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Leonardo DiCaprio Watches Novak Djokovic Defeat Andy Murray at US Open 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio Watches Novak Djokovic Defeat Andy Murray at US Open 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio stands in a special box to watch an exciting match on day ten of the 2014 US Open held at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on Wednesday (September 3) in New York City.

The 39-year-old Oscar nominated actor, who brought along his mom Irmelin, watched a huge match between tennis greats Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Novak came out the victor and will advance to the semi-finals, where he will next play Kei Nishikori of Japan. Congrats, Novak!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother at the US Open…

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leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 01
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 02
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 03
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 04
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 05
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 06
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 07
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 08
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 09
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 10
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 11
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 12
leonardo dicaprio us open with mom irmelin 13

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  • Beard

    YES!!! He is looking great. I wonder why- maybe a certain GF is not presnet – lol.

  • Sarah

    Wonder why hes standing and the rest sitting….maybe he gave then his seat and said he would stand instead, very sweet if thats the case!

  • Kala

    Omg this interview with him pre titanic is HILARIOUS, hes such a flirt and has a major sarcastic sense of humor…the girl interviewer is smitten ;)

  • Kala

    Part 2, comparing this to post titanic interviews the difference is crazy

  • Kendal

    Fashion week is this week right?! wondet will he make ab apprarance…did anyone see what the director of the revelant said about the set location? That its totally mountainous secluded and going to be freeeeezing cold, and that hes going to make the most of the LA parties now while he still can….cannot imagine Leo enjoyong himself there at all :F

  • Zz

    He looks like hes been put in the bold corner LOL

  • Kidaa

    Omg why cant he just sit still always fidgeting…either biting his nails, on this phone, playing with his beard, puffing an e-cigg, (getty had way more pics) dont think the man is capeable of SITTING STILL!!!

  • Lauren

    Love his shirt :)

  • @Kendal

    @Kendal: no i didnt see it…can you please post the interview???? Thanks ho…


    Why not a sport someone actually watches? Like box-tiddlywinks or wingsuit racing or something actually captivating? LOL He looks like he’d rather be watching monster trucks or office lady catfighting or playing laser tag or skeet shooting. He looks genuinely bored to tears.

  • Name

    Hahahhaa omg in that 2nd interview when hes like “lets get serious” his face is hilarious, never seen this interview before thanks so much!! I imagine leo to be like this in his personal life :)

  • ####

    Maybe he’s standing so he can quickly hide if the cameras get him. LOL


    @THE WAY OF ALL THINGS: he’s probably anxious about going to work. As for t-rex she probably stayed back at the apartment to rest up for todays shows . The way she post pics from his house he better quit TRUSTING that bird in his crib. Toni and that chick Gabriela moustalaff loves to let people know when they are at at LEO ‘S houses. She even went to the roof with Dave, hopefully to cop feels off eachother. Lol. Such famewhores. :- \

  • razzle

    This man has not aged well at all. He is so unattractive and such a consistant boy/man.Ugh!

  • oh

    his mother looks really mean.

  • PM

    man, they look so bored. what a boring group of people.

  • Moi

    He hasn’t been pictured with his ‘gf’ for a while. Wonder if that’s already done and dusted? I like him even with that stupid hat on. His mom looks like she’d be a nightmare mother in law

  • Lifestyle

    @Kala: what a whoooore he is. he would really fvck anything.
    he must have been a little desperate when he was younger.
    He’s a corny flirt.
    He’s trying so hard he must have been such an annoying young guy.
    He hasn’t changed.

  • Beard

    @razzle: Yes he has. The beard is just not the most becoming feature at this time. You can not see his face. By the way, the beard is for the new movie that starts in November. He has also lost weight.

  • Show man

    @Moi: I think she has issues with other women. It’s her own jealousy and envy. She goes through her son as an excuse; did she get a facelift? jeez! no wonder he can’t grow up, his own mother can’t grow up.
    Leo always chooses idiots as girlfriends, it’s like a bad joke.

  • Comment on Toni’s IG
  • Belly dance

    @Beard: he got a tummy tuck?

  • Name

    Omg some people are effing INSANE, why would you go to the trouble of posting such horrible comments on someones pics…

  • dairies

    Leo is a loser. he looks scared on these pictures, he’s probably not drunk, that’s why

  • Zzzzzz

    @####: Hi lady! I think he looks so fidgety is because he knows he’s being photographed and he doesn’t have anywhere to hide. He looks great!
    @Beard: Hi! My bad! Toni doesn’t appear to be there. Maybe she is walking an early show today and had to have a last minute fitting.

  • Moi

    @diaries Yeh a loser worth about $220…I think I’d take that

  • diaries

    @Moi: money is not brains sweetie.
    he’s overpaid. and he’s a sluuut

  • Zzzzzz

    @also…: Hi! I noticed that BZ has that picture from that IG account that was deleted (Leo and the red-head model)


    @Belly dance: Leo did not have a tummy tuck or nose job. You hater TROLLS need to go away. Only hate Toni. ;- \

  • Lasagna baby

    @LASAGNA: i’ll take what you said and reverse that.

  • Moi

    @dairies Sweetie I bet he doesn’t give a damn while he’s on a million pound yacht,eating great food,drinking great wine with his beautiful model gf. Think he’s the winner sweetie! Living the life

  • @31

    @Moi: he looks quite lost sometimes for someone “living the life” Money doesnt buy happiness. Ask Robin Williams…oh wait you cant…

  • also…

    In for a second. Irmelin needs to smile at all times. She is so pretty when she is smiling!
    @Zzzzzzz: That’s the photo that was deleted from IG soon after I posted the link here on JJ. He looks wasted.

  • Baby

    write me. It’s a bad place…

  • outkast

    @Moi: Actually, it is his current gf who makes him be like this.


    New pics from us magazine of leo and toni

  • Amy


    Could we stop with the overpaid b.s.? Everyone in the entertainment and sports fields are paid well. And they’re paid all that money because they bring in more than that for executives.

    If you want to make the same money, go out to Hollywood.

  • Amy


    Irmelin and Dave don’t look happy. Maybe she saw Dave’s comment on Toni’s IG. #breakup

  • ####
  • also…

    @LASAGNA: She is leaching onto him and he couldn’t care less. Very ‘affectionate’. lol

  • Amy


    LMAO… It’s a wrap! I think Leo & Toni are done. Leo does not look like he’s into her at all in those pics and she looks clingy. #anotherbreakup

  • also…

    @####: It must have been a bad day for Leo yesterday. He looks grumpy and disinterested with Toni and at the US Open. Toni is affectionate and Leo…? Weird.

  • ####


    Well he sees the camera too so who knows. He’s stayed with her this long. Who knows how he really feels about her. I just can’t figure their relationship (if you want to call it that) out. He doesn’t seem in to her yet he’s with her. I guess we’ll see what happens when he goes off to the wilderness to film!!! LOL

  • ####


    Yea….see my response to @Amy. I think the scowl is from the camera but she is definitely draped all over him! And she keeps doing it even after she sees the cameras! I just don’t get their “relationship.”

  • Amy


    Wait for the press release saying they broke up because Leo is going back to work…

  • ####


    Yea…..I kind of figure he will use work as the excuse unless she’s bound and determined to track to the wilderness to see him during her work schedule! I guess he’s spending his last few days giving her some attention before he turns his attention to the movie.

  • also…

    @####: If he was that bothered by the camera and being pictured then I doubt he wouldn’t have done something to peel her off. She does seem very clingy on those photos but absolutely no affection from Leo. Like she wasn’t even there. I mean no need for PR photos so why make an effort? But if he is in love and there’s something going on then it’s there even if he is aware if the paps. But nothing here.
    I agree with you. I don’t get this ‘relationship’. I think he just need a fan … sorry girlfriend to keep him company.

  • ####


    What do you mean by your first sentence?

    I agree with you. If he did like her, it would show. We know she’s not the love of his life but she’s there now and convenient.

  • Zzzzzz

    From BZ: this was supposedly taken today of Leo landing in Calgary. Hope the link works. If not check out BZ – Oxford25 post.

  • Name

    Aw that pics actually cute if u see the full length one hes actually holding onto her thigh….also is it just me who notices this but tonis legs are always covered in bruises, whatever she gets up to…