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Video of NFL Player Ray Rice Knocking Out Wife Janay Palmer Outrages Public

Video of NFL Player Ray Rice Knocking Out Wife Janay Palmer Outrages Public

New video has surfaced of Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice knocking out his wife (then fiancee) Janay Palmer in an elevator back in February at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, which has sparked much controversy regarding his penalty from the NFL.

The video displays Ray, 27, punch Janay before she punches back. He then knocks her out, and drags her out of the elevator.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell only gave Ray a two game suspension back in July, which has caused an outcry from the public. Roger admitted he “didn’t get it right” (via CBS News).

An NFL spokesperson told TMZ in a statement, “We requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. That video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today.”

Ray and Janay got married one month after the attack.

The video of Ray and Janay‘s fight is available on TMZ, but is very violent.

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  • sky

    I am not a Ravens fan and I am not condoning what this a*** did, however the laws are the laws and rules are rules.
    1. the law can go back and change the deal they made with him, double jeopardy will be attached.
    2. Goodelle can’t go back and change the punishment he dished out to Rice, it goes again the rules with the NFL and it’s Players union.
    I have to ask why did this video not surface during the time of the outrage when the punishment was made public, why did someone save it till now? What is TMZ hoping to accomplish?

  • Sheyenne

    That video is terrible and the fact that she married him after that is insane. It’s bad enough that it seems like he’s not really being punished for it but it seems like she’s okay with it.

  • Jack

    I hope he likes getting pounded in the ass because boy be going to jail!

  • f*cking a**hole
    Outrageous! What a shameless piece of sh!t. Did he knocked her out to get her to say “I do” as well? How the hell isn’t he in jail by now? He’s an animal. Why do people worship TRASH like this thug is beyond me…
    Shame on the NFL for protecting neanderthals like Ray Rice. He should be banned for life!

  • laquisha

    I can’t believe she married him and is raising her child in the same house as him. Get some self-esteem and some therapy.

  • michael jackson

    She was swinging at him, too. Black folks being each other up. Shocking. If he weren’t a millionaire she wouldn’t take it. I wonder how much he paid her to marry him (so she couldn’t be forced to testify against him). Not going to shed tears over a woman who lets herself get beat so she can live in privilege. Hope it’s worth it, sis.

  • simone

    He can be prosecuted for assault with out her filing a complaint. Yes, she was crazy to marry him after he did that. But that seems to be a pattern with battered women. I have to wonder if Rihana would’ve walked away from Chris Brown if the incident wasn’t public and there were no leaked photos?

    It seems like seeing it, and publicizing it, adds pressure to do something, and that’s a good thing. They need to prosecute Ray Rice for assault. You know, in a lot of cases, one day, the wife ends up dead, and it could’ve been avoided if this kind of thing were taken more serious. Do they have any kids? That is not the kind of atmosphere to raise a child.

    Maybe They can suspend him indefinitely if he is charged with a crime. That would be one way to deal with the sorry response they had before.

  • OMG

    No man should ever put his hands on a woman. You can tell by that sociopath’s reaction that it’s not the first time it happened. Karma will get him in the long run. A broken neck on the field might teach him so good ol’ fashion humbleness and manners.

  • M

    Disgusting **hole. I hope he gets punished with all the severity. And the woman is crazy to marry him after all that.

  • LaCroix

    pathetic behavior, but these types of violent people have been raised this way. who I truly feel sorry for is the child they have, just by chance this kid will be brought up in the same violence their parents have been. And the rest of society has to one deal with these animals..

  • Ava

    She wasn’t swinging at him.. Liars tying to cover up for this women beater.. And when she wakes up she doesn’t do anything, like she’s used to being hit.. Because if she wasn’t a beat women and he didn’t do this before she would have gone crazy on his azz… Hope he gets fired or suspended more then 2 days, which was a insult .. If he were white and said the N word he would have lost his job, that’s what a ridiculous world because of the media we live in now.

  • Bob Dobalina

    He is dead wrong for putting hands on her like that, but at the same time she is thirsty and dumb as hell for marrying him after the fact. So many of these dumb broads will settle for ANYTHING to get a dude with money. Is that Versace worth getting your face caved in? #RespectYoSelf

  • Maya Angelou

    What an amazing role model for their 2-year-old daughter.

  • lr

    This f-face should be behind bars and how she justifies this in her own mind, enough to marry him, I’d be curious to know.

  • Maya Angelou

    @lr: $$$$$$

  • Allana

    I despise athletes (not all), but I’m sick of how American culture treats them like kings and supports, defends, and covers up there evils. The ugliest ppl are rewarded for playing a damn game. $$$ rules all. And as an AA I do not want to be represented by shitty athletes who are spoiled and encouraged/allowed to be aggressive and rewarded for it from adolescents and never grow up.
    Even in music only rappers are famous, no soul artists, no gospel, no alternative, no indie, etc. Can the teachers, doctors, engineers, scientist get recognition/rewarded. They need to start making examples and change this worship of athletes, just for being athletes. The ones who stand out and do good I applaud, but they’re prove ledges are given long before they’ve earned it.

  • Yeah Yeah

    At the beginning of the video he spit on her! That’s why she hit him. That’s ridiculous! Who spits on people especially your future wife!

  • Bella

    @michael jackson: oh shut up. There enough men outside in any colour or with any religion who beat up their wifes. The other way around by the way, too. Rage has nothing to do with your skin colour.

  • simone

    That video show people standing around including a guy who seemed like hotel security standing in the elevator doorway. Why weren’t the police called.

  • george harrison

    Why would she marry him? All for the privilege lifestyle ..versace Gucci……the big house sad…sorry bitch…money hungry ..dont give ah damn bout her child…The full of them…and the chicks that saying shes crazy…they want to be in her place..the world we live in…

  • Meh

    I don’t know which video all of you are viewing. And I certainly don’t condone violence at all. But it goes without saying; she put her mitts on him, too. They were both swinging at each other. And she was actually knocked out not because of his blow, but because it caused her to slam into the rail. It’s a horrible video and it makes BOTH of them look bad. He’s just getting all the blame because he’s a well-paid sports figure.

  • Jules

    Sadly it’s the same as if he was fighting a man in public, the law doesn’t distinguish very well.

  • Mrs.Co

    He discusses me,he thinks he can get away with it because his wife is by his side and exepts his abuse.what he needs is some prison time,but of course he’s a spoiled annoying pig just cuz he’s a NFL player.

  • Skylar

    No matter what the fight was about, he punched her twice in the face and knocked her out. If she was coming at him, he could have grabbed her and calmed her down. A man who resorts to violence is not a man who should be aloud to be a figure in professional football for young kids to idealize.