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Is Amal Alamuddin Pregnant? George Clooney's Rep Responds

Is Amal Alamuddin Pregnant? George Clooney's Rep Responds

Despite rumors that George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin are expecting their first child, a rep for the actor has confirmed to that this is not true.

Amal is not pregnant,” George‘s rep Stan Rosenfield said in a statement.

After photos surfaced featuring Amal wearing a loose maxi dress that was seen blowing in the wind, rumors quickly popped up that the couple was expecting a baby.

“She’s going to be a pregnant bride,” a source had reportedly told In Touch (via Daily News). “She’s about three months along. They’re beyond excited. They’ll probably tell everyone a few weeks after the wedding.”

While the baby news is not true, we can’t wait to see the couple get married!

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    This is how Anne Hathaway would look if she tanned 10 shades darker.


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  • iona

    @Me: @Me: Anne is prettier although I do like Amal’s wardrobe.

  • iona

    And Amal has great hair.

  • Betty.


    Amal has great ethnic hair, but her skin is pretty bad her pores are huge.

  • Wurry

    LOL. There were no rumors. His rep just put this out so people would talk about the “rumors”. Classic move by C listers …..looking desperate now Clooney is.

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  • http://Justjared Jay

    Is she going to take the fake pregnancy crown from Jennifer Aniston?
    Did George get his Vasectomy reverse?
    You’re on the wrong thread.

  • just me

    knowing this is not true and posted it anyway! No rep didn’t comfirm Rachel bilson being pregnant and she is. And why her rep didn’t confirm she was? Nor hayden’s rep and so quiet about it? She knew he’s not a popular anymore or hayden ‘s reps won’t say nothing about it either. Both won’t speak about the pending baby or things going ok with them. Just be seem in pictures all the . Is the a publicity stunt for Rachel or hayden? hayden don’t need it . Should do more movies then he don’t have to be use by Rachel anymore.

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    Jews are going mad! One of their millionaires is rebelling hahaha die!!

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    Yeah Fart. Right in the hands of the devil himself! He will be in misery soon enough,and deservedly so. His camp starts all these crazy rumors with Baria’s help only to shoot them down later. That’s sick!

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    The whole purpose was to find him a beard.
    What a loser George Clooney is.
    He deserves this misfortune.

  • Mary Anne

    @Name: George is a sweet guy, and he Really, Really Likes women — so She must be very nice for him to want to start his future with her. She is stunning and they look good together. I wish them the best.

  • What a snooze!

    @Mary Anne: Just two b*u-*t-*t**holes to me. Mary Anne perhaps you should stick with Gilligan’s island. Lol!

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  • http://Twitter Maya Advani

    You should all know that Lebanese women are attractive, intelligent, strong and extremely ambitious to the point of ruthless. Amal Alamuddin is a successful Muslim Lebanese woman who is passionate about her job and convictions and yearns as much publicity as she can get, no limits here. George Clooney is terribly successful too and appears to be a caring and sensitive man. Being bisexual is quite common and acceptable in the Middle East, his Arab wife would have no problem with it. There is only one issue I can see causing Clooney some problem in Holywood, the fact that his new wife is passionately antisemetic.