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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Wake Up Call After Seeing Negative Impact of Tar Sands

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Wake Up Call After Seeing Negative Impact of Tar Sands

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps his head down while out and about on Tuesday (September 2) in New York City.

The 39-year-old actor tried to go unnoticed while fans snapped selfies with him.

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“Seeing the impacts of #TarSands first hand with @SierraClub was a wake up call. #CleanEnergy now!#TarSands oil mining damages communities, water, land, & wildlife – and drives #climatechange. TAKE ACTION,” Leo tweeted last week.

It was recently announced that Leonardo will be starring in a Martin Scorsese-directed short for a campaign for Melco-Crown Entertainment (MCE).

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  • Amy


  • Oh god! the drama!

    That’s the kind of drama leo encounters?
    Oh how “dramatic”.
    Whatever, these stars need to get a life, feed their ego and cry themselves to sleep for their empty, lazy lives………

  • News

    good job leo and ken sunshine and just jared…….

  • Leo’s Fan Girl

    Leo Baby,

    You looking sexy as ever.


  • Disq

    Leo’s life looks boring.
    This is so not news.

  • Tummy

    Leo is stil chubby, even after the tummy tuck he and his mother got. :)

  • Leokas

    Too bad Leo can’t save my a-hole like the Earth when he penetrates it :((((((((((((((((((((
    Leokas 4 life <3

  • @Leokas

    Please tape your mouth shut.

  • leokas for never!

    @Leokas: oh no, not you again!

  • Dumb nose job lukas

    lukas, stop trying to destroy leo! we know that you are a user, an opportunistic hanger on with no talent or life but go away!

  • @Oh god! the drama!

    Can I ask what you do for a living?

  • @Disq

    That’s why you enjoy following him. What so great about your life?

  • Oh god! the drama!

    @@Oh god! the drama!: life is a lot more hard work then a silly actor who hasn’t worked in years having some dude taking pics of another person.
    This is not drama, this is not a hard life?
    This is silly, so he can have more attention, more money blablabla, the easy way.
    that dicaprio is clueless and lazy.
    Rich for working on a role for a couple of months here and there.
    what an empty, lazy life he has.
    he must have no values, no respect for life, just expecting things to drop in his big mouth of his.
    Until one day, life will make him see if he really values the easy things life got him…..

  • S

    Love the little ponytail sticking out! Handsome!!!
    @also…@Zzzzzz Hi!:)

  • drahmuh

    Haha looks like that kid got given out to for getting to close….Leo the other day in NYC×1024.jpg

  • Katie

    Bulging out of that t Leo, hotttt

  • ….

    is Toni still gone? I know she was in Europe over the weekend

  • Katie

    bulging that belly leo, yuck

  • Tours

    @….: who cares!

  • Sides

    Leo and toni are getting married!! the kin and kanye way! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • ponpon

    LMAO! Did this kid really walk up to Leo to take a pic w/o asking? I want to see the video.

  • Leo’s fault

    cause leo attracks jerks like him

  • heya

    LOL at the last pic…Leo was prob all BITCHHH GET OUT MY FACE…the kid looks totally stunned lol

  • Moi

    If it was me with that little jerk in my face id smack him. Love Leo but seriously get some new outfits you look like a tramp

  • Melissa

    So good lookin..

  • ….
  • Brandy

    Love him, so cute!

  • The fans

    Leo is such a mean person. james franco always takes pictures with his fans.

  • Yup

    He must miss Bar Fafieli after what we’ve seen of her on the internet. But hole and all. I wonder if that was Leo’s curling iron.

  • Chris

    That guy has phone all up in his face. What an annoying A-hole!

  • Aw

    I kinda feel bad for the fan bc he looked disappointed he didn’t get a proper pic. Kinda wish Leo just stopped and took one pic and then head off. But at the same time these guys look like they were being obnoxious and way too intrusive, so I can’t defend them either.

  • Fianally

    @….: yeah finally leo has an edge!

  • Aw

    Good on Leo for not reacting like a d*ck like some other celebs to this sort of thing, even if the fans were being obnoxious. Usually Leo can be uptight but in these pics he looked uncomfortable but chill at the same time. Lol these guys remind me of this guy–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTYzMA–/

  • Off

    @Yup: are you for real? you think he would miss that buttbar?

  • Voice

    @Aw: yeah, they really do look sad about that. but they I think they didn’t use the right technique to approach him. they look like they are really sad, on looks like he’s about to cry.

  • offtheproperty

    Is this whiney busy-body hypocrite going to tell us why we should pay more taxes, fees and energy costs while at the same time putting working fathers out of work and driving our once-great American economy into the grave… AGAIN?!!!
    What a piece of crap dicaprio is.
    You “green” losers are killing this country.
    You’re getting pittance pay checks for running your mouths and putting people who produce something of value on the open market out of work.
    What a disgrace.

  • Aw

    Yeah they should’ve been more polite instead of just getting up in his face immediately snapping pics. It kind of must’ve been a bummer they didn’t get a proper pic with one of their fave actors but it’s always their faults bc of their approach as you said and if they were more respectful Leo would’ve maybe at least looked at their camera phones for a pic.

  • Aw

    anyways not always*

  • Voice

    @Aw: these kinds of things are always bizarre. In a way, someone sees a person they like, admire, want a souvenir from them. They don’t expect to see them then when they pop out of nowhere they probably are not thinking straight.
    Then you have Leo, living his life, walking, some people pop out of nowhere and demand something from him all of a sudden. they are both surprised by different things but it all depends on how both will react.
    It’s too bad he didn’t just look up and give 2 sec of his time for this care who seemed to care (but insisted probably because he’s clumsy and didn’t think about limits).
    But maybe Leo didn’t feel like it either.
    Anyway, these things happen for a couple of seconds only and then it’s over.
    Both didn’t seem to know how to react with what was coming in my guess.
    The guy really does seem hurt and sad. this situation is awkward.

  • Corner

    The poor guy looks devastated and sad. yikes! I don’t blame leo if he doesn’t want to take a picture but his behavior seems to be really cold. does he care about fans? aren’t they the ones who made him rich?

  • Aw

    Well said. It’s surprising also because whenever Leo walks around in NYC he doesn’t get much attention bc NYC is always filled with celebs walking about so I’m surprised this situation happened there. The fans here seemed obnoxious and intrusive but I guess they saw that was their only opportunity to get a pic with Leo DiCaprio so like you said, they weren’t thinking rationally. Had they maybe asked politely, I think they could’ve gotten at least a quick selfie. Some fans are way too possessive of their faves though.

  • Aw

    Leo’s been better at taking pics with fans actually, last month and this Summer over all I noticed he was a lot more willing to taking pics unlike a year ago and we lots of pics with fans. I think he was reluctant here because these guys literally were all up in his face snapping pics left and right.

  • door

    Is he pregnant

  • Voice

    @Aw: Yeah, he probably just jumped on it, too happy to magically meet an actor they love and wanted to have a meaningful photo with him to immortalize that moment. They probably didn’t want to miss that opportunity and felt that if they didn’t get a pic of him it he would miss his opportunity.
    Sometimes, Some people are not even mean but they get carried away.
    I don’t know if it’s being possessive.
    Anyway. Well never know what would have happened if things would have been different.
    I don’t know how Leo usually reacts to his fans and I don’t know how those fans react….

  • No Fan

    Love Leo for his env work and his great acting.

  • ONTD

    Someone on ONTD said they follow the guy on Instagram who was trying to get a pic with Leo here in the plaid and he still uploaded a pic of them together even tho it came out weird lmao

  • Aw

    Yeah most people don’t think rationally when it comes to their favorite stars. I know I’d feel so sad if they rejected me for a pic or were rude to me but then you gotta consider they’re just like us and won’t always be “on” point. Leo varies with his fans, I’ve read things about him saying no to pictures a lot or coming across as distant or rude and then I’ve read things about him being really nice and willing to take pictures. Its hard to tell with him, some days he’ll be nice other times he’ll be cold. He’s definitely gotten better at taking more fan pics this year compared to last. The poster #46 ONTD said the guy still uploaded the pic of him and Leo so I guess he was glad he at least got something with Leo lol, that’s the spirit.

  • Voice

    @Aw: yeah! I bet the guy is happy! and it’s on just jared thread! the guy is s star now! ;)
    Maybe Leo was not in the mood.
    At least the fan got an interesting encounter with his favorite movie star! :)

  • Corner

    @Aw: you never know with him? what do you mean by one day he’ll be nice, the next day he’ll be cold?
    You think he switches from one feeling to another? he’ uneven in his emotions?

  • Corner

    @Voice: hhaha! yeah! anyway, he probably got over it and probably was happy with what he got.