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Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton's Nude Photos Will Be Part of an Art Exhibit

Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton's Nude Photos Will Be Part of an Art Exhibit

Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton‘s nude photos will be the subject of an art exhibit in Florida by artist XVALA.

“We share our secrets with technology,” XVALA said in a statement. “And when we do, our privacy becomes accessible to others. “In today’s culture, everybody wants to know everything about everybody. An individual’s privacy has become everyone else’s business. It has become cash for cache.”

The show, titles “No Delete,” will feature the artist’s seven-year collection of images from celebrities “in their most vulnerable and private moments.”

DO YOU AGREE with the artist’s sentiments about celebrity privacy??

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# 1

Well I think he will have some lawyers in his face soon, will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Not the first time this guy has done it, he did an exhibit with Blake Lively and Scar Jo but their lawyers made him cover the private parts. I suspect something similar here.

# 2


# 3

I’m fairly certain that Jennifer Lawrence’s pics do not belong in the public domain just because someone hacked them.

In other words, this is illegal. XVALA may just be doing this to generate publicity, which means that this very post by JustJared is a deliberate move by the artist to capitalize on the situation.

The way I see this whole situation is this: people do private, sexual things in their homes with their partner. That’s completely normal and common. There’s nothing wrong with pornographic shots or videos between partners. But stealing them and releasing them to the public is an invasion of privacy and taking of private property.

I bet if I released images of the person who hacked into these accounts, they would be mortified too.

# 4

Um, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal

# 5

What an *******

# 6

This is the most stupid justification for making money from people who have had their privacy so cruelly violated…..this so called ‘artist’ is no better then the creeper who instigated this whole sad affair.

# 7

Will never gey away with it

# 8

I’m confused. The man who hacked Scarlet Johanson’s phone was sentenced to 10 years for stealing her nude pics and the judge issue an order preventing Johanson’s nude photo release.

Does Scarlet Johanson enjoy some sort of special protection with the courts that other Americans are denied. Something smells corrupt here with this double standard – not to mention the Man in jail for a decade. What’s up? Was a judge paid off?

# 9

What a piece of garbage. Just because some POS hacked into their accounts doesn’t give others free access to use said pictures for however they see fit. This guys an idiot if he thinks he can get away with it. Their lawyers will be on him so fast he won’t know what hit him. Scumbag

some people are indeed bottom feeders. Both the hacker and this so called artist are missing something that makes a person a human.. both are piles of sheet.

Oh plss.. These sk@nks love the attention. How many times has Kate posed nude so far? Shes just upset that no one photoshopped her flat a$s and bloated stomach this time.

Tony Ferris @ 09/04/2014 at 4:18 pm

I hope these women’s lawyer’s turn this guy inside out.



Upton has never posed naked. Says she didnt think she ever would. Granted she has posed in body paint but that is not naked.

Absolutely disgusting. i can’t believe someone can be so heartless.

Since the law is that whoever took the photos owns copyright to them, they can sue the artist if he uses these photos.


they are probably in on it PR Stunt


No these ladies were not in on it, simple as that. They were a victim of theft.

Illegal. You people who thinks it’s pr or bad to take nude photos have succumbed to the culture that glorifies violence USA over pleasure which is all of the civilized woldk…Europe

@G: I think this is the most reasonable and best comment I’ve read on JJ in a long time.

Maleficent @ 09/05/2014 at 5:47 am

Glad to see that this animal-hating, squirrel-gutting little sl#@ is getting what she deserves. Always knew she was basically a streetwalker sleeping her way to the top. Looks like PETA has the last laugh on her, eh? “Eff PETA”, eh, Jen? More like “Eff Jennifer Lawrence—’cause everyone else already has.” XD

Maleficent @ 09/05/2014 at 5:49 am

@Yaright: You KNOW they love the attention–at least, judging from the countless pics of themselves spread wide on couches, plus the “facial” shot of Jennifer Lawrence covered in man goo, they’re certainly not shy about taking porn selfies.

Maleficent @ 09/05/2014 at 5:51 am

Word of advice–don’t want your cooch posted all over the internet? Don’t take porn shots of yourself, because that’s exactly where they’re going to end up one way or another. No sympathy for stupidity–sorry.

Maleficent @ 09/05/2014 at 5:53 am

More power to this dude. ;)


Oh lord Jennifer’s jealous hating PETA stalker is here spewing hate like always, same **** different thread with you. She was required to skin a squirrel for a movie role. Get over it, she did not kill the squirrel it was given to her already dead, they were just trying to make the movie as real as possible to show how those people live.

Second hate to burst your bubble the ‘facial’ shots you reference were proven to be another woman and were posted months before the hack by a guy on ichan of his gf so those are not her. Before hating do research and you would know it was the hacker ichan guys themselves that proved they were not her so at least get your crazy facts straight. It was bikinis, boobs and frontal shots pretty much playboy style pics, women should not be ashamed of their body so Jennifer shouldn’t either.

That’s fine you don’t have sympathy for these women who had their privacy stolen, I hope it never happens to you, I would hate to see what they would uncover of your crazy PETA loving Jennifer hating ass. And to say more to the hacker, such a sad society we live in.

moo moo bees @ 09/05/2014 at 10:05 am


Please. Every person in that industry are the same 10 to 20 people. They aren’t human.

Do they have human feelings? Yes, I’ll allot them that, but the whims people take on who to sympathize with and who not is is the product of this very culture, which is an illusion of democracy.

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