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Ian Somerhalder Defends Girlfriend Nikki Reed Against Instagram Trolls

Ian Somerhalder Defends Girlfriend Nikki Reed Against Instagram Trolls

Ian Somerhalder and girlfriend Nikki Reed hold hands while stepping out for coffee on Monday (September 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 35-year-old actor and the 26-year-old actress showed some PDA during a lunch date at Joan’s on Third.

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“You HATE NIKKI REED? Really? Do you know her? Hmmmm, I’m not sure that you do. Look on her Instagram feed or twitter and all you will see is a compassionate and beautiful human being,” Ian recently wrote on Instagram to defend Nikki. “Please put your negative energy elsewhere. You don’t even know the person you’re talking about.”

He added, “Do you care about me? Ask yourself that question. What’s the answer? Is it yes? If it isā€”then please be happy for me. Stop this nonsenseā€”you’re spreading horrible energy into the world. Do some research of the person you say sucks or you HATE. You’ll find that she’s a magical person doing great things in the world.”

FYI: Nikki is wearing a Cleobella maxi dress.

25+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed stopping for coffee together…

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  • Amy

    LOLZ… Seriously? This is what Ian’s PR wanted you to post, Jared?

    If so, he should fire them and hire a new team.

  • Amanda

    I’m so gald he did that. A real man stands up for his Woman!! Go Ian. We love you and Nikki :)

  • Kristin

    He has every right to defend the People he loves. I would do the same for my Partner. Hell everyone would. Ian slays.

  • Sam

    The new pics are adorable and I love what Ian said. So true!!! Nian stans talk about Nikki and hate her for NO reason. Such bitter and disgusting People. This is what I hate the most about Twitter- bullys are everywhere :(

  • dea

    Ian is such a gentleman.
    What is PR about Ian defending his girlfriend who people are bashing on his instagram?? Joseph Morgan defended his girl too, as did Nate Buzolnik. Was that PR too then?? Of course not! But Ian gets bashed no matter what he does.
    This PR nonsense is ridiculous. Why is it so difficult to understand that people in Hollywood do fall in love too? not everything is about promoting yourself.
    Ian & Nikki are decent people who do good things in this world & they get bashed for living their lives & being happy?? Not cool people, not cool.

  • Julia

    He is a real Gentleman, Nikki is very lucky to have him. They make a great couple, all the best.

  • Ian Fan

    @dea: IKR? I would do the same for my Boyfriend. I’m so gald he stood up for her. They are so adorable and awesome.

  • Chloe

    First I wanted to say they are beautiful together. So happy for them :) and second: I’m glad Ian is standing up for her. Anyone who loves their partner would do the same. I know I would.

  • Tom

    Well done to Ian for defending his girlfriend, only a gentleman does that. Respect!!

  • @

    Lol what exactly is she doing for the world? Nothing. These narcissists think theyre better than everyone else. No one but you Ian thinks your ugly girlfriend is “magical” nor do we see her as a great person.

  • Jessica

    @dea: Ian Joseph and Nate are amazing! Way to go. Eventhrough it’s really sad they had to do this. Why can’t you People just leave them alone? It’s non of your Business who they date. Get out of their lifes and get your own! It’s creepy to be obsessed with the relationship of celebritys.

  • Jessica

    @@: No one deserves to be hated on okay. Woa you are a ugly Human being. And for the records there are many People who love her and him together. I hope you find your chill dude.

  • Valeria

    Ian is a great bf no doubt about it.

  • me

    Oh what a guy. Defending a grown up woman against possibly some kids…..



  • Nolan

    It find it amazing what Ian did. It takes balls to stand up against bullys, esp as a celebrity! Kudos to you Mister Somerhalder.

  • Momo

    @me: some??? Eh excuse me they’ve been bullying Nikki since month. Calling her names, saying they hate her ( for no valid reason), some even send her Death treats. Nian Fans are very Offensive and rude. It’s not acceptable! Period. Ian was politely asking them to back off, I would have been way more harsh tbh.

  • Pete

    @NINA FAN: shallow much? At least Nikki is beautiful IN AND OUTSIDE. Can’t say the same about Nina. Somereed are great, Ian you are a good man


    You hate AMERICA, twilight faggo, AMERICA hates you back and sends you dead back home to your miserable little island!! Fact of life!!

  • Same old

    @@: So here you are after all this, bagging “ugly” Nikki’s worth. Okay then. How about some of your own medicine. See how you like people talking about someone you care about. Put yourself in Ian’s shoes. Here goes. You worship Nina maybe? “We don’t see her as a great person”. Like Nina is really a huge idol to look up to?….c’mon pfft! Let’s hope riding Eli and yacht co’s dick of late will get her where she wants to be in the industry. So hungry and thirsty. All she does is show her boobs in low cut dresses, talks about her boobs on social media, cake herself in make up, acts shallow and behaves10 years younger than she is. She’s banking everything on how she looks. Look at me. Look at me. She’s not deep, meaningful or into worldly causes, just into herself.
    So now go away and fangirl on Nina’s JJ article or hey maybe go see her at a fan convention and ask her for some coke oh cola to share….

  • Jen

    Wellll…he’s right. Whether he’s dating her or if it’s just a PR stunt and they’re friends, he clearly cares about her and he has a point. How can anyone say they HATE someone if they don’t know them? That’s such a strong word. It’s such an ugly trait to be that kind of person.

  • Right on

    @Amanda: I agree. I hate those type of fans that hate who their fave actor is dating. Like you never had a chance and maybe he doesn’t want to be with the person YOU want him to be with. Team Ian somerhalder & Nikki reed.

  • Searcy

    @NINA FAN: Ian is happy with Nikki. Why must you be so mean and childish. Oh yes, you are a selfish troll.

  • Mandy

    Seeing how disgustingly rude Nian Fans are makes me regret I ever shipped them. Don’t you guys see that you destroyed everything? I was a fan of them but now i wish they never dated. That’s how disgusted I am. Your behaviour towards Ian and Nina is so disrespectul, i can’t even. Shame on you! As for Ian and nikki, they are a beautiful Couple. All the best for them.

  • Isa


    SOMEREED FANS >>>>>>>> Nian Fans

  • Isabel

    For two B-list actors, these two really think highly of themselves. If they don’t like negative feedback, they can make their accounts private or stay off Instagram. It comes with the territory and, normally, celebrities ignore it. Calling these individuals out only further fuels the fire.

  • Melinda

    @Isa: I wouldn’t even call Nian “Fans”, more like bullys!! Ian and Nikki slay, great and Sweet Couple. My friend met them and they are the cutest ever <3

  • Grow up People

    @Isabel: BS. Ian and every celebrity gets negativ comments on Twitter and Instagram and Ian always ignores it. He never adresses hate that People send to HIM. But seeing his own Fans ( well Nian stans) sending nikki ( the Woman he loves) hate for absolut no reason makes him sad and I can totally understand that. And if you can’t then you have never been in love.

  • Amy

    @Grow up People:

    LMAO… He’s not in love. They’ve barely been “dating” and she just got divorced. Rebound anyone?

  • Ilda

    She’s lucky to have such a gorgeous & caring man by her side to defend her! Nikki, don’t let this one go – he seems like such a gentleman! Very rare to find, because most guys that good looking usually are total d*bags because they don’t have to work too hard to find girls… hope it works out between them!

    Plus – Nina & Ian were totally adorable and especially because they were in love on TVD, and people love to see their on-screen romances because real, but it didn’t work out between them for a reason, and while we shouldn’t bash Nina in anyway, we should also show respect for his new relationship by not constantly bringing Nina or the past up. Everything happens for a reason and what’s in the past should be left there, respectfully, of course. Stop the hate! :))

  • Arlene

    She is Jewish . She has no talent yet can ‘skip’ the lineup at auditions. Sickening Woman.

  • Diedre

    Good for him. The little fan girls can be such vicious b!tches. All jealous and thinking if they snipe about somebody enough the object of their affection will show up at their doorstep and declare his love for them.
    Nope, they’re just zitty losers he wouldn’t look at twice.

  • Danira

    @Amy: Who are you? And why do you think you know how Ian feels? Like omg, it’s so ridiculous. And you have NO clue for how long they’ve been dating. You must be a Nian or Nina stan, because only they act like totally fools. Sometimes I really question the sanity of you guys. The things you say make no sense at all. Embarassing! Really embarassing! You can leave now, Nina needs a few comments on her articles because apparently no one cares about her anymore. Rightly so because Nina doesn’t care about her Fans either.

  • CARA


  • Kyla

    Ian is a man who is protective and caring towards his girlfriend and loved ones. That makes him even more perfect.

  • Peggy

    I love that Ian Somerhalder stood up for his girlfriend. Winner of the Boyfriend of the Year Award right there.

  • siennagold

    Good for him! i don’t understand all the hate myself. It’s their life and they’re happy then so be it!

  • Peggy

    They are a very lovely Couple ;)

  • Johnny

    @siennagold: same. I really don’t understand People who think they have a right to tell Ian who to Date. Are they doing this to their real life friends too or? I can only pity People who are that obsessed. Really guys, it’s not your Business!

  • Kelly

    Ian is so attractive. And I’m very impressed what he did. He is a wonderful and caring man who deserves all the best in Life. Nikki obviosuly makes him happy and means a lot to him. He doesn’t force anyone to love her, but he is asking you to be a decent human being and not send her hate. That is all he is asking for and he has a damn right to do so because no one deserves to get bullied. NO ONE!

  • Uma

    Do you guys have any idea how hurtful this must be for Ian? To hear every Day how Nikki sucks and how you hate her? YOU DON’T KNOW HER, NEVER MET HER OR SPOKE TO HER BUT YOU HATE HER? Do you even know how pathetic that is? Nikki hasn’t done anything to deserve that. She is all heart, so sweet to Fans and makes my Idol happy. I tell you what, you have no right to bully her just b/c you are a bitter pressed Nian Fan. They are over! OVER, OKAY?!!! They BOTH moved on. yeah guys life goes on even for celebritys. Nian and Nina stans are the worst Part of the TVD fandom and for sure the most childish one. You guys go to Ian and nikki’s instagam and bully them behind your computers and non of your BS makes any sense. Neither do the comments on JJ from you guys. Saying Ian doesn’t love Nikki…I mean really? Then I say Ian never loved Nina!…really guys that’s just ridiculous and ya all know it. No one knows how Ian really feels, but he is always with her. Took her to his Family, indroduced her to all his Friends, they spend every Day and Night together, were seen kissing in airports, Atlanta…with no paps! They are together People, accept it and move on. I’m very proud of you Ian, you Standing up for her…protecting her is one of the reasons why you are my favorite celebrity.

  • Anara

    Poor Nikki . Where are your boobs ?

  • Listen to

    People are just skeptical because she falls in love so easier. One of those girls that believes every man is the one until something happens. She was married for such a short period of time, isn’t actually divorced yet but people make mistakes and Ian seems to have a head on his shoulders and will likely keep her at bay with the rushing feelings. He seems so genuine, and ultimately none of us actually know him so no one has the right to judge his dating choices. This the second man Nikki and Nina both dated, so if you all love Nina so much, you should love Nikki too since they seem to go for the same type of guys. Says something.

  • http://jenna Anara

    Nikki is a freak without boobs

  • http://jenna Stela

    Nikki is a PR whore ,disgusting person (

  • lol

    @Listen to: You got my point. If Nina sucks, why Nikki is ‘dating’ her exs and copying her style? Well, Ian in that shame message said to search about her and I sid. Well, she made one sucessful movie, then after it she got other roles because of her contacts, she knew the Twilight director!! Now she’s using Ian as a social climber since nobody really didnt hear of her since the twilight movies were over. Ian made more headlines with that message. It would be more mature of his part to ignore them. But he got what he wanted more attention to her. Open your eyes! Dont let this PR stunt deceive you.

  • gay Derek Hough

    nikki is big slut . permanetly goes for guys. poor ian.nikki is abandoned ian. NIKI IS JUST FOR SEX.

  • Rita Watson

    @lol: okay so…Nikki is not dating nina’s exes. The Derek thing was false! I’m so sick of you Nian Fans spreading hate…if one couple was PR then it was NIAN. I know for a fact they were nothing but PR since 2012, if they ever really dated…who knows but sure as hell they were not together for 3 years. Nian had a show to promote, Delena! And when DE finally got together, Nian broke up. Coinsistence? Hell no! It was a PR stunt, just like France with their Parents ( papz in France? There are no papz, they called them), france at night( there were actually papz in the middle of the night?? stalking nian? omg who believes that? ) ,coachella, Toronto, their little Christmas tree shopping photoshoot in Atlanta…no matter what you say but most of Nian was PR PR PR. That is why Somereed is different because they are REAL. A real adorable couple in love doing normal things. Ian has nothing to hide because he loves her and is proud of her. He never admitted dating Nina, why? Because it would have been a lie. But he admitted Nikki is his date, he defended her saying “if you hate her you hate me”, they adopted a horse, she is supporting him while Nina never went to support him. GO FIGURE GUYS. Somereed is REAL, Nian was NOT REAL.

  • FPP

    As much as I appreciate Ian for all the good that he does, along with Nikki for her Documentary, and believe me- I DO dislike bullying, you do have to understand it, in it’s context…Therefore,
    I would have to Disagree with Ian’s response…These two are celebrities…They chose this profession, Hindsite is 20/20…There will always be people with positive input, but likewise there will always be those who respond negatively…They have no control over someone elses behaviour , only their own…Remember FAN – is the root word for FANATICISM – which is a belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal or obsessive enthusiasm. But along with that there can also be some very unhealthy obsessive negative criticle zeal…
    Good God, for all we know many of those negative remarks on Ian’s and Nikki’s twitter/Instagram could have come from a young adult or teen base population…those – whose frontal lobes don’t even develop and mature until the age of 24…
    Seriously – Ian should Know that “Descretion is the better part of valour” Move on the both of you , continue doing good in the world, live your lives…and take any negative comments with a LARGE grain of salt…This is their profession, it goes with the territory…

  • VishousStef

    People don’t care for Nikki because she was, is, and will always be an attention seeker. She loves the attention. She got all that attention for getting married, then she & her husband became irrelevant, so she now that she left him, she goes to some one who is relevant, Ian, so she’s back in the limelight. She was also rumored in the past to be the one to call the papz when she was with someone worthy, to be photographed. Ian, wasn’t photographed this much the whole time he was with Nina, because it was private and it was real. Don’t know if it’s a PR stunt or not, but I don’t think it will last. Ian is to low-key for her.