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Kim Kardashian Goes Butt Naked for 'British GQ' - See the Pic!

Kim Kardashian Goes Butt Naked for 'British GQ' - See the Pic!

Kim Kardashian wears another sexy black and white outfit following a night on the town on Wednesday (September 3) in London, England.

The 33-year-old reality star enjoyed a night at the Annabel’s Members Club in the Mayfair neighborhood. She was seen wearing a similar looking outfit earlier in the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kim Kardashian

Kim was chosen by British GQ as the Woman of the Year and she is featured on the cover of the magazine’s new issue. Inside the issue, there is a fully nude image and she just shared it on Instagram!

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kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 01
kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 02
kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 03
kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 04
kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 05
kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 06
kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 07
kim kardashian goes butt naked for british gq 08

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, British GQ
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  • forrest gump

    ……….glad she’s still around, folks!!

  • http://Justjared Disgustedbybigbooties

    I don’t get why anybody finds her butt so different than any other I mean it looks like any normal person’s butt yeah she’s got a pretty face and I bet most people that don’t agree are jealous blondes. Anyways I just don’t see what the big deal is with her bootay hmmm

  • pathetic

    must be running out of ideas, desperate for any little bit of attention. but we’re the real idiots for buying into it. f america.

  • jasmine

    Lol, seriously all I could think of is literally laughing at her

  • jasmine

    @jasmine: oh and…looks like she has had alottttt of fillers put in that a- ss. Too funny

  • Shame

    Everyone has already seen that view of her. No need to pay for it.

  • Carlota

    Can’t wait for Michael K’s dlisted write up on this.

  • bonnab

    DONE WITH JUST JARED. site is run by morons , for morons

  • Carlota

    I do think she is (or more like was) pretty. That isn’t the issue most have with her.
    I think she was very pretty around 2005 but since then has lost a lot of her looks due to botox or whatever procedure she is doing . I also think she looks hard in the eyes now and it takes away from her. No one is jealous. I can say I think she was pretty and I said it back then too.
    Most just don’t like her because of WHY she is famous.

  • Lourdes

    I thougth British were supossed to have class, oh well

  • Trash

    What to expect from a p-rn star? Jared loves this slu+ who pays him to write articles about her. I wonder what her dead father would think of seeing his daughter naked in public every day.

  • Dee

    Why is the world obsessed with her? Looking at that shot with her dry blonde hair – she looks like any h0e you’d find in Miami. She’s a 30 year old p0rnstar and the world applauds her. She poses topless in Kanye’s video and Anna Wintour gives her the cover of Vogue. She poses naked in GQ and they give her woman of the year. I guess money can buy fame. She has no talent, no intelligence and her “beauty” is not even real. Shame what our world is coming to.

  • http://comcast Audra

    British magazine ??? All of the beautiful women in the world and they would pick her. Cannot believe it. !! Kim has a freakish rear end.

  • Dee

    Oh and she slept with Nick Cannon in addition to her already long list of men. Yet because she has money and wears Balmain and Versace we’re supposed to view her as some classy, powerful woman? She’s gross.

  • assman

    sexy woman, makes the ugly girls jealous

    men lust for her

  • Kiley

    She has had a lot of work done on her face. She did look much better before. I thought she was gorgeous around 2005-2007, but now she’s just irritating. I can’t believe their “15 minute” of fame isn’t over yet… She is the most conceited person I’ve ever seen. It sickens me.

  • Anon kali

    These pictures are actually committing inducing…not flattering at all. When is someone else gonna take the spotlight she’s 30 years old and looks disperate.

  • Anon kali


  • YUCK!!

    Her ass looks like inflated square box!! Once a ho, always a ho!

  • V

    This has to be the most photo shopped magazine spread in history. Over half of her is missing!!

  • Sofia Petrillo

    Fat ass needs it’s own zip code. May I suggest 66666-6666.

  • Barbara

    I think she is 33 not 30

  • MIKE


  • BRAD


  • dee


  • mel

    noone want to see her flab..put some clothes on already kim..have a little dignaty…course that not her strong suit dignaty or morals…she got preg with another mans kid while physically married…am sick of this bimbo and her whole disfunctional family..

  • assman

    all jealous fat chics

  • BRAD


    the only fat chick here is the one in the picture.

  • yuck

    show off those butt implants girlfriend

  • Anna

    I used to think she was beautiful but not anymore.Kim should have a little respect for herself and understand that she is a mother and wife.I guess she wont mind having North West see her naked.Very shameful.

  • Betty.

    She looks like she’s getting ready to fart.

  • Betty.

    She is getting ready to F a r t



  • menatlive

    WOw, please HELP ME! Click LIKE!

  • Cataline

    Her as* is only tight in Kanye’s imagination. Holly god, that’s one huge a$!!!

  • Lena

    She’s like to the FBI celebrity FREE advertising and PR marketing person, “call me…”. They’re like, “nope….doesn’t count when you pose naked for $$$ and sell your pics to magazines ding dong…” (satire intended). LOL. :)

  • flower

    What the hell is she doing. Someone wants to see her ass. Doinging for the money. Fat ass that covers the camera lenses.

  • Nancy

    Seriously Kim? Didn’t you get “FAMOUS” (LOL) for being an idiot for filming a sex tape?!! Please, I’m begging you, go away, take your husband and the rest of your VAPID family with you.

  • Kimsize

    Terrorist girl

  • Barf

    Go back to Armenia you smelly hairy gypsy ho.

  • Diedre

    Wow, Kim Karashian in a state of undress with her gigantic @ss showing. That’s different.

  • Dee

    @assman: No, just people who are tired of her over exposed, surgically enhanced…everything.
    You just keep living in your momma’s basement, smoking weed, and whacking off to pictures of this worthless wh 0re though.
    You’ll never lack for photos with this one.

  • James

    Would have been better if her feet were down. She’s blocking the money shot.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    she’s a really whore!!!!!

  • Jenna

    I’m a lady and usually loathe the kardashians….but damn, nice body girl!

  • logan


    yea…Im gonna pass…..girl needs to do some cardio before she gets in my bed.

  • Mary

    The pics seem so cheap and pornographic, but I guess that’s all she’s got. They’re not flattering at all, which is pretty surprising.

  • Pia

    @Jenna: Yeah right. You are one of the paid commenters. But guess what?! Everybody is disgusted by Kim’s fake square butt, even after they photoshoped the cellulite lumps out of it. That’s one disgusting mass of lard. Not even h0r-ny homeless men find that attractive.

  • Don

    @James: She’s hiding the herpes sores.

  • Patti

    You’re right what is this world coming to? But can’t pray in school, can’t say Merry Christmas and if you don’t support Gay Marriage, everyone hates you, But lets be naked for magazines and the world loves you. How sad for her daughter to grow up thinking that a women is only her body and to be naked and self absorb is the way to make millions, Wonder what she will explain on her Judgment day in front of God.