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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Pack on the PDA at WeHo Lunch

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Pack on the PDA at WeHo Lunch

Ian Somerhalder and girlfriend Nikki Reed hold hands while strolling to lunch with friends at Joan’s On Third on Sunday afternoon (September 7) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The cute couple, 35 and 26, sat down for their meal and couldn’t keep their hands off each other, sneaking in some kisses here and there.

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“umm.can everyone check this out- So many amazing things that you’re doing as @IS_Foundation I’m really proud-but I need help!!!THANK YOU!!” he recently tweeted.

The day before, Ian and Nikki were spotted locking hands again while running a few errands.

FYI: Ian is wearing an Alternative tee. Nikki is carrying a she + lo handbag. They are both wearing matching Pyrrha necklaces.

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  • D Listers

    D Listers vampires

  • cambridge

    So cute! They look happy together.

  • Bea

    They are such a cute & hot couple!

  • Lolol

    the most disgusting and PR couple in the world

  • ginger

    Before everyone starts to call this PR again, see how Nina & Paul were also papped..

  • Hannah

    Beautiful! They look so happy together, love it

  • Lila24

    Aww they’re pretty adorable!!!

  • Yaz

    Cute! :)

  • Dani

    He’s so hot and they make a attractive couple…but I do NOT like that hat she’s wearing…sorry, picky I know but I reallllly hate it lol!

  • sara

    so sweet!!! <3

  • Fran

    Most beautiful Couple ever <3 so sweet and tender.

    @Lolol: jealous? Go fangirl about Nina if there is anything to fangirl about but i guess not since you guys are soooo bored and pressed.

  • Fran

    Ian i

  • Fran

    *Ian is GORGEOUS <3

  • Mona

    SEXY COUPLE! Wow go Ian and nikki! I’m a BIG Fan already ;)

  • Izzy

    Hes amazing I love him IDK much about her but IMO they look happy together & thats all that matters IMO :)

  • Mona

    She is

  • aneeeee


  • Jenny

    She is so lucky! Ian is the Sexiest man alive *-*

  • amy

    These celebs make a fortune. This guy makes millions from that show he’s on, his clothes, cars, travel, computer, cell, etc are given to him FREE, he makes big money off the dolls, t-shirts, posters, etc from the show, he gets paid for appearances, he gets paid to show up at the conventions, ie, comic con’s plus he charges $80.00 to $100.00 for a picture or autograph. Wtf, asking people who barely get by for money. That’s so f – ed up!

  • Kim

    They are happy and soo cute. Love them XD Ian looks hot!

  • Kim

    @amy: are you talking about conventions??? Ian has NO say in what a picture with him costs. You are freaking creepy girl. And btw Paul pictures and autographes are the same. Conventions are expensive no matter where you go. Ian is just attenting them like any other star.

  • Em

    Nikki is the luckiest woman ever!

  • Susan

    Beautiful! All the best for them :)

  • Susan

    @Em: I agree. What I woul

  • Susan

    @Em: I agree. What I would give to have a man like Ian. He is dreamy.

  • lol

    I don’t find anything attractive or “hot” about Nicki. & Ian – so so. Don’t care about the Nina factor because don’t care for her either, but she is far more attractive than Nicki.

    But this PDA has been overkill with these two – almost seems like Ian is trying to upset his ex. Don’t think it’s working though.

  • Sophie

    They are absolutely gorgeous and so hot together. Haters with bitter pathetic lives are gonna hate. That’s all what they can do.
    You go Ian!

  • Lena

    @amy: his autograph is not an article of extreme necessity. You don’t need it to eat of get cured of diseases. So if you can’t afford, don’t buy it. It won’t make a difference in your life. But makes different to the charities that Ian donate the money he gets in conventions and pics.
    These lunatic Nian bitter shippers are getting creative. Every day they make up a new motive to hate on Ian. He is not the only actor in the hollywood. he makes far less money than most of the actors that make millions in one gig alone. Wake up and go live some life

  • Vessy

    Message to bitter Nian shippers:

  • Peach

    such a hot couple. Bless their genes, now go procreate.

  • Nathalia

    I love that Ian is so open and don’t care about who sees how much he loves Nikki and how much he can’t stay away from her, from touching her. That’s when you know a guy is truly in love. He just can’t keep his hands from himself.
    They look very much in love.

  • verox87

    I love Ian, I really do..I think he’s a great man with a great heart and so much love for life animal and nature..I admire all his work with his foundation..but all this pictures from my point of view scream PR PR PR PR PR PR PR..sorry but where’s the man that keep his personal life private from the media??..ok he might be in love and don’t care about paparazzi but something is wrong..I don’t like them..sorrynotsorry

  • Prodigious28 is her name

    @Vessy: Yes, tell them your real user name from fanforum. they banned you from there and you come here to post many post with vulgarities using the names of good people. karma is a bitch! it will get you!!!

  • Vessy

    This nian stans are so bitter, they are thirsty for Ian c*ck but it doesn’t matter. Ian only f*cks Nikki now, no d*ck for Nina. Nikki is getting all Ian’s c*ck in her and she loves it
    Go die in hell you jealous teenagers

  • Simone


    It’s ok, darling..they don’t need your approval.

  • Sybille

    They are Perfect <33333

  • Liam

    Wow, these 2 love posing for paps more then my wildest expectations. Too bad this is the only reason for them to get new twitter followers and some mediocre pap media attention….too bad. Ian had a potential to be a remarkable person.

  • Jennifer

    They’ve won me over! Ian’s so obviously in love and seems very happy. Nikki seems perfect for him. NIna has clearly moved on. It’s great to see a couple so happy and in love.

  • Amy

    I don’t get it. Is Ian really that worried about his career after he leaves TVD? This showmance is ridiculous.

  • Gaby

    The Problem of you Nian stans is that you keep comparing Somereed to Nian bc apparently he needs to act the exact same as when he did when he was with Nina. But guess what? Ian and Nikki are totally different. It’s a different Situation, different Time, different relationship! And sorry but you Nian stans were so obsessed and still are…you wish Nikki was Nina. Somereed is what you wanted Nian to be. And that is the reason why you are so bitter. Somereed is slaying Nian in everything!!! Hands down!!

  • Joanna

    I’m so happy for them. Seeing Ian smiling like that…awww makes me so happy! <3

  • Lisa

    What a beautiful couple! So happy for them! They are truly compassionate people who care about things that matter, so glad they are together!!!

  • Lisa

    You don’t know Ian very well if you think he is private. I know there weren’t many pics with Nina, but they were in Atlanta 24/7 working. And this relationship is after Ian has become a major draw for fans which mean the paps will make money on pics of him. Nikki had the same happen to her when she was in the Twilight franchise. Paps aren’t dumb, they know who to take pics of to make a living. They aren’t going to waste their time on celebs that don’t sell.

  • Leticia

    Ok I tried to resist and hold on to Nian but I can’t deny anymore how adorable Nikki and Ian are together. yes, I ship it <3

  • Nian is dead and buried

    Doesn’t matter how loud the haters cry, Ian still will be f*cking Nikki nice and deep at night and his anaconda want non with you hun

  • Well said

    @Lisa: I agree with your comment. Somereed sells and they know it. Just look at all the comments here and on every other Article about them. They are SUPER POPULAR. Even haters make them more popular. A lot more articles will come out about them because so many People are interested in them! Plain and simple! And yes Ian was never private about his love Life, not even with Nina.

  • verox87

    @Simone: I just expressed my opinion without insulting anyone, we are in a democratic country right?!

  • Amy

    @Well said:

    He was private with Megan though and before this PR show with Nikki he was allegedly dating a blond in Georgia. That relationship was also kept private.

  • xxx

    If these two were any more transparent they’d be ******* invisible

  • Sam

    PR? You mean like the CW 100th episode party? Fake “Nian” cuddles in front of cameras but sitting nowhere near each other at the actual function. Or maybe Ian promoting a Badass Heartbreaker Cosmo cover? Both were to prove to the viewers that all is still okay with them. What I see now is an Ian who is leaving TVD, so he’s living HIS life and doesn’t care anymore.