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Kim Kardashian Poses Topless for 'British GQ' October 2014

Kim Kardashian Poses Topless for 'British GQ' October 2014

Kim Kardashian looks gorgeous posing totally topless on the cover of British GQ‘s latest issue.

“The @BritishGQ cover is here!!!! Photographer- Tom Munro, make up- Jeanine Lobell, hair- Serge Normant, styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele” the 33-year-old reality television star posted on her Instagram account, along with the cover.

Kim was also just awarded the Woman of the Year award at the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards last night.

Stay tuned to Just Jared – more pics are supposed to be released from the sexy spread soon!

Bigger cover inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
kim kardashian goes topless for british gq 01

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  • barf

    She looks like a disgusting tramp in this photo….no really, she looks UGLY. These mags need to stop giving this family attention. DON’T BUY ANY MAGS WITH A KARDASHIAN ON THE COVER, AND THEY WILL STOP PUTTING THEM THERE. Of course, they will probably buy up every copy they can find, just like they did with the Vogue issue.

  • go go

    God knows she would never win mother of the year

  • Randal

    She looks like a man! What happened!

  • sarah

    Umm, after the photo shoot she took her extensions (hair piece) out, took her eye lashes off, called her plastic surgeon to say top me up. (she has obviously had botox, fillers in her butt, fillers in her cheeks, fillers in her lips, veneers, nose job, etc) then there’s of course the fact the cover is photo shopped. Hey GQ, dumb move putting this character on the cover. Now we must BOYCOTT you. Hope NO REAL CELEBRITY goes on the cover of this trashy magazine ever again.

  • Porn Kim

    They took her money and then put her worst picture on the cover, just like Vogue did! LOLOLOL

  • Cali B

    Don’t like her or her family but I’ll even admit, a whote hell of a lot of people (men) want to eff this chick hence she is everywhere and her popularity grows day by day exponentially. Is it right? Is it just? Maybe not but it is what it is. Do you realize that more peeps know who she is than actors who have been in the business for years making movie after movie? Don’t hate the player hate the game. Play the game the game gets played. The media plays the game and runs the show.

  • eewww

    She looks like she had a chipped tooth, then had it repaired with some filler that didn’t match. She looks like trailer trash.

  • essie

    looks like they just took a screen shot from Kanye’s music vid that has her in it.. same hairstyle..

  • Emma

    BOYCOTT this idiot! The only way to stop them is to hit them where they hurt…in their pocket books. The entire Kardashian family think they are big business now. They’ve already begun to plan the baby North out to media pimps. Poor child! She is going to be pimped out like a media who-re like the rest of the family.

  • Jason

    That was why I cancelled my subscription.
    I hate that whole disgusting family.
    She is just trying to be like Cher in the 80s & 90s.
    Both of them Armenian attention who*es.

  • Keith

    @Cali B: Only men with very low standards find her attractive. Her body is tragic. Those hips can only be good for breeding. Sexy…Not!

  • sarah

    @Jason: Cher had/has talent. Kim f- u -c- ked a dude, got him to pi- ss on her, pretends to use products so young gals will buy it, makes millions on her show, paid to tweet, free designer clothes, free cars, free private plane, free free free. Cher pays for what she has.

  • Trampie

    Kim posses topless? That is not new that is somethign she does everyday recently to each entertainment award she has attended to. Her boobies are always in display!! Tramp!!

  • Trampie

    That cover looks like she just had sex

  • KimTHEurinal

    Ugly hore

  • Yuck

    Hollywood Jews need stop stop pushing this nasty sk@nk in our faces. She is the epitomy of low class, immoral, empty life. Young girls do not need to be influenced by this sk@nk. It’s hard for anyone to avoid seeing this trash everywhere you go. They’re pushing her in our faces in order to distance us from all that is good in this world.

  • kami


  • Shame

    “Been there. Done that.” ~ 92% of men with a computer. The other 8% prefer men.

  • is she pooping?

    Wow she has sunk to new lows! they photographed her face while she is pooping? That’s what it looks like lol

  • strt

    @#16 – And exactly which “Hollywood Jews need stop stop ….” are you referring to?? Come on, tell everyone exactly who you are talking about?? And while you’re at it proofread your idiocy before clicking the submit button.

  • Marilyn

    Such a whore face.

  • e

    So, Emma Watson was named ‘Woman of the Year’ last year and Mila Kunitz the year before that and then GQ chooses KK, wow, talk about going from top to bottom in just one year.

  • BoNna

    This trash belongs in the garbage

  • Lauren

    I’m just going to come out and say it…she looks like she is smelling a fart. Like a nasty fart that’s so nasty you can taste it and they took the pic mid sentence of her saying “Sorry guys, I farted…Ewe, I can taste…”

  • Lauren

    I don’t know why they felt the need to block out the work F. a. R. t. it’s not a swear word or a sexual part. Weird.

  • freya

    Boy I didn’t realize that British GQ are scraping the barrel for women, don’t they have gorgeous sexy woman out there or is it about sexual domination because British guys are intimidated by real beautiful INTELLIGENT WOMAN Like Kate Winslet, Kate Beckensale or even Emma Watson.

  • ladie

    @Yuck: Which “Hollywood Jews” would be interested in her? They would want nothing to do with this slut. Those “Jews’ have more power, fame and network connnections then she will ever have. She has no talent, and up close she is really ugly looking! Eww who did she and Kanye West bribe to get this award? And Posing nude on the cover? This is why Kim will never reach A list status and why no one in Hollywood wants to be pals or be seen with her. Was GQ in a way making fun of her or something?

  • gondy

    Anything to try and upstage Brangelina’s beautiful wedding photos and news.
    Kims jealous because she isn’t going to have the wedding of the year or would have made the bride of the year. Now Angie took it. So this whore is doing anything to stay in the spotlight.

  • Cate

    Disgusting. Huge downgrade from Emma Watson last year to this thing.

  • Flower

    She looks like a tramp. Everyday she on this website. Sick of this bitch!!!!!! Talking about her augly life. Can’t be a mom to this kid she can’t be a mom to the other kids she has. Kayne just has her for sex

  • rianna

    it is what it is…everyones main focus should be all the disaster going on in the world. kim kardashian and what she does should not even matter!

  • Whatever

    So tired of this stuck up, trashy, nasty woman.

  • mboomer

    what kind of husband is ok with his wife and mother of his daughter accept to have her pose nude………..a pimp. First her mother now him……. they really know what is her talent………..a porn star and always a porn star. Sick………..they so belong together. NO CLASS JUST TRASH. Mb