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Joan Rivers Remembered at Star-Studded Funeral in NYC

Joan Rivers Remembered at Star-Studded Funeral in NYC

Joan Rivers seemingly got the Hollywood-inspired funeral she had always planned.

The late comedian, who sadly died earlier this week at the age of 81 after being taken off life support, was laid to rest on Sunday (September 7) on the Upper East Side of New York City.

According to the AP, Howard Stern delivered a eulogy while Broadway singer-actress Audra McDonald sang “Smile” and bagpipers played “New York, New York” in her memory. In addition, the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus sang some Broadway hits, including “Hey Big Spender.” Hugh Jackman sang “Quiet Please, There’s a Lady On Stage” at the end of the ceremony.

Joan‘s daughter Melissa reportedly spoke “about how she respected her mother and appreciated everyone’s support.”

Other attendees included Kathy Griffin, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Dr. Oz, Bernadette Peters, Alan Cumming, Clive Davis, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Barbara Walters, Geraldo Rivera, Diane Sawyer, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Andy Cohen, and Donald Trump.

The funeral program also reportedly featured three of Joan‘s classic lines: “Can we talk?” ”Who are you wearing?” and “Because I’m a funny person.”

Our thoughts are still with Joan Rivers‘ family and friends during this difficult time.

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  • Liverwurst

    I dont even feel bad about this comment: “good riddance”

  • Kristen

    @Liverwurst Don’t hate on Joan because no one will give a flying rat fk on the wall when you die.

  • guest

    She was a mean-spirited hateful person. She did and said some mean-spirited things to some very good people, who would never have treated her that way.

  • Emerald


    You are entitled to your opinion. However, there are millions of Joan’s fans, like myself, who more than disagree. She was hilarious and always told it like it was. Many of Joan’s one-liners from her fashion coverage of red-carpet entertainment events were and are priceless. Every time I see a celebrity dressed like a “clown” on a red carpet I’m going to miss Joan.

  • Truth

    @guest: Obviously you don’t have a sense of humor or get what it is.

  • Rocky

    ITA that everyone is entitled to their option, but Joan told it like SHE felt it should be, and not like it is. I watched her when she first came up and I loved her comedy, but when she started being nasty and mean I stopped liking her. I’ve seen a lot of female impersonator shows and the ones that have done Joan always remind me of her when she wasn’t nasty and mean. I truly enjoyed her back then.

  • Rocky


    Being nasty, cruel and mean is NOT humor!!

  • Good grief

    Howard Stern gave the eulogy, one vile person talking about another vile person.

  • Very true

    @Rocky: “Being nasty, cruel and mean is NOT humor!!”

    And she’ll know that now as the flames of hell lick up her backside.

  • Loser

    @Liverwurst: Awww….But you cared enough to come to this article and comment, like your opinion is SO important.

  • You really are dumb

    @guest: That was her ACT, you moron. She was a good person too, in real life. You idiots can never tell the difference between a person’s stage act and their real lives. She did alot for charity and was very loyal and generous. She had lots of friends, and just look at ll the people who showed up at her funeral. More than YOURS will have, I’m sure.

  • Lena


    Like IT is? What does that even mean? Oh grow up…The idea that people like you exist demanding 100% fact checking before issuing opinion or engaging in humor is pretty scary especially if you are in America living under the umbrella of the first amendment.

    She helped to keep FREE expression alive as a concept in the USA which is a good thing….you’d be whining like a baby if the freedom was removed and someone like yourself targeted YOUR speech for censorship and punishment. It’s a slippery slope…

  • Jai

    Realmente la extrañare, las críticas de la moda jamás serán las mismas , te extrañare joan :(

  • One

    I loved her because she didn’t care about being politically correct. She was funny, not mean. People are overly sensitive yet come here a bash her. But, that’s ok. Hypocrites! Overly sensitive hypocrites who can dish it out but not take it.

  • mariana


    es verdad Jai, también la extrañaré, a pesar de su humor ácido se notaba q todo lo q hacía era con cariño y en el fondo respetaba a las personas solo q fue una herramienta lícita de trabajo. Trataré de recordarla con una sonrisa.

    Joan, we are gonna miss you, praying for Melissa and your grandson ♥

  • Funny how

    everyone is going on about how awful Joan was because she made awful comments (which I don’t disagree with, she did take it too far lots of times) but none of you guys dared to bring up any of Robin William’s racist jokes, rape jokes, incest jokes, etc during his stand ups. You don’t have to like her as a comedian or even a person, but to celebrate her death acting like she was a murderer or rapist and ignore all the good she did like her help with AIDS awareness at a time when it wasn’t popular to discuss, gay advocacy, breaking barriers in a male dominated profession, etc ? Internalized misogyny at its finest

  • CLG seraph

    Anytime somebody is put under anesthesia, serious complications and death are always a possibility, and it’s especially a higher risk on somebody who is in their 80s. The fact that this procedure was done at a surgical center is irrelevant.
    OH BTW some sick person just shared a photo of her Dead on Reddit :

  • Car

    Everyone has issues about being politically correct when they have never been the butt of systematic jokes. Must be nice.

  • J. L

    @ Funny How: First let me say I wish Joan peace right now. Aside from that, don;’t you think SHE participated in mysogyny by calling women fat and ugly for all those years? Yes she called herself that too but I say that she participated in a mysogynist culture by turning around and over criticizing women for the way they looked. How is that any better?

  • http://delimommy respectfullnessneeded

    I did not know this person personally or professionally… so she was a comedian who made people laugh.. maybe not a fan of everyone’s but she did what she did with no a care for the “haters”.
    She was a human and she lived and now passed… no need to be disrespectful.. if you were not a fan.. then there is nothing for you to say.. really.

  • Not so

    @respectfullnessneeded: “so she was a comedian”


  • you filthy cunts

    To anyone saying anything negative about Joan River, just accept that you’re insignificant scum who will die a meaningless death in obscurity while this woman’s 50 year legacy that she leaves behind will live on forever. You sad empty shells.

  • Another one Bites the Dust

    I agree With all the comments on here, She was a fine comedian especially in her early years.

    I watched Fashion Police once on the above basis and really wished I’d left well alone. I was appalled and disgusted by her and her co hosts comments about the actors and singers. Pot boilers calling the Kettle black in all their cases, look at past Photos of any of them and you’ll see some of the disasters they’ve worn and thought looked great/cool.

    But to be brutally honest, what can you expect from a T.V. Channel that gave us the equally horrific Kardashians……

  • ummmm

    @Not so: You’re right, she wasn’t a comedian, she just had an almost FIFTY YEAR career in Hollywood and the likes just for the hell of it. Are you dumb or what? The woman was and will be a legend when it comes to humor and comedy. Sorry you can’t accept that.

  • tick

    Didn’t like that woman but she was right about one thing. North West is the ugliest baby in the world. She is doomed to a childhood filled with plastic surgery imposed on her by a shallow mother who hates holding an ugly baby in her narcissistic selfies. The kid will probably suffer from complications like her gramma did.

  • Bill

    @Car: systematic jokes? Paranoia maybe?

    This world is overly sensitive. Freedom of speech is critical to a free society. Relax. Nobody is hurting you or out to get you.

  • help a dog out

    Who forgot to feed Joan’s toy dog?
    it has been left for days and is emaciated
    it needs food and water
    and it also feels lonely
    if its not hers its a dog in need of rescue and companionship
    this dog lives with someone who is rarely at home or is on vacation
    someone forgot to go visit the dog to feed it
    it is a gray haired toy dog i don’t know about dogs or their breed but toy dog is definitely it and someone was supposed to take care of it and forgot about it…its an agreement or something written into a contract

    maybe joan-related or not i just thought i should put this out there
    I checked google first to make sure i was on the right track
    maybe someone from her team can look into this or get a message to them
    and the dog needs you too

  • help a dog out

    the dog feels guilty or like it has done something wrong
    mostly because it has been left alone for days and has no companionship
    or maybe its lonely
    1. lonely
    2. sad
    3. doesn’t understand why its been neglected or what it has done wrong

    4. misses its owner who is not at home and has forgotten to feed it

    you know that cry that dogs make when they are feeling bad or turned down or lonely
    i don’t know
    just passing on a message
    trying to help a dog out

  • Car

    Bill:: Sure free society allows for free speech. It doesn’t mean that we cannot aspire to use such a great luxury in a better way. We could use our platform and our words to heal, support, help, celebrate or fix things. Instead, why would you use them to attack the physical appearance of children, impressionable young women, people of a certain color, disability, gender or sexual orientation? I believe everyone has the right to say what they want but I also believe the recipient of any vitriol has every right to be upset. Why do you want the right of free speech but not allow people the right to interpret your speech as they choose? I believe the Germans during WWII had every right to spew whatever hatred they wanted but I fully support anyone who challenged them and I fully support anyone who criticized them for it.

  • really people?

    @tick: uglier than adam sandler’s kids? really? i don’t like her parents but north is pretty. besides, it is creepy than anyone would want a toddler to be anything but just healthy. weird.

  • Another one Bites the Dust

    @Car: CAR, eloquently put, completely agree with all you’ve said.

  • L

    Rest In Peace Joan, thanks for the laughs