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Robert Pattinson Reportedly Dating British Singer FKA Twigs

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Dating British Singer FKA Twigs

New couple alert! Robert Pattinson is reportedly off the market and dating English singer FKA Twigs.

According to Us Weekly, the 28-year-old Twilight hottie has been seeing the musician, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett, 26, for a few weeks now after meeting through mutual friends.

Tahliah thinks he is unbelievably handsome,” a source told the mag.

Another source said, “It’s early [on] but they’re having fun.”

Last week, Rob and FKA Twigs were spotted walking around New York City together with some pals.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Robert Pattinson possibly dating FKA Twigs?

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  • lauren901

    good luck to them.

  • marie

    ugly girl.
    perfect men.

  • Bee

    I’m so down with this coupling. I think they’d really compliment each other. Twigs is a lucky lady!

  • Dee

    Yes, and at night I grow wings and fly…

  • minnie

    She’s so pretty…..she doesn’t deserve that ugly and dirty man!

  • Guest

    He has terrible taste in women

  • marie

    I used to think he was cute and handsome in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He did not age well. He is looking hideous now.

  • Susan

    @Guest: I’m with you!

  • Tori

    Riley Keough, SIa, Katy Perry, Dylan Penn, and Imogen Kerr – has US Weekly or anyone else gotten it right yet? How about we just stop speculating and let the man live his life privately? Why can’t we just enjoy his work?

  • lottaluck

    JJ should of chosen a better pic she looks better than that, but… its better to have people see all of you instead of just the best parts

  • Mel

    @marie: Simeone sounds butt hurt. Check out his Dior ad, that man is fine!

  • Be c’s

    I know JJ is personal friends with Stewart and her crew, so I’m guessing that may be the reason for the less flattering pics here. We know Rob is absolutely gorgeous and Twigs seems really talented and original. If they’re together I hope they’re having fun!

  • Elizabeth Nudalo

    Honestly Robert is handsome and EVERY girl wants to date him that I know. Even myself but then again some of us are not popular enough to get him to look our way but yet I wish him luck in everything including relationships. He is a handsome guy and just like everyone else in the world deserves happiness like us all.

  • guest


  • guest

    Such a FAMEWHORE

  • ann

    He looks drunk as always and she looks like a chav, perfect fit.

  • angie

    @Elizabeth Nudalo:
    you are wrong I think he is handsome but he is not my type he seems like a good guy and if this is true then good for them . I actually don´t think she is attractive at all but other people might so is a question of perspective

  • Jenk

    @Be c’s:

    Not everything “negative” about him has to do with Stewart, you ridiculous fantard.

  • sara

    idk, I think she is really pretty

  • Lol

    Good luck to her…whatever privacy she had Good bye to that. Say good bye to people liking her for who she is…Say Hello to name calling, being criticized, being called every name in the book because she became the one he chose to date.

  • just me

    Glad he find someone finally.

  • Ari

    She needs a new prescription for those goofy arsed glasses, ’cause Pattinson is nowhere near “unbelievably handsome.” He’s not even passibly cute.

  • just sayin

    As someone who likes Rob and FKA Twigs separately, I’m bummed they’re together simply because of articles like this. She might dump him just because she seems too cool to want this teenybopper drama tainting the career she’s worked so hard to create. She’s a visual artist and one of the most promising emerging talents this year who’s being reduced to tabloid fodder because she’s dating a “heartthrob”. Hopefully this is just a summer fling and Twigs can move away from this stuff. That’s if the rumor is true. I know there have been some sightings, but there are always “sightings” of celebs from seemingly credible people just to get some 15 minutes of fame. Also, like someone else said…PEOPLE reported him as confirmed with Dylan Penn with his rep being one to confirm it…they were never seen together again….he was pictured with Imogen Ker just like he was with Twigs…and now we find out they’re truly just friends (she was at the bridal shower of one of his friends’ new wife)…and he was “spotted” with Riley Keough several times…but it was fodder. He actually hung out with Twigs (pics to prove it) and went to her show (pics to prove it). I think they’re either friends, collaborating on music OR hooking up…but time will tell if they’re actually “dating”. People hook up at their age for a couple of weeks and then move on alllll the time.

  • Tyla

    Why can’t he find a classy woman to date? Like others have said, horrible taste in women.

  • Mia

    @just sayin: I don’t know RP personally, but I think he’s friends with a lot of women. Not necessarily hooking up kind of friends. I think he finds women less intimidating though to hang out with. That’s how it seems to me.

  • Niagirl

    I give it until either she blows up mainstream or his fans harass her to death. After all its a celebrity couple. Girl lock up your twitter.

  • just sayin

    @Mia: Me too. I personally think he just likes to share his love of music with other musicians. He’s an actor, but he doesn’t spend his downtime schmoozing with other actors 24/7…he’s at concerts or spending time with his musician friends and new musician friends. I feel like if the sighting (real or fake, idk) about his arm around her never happened and she was a guy, this wouldn’t even be an issue. It’s because she’s a woman that they can’t hang out without being together too. I’m not saying their not together, I’m just saying whether yes or no…the tabloids will “source” and use whatever they can to link him to someone because they can never get a concrete story with him so they’d rather make something up just to “hopefully” end up being right. But like I said, if they are hooking up, I hope it’s short lived so that Twigs can get on doing her own thing without being front page on JJ, Popsugar and everything else with headlines relating to her love life rather than her music.

  • Noa

    @Jenk: I see you’ve proved yourself a fan of his ex. Thanks

  • Noa

    If she’s dating Rob, she’s extremely lucky IMO. For those of you suddenly bashing him, your agenda is pretty clear. Js.

  • honey

    good luck to them

  • honey

    “Tahliah thinks he is unbelievably handsome,” a source told the mag.

    Another source said, “It’s early [on] but they’re having fun.”
    Happy for Rob!!

  • Sebastian

    they both have weird n unique

  • jenny

    Twigs is a lucky Lady

  • olga

    @minnie: Stay pressed butt hurt ex,Rob is gorgeous

  • olga

    She is sexy and her dancing is erotic

  • E!

    The Twilight actor is currently spending a lot of time with British singer FKA Twigs (whose real name is Tahliah Barnett) after a mutual friend introduced the two.
    E! News has learned that the two are “not quite” in a relationship, but friends definitely think that she is his type and that things could go from friendly to romantic in a flash.

  • notafan

    strange couple

  • dee

    @Tori: WORD.

  • Word

    @Tori: I’m pretty sure US Weekly will continue to confirm relationships that are barely speculation and turn them into full blown romances with the hope that ONE DAY they might be right and can claim credible. At this point I’ll wait for PEOPLE to confirm this relationship with a confirmation from their reps, then again they did that with Dylan Penn and it was false. At this point I need to see photos of FKAPattz kissing, holding hands, in some sort of embrace, or at least photographed together many times before I’ll take this rumor with more than a grain of salt. I know Kristen walked 3 steps before or after him for 4 years but even pictures (fake or not) came out of them kissing and hugging. There is NOTHING to go on with FKA Twigs and him other than him seeing her live and hanging out with her in NYC. Tweeted “sightings” and tabloid rumors/guesses/embellishments/fabrications are not enough evidence. At this point a romance between him and Katy Perry has more weight …and even that is B.S.

  • Helen

    Hahahaha hahahahahahha… Seriously? These two dating? Robs really losing it these days, first that amazon girl now this, I’m seriously worried about him.

  • LoveRob

    Love Rob, he is not a rascist. He loves all kinds of people. If he is dating Tahliah , i am happy for him

  • Adam

    Even the ugly have a hope.
    All this is called PR. I thought that there was a singer worse of ….. does exist and is FKA Twigs!

    How to throw a career in the trash.

  • Spacie

    One picture does not make them a couple. Show me a picture of them being affectionate, then I might consider they are a couple. She is hardly ugly. Who are you comparing her to?

  • Sunshine1973

    She is not attractive AT ALL!!! They look AWEFUL as a couple! Seriously??? Out of all the women he could have??? Very disappointed if this is his girlfriend!!!

  • Sunshine_1973

    Ridiculous looking couple!!! Him – Gorgeous!!! Her- not attractive AT ALL!!!

  • Just A Comment;

    Why can’t a celeb just find a GREAT person, without having to be famous? Even Prince William found a commoner, and Kate is beautiful, smart, and a great catch for the future King of England, believe me there out there. FKA Twigs maybe famous even though I have never heard of her, but I can tell you she is one strange looking chick. Come on Rob you can’t find anything better??