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Did Katy Perry Just Shade Taylor Swift with 'Mean Girls' Tweet?

Did Katy Perry Just Shade Taylor Swift with 'Mean Girls' Tweet?

Rumors have been spreading for the past day that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are in a feud after the latter mention an unnamed mean girl who she considers her enemy in a recent interview.

Well, it looks like Katy is firing back with her own Mean Girls inspired tweet.

“Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…” Katy tweeted on early Tuesday morning (September 9).

In Taylor‘s new cover story for Rolling Stone, she said that the mystery female artist tried to sabotage her Red Tour.

“She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour,” Taylor said. “She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I’m surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it.”

DO YOU THINK Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are in a feud?

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  • MikeG

    Aaaaand IT’s ON!!!

  • Living in a box

    This just got interesting.

  • nyc

    Both dumped by John Mayer…..makes sense.
    TS has more talent.

  • M

    ooooh, it’s ON. I’m siding with whoever’s up against TSwizzle

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    Last time I checked these were grown ass women….wow!

  • DoMitoJo

    I love b1tch fights!!

  • okie

    a bunch of immature b1t.ch3s

  • Bianca

    Taylor Swift comes across as very insecure and why her PR team would let her openly discuss an issue with another very highly publicized celebrity is stupid. Katy Perry doesn’t seem like the type to sit back, she will claw her eyes out. What a stupid thing to do on Swifts camp when it’s clearly not needed, she doesn’t need the bad press.

  • Brian

    Why ya gotta be so “Mean” Taylor? I don’t understand why she would be so mad at Katy for trying to get the same dancers that she had from her 2011 world tour. Those dancers can dance with whoever they want can’t they? Maybe Katy thought that Taylor stole HER dancers in the first place. Can’t blame Katy for trying to get them back. Taylor doesn’t own them. That’s business.

  • blah

    Except >Mean Girls< was a film about stupid highschool girls, not about a soon to be 30 year old woman and 24 year old woman. Grow up already.
    They are both weird, money hungry and fake as hell.

  • Perry sucks

    Can’t stand Katy Perry, Obama c**t, no talent ho’.

  • Mia

    Katie Perry pissed because she taken Talyor Swift’s leftovers , and those leftovers have screwed her over.

  • Hannah

    @Brian Well Katy tried to get them back in the middle of Taylor’s tour and that’s quite bitc.hy. Besides Taylor’s songs are like her diary so she has every right to be mad at someone just like everybody else does.

  • ohyeah

    Neither one treats the dancers like human beings, they both think the dancers are their slaves. These rich hoes think they are slave owners. F them both.

  • whataboutthedancers

    Neither one treats the dancers like human beings, they both think the dancers are their slaves. These rich hoes think they are slave owners. F them both.

  • Ava

    Taylor mean, WTF, whose the loser posting stuff on twitter , Katie Perry has no friends she just uses people. That why even her loser husband dumbed her by text .

  • whatever

    These 2 will do anything for publicity.

    Attention Whores!

  • Brian


    If anything, Taylor should be upset at the dancers who jumped ship and went back to Katy. She shouldn’t be mad at Katy for trying to get the same people she had from her 2011 tour. This happens all the time with companies out there. Employees can go work wherever they want. They aren’t Taylor’s slaves.

  • Moi

    Taylor is very savvy. Sign she’s got an a new album to promote.

  • Hannah

    @Brian They broke the contract, that’s true. But don’t you think that calling up dancers in middle of someone else’s tour is sneaky? I found some statements from dancers, they were pretty happy to jump ship. That’s not okay.

  • Pat

    Swifty does her own thing, without worrying about looking cool , Katie Perry looks desperate, her cringe song with John Mayer ,LOL , that big ti*ted cow also steals cultures , music Katie Perry’s never had a original thought in her empty talentless head .

  • :)

    Her comment sounds like sour grapes to me. Just “shake it off”

  • Ed

    Team Swift, can’t stand Obama cheerleader Perry, hope she drops dead from some sexually transmitted disease from the douchbags she dates.

  • Diedre

    Taylor Swift is an immature, passive aggressive k unt. She’d have nothing to write songs about if it weren’t for the hundreds of guys she phuques and these stupid little mean girl scenarios.
    Needle nose needs to go away.

  • forrest gump

    ‘the game’ is theirs, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Ed

    Katy Perry just jealous she can’t compete , Taylor Swift’s tour was mostly stadiums and sold out every show , she did 86 . Katy Perry’s tour isn’t sold out , she does arenas and 130 shows because she has to do small gigs, Katy Perry should shut up and go back to lip syncing on her boring tour.

  • Avery

    That pictures says it all , Katy looks sad loser , always shading people, love when Miley put her in her place last year and then at the MTV awards she was kissing Miley a$$ .

  • allison

    It’s always the girls that have the rep of being so sweet in public that are nastiest in private. See Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.
    That being said Taylor and Katy can’t sing so they should both be happy that they are so famous for being singers. But Taylor needs to stop using her music to get back at people.

  • Hannah

    Why? At least Taylor writes her own music from personal experience. It’s not her ‘fault’ that so many people love it. Besides, her music is her point of view so it shouldn’t be taken as a fact.

  • Brian

    If you watch Katy’s movie “Part of Me” it sure looks like everyone on her tour really likes her a lot. I bet Katy is really cool to work with. I’m not surprised that those dancers would want to jump ship from Taylor’s tour to get on Katy’s new tour. Taylor should get to know her dancers, hang out with them and be friends with them like Katy does.


    Taylor is still young and immature. She needs a sense of humor. Tina Fey’s joke about TS and her boyfriends was funny and TS had to comment on it “saying there was a special place in hell for women who are mean to other women” TS’s comment was much worse than the joke.


    Someone that hires dancers that have an obligation to fulfill out from under you and dates your ex probably isn’t a good friend.

  • Hannah

    Oh come on. Taylor had a 4th of July party with all her tour crew. They are good friends.

  • Brian

    He may be a bad boyfriend but Katy and Taylor should at least be happy that they made good songs with John Mayer. I like the song with Katy “Who You Love” as well as the song with Taylor “Half of My Heart”.

  • Immature

    Taylor is angry over dancers? Katy is angry because someone said something mean about her? Neither one of them said or did anything that will hurt the others career…they both just sound like two immature women. Two idiots. If Katy hadn’t said anything people would be wondering if it was Katy or Carrie, but her ticket/album sales wouldn’t diminish…and it’s not like she’s a ‘respected’ artists anyway…same for Taylor. It’s her dancers….as if there are only a few in the world. Her tour did just fine. Is it really any wonder both of them haven’t had successful relationships? You can’t make anything last if you lack maturity, can’t get over drama, and can’t let petty things go.

  • Immature

    I want to add….Taylor made it seem like she wrote “Bad Blood” as a way to get her anger out and then get over it after she finished making the song….if she really let it go after that. why bring it up in Rolling Stone? She was asking for drama, and Katy fed right into it. It seems like the both of them are Regina George. They both create drama and then fake innocence.

  • kami


  • guest

    Taylor Swift is an immature nasty bitch. She is always saying sh*t about other celebs. She did the same thing with Tina Fey.

  • TBigs

    I think it’s true because Katy has some of Taylor’s backup dancers!

  • hellyeah

    they are both ugly
    they are both fake
    they both write crappy music
    they are both too tall lol
    they both date john mayer ewwwwww

    team dancers!!!!!!!!!

  • TeamDancers

    #Team Dancers#

  • guest

    @Ava: #16

    Taylor mean, WTF, whose the loser posting stuff on twitter , Katie Perry has no friends she just uses people. That why even her loser husband dumbed her by text .
    You don’t qualify to say whether Katy has friends or not. YOU don’t know what goes on in her life.
    I am sick of you immature @ss morons saying which celebs have friend or not. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
    You don’t live with her, and you don’t know who she hangs out with in her private time.

  • guest

    @Hot Dumb Italian Mike!: #5

    Last time I checked these were grown ass women….wow!
    SO? Grown @ss women have tiffs too. What rock have you been living under?

  • Deb

    @Ed: #26

    Katy has nothing to be jealous of. Taylor cannot sing or dance. Her fans are idiots for going to see that tone deaf robot on stage.

  • Deb

    @Perry sucks: #11

    President Obama made it to heights you trailer trash ass will NEVER reach.

  • smiley


    wow you need chill lol

  • guest

    @smiley: #46

    Wow, you need to Get Lost!!

  • Jenne

    @guest: #42

    I agree with you. These silly fools are always saying which celebs have friends or not. They don’t know who celebs hang out with.

    Taylor just attaches her needy self to people, and call them her friends, and her silly fans buy into it.
    Many celebs do not advertise their friends and associates.

  • whatvea

    Katy Perry is a Scorpio. Scorpios are always bitter and jealous of everyone else.

    Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius, therefore she doesn’t give a damn and will just say it like it is.

  • james

    Good that Tina Fey put Taylor in her place.