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Ian Somerhalder & Stephen Amell Bring the Heat to FanExpo 2014!

Ian Somerhalder & Stephen Amell Bring the Heat to FanExpo 2014!

Ian Somerhalder takes the stage at the 2014 FanExpo at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre on Sunday afternoon (August 31) in Toronto, Canada.

The 35-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor was joined by Arrow star Stephen Amell for the big event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

While at the convention, Ian filled his fans in on some exciting merch he brought along with him.

“They’re here! If you are at the Toronto Fan Expo this weekend Make sure you stop by the ISF booth and grab an ISF Pin! We are across from Intel booth!!!! Thank you!!!!!! Love Ian,” he captioned a photo of a bunch of pins.

10+ pictures of Ian Somerhalder & Stephen Amell at the event in Toronto…

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ian somerhalder stephen amell fanexpo toronto 01
ian somerhalder stephen amell fanexpo toronto 02
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ian somerhalder stephen amell fanexpo toronto 04
ian somerhalder stephen amell fanexpo toronto 05
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  • Lilly

    Ian is so gorgeous <3

  • Kandra

    Ian is a beautiful Man, breathtaking. He was so awesome and nice. My Highlight of the Weekend. Sadly the ISF Booth was sold out when I got there.

  • Momo


  • Elsa

    I’m in love with Ian’s outfit. White pants- so hot!!

  • Nadia

    I was there!!!!! Best day ever!!! The only bummer was that Ian photo op was sold out but I still got his autograph and a high five! He’s an awesome man and gorgeous! BEST DAY EVER!!!

  • Sylvia


  • Kayla

    I love Ian! He’s so perfect! I have to start watching Arrow, I liked Stephen on tvd!

  • Sarah

    Ian rocks!

  • A fan

    Damon & Oliver = too much perfection on one event!

  • Reyna

    Ian looks amazing!

  • Sandy

    Iannnnnn! Gorgeous!

  • GG

    Stephen is such a gorgeous man!

  • Jennie

    Ian my love you look perfect like always!

  • sarah

    I went to the fan expo. Honestly, it was sooooo expensive. These actors make a fortune. I get why Ian goes to all these comic cons, expos, etc. They get paid to show up, $80.00 for an autograph (that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars they make) , free clothes, free plane fare, free hotel stay, free free free. Not to mention the pay cheque for there shows, percentage from the vampire diaries merchandise, free cars, free clothes, free cell phones, free computers, when you see them carry, mention, etc anything FREE FREE FREE. Wow, they make a fortune! If I sound bitter I am. Would have been nice to get an autograph. I mean sure it costs money but $80.00, that’s way too expensive! Think about it, if you want a couple of autographs it’s a fortune.

  • Amanda

    Ian is STUNNING but what makes him even more beautiful is his good heart. Heard he was so amazing at the con, talking and smiling to Fans, recording Videos etc. Kudos Ian, you rock :)

  • Seriously?

    @sarah: Oh please Sarah, I see the same comment on every article about Ian. So my question is why you keep going?

  • sarah

    @Seriously?: Oh God you’re one of those Delena’s. btw, first time I commented. First time I went to fanexpo. Give your head a shake.

  • sarah

    @Seriously?: Also, what’s wrong with my comment? Nothing I said was false. It’s ALL 100% TRUE It costs a lot for the average person to go to these things and the “celeb” makes a fortune.

  • Meriam

    @sarah: Actually Ian’s pay goes to ISF to make the world a better place.But when has the truth mattered to haters.

  • Sophie

    too much hotness to handle they are both so hot I need a cold shower

  • sarah

    @Meriam: All of it? don’t thinks so. Lol Check the net.

  • nola

    are nothing special: ian too low in stature, Stephen has a face too seems to have swallowed an iron. mediocre actors ….. with two expressions: with shirt or no shirt!

  • Gretchen

    LOL CW D listers. Ian covering his weave. He must hate being next to younger, hotter, straight actor.

  • Both handsome

    Stephen is as good as Ian not just Ian.

  • ughh

    Stephen is the worst actor ever!

  • Really??

    It is said that Ian and Nikki went to a Toronto sex shop and bought stuff worth of $1000. It is not said if the visit to the shop was to buy stuff for a bachelorette party or if was for themselves. That fast Ian and nikki really? Sorry Nikki not my type of girl but Nina was not for him either so let me clarify Im not a Nian fan.

  • Mia

    Amell is 10x hotter, abs and all.

  • gabian

    So, we have a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador sexual pervert. Woww … Congratulations Ian. Image and your career is going to hell. Do you want to donate something for the ISF?

  • Kahlan

    @gabian: buying Sex toys for a bachelorette Party for nikki’s Cousin doesn’t make them perverts. What are you? 12? Your comment is disgusting and wrong in so many ways and you know it. What Ian and Nikki do or buy is non of your Business. And it sure as hell has nothing to do with ISF. Ian’s spends his Life fighting for a change, helping People and animals. What do you do? Don’t even dare to shade him!! He is a wonderful honest and kind Person who loves his Fans more than your favs do.

  • gabian


    Yes, yes, yes Bachelorette Party for Nikki’s Cousin – lies. I do not care what they buy Nikki and Ian, as long as they are not attacked by this news. But I do not agree with this massive and aggressive sexual exposure. It is my opinion. And you have the right to an opinion. We funded physically ISF in many campaigns. I donated money. I am entitled to an opinion. Honestly, you find yourself not really changed? Honestly …

  • Melinda

    Hot and amazing Men! Ian is my love <3

    @gabian: wow we live in the 21th Century dude. I just laugh at your comment because it’s so ridiculous. I guess you are not old enough or matured enough to talk about sex so leave your shitty comments to yourself and let a 35 years old man live his Life the way he wants. Thanks. And btw, having a great Sex Life, and spicing it up a little is not a crime, Millions of couples do it. Plus Nikki’s Cousin is getting married, so who tells you it’s not for her? Seriosuly I’m so sick of ignorant stupid People who have no clue what they are talking about. Blind hatred has gotten the World were it is today. Congrats! Ugh.

  • gabian


    Of course we live in the 21st century Melinda No offense, I promise you’ll be the first to buy porn with Ian and Nikki. Next week.

  • Kahlan

    @gabian: her Cousin is getting married you Idiot. At the end of Sep, that is confirmed. Don’t embarrass yourself. And even if the toys are for them, so what? They are having a good and fun Sex Life, are you even adult enough to understand that? They can buy whatever they want, I agree it was wrong the employee leaked it but it happend. And no he has not changed, he is in love that’s all. If you hate him for being in love with Nikki, stop visiting his articles, stop supporting him. But keep in mind that Ian will do HUGE things with his foundation, and if you really donated to ISF then you should know what it stands for and that Ian’s Personal Life has nothing to do with his foundation.

  • Melinda

    @gabian: just stop taking you freak. And get a Life. Bye!

  • gabian

    Ian is ISF. Not Ian … not ISF.

  • Kahlan

    @gabian: and? It still has nothing to do with his love Life okay. Get that in your head please. Ian has been working non stop for his foundation, he went to every Convention even when he was sick. He worked Day and Night to get were he is now. HE GIVES SO MUCH TO OTHERS. He saved so many Animals, + gave Nietzsche and her babies a home. ISF is giving away grants to help sick and homeless animals. If you can’t show a little respect for that….stop supporting him. Leave him alone and move to another celeb, good luck in finding someone who’s that committed and awesome as Ian is. Good luck!

  • Janet

    Ian was amazing last weekend, so beautiful in person, so nice, he made us all feel so special. I’m in love!

  • Laurie

    Ian is dreamy!

  • Katlyn

    Jealous and bitter people make me laugh so much! Although I should feel sorry for them for having so much free time and can’t find anything they love to fill it with if they stalk and comment on every single move Ian makes. Is it really that difficult to find something admirable of your favorites to talk about? Must be if you have to talk about Ian 24/7. Sorry!

  • Ian rules

    @Katlyn: True that!

  • Ian rules

    @Katlyn: Ian must be more important than anything else in their life at this very moment if they spend even one second to Ian than on anyone or anything else. I would never spend a second of my life to something I don’t like. Life’s so precious! Anyway, Ian is amazing and even haters prove that point with their obsession. Love to all!

  • Katlyn

    @Ian rules: Exactly!

  • Minnie

    @Kahlan: You forgot the ISF ANIMAL SANCTUARY!!!!!! The sanctuary aims to take in abused, unwanted or neglected animals and pair them with kids who are working through bullying issues. That is so amazing! I’m beyond proud of ISF and Ian. He is my Hero <3

  • Grace

    Beautiful pictures. Ian is always great in fan meetings. He has a possitive energy and he shows you how grateful and happy he is for being there.

  • Minnie

    @Ian rules: SO TRUE. Ian is so popular, more than ever before. And haters can’t change that. He is THE MAN, even haters can’t stop talking about. They search for his articles, stalk Somerholics on Twitter to know what he is up to. He is so interesting and they can’t help but want to know everything about him. It’s hilarious, really. Lmao

  • Sassy

    Oh please, they shade him for being with Nikki, say they aren’t his Fans anymore yet want him to go back to Nina. It makes me laugh. Poor Nina, she is treated so bad by her own Fans. Because even they think Ian was the best Thing in her Life.

  • Dani

    @Grace: I agree. I met Ian and it was the best Day ( Weekend) of my Life. He makes you feel so good, like you are the only Person that matters right now. It’s incredible. And he is by far the best hugger ever. He smells so good and is so beautiful in Person. Amazing man :)

  • cherie

    Gorgeous pictures, wish I could have been there, I met Ian once, it was an experience I will never forget. That man is even so more beautiful in Person then He is in Pictures they don’t do Him any justice and He is so overpowering in a Room, that anybody else fades in to the background, but he is so sweet and gracious. Dani you are so right He smells heavenly. He is wonderful and yes Minnie , You are so right , He is so popular with a huge Fan base. that by the Time He is finished with his Show he will have surpassed the whole Show, and that is what has some People , mostly one ,green with Envy, that stalks Him everywhere.

  • .

    Urgh…. The comments were good until Nikki was mentioned. Guess what? That shadow wasn’t mentioned once at the article. I came here to read about Ian, not about his pr. But to show a point of view, it’s not wrong buying sex toys. But it’s stupid taking the risk of getting photographed at a place like that, unless you’re trying to call some attention to themselves. The fandom doesnt need to know about your sex life, dearest Nikki. Online sex shops exist to keep your privacy, but this seems a concept you cant get it. I cat wait for this pr to be over….