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Ray Rice Cut From the Ravens, Suspended From NFL After Domestic Violence Video Surfaces

Ray Rice Cut From the Ravens, Suspended From NFL After Domestic Violence Video Surfaces

Ray Rice has officially been released from his contract with NFL team the Baltimore Ravens after a video surfaced showing the horrific domestic violence act against his now wife Janay Palmer. He’s also been suspended from the NFL, ESPN reports.

In the video, the 27-year-old football player can be seen totally knocking out his partner before dragging her out of an elevator.

“The #Ravens have terminated RB Ray Rice‘s contract this afternoon.” the Ravens tweeted just a few minutes ago.

Originally for the crime, Ray was suspended two games, but after the video surfaced, it was clear from fan outrage more needed to be done.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ray Rice’s termination??

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  • Sari

    While I do think he deserves punishment, taking away a job that supports the woman and family he abused puts them into poverty. Palmer should have kicked his ass to the curb the first time he laid hands on her, but she didn’t. Messy situation all around,.

  • Janette

    I’m glad his contract was terminated but I find it disturbing that his fiancĂ© is now his wife. Did she not se the video? How he knocked her out and dragged her out of the elevator like nothing had ever happened.

  • Sayer

    Now maybe the wife will divorce him. No money is worth being beaten.

  • sky

    I agree with you because the average person who commit this type of act does not lose their job…I don’t see how the punishment fits the crime here.

  • tick

    I saw the video several times. The last time I watched it, I noticed that SHE hit HIM before they even got on the elevator. She hit him again when they were in the elevator. They both hit each other, but since his hit was more powerful and knocked her out, that is what people are focusing on. He seems like a bad person, but why did she marry him? Oh yeah… it was because he had an NFL contract. Sometimes it is hard to be objective when there is fault on both sides.

  • @Sayer: Why did she marry him a month later? She’s obviously desperate or has incredibly low self esteem.

  • ?

    I would never do anything like this but if I did my boss would fire me and not think twice. It’s a business decision, if ur a boss do u really want someone like that representing himself as part of your company!

  • Tam

    Most contracts in the NFL have some type of morality clause.
    Trouble with drugs or the law can, and often does, get players either suspended or terminated.
    He is a huge, powerful man. He could have killed her. There can be no excuse for his actions. NONE.
    The commissioner did the only thing that he could. Get him out of the league.

  • Bailey

    It’s sometimes difficult for people to understand why a victim would stay with the person who had abused them. But if you take time to learn more about the dynamics of domestic violence you would see that it’s not such a black and white issue. As often as the abuser is horrible monster, doing horrible things, he is ten times more often a person who treats them well and says he loves them. Abusers will apologize for the abuse, give excuses like “I didn’t mean it, I’m so sorry, I just have anger issues” or “I’m really stressed out” or “I was drunk.” Abusers will often lower the self esteem of their victims, telling them often that if they leave they will never find anyone, that they are worthless and no one else would want them. Victims are often isolated and financially dependent on their partner (often not allowed to have jobs) Women are often socialized growing up that it is their responsibility to care for their partner, to make the relationship work, to stick it out. Abusers may threaten violence if their partner leaves–indeed, 75 percent of women who are killed by domestic violence had been in the process of leaving, or had left. So I hope we can all agree that domestic violence is an incredibly complex issue and that instead of putting blame on the victim that she didn’t leave, we put our blame solely on the person who felt they had the right to use violence against the person they were supposed to love.

  • Mia

    Sari/ sky and few others. Your argument is so stupid , you must be black, doesn’t matter who it is black Politician , athlete , celebrity , can count on black folks to rationale , excuse their bad behaviour… But if it was a white famous person who used the n word .same people would be demanding his job, reputation , That’s why every city , town & country with black people as the majority always have the most corrupt , useless politicians , they’re never held to any standards as long as they’re black . Now with Obama as President they’ve inflicted the whole country of the US with same low standards from a President because he’s black.( half)

  • gl

    Absolutely horrific…just disgusting behavior. He could easily have killed her. F**king sociopath.

  • Angela


    You don’t hit a woman no matter if she’s beating the crap out of him. Her smacking him is like taking hits from a fly. He’s a fricking football player and outweighs her for goodness sakes. He had no business hitting a woman and deserves losing his career.

  • sky


    1. I am not black
    2. I didn’t make a stupid argument

    The average person who experience this situation does not get fired from their job. The only reason this would happened to the average person is if some how this comes to the attention of their boss.

    there is a double standard in the NFL, in 2009 Dante stallworth took a life by driving drunk and he was only suspended by the NFL. Tell me how hitting someone adds up being banned and killing someone equal suspended for the season.

  • No


    He is just suspended indefinitely. If he gets counseling and show he is a better person he can come back and play for another team. The NFL would have banned him for life.

    **Goodell said that in the future, any N.F.L. employee, including nonplayers, would be suspended for six games for a first offense of domestic violence and a minimum of a year for a second offense.**

    That is their new rules for domestic violence. Here’s the problem everyone else is in an up cry because they saw the horrible video. Yet the now wife is cool with what had happened and apparently made her own personal decision to stay. I’m willing to bet she will be out in public stating why her husband should not loose his job. How that was a one time incident and that he is loving and blah, blah, blah. Either way he will most likely be back in the league in a year. He’s been player since 2008 and a Super Bowl Champion in 2012. It’s the public persecution that made him lose his job, not the video itself because the Ravens and the NFL had already seen it a while back and they moved on from it, until now.

    Get your popcorn ready.

  • Aisaiko

    @tick: How closely did you watch this video if you missed that he spat on her twice? The first time when she passed him on the way to the elevator. When she crosses in front of him, he spit at her and she swats him away. She doesn’t stop and continues to the elevator and he follows. He stands very close to her. When the doors close, he spits on her again. That’s when she get’s in his face. Then he punches her out. He was the aggressor from the beginning. Trying to blame her for what he did is beyond disgusting.

    Her decision to marry him after that is something I will never understand. But her choice to do so, does not diminish his culpability in that assault nor his subsequent punishment.. He’s getting off lucky because he should be in jail.

  • Aisaiko

    @Mia: FU you racist b*tch

  • amanda

    Sari…do us all a favor and never ever reproduce…we don’t need any more idiots like you walking around. Ray Rice is far from impoverished so don’t cry for this incredible piece of sh!t. You should take a long, hard look in the mirror and think about what kind of fool writes what you wrote.

  • maria

    For whatever reason, this woman MARRIED him a month later. But the NFL has to release him, because the video is now public. None of us knows what led to this horrible fight, and we need to remember people do unbelievable things in a fit of anger or — but she MARRIED him, and they have a child.

  • Yeah


    Look at the video again. I thought the same thing then I noticed that he SPIT on her at the begging of the video.

  • Yeah


    It’s ignorant idiots like you that spoil it for all of us. Go get an education.

  • @13

    But this did come to the attention of his boss. And the company’s (team’s) owner.
    A lot of companies would fire an individual after seeing this brutality.
    And losing his high paying job might be the only thing that gets through to him the fact that real men don’t hit women. And they certainly don’t drag them along the ground and drop them to the floor.
    He’s a disgusting pig.