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Zac Efron & Robert De Niro Team Up for Raunchy Comedy 'Dirty Grandpa'

Zac Efron & Robert De Niro Team Up for Raunchy Comedy 'Dirty Grandpa'

Zac Efron is set to team up with Robert De Niro for the upcoming raunchy comedy Dirty Grandpa, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 26-year-old actor will play “a young man who is tricked into driving his grandfather (De Niro), a perverted former Army general who thinks his grandson is about to marry the wrong woman, to Florida for spring break.”

The movie will be directed by Dan Mazer, who has co-written several of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s projects including Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac Efron’s next project?

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  • Alexis

    Bad Grandpa rip off much ?

  • kami

    sounds good. i think zac and de niro would would play well off each other in a comedy.

  • Guest

    I feel bad for DeNiro. His movie choices have gone down the toilet this past decade

  • OK

    Love the idea that Zac will be working with Robert De Niro and not just in the same movie like “New Years Eve”.

  • M

    Zzzzzx another man acting like a gross pig, wow what a new idea.

  • Bored Already

    Oh. Another recycled story line. I can only imagine what the story line entails; booze, drugs, nudity. Blah blah.

  • forrest gump

    zaccy has a moustach, hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaaha

  • Arlene

    I’m so glad Zac is happy now with his new lover Bear Grylls!

  • Z

    lolz at the haters who STILL stay mad that Zac’s career keeps going. Why even bother? Oh wait, you just can’t stop yourself from commenting because you’re obsessed.

    Anyways, this project sounds great. Efron and DeNiro seems like a really great pairing for this. I’m excited to hear more about this!

  • mean

    Good for him. He should keep himself busy. Then he won’t think about drinking and that augly women michelle.
    He doing something with his’s life. Not like vanessa playing around all the time.

  • OK

    I actually just read that Zac plays an uptight nerdy type of guy in this movie I would really like to see that.
    There is more o “EHS Wildcats” (A very good source for Zac info..

  • OK

    Same old haters and the same old stuff. They are really getting tired must be sad to have such a boring life they have to hate all day about someone a hundred times better than themselves. Jealousy is just so ugly. (And so are the haters).

  • Jenkins

    Robert’s roles continue to spiral downward, guess that’s what happens when you get old in Hollywood. Zac’s career as the little buddy plods along. I guess with his lack of talent and height, drugs and closet issues, what should he expect?


    Robert Deniro should be ashamed of himself for having anything to do with the likes of Zac Efron, the coke fiend. Robert is way above him. Robert thinks Zac will be good for his career. He is misguided.

    Older actors often feel the need to remain in the public eye, like the young PR whores of today. This is often a mistake. I can not see this horrendous excuse for a film testing and/or showing off his acting skills in any way. Nor helping his legend. Nearly keeping his name out there.

    Be sure to shower well after each scene practiced with Zac, Mr. Deniro. You will need it.

  • Alright

    Wikipedia, Neighbors: “Critics praised Efron’s performance, and noted that he had succsessfully shed the disney kid pretty boy stereotype character”

    It must be so sad to be a hater.

  • Premed

    @Alright: uh, really? Do you know the source of Wikipedia? Anyone can write anything. Love tween fans and their lack of real world knowledge…

  • Alright

    @Premed I’m definitly not a “tween fan” but i just don’t see the sense of hating on a guy you don’t like. Nothing else to do with your free time?Of course everyone is allowed to say what he thinks but you could act like an adult person and not like a kindergarten kid.

  • GotG

    Oh great, now we go from bad to dirty, then filthy of course. The fact that they are trying to refer “dirty dozen” is lost in obscurity.

  • jen

    @mean:Why the need to bring Vanessa into this? If you guys don’t want her to be brought into his posts then maybe you shouldn’t mention her first.

    It’s good to see him busy(although he really seems to accept any project that comes his way lol more about quantity rather than quality with him, I guess). Maybe this way he’ll be distracted enough not to fall down that path. He really should keep all his older friends closer to him(hsm etc); they definitely seem to be a way better influence on him than these new ‘industry pals’ he hangs about with.

  • Claudia

    Whatever haters.. He’s going places and YOU’RE NOT! :D

    Good luck, Zac <3

  • tree

    @jen: ”he really seems to accept any project that comes his way”. elaborate please. Are you his rep? You are absolutely sure that he didn’t choose this from a ‘selection’ of movie offers but rather accepted the ‘single’ offer that came along ???

  • TeamZE

    Wow ! i cant believe that Zac has haters like this ! i mean look at the comments ! the Haters of Zac seem like a Justin Bieber or One direction haters i read on youtube ! lol Wow Zac must be a Bieber in film’s industry ! but imma let you finish but you haters better watch 2015 ! Zac has 3 films and he’s gonna change your life! his new film “The associate” is the REAL DEAL ! mark my words

  • Emma

    @JON M’SHULLA: Why are you disgust Zac so much ? your words hurt my heart a little bit ! Zac has been trying to prove it! but he just didnt get a right one ! from The paperboy , At any price or Parkland . all those films he’s been trying to improve his acting and experiencing his works ! give young man some time ! He’s learning !! Have you ever watche the film called ‘Miracle Run’ in 2004 ? Go watch it and give Zac a respect.