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Cee Lo Green Apologizes for Controversial Rape Tweets: Comments Were 'Idiotic' & 'Untrue'

Cee Lo Green Apologizes for Controversial Rape Tweets: Comments Were 'Idiotic' & 'Untrue'

Cee Lo Green returned to Twitter last night (September 2) to apologize for his controversial comments about rape.

“I truly and deeply apologize for the comments attributed to me on Twitter. Those comments were idiotic, untrue and not what I believe,” the 39-year-old singer and The Voice judge tweeted out last night to his followers.

This all started when Cee Lo faced charges after allegedly slipping a woman ecstasy back in 2012. The woman woke up next to Cee Lo, but was not sure what happened to her.

“If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent,” Cee Lo wrote in his original tweets, before deleting them. He added, “people who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Another tweet he sent out read, “so if I TRIED but did NOT succeed but the person said I DID then what really happened?”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Cee Lo Green’s apology??

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  • Lydia

    Such a shame that pieces of trash like him are roaming freely while journalists are being beheaded. Can we trade Cee Lo to ISIS for some hostages? I’m being serious.

  • m

    Attirbuted? What do you mean attributed???? YOU wrote the comments you pumpkin headed lame-ass! Talk about a true narcissist he can’t even own up to what he wrote. Attributed is not an apology.

  • Men

    i agree with you lydia .
    but the even sadder thing about all he has said is that a huge amount believe the same thing as him.
    a survey done a few years back showed that 45% of men questioned said that it’s okay to have ‘sex’ with a woman if she was asleep or unconscious.
    tragic really.
    but why isn’t he (cee) in jail for his previous crimes.

  • Belle

    Someone just figured out that outing yourself as a rapist is bad for business. Wonder which PR hack composed that apology for him?

  • Hello

    he should be raped until dead

  • allison

    The courts did not help the victim but thanks to Cee Lo’s ego and ignorance he proved the victim was indeed raped by him. No apologies will ever change this.

  • Anon2

    No one wants to have sex OR BE RAPED, when they are drugged, sleeping, sick, drunk or incapacitated. Why would any decent person with a soul want another person to have sexual relations RAPE in that manner? Mr. Green is either a sociopath or his pattern of rape has been going on far too long, why isn’t he in prison…where he cannot harm another victim?

  • Amy

    So he’s not coming back to The Voice, right?

  • Fercat

    Still hasn’t apologized for defiling John Lennon’s song.

  • No

    He should never be allowed on any show, ever again.
    Wonder if he would feel the same way if it was his daughter he was talking about.
    He’s only apologizing now because of pressure from his management. But he’s not sorry about feeling entitled to drug women at will if he wants them.

  • Ari

    He’s so ignorant and sad. Dumb people should stay off the tweet.

  • No

    Forgot to add that all radio stations should pull his music. And that all women should boycott any station that continues to play anything even remotely associated with him.

  • WTF?

    Can someone please offer this man a free education as well as a dictionary. He’s ‘apologizing’ for comments that were “attributed to [him] on twitter”? He didn’t “attribute” to a comment put out there by someone else. HE put out the original comment! There is no attribution. Everything that was said was all him from beginning to end. Geez. His logic and use of words truly, for lack of better words, SUCKS.

    Bottom line: CeeHo Green is a rapist. Pure and simple. The man thinks it’s okay to have sex with an unconscious against their consent because you’re having sex WITH them. And WITH in his pea sized brain means it’s consensual. I guess; according to CeeLo logic, for it to be considered rape you would have to be having sex ON them (?) as opposed to WITH their unconscious, unwilling mind and body. :/

  • WTF?

    **with an unconscious person….**

  • 123

    stupid piece of fat shit!

  • Sara Z


  • Dumb

    He’s so stupid. So someone cuts off his manhood when he’s asleep. He doesn’t remember it. So consent is implied? Go figure!

  • Black Trash

    Hey Peeeeelowwwwwww…you’re never too FAT TO FAIL! Why should anyone listen to you? You’re a dumbfck! Maybe you can represent yo’sef on the Darwin awards or sumpin’..

  • Buzz

    Gotta have responsibilities and learn to handle the till. This is roofie madness that needs a lot of community input to stop.