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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Hold Hands On A Hot Day in Los Angeles

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Hold Hands On A Hot Day in Los Angeles

Nikki Reed‘s hair gets into her face while holding hands and crossing the street with boyfriend Ian Somerhalder while out in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (September 6).

The cute couple, 35 and 26, were spotted out running a few errands and picking up some food to go on a hot day.

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“Wow, it’s started! This is a screen shot, I’ll probably get in trouble for it;) from the 1st episode. Hmmm, who am I talking to???” Ian teased fans on Instagram just ahead of the weekend.

He added, “Here I am, doing some post production work on Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries with our INCREDIBLE post-production team The post production team on this show is second to none- they, like our crew are the unsung heroes of the stories on screen that get seen by you! If anything please thank these amazing people and show them some love! Thank you! Love, Ian.”

FYI: Nikki is wearing the “Soka Cutout Maxi Dress” by Gypsy05, Cocobelle‘s snake wrap sandals, Pyrrha necklace, and carrying a she + lo handbag. Ian is wearing a Pyrrha necklace.

10+ pics inside of Ian and Nikki

Just Jared on Facebook
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 01
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 02
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 03
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 04
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 05
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 06
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 07
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 08
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 09
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 10
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 11
nikki reed ian somerhalder hold hands hot day 12

Credit: Rocstar; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • kelly

    Beautiful couple! Love them so much! And Nikki is so pretty even without makeup! That takes a lot of confidence. :)

  • Tom

    PR stunt.

  • lorena

    Ian & Nikki looks so good and happy together. I love them

  • QuitWithTheHate

    Dear Tom, these pics were on twitter from a fan hours before Just Jared posted them. Find another way to shade.

    Lovely, compassionate couple!

  • Sara

    Guess who’s engaged guys? Guess? So shocked yet happy for the couple. Have a drink for e tonight. Also guess who us leaving in a ……? Guess? You are all in for some big twists and reveals soon. #happinesseverywhereyougoguys#baby#drama#pastcoupleonisnowoffscreen#soulmateslove

  • Agreed

    @Tom: I like Nikki and I like Ian and while I think they are cute together, I agree with you. This reminds me of Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill. I have no doubt that Ian and Nikki care for each other, but let’s face it…her name is falling off the radar after Twilight and TVD isn’t big like it use to be. They both need career attention and this at least keeps them in the headlines until they have a project gaining attention. No disrespect to them, I just don’t buy this coupling at all.

  • Tara

    These pics, and all the ‘candid’ shots, were uploaded to a server the paparazzi use to sell pics to sites such as JustJared. Fans know the site and the pics hit early and spread on twitter. These are professional pics, not fan shots taken on a cell phone. Nobody is looking for these two. They called the papa/JJ.

  • assman


  • .

    I like how this fan camera has such photo quality. The photoshoots came earlier this weekend. Who’s ready for the new photoshoot tomorrow at the farmer’s market?

  • zoe

    @Tom: if dont like Ian, why you left messages about him and nikki?

  • zoe

    @.: if dont like Ian, why you care what he does with his life

  • zazil

    Ian and Nikki can do with your life what you want, if you do not like what they do please not bother to write negative things about them

  • kelly

    Can’t wait to see them at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow! <3 They're so lovely!

  • Mia

    The PR with these two is so obvious, it would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic and try hard. LOL

  • Transparent

    It’s funny how many Nian stans follow articles about Ian and post pr or hating Nikki comments. Wonder why they spend so much time following/hating on something they supposedly think is fake or they don’t like. While at the same time they would fawn all over Ian if he and Nina got back together. Immaturity and delusion are a bad combination.

  • West

    Nikki so ugly

  • Anara

    Ian you are so pathetic near with Nikki-freak

  • Kol

    Where’s Nikki’s boobs ? Ahaha . Lost )))

  • Desia

    They look beautiful together. I’m saddened for the hate they are getting just for falling in love. They are compassionate & kind people and deserve to be happy.

    People who hathe them together, don’t read the articles, watch the the photos, just ignore them. Sending hate & death threats on twitter & instragram is despicabale.

  • marisa

    Love this beautiful Couple <3.,

  • Agreed

    @Transparent: I hope you don’t mean me in your comment. I said I liked Ian and Nikki, but I think the relationship is a PR stunt. I was respectful to them even though I don’t think they’re really dating. I was never a fan of Ian and Nina because I don’t like Nina, and no offense if you do like her. I don’t hate her, I just don’t care for her. I’m not “hating” just because I don’t believe a relationship either when I’ve seen so many PR stunt relationships in the past. But, you know what? To each their own.

  • mimi (Brazil)

    I do not understand such a lovely man that drop a Princess (Nina) to be with Nikki Reed. She must have done uahahaha Macumba

  • Hh


    The only thing that is obvious is that you have no idea what PR means, they have no projects to promote together.if you knew anything about Ian, you would know he would never pretend to be with anyone.He is just living his life & getting hate for absolutely no reason.
    Bashing Nikki & calling this PR only makes you look hateful & immature.

  • mia

    Celebrities get papped in LA all the time, why is it only PR when Ian & NIkki do? Your argument make no sense.

  • Elenor

    What a lovely Dress and a beautiful Women in it with the most beautiful Man ever, at her Side. There a lovely Couple that also do so much good for Animals and the Environment

  • Piper

    Ian is the, sweetest & humblest celebrity out there. He goes to great lengths to be amazin to fans. He goes to every convention that he can. travels all over the world to meet fans, is always appreciative & kind to everyone. And this is what he gets? Shame on you people, shame on you.
    Last year he was in every convention possible, worked too hard & looked unhappy and tired. Is that what the s called fans want him to be like?Now he has looked happy & carefree, & has found someone special. And he & Nikki are getting bashed everywhere they turn.
    I feel horrible for them. If the haters really thought this was PR, they wouldn’t bother commenting here, because that way Nikki & Ian only get more articles written about them, cause there are so many comments. No most of the people calling Nikki ugly & this relationship are just bitter Nina fans hoping that Nina was as popular as Ian. And according to their argument have the maturity of a 5year olds.

  • PR 101

    @Transparent: @Hh: I respectfully disagree. That’s not how PR relationships work. For example, Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill. She’s on a popular show and people who don’t follow gossip sites recognize her, but don’t know her name. He was playing Superman but had yet to make a splash in the US…the publicists set them up to spark headlines which puts their names in the paper. Another example, hypothetical this time. Say Justin Timberlake’s publicist knew Ashley’s Greene’s publicist but Ashley’s name was falling out of the spotlight once Twilight was done, a PR stunt will start by Justin and Ashley being seen together and then her name is in the headline. Sometimes Ashley’s publicist will pay Justin’s publicist because the publicity will help Ashley’s career while Justin gets paid to promote. That didn’t happen, that’s just an example. Ian and Nikki could be a number of things…to raise awareness for their foundations or since Twilight is over and people are forgetting about her and TVD is slipping in ratings…this gives them headlines and gets people talking about Nikki and Ian, and then when Ian’s new season of TVD starts…ratings boost and when Nikki’s next movie gets ready to release, more people might be inclined to watch it. There are other ways PR stunt relationships work, but that’s just some of the reasons. Because someone calls them dating a “PR stunt” that doesn’t mean they’re hating on them, they’re just starting the obvious. Now it’s quite possible that Ian and Nikki are the real deal, but it’s not probable. Don’t take everything so personal though, it’s not your relationship so why do you care if others think it’s PR?

  • Heike

    @mimi (Brazil): , A Princess that is mostly in the Papers for hanging and jumping on Guys backs half naked and drunk, sitting on there Heads, hanging on Three Guys in one Day, one made fun of Her on His twitter Account, One said publicly, that He has no Intentions of ever dating Nina Dobrev, ,She broke up with Ian, moved on to his Friend a few Weeks after and in the Papers with, I don’t know how many Guys all last Year and this Year, Yeah a real Princess. I have nothing against Nina and I actually like here, but a Princess She is not.

  • PR 101

    @Transparent: @Hh: Also take Nikki’s costar Robert Pattinson for another example. He talked to Dylan Penn and FKA twigs and because both of the girls were lesser known celebs despite their feet already being in the door, their modeling agency and record label capitalize off the rumors sparked from photos of them with Rob by passing out their bio and information. Rob didn’t/isn’t dating either of them but Dylan benefited from the story and now she has campaigns without getting them from her parents name alone (some stars kids don’t want to get their careers based off their parents name) so she used Rob instead, and FKA twigs is getting mainstream notoriety from her rumors. Now, hypothetically, if Rob was friends with twigs and was seen holding her hands, he could be doing her a favor by “dating” her to get her name out there more. You’d be surprised what celebs do. They do what you think they wouldn’t. It’s hard to get famous, it’s harder to stay famous.

  • Lolol

    Nikki reed is not beautiful and not sexy

  • Stela

    Poor Ian ( you had a lovely Nina and now Nikki ,she looks like a guy

  • Jenn

    Everyone knows Nikki is very bad person ,she uses guys for careers , PR -whore

  • Transparent

    @PR 101:
    You write two novels and I’m the one taking things too seriously? I know what PR is for. I’m talking to the Nian fans who go around twitter, insta and these websites and say hateful, negative things about Nikki for no reason and try to make Ian’s relationship with Nikki just a pr stunt. Ian is not the kind of man who would fake a relationship for PR. I understand that actors have to promote themselves…that is not what I’m talking about here.

  • Everyone huh?

    Everyone knows that huh? Could you please give us one example.

  • Riri

    Nikki lost boobs :))))

  • Tomas

    Ian !Open your eyes !Nikki’s just a freak

  • Polly

    Such a beautiful man and this a terrible woman (

  • cracking up

    At the People, that say, Ian and Nikki are PR. Both look so happy, so in to each Other, are glowing . Ian looks happier and more gorgeous then ever , being in Love made that beautiful, sweet Man even more beautiful. I am actually expecting on Engagement by Christmas., and nothing would make Me happier for Ian . .

  • Zella

    Nikki sucks

  • Jin


    People actually believe Ian & Nikki would spend all of their freetime together, hang out with each others families and friends..just to get more popular? Not to mention fly all around the country just so they can be together. Sure that makes

  • dim

    nikki broke girl code and she hoe
    Ian hate attention so much….. ahaha :)

  • Maria


    And that is what matters..right? not the person you are on the inside, your compassion,thoughts, actions, values & the way you treat others?
    Your comment only tells what kind of person you are,nothing else.

  • lolita

    Nikki !You are a very bad woman , you broke girl code ,It’s a shame.But KARMA – remember !

  • 22

    Girl code?? Nikki and Ian were friends before Nikki & Nina even met. Nikki and Nina hang out a couple of times at events, were not friends.
    Nina flaunted her new boyfriend & how happy she was just after she and Ian broke up. Nina has made fun of Ian on many occasions. while Ian even supported the article where Nina called herself a heartbreaker and has never sad a bad thing about her.
    Nina & Ian broke up over a year ago, after which Nina has dated alot of guys & never even tried to hide it. But flaunted it all over. And Ian falls in love with a person who he has known for years, while they are both single, and get hated for being happy. And Nikki should not be with the person she loves just because she was seeing hanging with Nina a couple of times (always on a group setting, never alone)
    That girl code argument is such a joke.

  • Leah

    All you bitter Nian/Nina stans are morons. Nina was at the tennis today sandwiched between 3 guys and also reposting photos of former boyfriend Derek Hough. The same day all her stans were tearing Ian and Nikki apart for standing up against hate towards them. Nina don’t care about Ian. She’s busy rubbing shoulders with Eli whatever and is trying to get herself notice as a big shot on her own. “I don’t want to be defined by a relationship”- Cosmo. And here you all are spiteful that Ian isn’t waiting for her and has moved on. But your Nikki insults will get you no where. No Nian and I bet my last buck, no Damon for TVD S7 either. Cheers. Keep it up freaks. You’ll only be left with Nina for fan interaction and conventions. Oops!

  • Lets do the time warp again

    There is no need to even bring Nina into Ian’s personal life anymore. 16 damn months ago they broke up. Are you people stuck in some sort of time warp? Go idolize Nina’s boobs, butt, fashion, hair, eyelashes, bikinis and whatever else she has going for her and leave Ian alone. I don’t understand. Is Nina not interesting enough and has nothing to offer away from Ian? Fans would rather stick the knife into Ian, than fangirl over Queen Nina and all her umm accomplishments.

  • sue

    @22: you’re awfully defensive of something you deem as just a “joke”. The fact is, Ian and Nina have gone separate ways but because of their job and massive fanbase, will never really be rid of the other in the media. It’s like Brad/Jennifer/Angelina

  • Truth

    We only see what they want us to see, nothing more nothing less. It is safe to say none of us truly know what happens when they aren’t being photographed. I have a lot of respect for people like Johnny Depp and Leonard DiCaprio who outside of work have nothing to do with the public. I have a friend in the business who even says if actors/actress want to keep their personal life private it is possible and not hard at all. Ian himself has even said it is possible to avoid the paps if you really want to. I think it is ridiculous the extent some fans are going and it is not just the Nian fans, the Somereed fans are just as bad. What do you actually think you’re going to accomplish by telling someone not to say something or who to like and who not to? Heck Ian himself accomplished nothing by saying what he said earlier on Instagram. You can’t fight fire with fire. As a fan I think his comment, “If you hate Nikki then you hate me” is wrong and angered a lot of people. I am sorry but as human beings we are not obligated to like everyone in the world. He of all people should know that his fans will not always see eye to eye with him just because he wants them to. Do I agree with the hate? Absolutely not and no one deserves it. I do however think out of the thousands of comments he gets it is quite sad he chooses to comment on only the hate and what makes it worst they are comments by kids. For those who do support him and leaving loving messages to show their support should and many have considered this an insult. All he did was create more drama and by some comments more hate toward Nikki. Again if you don’t want to deal with what people are going to say then don’t make your life so public. He is a public figure people are going to voice their opinions. Because someone doesn’t like who he is dating does not mean they do not love or care for him. Many support him for the work he does as an actor and through his foundation. Also no one has the right to tell people who they should and should not like, not the fans and not him. I wish nothing but the best for Ian and I hope he finds whatever he is looking for.

  • Kylie

    It would be funny if Ian and Nikki got married within the next few months. It’s plausible. He’s 36 and she likes a committed relationship. Why not? What would the Nian shippers and all their know it all PR theories do then? They both look happy. The hate they have been receiving is sick and so pointless. All the best to them.

  • Sue

    I know many Nian Fans wish this was PR but sorry guys it isn’t…they are a normal beautiful couple walking through LA. The difference is they are famous and VERY lucrative right now. JJ and every gossip Site gets tons of Money for it. So stop embarassing yourself, because if a couple was PR then it was Nian not Somereed.