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Cee Lo Green Tweets Controversial Views on Rape

Cee Lo Green Tweets Controversial Views on Rape

Cee Lo Green leaves a court shortly after pleading no contest to a felony charge for slipping a woman ecstasy without her consent back in 2012 on Friday (August 29) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old singer and The Voice coach faced one drug charge as there was a lack of evidence leading to no rape charges being filed. The woman claimed she was unsure what had happened the night before when she woke up in bed next to Cee Lo, but his lawyer claims they had “consensual relations.”

A couple days after the hearing, Cee Lo took to Twitter to defend himself against critics before deleting all his tweets, and eventually his account.

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent,” Cee Lo wrote. He added, “people who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Another tweet he sent out read, “so if I TRIED but did NOT succeed but the person said I DID then what really happened?”

Read more of the tweets over on BuzzFeed right now.

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  • smdh


  • Zoe Coen-Fackelman

    Preach man!

  • Shame

    Career = toilet

  • Avram Gold

    He’s hotter than both Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. Looking good, especially considering his age.

  • Lise

    He is unconventionally attractive, but attractive nonetheless. This pretty boy singer could rape me anytime :P

  • Jalo68

    Give the poor man a break. At least he espoused his cogent opinion, that rape isn’t rape at all if it happens to someone when they’re unconscious. More and more, men are being overly scrutinized by a tacitly enforced hyper-feminist ideology. You go Cee Lo!

  • elk_web

    He has everything going for him, and then he says something like that…

  • elk_web

    AAaaAAaAaAaAHhHhHhHHhhHHhhHHhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CEE LO! I Love You!

  • forrest gump

    so they made up the story because he is a black american?

  • Hap

    He’s technically right.

  • Elisa

    what an ass**** how can he say “people who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”, does he know about drugs , burundanga and others? what an ignorant statement that only make him looks more guilty
    and by th way trying to have sex with an unconscious person IS RAPE, this guy is sick

  • Jessica

    Apparently Cee Lo abstains from alcohol, smoking, caffeine, as well as practising celibacy. He also believes in Jesus Christ the prince of peace and is a member of the Christian Science Church. Based of this information and personal facts about Cee Lo–and this is not a logical fallacy–he would never rape a woman or man, as doing such simply wouldn’t be congruent with his puritanical/ascetic ideals. This man is just in vocalizing his thoughts and opinions.

  • Jess

    Preach Sir!

  • Jess

    Cee Lo is actually smart. He’d of made a great defence attorney. Quite a logical thinker this debonair gentleman is.

  • Jess

    My name is Jess, and I’m here to sabotage your posts, Jared. From now on. I will ruin your lousy website.

  • allison

    He gave her a drug to knock her out. Because he new consciously she would not say Yes to having sex with him.
    A person who is not conscious can’t say yes or no to anything. So your response should not mean if you can’t say no it must be yes.
    A person is conscious helps you take off her clothes.
    A person who is not conscious does not

  • Smh

    Typical Black man.

  • he raped her

    if she is unconscious its rape
    if he drugged her or got her drunk its rape
    if she doesn’t know how she got there its rape

  • he is guilty of attempted rape

    Attempted rape is still a crime just like attempted murder is a crime
    He got off on a lesser charge but it appears to me that he is still guilty of attempted rape or actual rape.
    He sounds pissed that he got caught
    He should be required to register as a sex offender

    Men are NOT entitled to sex

  • yesiam

    @Hap: If you think he is “technically right”, then you both technically have issues understanding what consent means. An unconcious person cannot give consent. Consent is NEVER implied. This type of ignorance is the heart of the problem. People don’t even know wat is considered an a sexual assualt/rape.If you are a guy, Hap, educating yourself will keep you out of jail.

  • blackculture is guilty of rape

    the fact he had ecstasy in the first place points to him being involved in shady actions and behaviors and the kinds of people who promote and justify rape culture
    black culture is guilty of rape culture

  • Diedre

    “people who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”
    Not if they’re drugged, genius.

    I know I shouldn’t be shocked at the men AND women on here supporting him. (Lise, you are a moron. Please do not ever breed.)
    I’m hoping that the majority of them are simply bored trolls who are killing time waiting for their moms to come home with their Red Bull, pork rinds, and anti-psychotic meds.

  • Jess

    I saw him alighting a limousine the other day. He’s a foot first kind of guy. He was wearing white cowboy boots. Now they’re lodged in his mouth…

  • mkg

    @Jess: @Jess: His lack of intelligence became evident the second he thought tweeting those thins was a goid idea. He basically hung himself. If there was a person who was giving him the benefit of doubt now they are sure he did rape that woman. The fact that he clearly doesn’t understand what rape and consent is doesn’t exonarate his action…actions he just described to the world himself via tweet. Dumb.

  • I can’t believe I ever liked this guy because if the character and cat he had on a show. I hope The Voice fires the pos. he is disgusting.

  • @Avram Gold: @Lise: cee lo get off the internet and get mental help you pos

  • allison

    He left The Voice last year.

  • Yep, he raped her
  • Unbelievable!

    WTF did he say?! His English is terrible but did he really imply that if a person is unconscious, sexual advances (against their consent or knowledge, since they’re not in the right frame of mind) are…consensual?! Did he really just insinuate that? Rape is something you’re suppose to remember and if you don’t remember being raped, it’s not rape? OMFG. That, ladies and (true) gentlemen, is inside the mind of a sociopath/Rapist. Justifying their predatory attacks with senseless ‘logic’. aka excuses.

  • Unbelievable!

    @Jess: Haha you are such a mousy little dweeb. People like you are normally rejects of society. They’re sexually frustrated as you seem to be judging by the tone and context of your comments.

  • its still rape

    even when a person is conscious it could still be rape
    if a woman changes her mind and says no after she said yes and the guy keeps going and doesn’t stop its still rape

  • http://Justjared Don’t be blind

    All that’s done in secret shall be revealed. God have mercy on him but let justice be served.

  • Nat

    If you have sex without someone’s conscious consent, then that is rape by definition! And for all of the guys who are defending him: would it be okay if you’re drinking, partying and pass out and some guy comes and rapes your a$$ when you’re unconscious?

  • Listen to

    Honestly he’s rich and famous, I’m not sure we can take the accusers word for it.. She may not ‘remember’ but she probably did say yes at the time. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol you become a lot more willing.. I’d be hesitant to believe her. He’s loaded, if he wanted sex he could pay for it if he was that desperatex

  • truthbetold

    @Elisa: pretty sure this groupie was looking for a payday…in 2014 women are not victims…they are antagonist…decietful, and evnious snakes

  • Yeehaa

    @Jessica: Apparently he believes in fornication too, right? That good Christian man.

  • necey

    There’s something about him that I just don’t like, his aura sucks

  • necey

    You have the look Cee, your aura sucks ad s do you.

  • Texti

    This scenario is a type of not ‘knowingly consented’, it is not aggravated assault (until after).

  • gross

    then what really happened is your disgraceful

  • Mel Bias

    what a dirt bag, he slipped her a drug so since she was knocked out she can’t actually accuse him. that’s his theory. but he raped her and got away with it, or maybe the troll couldn’t get his pecker up.

  • M

    We should rape his ass with a cucumber when he falls asleep.

  • tina

    So, if you were anally penetrated by a man while you were unconscious, CeeLo, that wouldn’t be rape because you couldn’t remember it, correct?

  • tina

    @Listen to:

    If she’s lying, why not lie and say he did it and that she CAN remember? Why make up a lie that is more difficult to prosecute?


    Sounds like he was set up by some desperate bird. I bet she get some money: hush money.


    I’m poor and I still wouldn’t sleep wirh him!!!!!!!!! Hes more hideous than the rapper RICK ROSS.

  • Gina

    He’s a complete idiot for putting this stuff on twitter. But based on his oddly worded comment, sounds like the girl is saying that she ‘got with’ Ceelo & Ceelo is saying the term ‘got with” implies consensual sex, but he is questioning how they could have possibly ‘gotten’ together if she was passed out? So he’s basically saying that they didn’t have sex because she was passed out. I’m also gathering that he tried to have sex with her before she passed out. Either way, he is wrong for slipping ecstasy in her drink. This perv was hoping she would be all happy and ‘friendly’ & more willing to have sex, this is attempted rape & he is a complete creep.

  • Nat

    This guy is VILE. Regardless of a person’s state (conscious or unconscious), if she/he did not consent then it is RAPE. It baffles me how some people do not understand such a simple concept. Is Cee-Lo really that ignorant that he doesn’t understand how date-rape drugs work? Victims aren’t supposed to remember anything…Ugh, gross.

  • siriusgray

    Wow. Now I understand why he shut down his twitter account. Looks like he should have been at least charged for rape. Honestly, he shouldn’t be walking the streets as a free man after making those comments.

    And I always thought he was only a monster on the outside…

  • Essie Jacks

    He’s no different than any other predator in the black community.