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Nicole Kidman Is a Floral Goddess at 'Before I Go to Sleep' UK Gala Screening

Nicole Kidman Is a Floral Goddess at 'Before I Go to Sleep' UK Gala Screening

Nicole Kidman looks beautiful while walking the carpet with Colin Firth at the gala screening for their new movie Before I Go to Sleep on Thursday (September 4) at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, England.

The 47-year-old actress was also joined at the even by co-star Anne-Marie Duff and Colin’s wife Livia.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Before I Go to Sleep is about a woman who wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her. It will be released on October 31.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a Valentino dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Fred Leighton necklaces.

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  • kary

    can’t wait for this movie

  • Ella

    Wow they look great together! Two of my favorite actors!

  • Kim

    Nicole looks great. She’s really a gorgeous woman.
    And she’s been getting very good reviews for “Before I go to Sleep” so far.

  • Streeter

    it’s a shame Jared didn’t share some of the cuter pics of Colin and Nicole. I hope they make several more movies after Genius.

    “I think her versatility is extraordinary. It’s not just about the extraordinary results she produces, but also the choices she makes are a testament to the kind of mentality she has.” Asked if Nicole was his ‘work wife’ Colin said: “That’s not too off base to describe it that way. I hope it goes on forever.”

  • the201

    Beautiful dress on Nicole! And Colin looks quite dapper!

  • Yallow

    I thought Anne Marie duff was Colin’s wife there for a second.

  • Lau

    She seems to have taken her implants out or traded them for smaller ones. She looks so much better. Very classy and elegant as usual!

  • Honesty-learn it!

    @Lau: Sure… she must have “unzipped” her boobs and removed them…LOL! What an idiotic thing to say. Ever heard of a push-up bra?? They were created in the 60′s and have worked wonders for women who want to look sexier in a low-cut dress! You people who attack everything that Nicole Kidman does, says or wears ought to be sued for slander! What a wasted life you live!

  • Another Box Office Flop

    starring Nicole Flopman.

  • Ignore the stupidity

    @Honesty-learn it!: If you believe the haters, Nicole Kidman has a new b00b job every couple of weeks.

  • Run Colin, RUN

    The queen of box office poison strikes again!!!!

  • bahaha

    Oh Crazy One, your words of hate, as usual are in vain.

    “I think her versatility is extraordinary. It’s not just about the extraordinary results she produces, but also the choices she makes are a testament to the kind of mentality she has.” Asked if Nicole was his ‘work wife’ Colin said: “That’s not too off base to describe it that way. I hope it goes on forever.”

  • Emotion from old Frozen Face??

    Kidman: ‘I like doing them [thrillers]. I think I like the pace and you really have to access true emotions and you have to make it very, very real even though the circumstances are very extreme. I like psychological thrillers.’

  • Sally

    #7,#9, #11 Do you wake up every day with such stupidity and hatred in your cold heart. Nicole is a sweet loving woman, wife and mother and respected in her field as one of the best actors in many years. Before you post any more stupid comments, read what they are saying about “Before I Go to Sleep.”

  • http://comcast Joni

    You are so right Sally, 7, 9, and 11 is THE CRAZY ONE. The miserable, unhappy person who is so insanely jealous of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urbans beautiful life. Nicole and Keith are suppose to be two of the nicest people in show business and I believe they are.

  • Sally

    Ok now we have to add #13 to the idiot list.

  • dear Joni


    It’s quite okay, little Joni, you can “believe” whatever you like; it’s a free world. If it makes you happy, all the better; given you are always SO SO upset by others knocking or disbelieving the Urbans’ “beautiful life” PR.

  • Bimz

    @ #9 #11 #13 #17 You really can’t accept that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are happily married, huh? Why? They’ve been together for 10 years, have two beautiful daughters together, they always seem genuinely happy and content, they are both talented and nice people. Why wouldn’t you support them or, if you don’t care about them, ignore them. Why are you so relentlessly attacking them, month after month, year after year? You even created a website to trash them. I went there and I’m sorry but I gotta say you sound completely insane.
    I want you to explain why you are so obsessed and nasty to Keith and Nicole (and please stop changing your name everytime you post, it’s annoying).

  • Kim

    @Another Box Office Flop: ‘Before I go to sleep’ will definitely not be a flop. Its budget is only $12 million, it’s getting good reviews so far and it will be released on Halloween day in the US.

  • Kim

    Just to annoy some people here, I post a couple of reviews of Kidman’s performance in ‘Before I go to sleep’ :

    “Nicole Kidman gives a standout performance in this role and perfectly conveys her confusion, terror and unease at her situation in a way that really evokes the audience’s sympathy as well as their interest. (…) Final Words: Before I Go To Sleep is a hard-hitting and thought-provoking thriller with one of the most unpredictable and satisfying twists that this genre has seen in years. Nicole Kidman leads the film effortlessly with a human and relatable performance that immediately captures the heart and sympathy of the audience as they join her in a realm of unimaginable confusion and terror.”…-sleep-review/ 4/5

    “Kidman’s performance carries the project with an effortless grace. The actress mesmerises as Christine – a woman trying to piece together the abuse she suffered, with each new discovery hitting her as if it is the first time (no matter how many times she has heard it) – this results in some magnificently emotionally fraught moments where Kidman shines.
    Before I Go to Sleep is a simple, yet thrilling and effortlessly classy piece of genre cinema. With an inventive concept at its core, there are some terrifically entertaining moments of suspense, a tough emotional backbone and an exceptional performance from Kidman to boot.”…-to-sleep.html 4/5

  • Kim

    “Kidman puts in a chilling performance as the frail but determined Christine, a woman whose mental impairment forces her to question her identity. It’s not just not just a disturbing predicament but one that is full of potential for the director of this gripping, nerve-racking thriller.
    Director Rowan Joffé lets the truth drip out with relentless precision, ruthlessly pushing our allegiances around right up to the film’s explosive conclusion.
    The story is the kind of mind-bending, suspense-laden affair that Alfred Hitchcock would have snapped up in a heartbeat.
    This taut film about amnesia is one fo the most memorable films of the year. ”…nd-Colin-Firth 5/5

    “This is really Kidman’s show – infinitely frazzled, perplexed and at nerve’s end, she gives an emotionally distraught and draining performance that feels both affecting and effortless at the same time. There aren’t many actors of her calibre who can turn from primped-royal glamourpuss into a dowdy, wretched amnesiac in a space of a year while still displaying the commitment of a seasoned pro. If anything, Before I Go To Sleep is worth watching for Kidman alone. ”…to-sleep-2014/ – 7/10

  • Kim

    @Lau: “taken her implants out or traded them for smaller ones” ……Are you serious ou are you joking? Because this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read from a Kidman hater, up there with “her forehead doesn’t move” (because everybody knows that foreheads are supposed to move, dance and jump). Funny how jealous, envious women don’t even realise how pathetic and ridiculous they sound.

  • Uh oh, another flop

    “Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth play sub-Hitchcockian games in this diverting but dopey adaptation of S.J. Watson’s bestseller”

  • Uh oh, another flop

    “Christine (Kidman) doesn’t seem all that bothered by the situation, though that could be a result of Kidman’s general lack of emotion as an actress.”

  • Uh oh, another flop

    “Something about Kidman’s blank, frosty performance is unconvincing. Near the end, the excellent Anne Marie Duff pops up as Christine’s old friend – and you can’t helping wondering what the film would have been like with her in the lead.”

  • http://comcast Joni

    Every one of these ugly remarks are made by THE CRAZY ONE !!! The jealousy this person has for Nicole is just insane. Try to get over it THE CRAZY ONE, it isn’t going to change Nicole and Keith’s happiness. The happier they are, the more miserable you become.

  • Uh oh, another flop

    “Writer-director Rowan Joffe (2010′s Brighton Rock remake) badly underestimates the audience, using melodrama and contrived storytelling to try to manipulate viewers’ emotions. And it doesn’t help that the leading lady can’t move her face.”

  • Kim

    @Uh oh, another flop: Those are not reviews of Kidman’s performance in BIGTS. In the first comment, there’s nothing about her performance and the other two are silly attacks by shallow people on her physical appearance. There’s no analysis of her performance.

    Here is an analysis :

    “Kidman brings us a woman who feels helpless each morning but is inherently courageous and smart. What could have been melodrama comes off as honest. Kidman brings a humanity to an interpretation that could have gone wrong, and the majority of the film is tightly written and edited. She carries us into Christine’s world of anonymity, but by the end has us realizing that regardless of who she was, regardless of how her slate is filled in, there is effective closure. ”

  • Kim

    @Uh oh, another flop: Could you post a link to that “review”, I can’t find it anywhere. And since you are know here for lying and manipulating everything in order to make Kidman look bad, please post links to the things you “quote”.

  • Kim

    Another great review for Kidman :

    “Christine’s world is small – with only these two people to confide in – and Kidman does a superb job of displaying the duality of her complex character. Though she is scared and struggling to trust anyone, she is also fiercely determined to get better and believes that discovering the truth to the accident which caused her memory loss is the key. Firth, in contrast, is breathtaking as the man struggling to cope with his wife’s illness. (…) BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP is superbly paced and ramps up the tension gradually, pulling you in at a comfortable rate until you realise you’re suddenly in too deep. Yet, despite the relatively slow beginning, the film never lulls thanks to the phenomenal cast who each keep you guessing as to quite who can be trusted and who has ulterior motives.”…-sleep-review/ – 4/5

  • Uh oh, another flop

    “And the performances don’t help. Both Strong and Firth, who are otherwise so dependable, seem detached from the material, as if they don’t much believe any of it themselves, while Kidman, who is in every frame, appears to have laid off the Botox — at one point, her face looked like those leftovers you keep in Tupperware in the fridge — but is only required to perform two expressions: distrust and distress, often combined as distrustful distress.”

  • Kim

    @Uh oh, another flop: Again there’s no analysis of Kidman’s performance here. Just a nasty, vulgar, sexist attack on her physical appearance from someone who probably has big ego problems. And I notice you again didn’t post a link to what you posted.

    Here is the review from the BBC :

    “The brilliance of this plot is that it puts the viewer in the same position as the heroine. She doesn’t know anything more about her predicament than we do. It also renders her chillingly defenceless. She is entirely dependent on other people, and yet she is unable to trust any of them. Kidman didn’t have much luck playing the archetypal Hitchcock heroine, Grace Kelly, in the universally derided biopic Grace of Monaco. But here she excels as the kind of blonde-in-a-tight-corner that got Hitchcock’s creative juices flowing. Joffe can be forgiven for focusing on his film’s central mystery when that mystery is so intriguing. He has constructed a briskly paced, devilishly clever cat-and-mouse game, with a shivery atmosphere and an impressively tight focus. (…) As summer movies grow ever bigger and longer, and digitally-enhanced action sequences grow ever more excessive, there’s something to be said for a taut, twisty, old-fashioned little suspense thriller. It’s not easy to remember the last time we saw one. ”

  • Kim

    “There is pleasure in watching screen-masters Kidman and Firth dance around and bring the story to life. Echoing some of her previous work (Dogville), Kidman embodies a woman in a world still overshadowed by the force of men. In an effort not to reveal plot points I can only describe the drama as a thick, fresh luscious pot of honey. It moves slowly but it’s worth experiencing every drop. ” – 7.5/10

  • Kim

    “Giving her most compelling performance since the 2001 ghost story The Others, Kidman here draws on the same haunted qualities – and enough tears to float a coffin – to thoroughly convince as a woman who wakes up every day to find half her life gone, only to discover that the rest has been rebuilt on lies. (…) A murky tale, intriguingly told. ” – 4/5

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Uh oh, another flop: We know it’s you THE CRAZY. ONE, why don’t you stick with one name. Why do you care so much ????????

  • http://comcast Joni

    Again, every jealous, ugly remark is made by THE CRAZY ONE. Why do you hate Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. ???? They must have done something to you that was really terrible. LOL

  • kary

    @Kim: thank you so much for the reviews, I love this novel, and I love Nicole and Colin so I’m so so excited to watch this

  • Keith Urban named in lawsuit

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A man who says he was assaulted at the Yum! Center during a Keith Urban concert has filed a lawsuit that lists the artist himself among the defendants.
    King’s filing claims negligence, alleging Keith Urban and his tour staff “requested or encouraged” the Yum! Center staff “lessen, minimize or otherwise do away with certain security restrictions, protocols and/or goals” for the concert. The suit claims Keith Urban failed to “adequately train, supervise, hire and/or retain his staff.”
    This isn’t the only time security at a Keith Urban concert has been in the spotlight recently. Police investigated the rape of a teen during a recent show at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

  • Kim

    @Keith Urban named in lawsuit: I see the “crazy one” can’t find anything negative about Kidman in ‘Before I go to sleep’ so she posts something “negative” about Keith Urban. Ah, the desperation…

  • Kim

    @kary : You’re welcome. Here are a few more :

    “The A-list cast is outstanding, particularly Kidman who gives Christine a heart-breaking vulnerability and fragility in her desperate search for the truth about the trauma that caused her amnesia. Like her, we are none the wiser as to who she can or cannot trust, guaranteeing an absorbing and slowly terrifying experience.
    The end result is a superbly gripping old-fashioned thriller with some jaw-dropping twists.” – MorningStarOnline – 4/5

    “An intricate and breathtaking psychological film, sleek and completely immersive with Kidman giving a career-best performance, and two mighty supports from Firth and Strong, Before I Go To Sleep may very well be the thriller of the year.” – UKfilmreview – 4/5

    “Joffe conjures superb performances from the perfect cast: this is Firth and Kidman at their best. A sexy, chilling and stylish trick of the light, this psychological thriller knows exactly what it’s doing.” – – 4/5

  • reality check

    The wording of that lawsuit is a joke. There’s so many ands and ors they don’t know what they can make stick. And does anybody really believe the headlining act trains security? What hacks. It’s obvious the only reason Keith is named is because he has money. Just like the Sugarland concert at the Indiana fair. Their team prevented more tragedy and yet lawyers went after them. It’s sad and stupid, just like the Crazy One.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @dear Joni: this is in reference to comment # 17. you say ‘others’, you are the only one making the ugly remarks.

  • An 11 year Annus Horribilis

    “Blunt-force trauma, memory loss, and those Grace of Monaco reviews? Talk about an annus horribilis for Nicole.”

  • Lizzie

    @reality check:

    The minute the Boston Globe reported that ambulances had been called out for a Keith Urban concert in Mansfield, every lawyer in New England started salivating. It was only a matter of time before some jerk decided to get in on the act with a nuisance lawsuit. It’s a shame because Keith’s concerts have always attracted decent folks, now since the Massachusetts incident (Mansfield has admitted that they didn’t have adequate security), it looks like there will be some guy trying to make an easy buck. This is when I hope there’s such a thing as Karma.

  • Oh dear

    There is such a thing as KARMA and it has come around for KUNK.

  • reality check

    @Oh dear: Yep, a wonderful life together with 4 healthy kids who still have grandparents around to see them grow, thriving careers and fans that support them – all of which makes you silly Crazy One, look completely stupid and irrelevant.

  • liv

    Wow. I was at the concert in Louisville and I thought the crowd was very energetic, but generally well behaved. I bunch of the floor with me were anyway. Oh, and BTW, I ran my fingers though his short hair all the way to the roots. No toupee or weave as THEY say he wears.

  • Kim

    Nicole is really getting great reviews for her work in Before I go to Sleep. Meanwhile, “The Crazy One” is sounding increasingly stupid, angry and desperate.

    Another good review :

    “Had she been born in a different era, would Nicole Kidman have made it into the ranks of Hitchcock’s blondes alongside Kim Novak, Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly and the rest of that outwardly fragile troupe?
    The answer to the Kidman question- would she have made a fine Hitchcock blonde – is yes. She has the right blend of porcelain looks and inner steeliness to be one of Hitch’s ladies, and she looks every inch the movie star whether bewitched, bothered or bewildered.” -subtlety-is-lost-in-the-rush-to-remember.25226338

  • Kim

    Another one :

    Kidman, whose potent portrayal makes up for her graceless turn as an ex-movie star in Grace Of Monaco, is magnificent as a woman who, tortured by amnesia after a long ago accident, wakes up with total amnesia every day. Too often a film “based on an international bestseller” falls flat in the screen.This skin-crawling and surprise-stuffed suspense thriller definitely delivers. Kidman is terrific; Firth makes up for recent flabby films and Strong is just that.

  • Kim

    “Kidman excels in playing characters with an unstable sense of identity. She captures her character’s sense of wonder, bafflement, curiosity and terror (“I wish I wasn’t frightened all the time”) at her own condition.”