs are so disturbed of being seen naked, than why take the risk of immortalizing it in pictures, it doesn’t make sense.
    In a weird way they are lying to themselves and the public by keeping what they perceive is a “good girl image” as if a naked body is something to be ashamed of. Take and actress like Rooney Mara (just an example) she’s nude in some films, yet no pictures of her have been hacked, you know why because she probably has no need to take naked pictures of herself since she is comfortable with who she is. Now take someone like Kate Upton who just last week was all like ” I’ll never do nudity” because she obviously feels like “nudity” is not a good thing, yet obviously spends lots of time doing exactly that. If anything I think they are pissed that their hypocrisy has been exposed.
    BTW I am against the invasion of all peoples privacy, celebrity or not, but I noticed that this issue isn’t even about the invasion of privacy; the fans of high profile actress like Jennifer Lawrence seem to be the most pissed off, as if this is something personal to them and it’s quite frightening how involved fans get involved with celebrities lives. They think that someone put a gun to Jennifer Lawrence head and made her take her clothes off, but in reality this is something she did herself and that’s her problem. The fans are angry because they had this image of her in their heads and this hacking “scandal” broke that image. Meanwhile she had a lot to do with creating that image too, wanting to be a “perfect” “good girl” and according to popular belief good girls don’t take their clothes off,,,whatever.
    I also find it weird how so many have jumped on this defending bandwagon like they are going to get a metal or something yet these are the same people who I’ve never seen supporting vulnerable real life women and girls who have actual problems. But oh no a celebrity has been wronged, let’s call a meeting of the internet police to save the reputation of these celebs. I’m not saying celebrities don’t have problems, I’m sure they do but let’s not make this something it’s not and focus on real life problems not some stupid pictures of someones tatas and butts.
    Meanwhile there are 1,200 aboriginal women and girls missing or murdered, where are Lena Dunham and Seth Rogen opinions on that? nowhere because they are too busy trying to defend a $40 million worth actress tatas and butt from being seen by the public from a picture she took herself. Give me a break, come down to the real world mother F.erssssss

  • Migmanlor

    Enough of the complaints…you post it, the public owns it! Privacy means stay at home. Once anyone posts/send anything in the internet. That becomes PUBLIC DOMAIN, YOU WANT PRIVACY …STOP SENDING NUDE PICTURES IN THE INTERNET.
    What one does not understand is who in the world, wants
    to watch this very stupid and dumb blonde??