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Who is FKA Twigs? Meet Robert Pattinson's Rumored Girlfriend!

Who is FKA Twigs? Meet Robert Pattinson's Rumored Girlfriend!

Robert Pattinson apparently has a new lady in his life after it was reported that he’s dating FKA Twigs.

So, we did a little digging and here’s what we know about the 26-year-old British singer, with whom he was seen in New York City last week.

- Her real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett and she’s originally from Gloucestershire, England.

- She was just known as “Twigs,” but added the FKA (formerly known as) when another artist claimed the name. “i want to clarify that twigs is not a character that ive created, twigs and tahliah are one and the same. 1 girl, 1 personality, 2 names,” she recently tweeted.

- She was once a back-up dancer for Jesse J, Ed Sheeran, Kylie Monigue, and Taio Cruz.

- She’s a talented singer and dropped her debut album LP1 in August. In fact, JJ posted three of her songs you can listen to now!

Check out more photos of FKA Twigs below!

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  • allie

    wow! Go Rob! He is finally over the Ktart

  • gina

    They are probably just friends, she is a fellow Brit

  • joy

    She is actually a cool girl and I am glad that Robert Pattinson is not racist.

  • Niagirl

    Love her, but whathisface really girl. You can do so much better.

  • Niagirl

    Love her, but whathisface really girl. You can do so much better. Cancelling shows already to sit around with him. UGGGH

  • marie

    I just think is a great publicity for her… her first EP is coming this month.

  • Reb

    I smell pr in this hookup. Yes, I know FKA Twigs isn’t like that – she isn’t the Hollywood type, but I’m thinking her pr people and Rob’s pr people set this match up for some good ol’ publicity for Twigs. They need her career to really take off.

  • penny

    Good for Rob , she is cute and talented.

  • Sam

    Finally, so Kristen and Rob can move truly forward and be left alone. The tabloids can focus on the new girl and have no reason to keep harassing Kristen. Kristen can continue doing so well.

  • pup

    Cute chick.

  • just sayin

    @Reb: Probably. She really doesn’t need the publicity since people love her music, but she’s also killing the game underground mostly and these headlines will take her mainstream a whoooooole lot faster. Then again, it may not be PR for her as much as it’s PR for him to get out of the Robsten bubble once and for all.

  • She literally went from getting attention for her creative songs and videos to now probably having a Twitter full of “mentions” from his fans and headlines about their “relationship”. If I was her, I would be p*ssed off…and she might be one of those women who puts the kabosh on the relationship because it’s screwing with her rep…which sucks, but it happens.

  • @joy: For all you know, he could’ve dated black girls, Spanish girls and Asian girls all before he ever got famous …… and he hangs out with people of all races now…but, he had to be reported to be dating a black girl to prove he wasn’t racist? Wow. Who knew. *rolls eyes* I’d be more shocked to learn that he was racist rather than being surprised he wasn’t.

  • Nice

    @ Rab: Rob doesn’t have a publicist or a PR team. So if he doesn’t mind his name being associated with her maybe he really likes her.

  • erin

    There is no PR , gossip mags just link him to any female near him

  • @erin: Very true. He did go to her show…they did hang out…and they may have even been getting in a little late summer fling since he’s been in nyc, but just as soon as it stars it could fizzle out just as fast…the tabloids just LOVE linking him with people. I think he should date someone who isn’t famous that the tabloids can’t figure out the name of. Maybe then he’ll get some peace to properly begin a relationship.

  • lisa

    I love her and if it makes her happy why not. But it could be that they are just friends, I mean the first time people saw Rob with Katy Perry the media lied and said they are dating when they were not. So I think right now you cant tell and this “sources” are sometimes just fantasies of a gossip blog writer.

  • tanya

    Go Rob she is hot and talented

  • Annie

    Robert Pattinson loves to live in Gossip World!

  • tanya

    I’m happy he’s found someone new, good luck to them both I happen to think they’ll make a really interesting couple and she’s a lucky, lucky lady.

  • Annie

    This vampire is boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • tanya

    He was spotted making out with her at the lolawolf concert and spotted with his arm around her yesterday as they walked the streets of the East Village. They are dating. They are an item and he is falling for her. As they say the starts align when it’s fate. They met through Marcus F. He has down time so does she. She loves rap and works with rappers who help her produce her music. Rob’s really into rap. She’s sexy, ambition and talented which he said has always been his number one turn on. The question is, how does she feel about this. She seems much more outgoing . She was photographed attending a party Vogue was throwing for fashion week the other night. They are spending time together in NYC

  • tanya

    @Annie: What you doing here then if you are so bored. lol!

  • Guest1592

    E! Has said they’re just friends and seems they’ve had an inside with Rob’s team before so I’d be inclined to believe that

  • honey

    @Guest1592: They said they could slip into a romantic relationship at the drop of the hat

  • honey

    “Tahliah thinks he is unbelievably handsome,” a source told the mag.

    Another source said, “It’s early [on] but they’re having fun.”
    Happy for Rob!

  • Wakeup call

    @tanya: As much as I’d like to see them together, your comment has many faults. You say they met through Marcus and yet Marcus isn’t friends with her. If they met through friends, it wasn’t him. That’s just your assumption because some of his friends know her and because Marcus went to her show with him. She went to a Vogue party, but it wasn’t for the magazine…it was for a group of people who actually “vogue” meaning the dance. It was a “voguing” fashion party. Also, you weren’t there when the guy saw him with his arm around her…you don’t know if it was a friendly thing or not…he even said it wasn’t “lovey dovey”. He might’ve been mistaken all together. Pics or it didn’t happen. You also don’t know if it was Twigs that he was “hooking up” with…that girl who tweeted the sighting said “hooking up” not “making out”. He could’ve been hugging on her for all you know, which can still be friendly… after all Rob’s not the type to actually make out in public when he knows people sell stories about him. Also he was at the Lolawolf concert at the very end and left with his friends. I was there and Twigs was with her dance friends (who are gay btw so those rumors of her making out with a black guy is also false too)…but she wasn’t hanging all over Rob. The fact is that even though Rob and Twigs MIGHT be dating, none of your reasons confirm that. The only concrete things to confirm that are the pictures of them together from last week and the fact that he went to her show, which really only confirms they’re friends. The “sightings” aren’t concrete and tabloids will use anything for a story. This is a “wait and see” scenario. If they’re really dating, there’s bound to be proof that has some weight and if they’re not dating, time will show that as well. But you’re little “stars align” and “fate” BS just sounds like fan fiction.

  • lol

    @just sayin: “Then again, it may not be PR for her as much as it’s PR for him to get out of the Robsten bubble once and for all.” IS THAT YOU FUGFACE TWIGGY? nobody gave a shizz about this broad before she got linked to Rob and she also has got a record releasing soon JSYK. Lets face it we all know who is benefiting from this

  • A

    I’m sorry to say but she looks like a man and trust me she will sell him out for all its worth. I’m waiting for that day tbh cause Pattz fandom will have epic meltdown LOL

  • J

    @tanya: Sightings are subjective because people see one thing and embellish the truth when re-telling …and in the day of phones where people take pictures of EVERYTHING…if they didn’t snap a picture, then I call BS. The same goes for tabloid reports. The only thing I believe is the fact that he went to her show and obviously became friends since they were out together in NYC. Whether that has progressed into something romantic remains to be scene. As for Marcus, he’s on the same indie label as Twigs so he probably took Rob to her show because one of his label buddies told him to check it out…that doesn’t mean Marcus hooked Rob up with Twigs. At this point a rumor is still a rumor until it’s proven otherwise. If he’s really with her, you’ll know by pictures of them more than just walking together. They always come to light if the rumor is true.

  • J

    remains to be seen*

  • lol

    @A: Pattinson is only good at promoting these struggling ~artists. I have no doubts all this girls that get linked with him are passed among his friend circle,that’s the kind of guy he is. His name sells tabloid covers but he cannot sell a movie. His recent movie ‘The Rover’ set record for worst wide opening according to BoxOfficeMojo. After that he was seen hanging out celebs known for doing coke and ~models (read: escorts) at some rapper dude’s party. What amazes me is that he still has the “good guy” image without having a PR team.

    This Twigs girl looks thirsty as f—- I just hope she exposes him once him and his friends stop f—— her.

  • LOL

    @A: Does your A stand for Alicia, Kristen’s manly looking girlfriend? Focus your attention on that and stop obsessing with Rob and his fans. Btw, this girl looks much more feminine than Kristen.

  • olga

    @Niagirl: stop with the hate. its getting out of hand

  • Cali born

    I hope these two get together and stay together for a long, long time – because it’s going to be pure entertainment watching his diehard fans have a complete meltdown especially any of those leftover, fringe, Twihard fans that actually believed that the whole Robsten relationship was the real deal. Face it, he probably has way more in common with this woman than he ever did with Kstew. Be real, your girl Kristen Stewart is a diehard lesbian who resides in a glass closet and has one foot out of the closet door. In five years, when she no longer has to listen to handlers, she will be on the cover of People with a “Yep, I’m gay” cover story. She was never into Rob P. in “that way”. Let the girl live her life as she wants. She seems hella more happier with Alicia ??? (don’t know her last name too lazy to Google it) than she ever did with Rob. And do people really care about sexuality anymore? Yeah we care, but is it our business? Let the chips fall where they may. As much as I like Rob, his image of the virile vampire is just trumped up marketing. He has the masculinity and virility of a 45-year old accountant with performance problems. But that’s okay because he does seem like a nice guy. Movies are image and image is what goes into movies. Stop believing in Kismet and bullsh*t.

  • Jen

    @Cali born: I don’t care if they are together or not as it makes zero impact on my life ….but, you’re obsessed with fangirl reaction…to the point of going on and on and on about showmances and someone’s sexuality? That’s why you want them together? I’m not sure which is worse…being a delusional fangirl or being someone who gets their entertainment from delusional fangirls. Don’t you have anything else going on in your life? Don’t insult one group for being pathetic when you’re just as pathetic for getting your jollies from it. They need to get a life and get outside more…and so do you.

  • Cali born

    @Jen: Nah, I really don’t f*cking care. LOL.

  • Cali born

    This sh*t is so hysterical!

  • Cali born

    @Jen: Go eat a tub of ice cream b itch.

  • Jen

    @Cali born: Sorry I upset you for calling you out, but it is what it is. They obsessed over the nonexistent Robsten and you obsess over them…you’re no better or more sane than they are. Truth hurts.

  • Nahhhh

    @Cali born: TLDR; all I got was it was some kind of bitc*y menopausal rant and you wanting a bucket of ice cream. I’m right,right?

  • Nahhhh

    @Jen: noooo she is totally not obsessed with this *gasp*. Can’t you see this is why she wrote a thesis about it here?


    WITH FRIENDS BENEFIRS :))))))))))))))))


    WITH FRIENDS BENEFITS :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


    ROB IS :D

  • Jen

    @Nahhhh: Right? It takes a special type of looney toon to actually say they want two people to date just so that they can watch other people get upset by it. The saddest part is…she’s not the only person who feels that way. Quite frankly, I hope they’re not dating. I hope Rob gets a girlfriend that tabloids don’t find out about so that he can have as much of a personal life as possible and keep it personal for as long as possible. No one should get that involved in someone elses life.

  • Emma

    LUCKYYYYY GIRRLLLLL! Robert Pattinson is delicious

  • dee

    Yeaaaaaa riiight! All of these reports of Rob dating this and this person is becoming like the boy who cried wolf from these publishers! I would actually believe it if this wasnt happening EVERY HALF AN HOUR with EVERY MYSTERY GIRL hes seen with! This is just like the time they “confirmed” that he was dating Dylan Penn and then she STRAIGHT UP DENIED it ever happened! Until I actually see them kissing or fxxxking then ill believe it… *eyeroll*

  • Cali B

    @Jen: ;)

  • Cali B

    @Nahhhh: Yeah, right. No, just laughing at your expense:)