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George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Make Red Carpet Debut in Italy

George Clooney & Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Make Red Carpet Debut in Italy

George Clooney is handsome in a suit while attending the Celebrity Fight Night In Italy Gala on Sunday (September 7) in Florence, Italy.

The 53-year-old actor was joined by his fiancee Amal Alamuddin at the event, which benefited The Andrea Bocelli Foundation and The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center.

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This is the first public appearance that George and Amal have attended as a couple.

In case you didn’t know, George‘s rep recently shot down rumors that Amal was pregnant with their first child.

FYI: Amal is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin at the Celebrity Fight Night In Italy Gala…

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  • Yves

    Looks like she got a stylist thank goodness cuz her taste in clothes is usually hideous.

  • tick

    Thank God they are getting married. He is way too old to be dating. He is completely gray now. Nothing to get excited about. If he weren’t rich, then she wouldn’t care about him. He would be just another dirty old man.

  • WWI centenary

    Not an appealing couple at all. Boring & no chemistry. Woman is unattractive & acts like she’s the main star while he’s her butler.

  • Media lovers

    They deserve each other. He’s getting married because he’s embarrassed about being the “dirty-ol’-man” punchline at every awards ceremony. She seems love the attention.

  • janet

    she doesn’t look pregnant, just ugly.

  • sillyme

    Well, the guy’s got political ambitions, so he needs a wife. And, liberals love Arabs, especially ones that hate Israel, so perfect choice for a wife. But, yeah, expect them to pop out a kid and for him run for office in about 2-3 years. Democrats will fall all over themselves to get behind him.

  • cherri

    She is hardly ugly. The look good together, but I think George has overestimated the public interest in his wedding.

    She looks like she is channeling someone and I can’t put my finger on it. She looks a bit like Anne Hathaway.. but that is not who I mean.. it will come to me.

  • Media lovers

    @cherri: I think she has dressed exactly like Sandra Bullock here. In normal daily life her style can only be described (politely speaking) as eccentric.

  • Anon

    His time has come and gone. I don’t think the majority of the public cares about him anymore. Don’t think he has political ambitions though, all his past dirt would be uncovered. I agree with#5. She definitely seems to want to be more of the “star.” He just looks like some random escort.

  • janekay

    @cherri: she reminds me a bit of jolie..not that they have similar facial features but a similar profile…also reminds me a bit of Hathaway too…and i agree, she is beautiful and they look great together…

  • Mandy


    In these pictures she has the facial expression of lady Diana, even though she doesnot look like her. Not ugly at all. Like most famous people, she might not look as good without the make-up and hair etc. but she is not that ugly. Nice dress anyway. Like lady Diana, not a natural beauty, but still charming and beautiful enough.

    I hope George gave her a friendship bracelet, like those you can buy in Nepal. I truly hope he will move on to Amal. They deserve eachother.

  • Mandy


    George deliberately looks sad in pics on the red carpet next to her. He has his eyebrows hanging down (must have done that himself). On all the other pictures he does look happy. What is that?

  • Ha

    @Mandy: maybe he is sick? I read a rumor that he went to Germany to a doctor for his back issues. Maybe that is why he is getting married now. “Gorgeous” George isn’t so gerogeous these days. She cleans up nicely.

  • Juliet

    So let me get this straight…. all his adult life he dates busty, long legged model or model type girls and he just wakes up one day and says “no more super hot chicks for me!’ His political plans are so obvious with the totally bizarre relationship/engagement.

  • He is 53 and looks it

    Clooney looks old and ill. Seems that report that he recently went to see Drs in both the US and in Germany might be true. He has had problems with his back and spine now for years since he was severely injured making a film.

    She looks better here than she usually does, I am sure he has his stylists working with her.

    Clooney does not makes slips, he is doing PR for his wedding, though he may be putting out false info. I do think they will marry soon, it is beneficial to both of them at this point.

  • What a snooze!

    They both literally have made a deal with the devil. Plenty of bodies in their wake. You can tell Clooney’s stylist has been busy at work. Her style of dress and makeup is pitiful otherwise. He looks sad indeed. He made a serious deal with the devil indeed. That is what happens when you turn over all control to Hollywood,Inc. his team is desperate. On the attack in any shape,or form for those who speak out against this fiasco. She kind of reminds of those high end call girls Clooney had in secret. She has a price,and George paid it. Walrus Mommy has a success. A sucker that is weak,and subservient. Clooney has greatly underestimated the public. Witchcraft cannot even keep this charade up. Lol!

  • cherri

    Some of the posters here need to grow up. 53 is not OLD.. George is not 23 and if anyone here is lucky you will be 53 looking back at 23. GeInetics and lifestyle determine how you age. I won’t say that he looks 53 because know man that age that look younger..and some older.

    I agree with one of the posters.. she is kind of a combination of Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie in a way. But I think Angelina is gorgeous. Amal is pretty to me and has an unusual look. You either find her beautiful or not. But she looks more like Anne.

  • kalie

    This is her dream come true and she is LOVING the attention. He is looking OLD. She’s looks like his caretaker (for the elderly). In fact, maybe that’s what this “marriage” is all about – she was hired to take care of him in his old age. On a positive note, he appears to have hired her a stylist. Never seen anybody so poorly dressed. Horrible couple though, no chemistry and clearly this relationship is based on some kind of beard contract. Please go away.

  • kalie

    PS. Does anyone know where Clooney found this woman? Like, did he put an ad out there for a “wife” and she responded and got the job? This is a serious question.

  • What a snooze!

    @kalie: It does make you wonder. This will not end well for the boy.

  • EDNA

    this gal is, what, in her mid-forties? Can you imagine marrying a 70-year-old man at that age?! Heeeellllllllll no! Guess the money and opportunity to pose for the paps was too good for her to pass up though :)

  • rose by any other name…

    She’s a physically unattractive woman. Looks like a drag queen at Mardi Gras or Halloween. Has a ton of whitening make-up on her face but still looks greasy. Really remind me of Amy Winehouse.

    Mega fail union. She seems haughty & obnoxious too.
    He deserves unhappiness.
    That’s the deranged, insecure lowlife that he is.
    And he looks old & haggard. Jaundiced and ill.
    He does not exude inner serenity or happiness.

  • rose by any other name…

    He made the biggest mistake of his life…
    & it’s too late.

  • http://d Lily

    @rose by any other name…:

    Why on earth do you say that??? Please justify these ridiculous comments. They look very happy to me. He is incredibly handsome and she spectacular. And a woman of substance. Good luck to them both.
    I wish these people who make these derogatory comments substantiate them – just once.

  • Lincann

    I agree, this is a big mistake for him. These two have zero chemistry, it’s so obvious to everyone out there and no PR effort on Clooney’s part can cover that up. This is a contractual relationship. He is so old and clearly has an ulterior motive to marry this woman. She is nothing special, quite ugly and don’t get me started on her ridiculous dress sense. She clearly seeks the spotlight and his money, and he is a deluded a—– hole to proclaim her better than the other girls he’s entered into a contract with to date. All of his other contractual girlfriends combined were better than this lady! Ugh!

  • m

    george looks highly embarrassed to be with this lady. i don’t think he expected that people would see right through this fake relationship!

  • Media lovers

    @Lily: aka someone’s PR team.

  • Amina

    George looks 70 not 53. He must be really sick.
    Amal’s got to be blind if she doesn’t see how bad off he is. Maybe she doesn’t care.

  • reportage

    @janekay: she doesn’t look anything like Angelina Jolie at all. One is white the other Arab Asian. So hard to compare ethnically too.
    She certainly tries to copy Angelina’s mannerisms & litheness. That’s why she lost so much weight since last Oct.

    Angelina has a full oval face, full lips, small retroussé nose, large forehead, almond blue-green eyes. She’s shorter, bustier, pale & fair. Angelina is beautiful.
    Amal has a masculine, hard jaw, protruding upper palate, droopy bulging eyes, a very large hooked nose and heavy brows. She’s olive skinned, and taller. Also, has an man’s physique & coarse wavy hair. Not elegant nor beautiful.

    Clooney decided to stop the ridicule of publicity girlfriends and at this stage of his life required a wife. One that his team approved of because “image is everything.” Or no advertising revenue…

    Amal Alamuddin looks like Amy Winehouse more than anyone else compared. Not even Anne Hathaway who is softer.
    Amy & Amal could pass off as twins.

  • reportage #2

    The wedding event of the year was Jolie-Pitt. Not much interest in this unattractive couple now. That’s why he’s trying to arouse enthusiasm & announces date & venue to promote it.
    So hyped for months that it’s been overkill. Too boring & loss of interest.
    Like he’s desperate to sell the photos & story for advertising revenue.
    He will fade into oblivion and his popularity will decline rapidly. He lost his appeal and this controversial & unattractive woman lacks chemistry with him. He sounds so insincere always desperately trying to convince.

  • emesi

    this is a fake relationship, she is a bottom feeder and just wants the attention she is receiving from George and he is gay and is using her to further his political career. Not to mention she is a racist and is only going to use her star power to promote her racist agenda. This marriage is a sham and they will probably be married for 10 years, which is the normal contractual agreement for these type of beard marriages in Hollywood.

  • Confused

    I have made an effort to like her, but I still can’t see her beauty, too masculine and no sex appeal at all. I know she is smart, but George Clooney always goes for the sexy beautiful bombshells. How could his taste in women change so drastically???

  • Me

    The PR machine is in full force. Same text. All publications. Good move, Stan. The day approaches. It’s needed to divert. Keep the minions interested.

    First of all….Clooney lets nothing “slip”. Second…he supports Parkinsons? Oh…wait…that’s Alzheimer’s patients he mocks. Finally…When these two great “human rights” “humanitarians” want to make a public statement condemning the onslaught of Christians worldwide by Muslim extremist groups including but not limited to Hamas, ISIS (not ISIL), the Muslim Brotherhood and the declared-dead-by-Clooney-BFF-Obama Al Qaeda or the Rotherham rapes of 1400 by Pakistanis in her backyard then I’ll be interested in what they have to say. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Oh, wait….that’s right…they’re global elitist progressive. Never mind. .

  • Me

    Ever notice when you read articles about these two that the lapdog media sites spew what they’re told but the comments are where the people who are supposed to fall for this shit comment? The first sighting of the two of them was in England in May of 2013 before Stacy went over to meet up with him in Germany. The “meeting” to put the PR together happened during awards season. He was nowhere to be found…because he was in the Middle East selling his soul to the Muslims, which is all good because as a progressive elitist that’s what they do. He will use her to make him seem “legit” in the global elite world. She will use him to further the Muslim influence in the west via Hollywood. They disgust me. He supports those who support and enable those committing the slaughter of Christians worldwide. She supports Hamas, a terrorist organization, and is defending a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Despicable. BUT…pretty people or something…

  • Pusz

    why not mention HER age?
    you usually do to all females lol

  • lauren


  • What a snooze!

    @emesi: That is a good word for this woman. Bottom Feeder. Her and her walrus mother will now have the opportunity to promote their radical, hate filled, and racist Muslim views. Just make me sick to my stomach. I find it interesting that Clooney would be this stupid. Then again, if he taking orders from the White House, it would explain a lot. Her appearance there was not innocent. Not at all. Stan is pushing this hard. Perhaps George is paying Stan a huge sum to get him to do it. Amal and her extremist family probably hate Stan, because it would go against those radical beliefs. Scary!

  • Anonymous

    @WWI centenary:

    I thought that I was the only one that thought that way. What happened to Mr. Controlling Clooney, the Alpha Male?

  • Anonymous


    Wrong. Clooney was fixed years ago, and he doesn’t want his own kids. Democrats wouldn’t accept Amal’s active involvement in OUACS, as it’s anti-Western, anti-US, and anti-Semitic.

  • Anonymous


    Her mother, a journalist, brought Amal to several of his charity events, when Clooney was in England. Amal then offered advice on Darfur, through her UN connections.

  • Anonymous

    @rose by any other name…:

    Ben Affleck was a runaway groom. Clooney would just need the courage of a star.

  • Andre

    There seems to be a many entitled American feminist making remarks here who are upset that a good looking middle aged man is marrying a good looking intelligent woman 16 years his junior. this is how it is suppose to be: “half a man’s age plus 7″ Ladies, why are you so bitter? As women in America, you have more rights and privileges than (you deserve as a human) any other women in history.

  • Lawrence

    George looks old because he is old…but the good thing about old age is that it doesn’t last that long.

    Old guys dig young chicks…

  • cowbulls

    @Lawrence: maybe in your shriveled little Arab p.e.nis fantasy. Old men lose virility. They peak at 20… Men over 40 are impotent. Women get hornier.
    Alcoholic George has gynecomastia (breasts larger than his ugly Michael Jackson meets Amy Winehouse deluded fiancee. ). He seems so old & feeble, I bet his testicles sag & covered in white hair.
    Amal Alamuddin is 36 so 17 years younger.
    Senility & impotence got the better of you. Do the math.
    Most people comment on how ugly Amal Alamuddin is. Not jealousy. Plus her pro-PLO support & controversial clients.
    The fake public announcement of professed love is more worthy of an Oscar than all past performances.
    Amal is unattractive even with a ton of makeup & designer clothes & looks awful next to disturbed, defeatist George Clooney.
    And he’s aged so rapidly since dating her.
    Why is her cranium the size of a kiwi fruit? Is that normal. Like, in photos it’s a quarter of his.
    Can’t have much brain.

  • cowbulls

    @Andre: that goes to you too, Andre/Lawrence. Same loser.
    Impotent shriveled d.i.c.k covered in white pubes on saggy testicles. Can’t do it with the lights on.
    Maybe Waldo colors or waxes George’s too.
    Arab she-male bride isn’t in love with G. Fameho is in love with the limelight & his money. Same crap Canalis would tell him.
    If he wasn’t his public image, she wouldn’t pay attention to the insecure old nail-biting, control freak.

  • cowbulls

    Beauty is timeless. Some women preserve their youth for decades and look younger & sexier than those half their age. You’re either born with it or not. Amal looks like her father Ramzi, even with a nose job.
    Ugly hunchback chick & looks much older.
    Must suck for G to get drunk & pop Vi.a.g.a.r.a (which he orders online in Italy through this website he sent me) just to get a hard on. Likes to turn them over. Amal’s twink body may be longer than his, but when you’re drunk & the lights are out, an orifice is an orifice.

  • cowbulls

    **** o r i f i c e

  • Artemisia

    @Andre: did George’s mom marry half his age plus 7??
    There marriage has endured. 5 years younger.
    Psychologist state the otimum age difference is 2-7 years either way. Preferably the male being older as he likes to feel “the protector.”
    In your fantasy, but Amal Alamuddin is not attractive. Not with all the embellishment & pouting & catwalk moves she’s trying to adapt. Looks like an over-adorned transvestite.
    His misfortune.

  • Artemisia

    I meant
    George’s dad & their marriage has endured time.
    He isn’t an Arabe. Nor Indian. * eyeroll*
    Ah, but you know this.
    Boy he loves his own public image & believes his own hogwash.

  • *eyeroll*

    @Artemisia: yep. G’s father married half his age + 7 which makes 24:19. But that wasn’t pedophile age differences like old insecure G has been doing for years. Didn’t Canalis say she felt like she was on a father: daughter sick relationship??? Scaring.
    You right, 5 years is healthy.
    17 is disturbing. The formula should make Amal 33.5 not 36 if in effect.
    But George is trying to convince himself that this is the right decision. So he has to say it loud and test reaction.