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Joan Rivers Dead - Legendary Comedienne Passes Away at 81

Joan Rivers Dead - Legendary Comedienne Passes Away at 81

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers has passed away at the age of 81 after going into cardiac arrest during a vocal cord surgery, according to Variety.

The comic genius and E! Fashion Police co-host was suddenly rushed to the hospital last week after when she stopped breathing during a procedure on her throat.

Joan was placed on life support in the hospital in New York City, and from there, her daughter Melissa updated fans periodically. The latest update came just yesterday when Melissa said she was moved out of intensive care and into a private room.

Our thoughts go out to Joan‘s family and friends during this difficult time.

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  • RIP

    Very sad. I heard they were going to take her off life support today. I will miss Fashion Police and her humor. All the touchy, overly sensitive haters need to get a life. RIP

  • kary

    Oh my Gosh… RIP :( there’s not fashion police without you!!!

  • Lila

    So sad! I am going to miss her and her funny jokes that made my life a little easier. Rest in Peace.

  • Logan

    This is so sad, but expected. She was legend.

  • thanks for the laughs

    Loved her ,.and loved that candy asz wimps hated her comedic dose of reality.

  • Sebastian


  • Lena

    R.I.P. Joan Rivers. I didn’t always agree with her humour, but she was a funny lady!

  • Dee

    This one truly hurts, was a fan for years. Always remember her jokes and Oscar night commentary and a Fashion Police. R.I.P Joan.

  • loiuy

    You will be missed. Rest in peace, Joan.

  • Diane

    enjoyed her comedy
    she will be missed

  • jenna

    awww. :-( R.I.P. Joan. such a great businesslady, i loved her QVC stuff

  • Me

    Horrible news, I can’t believe she didn’t make it! What an amazing woman she was.

  • gonnamissher

    I wonder why..she supported Israel in a very viral video just a while ago,
    and when she walked in for a simple surgery stuff started to happen..
    tons of doctors are arabs so..just saying
    it’s not unfounded

  • kel

    RIP Joan.

  • Avi

    truly the funniest girl out there
    she was lovely
    no one is going to be like her
    miss her already.

  • lol

    Sad news

    RIP joan , you will be missed

  • Maya

    Good riddance!

  • groundcontrol

    Here’s to a woman who opened many doors for other women in the business. Congratulations on a life lived fearlessly and to the full.
    Sorry to see her leave us – the good and the bad.

  • Naye

    Rest In Peace Joan. You were an incredibly funny lady and you will be missed. Thanks for the laughs.

  • rio

    she will be missed,

  • Moi

    Legend. Very funny lady. R.I.P Joan

  • nick33

    One hour before I imagine her in a talk show saying she’s very strong and nothing will stop her. So sad.

  • Noooo

    Noooo so sad, R.I.P Joan

  • J


    while i won’t go so far as to say ‘good riddance’, i’m not going to sit there and pretend that she was nice. she wasn’t and was on a tear in her last few months with her nastiness. of course she had a family that loved her, and that’s always sad. but you can bet that if it were someone else laying there on their death bed, she would’ve had a bunch of classless, vicious things to say.

  • Oh well…

    Joan couldn’t escape the wrath of God. Not that long ago she was making a mockery of the women and children that were being massacred in Palestine. Today, she is amongst the dead. #BeCarefulWhatYouSay

  • John

    Joan was an extraordinary performer and person. She brought laughs to so many lives and will never be forgotten. Thoughts to her family at this shocking and difficult time.

  • kiley

    RIP Joan. Glad to see MOST of the comments thus far are not hateful. Regardless of negative words she said she was a human and had a family and tons of friends who loved her. I will definitely miss her. She was a legend.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Joan’s procedure should have been performed in a hospital because of her age. The anesthesia is hard on the elderly physically and she probably needed someone more skilled putting her under. No conspiracy, just an unfortunate situation.

  • Ratine

    Tragic loss of a trail blazer. Love that she said what everyone else thinks but is afraid to say! No one like her, a true legend!

  • Keller

    @Oh well…: STFU, no one cares about Palestine….

  • well

    she battled a tough one when she got on life support. god bless her, people can say all they want that she wasn’t the nicest but comedians aren’t going to say nice things, they make fun of imperfections, they bring light and humor into the darkness of things and joan was really good at that and always made me laugh on fashion police, her quips were genius and nobody can deny that. even joan made fun of rihanna and ruffled her feathers but at least rihanna wished her well during this difficult time. i bet j-law is happy though, now she can be happy with the constant a$$kissing that giuliana and kelly will give to her critiques, yawn.

  • siennagold

    RIP Joan. I enjoyed watching Fashion Police because of you. Thanks for all the laughs.

  • Zamira

    @Oh well…: Oh please! Enough of the children of palestine! If you care so much about them, you should go there to help them instead of spreading hate in a celebrity website. Sure, she died because of something she said, not because she was old or because she had surgery at 81 years old! In case you don’t know WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE SOONER OR LATER! I am tired of islamists extremists in this website. Go back home all of you!

  • Vendetta Chronicles

    It’s so sad. I was just watching some of the last episodes of Fashion Police with friends and family. I kept hoping that she would recover to make everyone laugh some more.

  • Jen

    @J: @Maya: Don’t reply to nastiness with nastiness, it’s not good for your own health and souls. Be a better person than you think others are. This is devastating for her family. She may have said horrible things, but a lot of people say horrible things…that doesn’t mean they should die. I never liked Joan’s mean comments, but I still feel sincerely terrible for her family.

  • Joneblaze

    Always sharp,current and stinging with her wit RIP

  • Zamira

    Rest in peace Joan. You will be missed.

  • Oh bother

    @Oh well…: She was 81, getting a procedure with anesthesia in a clinic when she should have been in a hospital. This isn’t some conspiracy in regards to her words, she was old and didn’t respond to the anesthesia because of her age and body. I mean come on, can you really be that dense?

  • Suck it

    @J: You’re an idiot, and we don’t care if you “pretend” anything. Haters like you are too dumb to understand her humor, so go away. Your big opinion isn’t important. She did more for charity than YOU will do in your lifetime.

  • salma

    WELL i hope you are enjoying you ‘re HIGH IQ spot in HELL

  • Celia

    OMG. I’m shocked. I thought them moving her to a private room meant she was better, but I guess it was because they wanted her to pass peacefully not on a machine. She truly was an icon, love her or hate her, we have lost yet another icon. This really sucks. Fashion Police won’t ever be the same.

  • Claudia

    @gonnamissher: i would be carefuld to what I eat if I were you, lots of food stores aee run by arabs. Just sayin’… It’s not unfounded.

  • @30

    @Keller: And I gather you got your statics by conducting a survey with the entire world. “Nobody” cares about Palestine? That moronic statement instantly makes you lose all credibility. Dumb a s s.

  • Uhhhh

    @Oh well…: Be careful of what YOU say, you nasty loser.

  • offtheproperty

    @Oh well…: You’re a typical muslim idiot. Even if you were born and raised a Christian and you’re just infected with the sickness of post-modern self-loathing, you’re effectively a muslim, making such a foolish, vindictive statement like that. You’re a pathetic loser. Cover yourself and sit in your hovel.

  • Sudden cardiac arrest

    What you should be saying is that Joan Rivers went into sudden cardiac arrest a. Week ago today… How Melissa decided to take her off life support … Today! And she passed away!
    We do not need to read about the clinic 15 hundred times! We already in know!

  • You are a moron

    @salmaYeah, YOUR IQ is so high, huh? With your lack of spelling, capitalization and punctuation, go back to school. Idiot

  • jim

    I used to like her – but I recently took some Mexican Americans to her show in Beverly Hills and she stated that she thought Mexican people were extremely ugly. No one laughed and we all wondered what would happen if someone pointed the same out about Jews like Bette Midler and Woody Allen and Melissa. During the same show she stated she liked to falsely accuse nonJews of being anti-Semitic if they angered her. I really stopped enjoying her after that. Joan would have laughed if someone she didn’t like died. So……

  • Emerald


    Joan Rivers was respected and admired by the people she worked with. She had millions of fans who loved her. And you?????

  • Emerald

    @Oh well…

    Today, she is amongst the dead. #BeCarefulWhatYouSay
    So it can safely assumed that YOU WILL be joining Joan very soon. How do we send our condolences to your family?