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Chris Martin Does His Best Bruce Springsteen Impression (Video)

Chris Martin Does His Best Bruce Springsteen Impression (Video)

Chris Martin carries a few duffel bags while walking through LAX Airport surrounded by fans on Saturday (September 6) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old Coldplay front man recently opened up about advice he got from Bruce Springsteen, and even did an impression of him. Watch below!

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Bruce Springstreen is amazing because he’ll really sit with you when he knows I’m a big fan and I really love my job, so he will really give you actual, useful wisdom,” Chris said.

In case you missed it, it was recently reported that Chris has been writing songs for his new girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence!

Chris Martin Talks About Bruce Springsteen

30+ pictures inside of Chris Martin traveling through LAX..

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  • Nikki

    Now that he ditched Gwyneth & moved on to Jennifer he will probably write the best music of his life. Songwriting is like any other art. Sometimes what you need is a proper muse. Someone or something that inspires you & brings out the best in you. Not a pretentious old hag who bosses you around and whines all the time.

  • LOL

    the question is: are they really dating or was this some internet rumor that has no ounce of truth. Sort of like that Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumor which was just a b.s. lie.
    We’ve never seen one pic of the two of them together as a couple. Even Zac and Michelle were spotted together for their fake dating moment!

  • pah-lease

    Well, Martin finally decides to fly to LA, one week after the nude pics of Lawrence were leaked. Even so, it doesn’t mean he’s there to see her. But the tabs will want everyone to think that, just like they’ve wanted everyone to think they’re dating.
    Then again, IF he and Lawrence are dating, he might be in LA to dump her. That’s coming from his own “sources”, who say he’s ready to because the nude photo scandal has become “too much for him” to deal with. So much for those stories of Martin being so “very supportive” of Lawrence while she deals with the fallout from the leaked photos.
    Just like he was “very supportive” of Lawrence when the pics were first leaked, by staying with Paltrow and their kids in the Hamptons instead of being with her. That was followed up by taking 3 days to comment on how “very supportive” he was, not in person, but through his “sources”.
    Yeah, Martin is such a “very supportive” guy. He stayed away when the woman who’s supposed to be the love of his life was dealing with a major crisis in her personal life, doesn’t say anything for days, then only through others when he does, and now wants to dump her because it’s become too much for HIM!
    Won’t be surprised if Martin dumps Lawrence very soon. He has a couple concerts next week and a tour coming up. The last thing he needs is for people to be hounding him (and Lawrence, if the rumors of her joining the tour are to be believed) about her and the photos. The PR stunt that was supposed to give him so much great publicity could be one huge embarrassment for him, and he can’t have that ruin his image.

  • meme

    he actually was in the hamptons celebrating cameron diaz birthday with friends including gwyneth last saturday and when the news broke that night/early sunday about nude pics he flew to LA SUNDAY. Obviously to be there for her.

    She really has it all that girl!! Nude scandal shmude scandal. THIS MAN Is incredible. incredible incredible! She’s a lucky girl!

  • #4

    You don’t know he went to be with her. You can assume all you want but all you know is internet gossip. So far no real proof of this couple.

  • Courtney

    He came INTO LAX yesterday, he hasn’t been in LA ever since Labor Day weekend. I don’t know where @meme is getting his/her information, but it’s wrong. Yes he was in the hamptons with Gwyneth and his kids, but he would have been spotted coming into LA on Sunday as @meme claims. He just now came back to L.A. The whole “stand by and support” for Jennifer came a few days after the whole incident and even then, it was treated like a side story. I know the whole nude picture thing was a freakin’ huge thing to happen to Jennifer and of course would take precedence over any other news, but it seems like Chris Martin’s name is being dragged in just to keep the rumors going.

  • pah-lease

    @meme The news of the leak broke Sun. latemorning/early afternoon, not late Sat./early Sun. From all accounts, Martin spent the whole weekend with Paltrow and the kids. But hey, don’t let that get in the way of your fanfic.
    And if Martin did fly to LA, why didn’t any paps find him then? You’d think that after the nude photo leak hit the internet, they’d follow him around in the Hamptons and watch for him to show up in LA. But there was nothing!
    Instead, they find him almost a week later with no problem. And when asked how he felt about the leak, he didn’t say anything, not even words of support for Lawrence in person (for once). Nothing!

  • Courtney

    @pah-lease Thank you! With all the “break-up” news that’s just now coming out, it sounds like the tabs are trying to cover their asses. It was never actually confirmed that Jennifer and Chris were a couple and now it seems like they’re trying to make excuses for Chris not being there for Jen. They know that their stories aren’t gaining any credibility and they’re trying to cover themselves up with the whole break up schtick.

  • LOL

    But still no one from their reps have confirmed they were dating so all this made up gossip and his time line of being with Gwyneth and celebrating Cameron Diaz’s birthday seem I’m not convinced him and Lawrence were ever together… It seems it was all just fake gossip that neither bothered to confirm or deny.

    Seriously if he were dating her and dumped her during this scandal he seems like a creep and good riddance for her Jennifer’s sake. Clearly not a supportive guy.

  • #9

    It totally amazes me how many people believe this story with no pictures or confirmation only tabloid stories and we all know tabloids make stuff up!!
    Not saying it’s impossible but it’s odd how so feel emotionally invested in this “relationship” and shipping it and there isn’t even any confirmation. LOL if they never dated but people think he dumped her over the scandal and he will have a bad rep with some over that but it’s all over a false rumor.

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney I agree. From what I’ve read, the reasons the “sources” are giving for Martin wanting to “break up” with Lawrence (if they were dating at all) are pretty valid.

    And even though “sources” are the ones saying he’s going to dump Lawrence, that’s the only way this “relationship” has played out. Not one photo of them together, nor any confirmation from either of them. Just “sources”, “insiders”, and “friends” talking. So if some people were ready to believe the rumors of Lawrence and Martin together based on what was being said, then there’s nothing else to do than to believe them now about this.

    As much as Martin benefited from being linked to Lawrence the past few weeks, it’s now become a detriment. While nobody may really know exactly what the hackers have, if it’s damaging to Martin, or if they’re going to release it at all, he can’t take that chance. He has too much going on right now (album, videos, tour) to risk a backlash.

    Even if nothing else is leaked, or there is nothing on Martin, this whole incident does underscrore what the “source” said-Lawrence is rather immature, especially when compared to a man 13 yrs. older with 2 kids. It’s hard to know what might happen next with someone who is known to be “spontaneous” and “unpredictable”, and Martin might feel he can’t afford to take any more chances when dealing with his kids and career.

    Plus there’s always a chance Paltrow could use this in the divorce. While she and Martin have stayed amicable for the kids’ sake, something like this could be used later to deny him custody and/or limit his visitation rights. Her lawyer could argue the kids shouldn’t be around a woman who has a history of taking nude pics of herself. They could argue Lawrence’s behavior is unpredictable and maybe even reckless, and therefore inappropriate for the kids to be influenced by her.

  • Ava

    Pah-lease…holy sh*t take it easy..” Love of his life” , if they are dating it’s only been a few months, relax with ” love of his life” .. And why would he break up with some one because of nudes of them on the web, , his ex wife of 10 years has done many movies with full frontal nudity plus her own nude picture scandal with Brad Pitt and people this is Hollywerid, nudity is nothing to them, he’s probably seen half of Gwyneth’s friends nude and probably banged them too.

  • pah-lease

    @Ava. Maybe “love of his life” is a little much, but no more than “sources” saying Martin thinks Lawrence has given him a “new lease on life “.

    It might not be the fact that Lawrence took nudes, but all the craziness surrounding them that is the problem for Martin. I doubt he wants anything he does in the immediate future (concerts, tour, etc.) to be overshadowed by having to answer questions about Lawrence’s pics and his relationship with her.

    But that’s assuming they actually are dating in the first place. I don’t think they are, and this is a PR stunt to get Martin publicity. But now it’s not going well, and he needs to find a way to end it. So now we’re hearing from his ” sources” about a “break up”, which doesn’t surprise me.

  • LOL


    Jezzzzus pah-lease. I was just asking about if the rumors are even true that him and Lawrence are dating and you got him in a bitter divorce with Paltrow accusing Lawrence of being unpredictable and unsafe because of some nude pics..for real? Talk about jumping from one extreme to the next! The girl took some nudes she didn’t put a bunny in a blender.

  • mc

    Lmao Why do tabloids still reporting all those B.S. false-fake “relationship” of Jennifer??
    Don’t they have any other stories to report?

  • mc

    I’m so sick of them for making stuff up and linking them whatever/whenever chances that got…

  • Courtney

    @mc I know! You’d think they’d find more newsworthy content to exploit! But no, news is slow so they write fantasy stories and try to pass them off as legit, even without photo credit or quotes from credible sources or their own reps! This is why I call the Hollywood tabloid ring the Bullshit Brigade! Jennifer doesn’t comment on her personal life, but that won’t get in the way of some potentially good stories. She herself even said that these “sources” make up details of her life. She’s handling all of this B.S very well, much better than I would have, that’s for sure.

  • pah-lease

    @Ava I was answering Courtney’s comment about the tabs. They’ve reported how Paltrow feels about the nude pic scandal, that it’s made Martin “look stupid” and she’s “embarrassed for him”. If you believe the dating rumors and Paltrow’s reaction to the nude pics, it’s not hard to think something like this could cause problems down the line during the divorce. That’s the analyst in me-always trying to find every possible outcome from events. Sorry!
    But I still don’t think the dating rumors are true. I think Martin and Lawrence are friends, but not dating. But the tabs have blown this all up into a full-fledged relationship, with secret dates in the Hamptons, LA area, and upstate NY, and with Lawrence going on tour with Martin. As Courtney said, the tabs now have to find a way to cover themselves up, so they’re coming up with “break up” stories to bail themselves out of the mess they’ve made for themselves.

  • Okay, any fan of Bruce is a

    a fan of mine!

  • Iris

    I guess spinning Jlaw romance rumors wasn’t such a great idea, hey Chris!
    LOL. I knew once he is on his own he would make a fool of himself. Goopy should be glad she got rid of this immature whiny popcorn singer.

  • LOL

    But why would Chris Martin of Coldplay need a made up PR story with him and Jennifer Lawrence, that made up stuff generated by him seems strange in itself. Why not create he is with a Victoria Secret model or fashionista Alexa Chung?

  • pah-lease

    @LOL Think about it-a VS model or Chung wouldn’t have generated the same interest as being with Lawrence has. She’s one of the biggest stars around, so she’s going to draw a lot of attention. She’s also very private about her personal life, which makes people want to know more. The fact she doesn’t comment on rumors makes it easy to make stuff up without it being constantly denied.
    But likely the biggest reason why Martin used Lawrence was to get back at Paltrow. Lawrence is a younger, more successful, more popular, more well liked, and “funner” version of Paltrow. What better way to show her up after she started dating someone else first than to be linked with Lawrence, the “newer model” of Paltrow?

  • meme

    what people don’t realize is celebrities have the ability to NOT be photographed. Have you seen pics of jen in past few months besides one she’s getting on a helicopter ?? (probably because someone within that company leaked the story she would be arriving at a helipad)

    Now these nude photos definitely put her further into hiding. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t make it nonexistent.

    They’re dating. It’ll come out eventually, when they care less about hiding and they’re ready to take on the world, then you’ll see them.

    She rents a house in LA, how come no pics of her? Noone knows where she lives because she does a damn good job at hiding!

  • Courtney

    @meme I realize that. Jennifer, in particular is very good at avoiding the paparazzi, but that’s because she chooses to stay at home. Even though she wears sunglasses and a big hat in public, she’s still recognized. She is one of the world’s most prominent actresses and Chris is one of the world’s most prominent musicians. Sure, they are private people, but that doesn’t mean that someone can’t get the odd snapshot of them or tweet about seeing them somewhere. People don’t live under a rock. At the least, I think they’re friends. Just because she goes to his concerts does not mean that they’re together. He still spends time with his ex to keep their kids happy and feeling secure. Also, think about the “sources” that come up with all of these “dating” stories. They’re Hollywood gossip rags. There’s not a credible source among them, except for People, but even People’s not circulating the stories that these sources are making up. A lot of commentators on these posts aren’t buying the dating story because no other outside sources back up their claims. Jennifer herself said that these sources make stuff up about her life and she chooses not to comment on her personal life. Until there is more concrete proof and not just a bunch of second-rate fanfiction, I’m not believing for a second that they’re dating.

  • pah-lease

    @meme When you say “it’ll come out eventually”, do you mean the “I Heart Radio” concert that Martin invited Lawrence to come to? Most likely because she’s Coldplay fan, they’re friends, and that’s a great event with tickets impossible to come by? I don’t like some of the bands playing, but I’d even jump on the chance to go to it if someone invited me! So it wouldn’t be too surprising if Lawrence goes. But if she does, it doesn’t mean anything except she’s there for the music. Anything more is stuff of tabloids and fanfiction.
    If she’s not been seen so far, it could be either because of the leak or just because she stays at home (as Courtney said). Unless she’s spotted going to the gym, on the beach, or in the park on rare occassions, she’s like a hermit. If she and Martin aren’t seen together, it’s not because they’re some kind of celebrity covert spies trained in stealth to avoid being photographed together. It’s likely because there’s nothing to photograph because they’re not together.
    Going back to the concert-if Lawrence has gone “further in hiding”, then why would she make her first public appearance at a concert (LA or Vegas)? That’s asking for trouble. It’s not a controlled environment, so she could be harassed by people there about the scandal. Doesn’t matter if she’s in a VIP suite, fans could find ways to bother her.
    It makes sense she’d wait until the premiere(s) for “Mockingjay” (or “Serena” premiere, if she’s required to attend) to make her first public appearance(s) post-scandal. Even though there’s fans attending, the red carpet is a smaller, more controlled area. Anyone giving her grief about the photos could be identified and kicked out quickly, unlike at the concert venue.
    As for where Lawrence lives-there are people, including paps, who know where her house is. She’s said herself there’ve been times when her brothers have wanted to do something to the paps outside her place. A couple years ago, I saw pics of Lawrence helping a lady passed out on her lawn and she and her mom leaving for the airport. Somehow, the paps were there for both things. If she left her house for some “secret date” with Martin, the paps would likely find out. But there aren’t pics of them because Lawrence doesn’t go out, so there’s nothing to shoot.

  • mitchie

    They were spotted twice so far together, and have not been photographed. Most recently at a vineyard. Noone even sees her getting on a plane from NY to LA like she took last month. She’s got the best of the best as far has being secretive. Yes, she doesn’t go out much but she does go places. The paparazzi don’t even know where she lives in LA.

  • pah-lease

    @mitchie Lawrence and Martin were supposedly “spotted” by a “source” that somehow didn’t take a picture. People are supposed to believe nobody else saw/recognized them at the vineyard or beach. But this one “source” did when others couldn’t, reported it to the tabs, but didn’t have a cell phone to take a pic of them.
    The vineyard is popular and always full of visitors, and there are articles that say people see Martin around in the Hamptons all the time. He and Paltrow were just photographed there last weekend. But still no other people have come forward corroborating these stories, even after all these weeks.
    It’s known that Lawrence takes private planes in country, so yes, it’s possible for her to fly without anyone seeing her. It’s not like Martin, who takes commercial flights, goes through airports, and gets spotted by paps waiting for him.
    And paps DO know where Lawrence lives, and have for a few years. They’ve been around her house and taken pics of her there before. With everything that’s been going on the last month or so with Martin (whether you believe the rumors or not) and the nude pics, they’ve probably been lurking around her house quite a bit. But still no sightings of her, let alone pics.

  • Spencer

    pah-lease, Jennifer’s not lived at that condo since before awards season 2013. She rented a house up in Hollywood Hills back then, due to the privacy issue. The condo is long gone and she’s staying someone else in LA at the moment. Not sure if she’s just renting the new house or if she’s actually bought it, but the new place is a lot safer for her, that’s for sure.

    As for that beach sighting of Chris and Jennifer, that rumor didn’t come from a reliable tabloid, so no point in even bothering about it. Of course they wouldn’t go to the beach with his kids. That’s absurd. If they’re even seeing each other, I seriously doubt she’s even met the kids. Chris seems like a really good dad who puts his kids first, as he should obviously, and I don’t think he would introduce his kids to a girl he’s dated for like a month. Even if she does happen to be Jennifer Lawrence.

    (Not saying that the other rumors are true, but that beach one is definitely false)

  • Courtney

    @spencer I agree. These do not sound like the actions of a man who puts the feelings and need of his kids first. He still hangs out with Gwyneth in order for them to feel like they have a normal home life. I also highly doubt that he would just up and bring Jen along on tour when he’s only been “dating” her a month (IF they’re dating). She has promotional work for Mockingjay and possibly Serena coming up. Like she would have time! Since there’s no back-up to these dating claims and no other proof, I seriously doubt that a highly successful actress her age is seeing man 13 years older than her, recently separated, and with kids. All these “sources” sure get creative making things up as they go!

  • pah-lease

    @spencer @Courtney I had read something about a “house” during last year’s awards season, but I thought they were talking about the condo.

    With all that’s gone on (real or imaginary), here’s what I believe-

    Martin and Lawrence are friends, but are NOT dating.
    Martin may have called up Lawrence to give support after the leak, just as her other friends (Hutcherson, Hemsworth, Kravitz, Cooper, etc.) probably have as well.
    While Martin and Lawrence *may* have gone to the vineyard for a casual outing as friends, I don’t believe it was a “super-romantic” (as opposed to just a “romantic”?) date.
    Martin *may* have invited Lawrence to the “I Heart Radio” concert, but as a friend/fan, not as his “girlfriend”. And I don’t believe she’s going on tour with him.

    I also tend to believe there is some validity in the reports that Martin is going to “break up” with Lawrence sometime soon. It’s not inconceivable that Paltrow is upset at the publicity that’s been generated by the leak. It’s been reported she’s “embarrassed” for Martin, because he’s experiencing the problems and situations associated with dating someone so young. It’s also been reported she made it clear to Martin she doesn’t like her family is being associated with this scandal. Whether or not anyone likes Paltrow or completely believes these reports, she as a mother has the right to decide what is acceptable for her kids to be exposed to/associated with or not.

    Whether or not Martin is “dating” Lawrence is irrelevant-too many tabs have reported they are. As long as Martin is linked to Lawrence, there’s a level of attention being payed to him, wanted or unwanted. If the publicity resulting from Lawrence’s leaked pics and Martin’s “relationship” with her is becoming an unwanted and unwelcome distraction to their family (especially the kids), then Paltrow has good reason to tell Martin to choose between his family and Lawrence. If what spencer said is true about Martin, he’ll choose his family over a “fling”, which is the right thing to do.

  • Spencer

    Well, People Magazine just posted an article saying they were seen having dinner at a restaurant Monday night in Beverly Hills. And once again, no one manages to take a picture. People Magazine usually don’t make shit up though. Guess they’ve got enough trust in said onlooker to buy it , even with no picture proof.

  • Courtney

    @Spencer Ok, so maybe they go out to dinner together (if they did at all, which is because, again, I see no picture proof. It’s not that hard to get a picture, people). So they were seen supposedly laughing and Jennifer was acting goofy? Guess what? Did it ever occur to anyone that they might be just friends going for a fun, casual hang-out? No further details saying that they left together to further pursue “romantic activities?” Guys and girls can hang out and laugh together as friends. People magazine is a more reputable source and I agree that they don’t usually make stuff up, but it’s still a tabloid magazine and onlookers can be wrong and assume stuff. So maybe the dinner happened, but it probably wasn’t as “cute” and “romantic” as People claims it to be. They can still blow things out of proportion.