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George Clooney Can't Wait to Be Amal Alamuddin's Husband!

George Clooney Can't Wait to Be Amal Alamuddin's Husband!

George Clooney walks a few paces behind his fiancee Amal Alamuddin while exiting a hotel on Monday (September 8) in Florence, Italy.

The night before, the 53-year-old actor and his 36-year-old lawyer fiancee made their first red carpet appearance as a couple at the Celebrity Fight Night In Italy Gala, where he announced that they would marry in Venice in a few weeks.

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Amal, I love you to death and I cannot wait to become your husband,” George shared while accepting the Andrea Bocelli Humanitarian Award at the gala.

FYI: Amal is wearing Heidi London sunglasses.

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  • tintin2

    “Amal, I love you to death and I cannot wait to become your husband,” –


    Does this old geezer really think we aren’t fooled by this stupid PR campaign of his??!! And she is like 43 years old, if he weren’t George Clooney, would she really be marrying a 70 year old man??!! (Answer: NO!!!).

  • Al’s Marmot

    He looks insane and she has a ferret face.

  • Haters are boring.

    He actually looks into her. He’s had serial dating, he’s bored with it. He’s old, and now his energy to keep up with a 25 YO is GONE. I knew this day would come.

    A string of young nitwits gets old, when men get over 50-52, they want to cuddle and have sex that’s not hit it and quit it. He probably wants a companion like how his parents are. Stop being jealous of her, she’s pretty and graceful.

  • Hahahah

    So many jealous women. So even if George wasn’t marrying Amal he wouldn’t have married your ugly @sses in a million years. Stop wasting your energy. He loves her and is marrying her. So you can curl up and die for all he cares.

  • What a snooze!

    @Haters are boring.: You are kidding right? He knows who writes his checks,and has balls in a vise grip. He is desperate. His team is pushing him to make this look authentic. It will be bad when it collapses. Deceit and lies only hold up for so long.

  • Alfonso

    Calm down George, she’s mediocre at best. Although compared to the usual trashy twats you date, I guess she’s a bit of a step up. In any case, YAWN. No once gives a shite about this marriage. Besides, we all still think you’re a bum boy.

  • Bub

    Terrible dress and she needs some serious style advice STAT. Don’t know who this chick is, but she does not seem too bright. She is not wary of a man who, after years of showmances with a rotation of various z-listers, suddenly and very hastily decides to get married to her? Talk about red flags. They do not look comfortable together at all. Makes me wonder why he’s doing this…

  • Mortimer

    They both look quite embarrassed and very awkward together. Does anyone actually buy this “relationship?” His other gfs were prettier, pity he didn’t “marry” one of them.

  • Horseface

    @Hahahah: Hi George! Pls stop trolling.

  • Horseface

    @Haters are boring.: Hi George! Pls stop trolling.

  • Junk

    If she is 43 and he’s in his 70s, that’s a huge age difference. she basically would be signing up to nurse george clooney into his old age in this position. She doesn’t appear to be working, so has she given up her career as a lawyer to care for george clooney?

  • Char

    Where do you come up with he is 70? He is 53 and she is 36.

  • Junk

    @Char: But they both look so old!!!!

  • What!

    @Bub: She’s a human rights lawyer which is about as smart as you can get… so no she isn’t some D list celeb

  • DERP

    @What!: LOL! Lawyers are a dime a dozen! And it doesn’t appear that this woman actually works as one anymore. Just another one of George’s Z list contract girlfriends.She appears to love the attention and being linked to a celebrity though, so that’s good for her, i guess!

  • Mo

    I don’t understand this relationship, it all has happened so fast and unexpectedly. Is he having an age crisis? Are they going to start a family?

  • 52

    He has his sights on a political career thus the marriage now to HER.

  • Anna

    He has never spoken about his relationships earlier, he hasn’t wanted to re-marry, and now this? Something’s off.

  • The ring

    So false couple!Not worry.He is gay and don´t like more comedians comment´s about this!She is a brilhant candidat to first lady.It´s all….

  • ghostwriter

    @Horseface: neither #3&#4 are G… More like PR troll aka Emerald/KatieDot etc.

    On the other hand… (No comment.)

    He’s not gay. Alcoholic sure. Midlife crisis too.
    This horse face, manly bride-to-be is second class attractive like Michelle Obama. ~ awful legs, face, body. If he’s not gay, he’ll turn.
    Ugly partners fuel beard speculation.
    He has no desire to run for office in US. He loves 4 months in Italy: 1 in Mexico every year.

  • Bhl

    @What!: I don’t know if you’re Clooney’s paid PR hack or just an individual who has drunk too much koolaid or what, but you need to stop inflating this woman’s professional background. She is a lawyer, like millions of other lawyers in this country. She is doing human rights work, which even undergrads, law students, and a non-lawyers do. I see no information that she’s a partner or ever has been first chair on any cases. Also, she doesn’t appear to actually work anymore, just to go on pap runs to get her hair done and follow clooney around as he gallivants across Italy. This idea that she is “a human rights lawyer which is about as smart as you can get” (your very laughable words) is an image concocted in a public relations office, to sell this woman to the public.

  • your mom!

    George is gay….game over!Poor Amal,George almost 60`man!!

  • Joan return´s

    I love old George(the boy),cause almost my age!

  • Anonymous


    I would be very happy for Mr. Clooney, if I could actually see love in his eyes and face when he’s with Amal. I only perceive disdain and arrogance from Amal, unless the paps are taking her pic and calling her name.

  • Anonymous

    @Mortimer: @Hahahah:

    I would be very happy for Mr. Clooney, if I could actually see love in his eyes and face when he’s with Amal. I only perceive disdain and arrogance from Amal, unless the paps are taking her pic and calling her name.

  • Benw

    This is a fake union. He met her in October and he said for months he had not found the one. The rumor is they paied her 20 mil to marry him, and they were going to marry on 9/11 but could not due to what people might say so they chose 9/12. Right after Stacy came public with husband/wedding/pregnany, Clooney looked stupid and his ego stung a ton, so he started to see Amal to get married fast to just cover up his issues with women. His friends and family and Amal and her mother pushed this, they have an agenda. If Amal was NOT into publicity why does she always look for the cameras? and why is there a “public figure” of Amal page on FB, there never was before. So we have another twit, becoming famous for screwing GC, but no one puts this down since she has a degree and money and is lawyer. A dangerous person at that, her connections are wicked, she is a foul fugly Lebanese, drone loving, Al Queda supporter and criminal supporter… We all wonder what they will do to America? wtf? George ruined his career and life shacking up with this one, and he looks desperately sad in so many photos, how can people not see this? his eyes are empty and he looks like he just gave up…

  • Benw

    Let me guess you must be Amal…. go away it is not jealousy she is buck toothed and ugly spoiled lebanese prepped for this very moment by her publicity whore ugly Mother….

  • flag this

    @Benw: some valid points, but one farfetched remark, undermines the credibility of others.

    *nobody marries on a Thursday. 9/11.
    *Fbk public profiles/pages are set up by PR teams or by few fans with a lot of time & dedication. What’s your point?

    Have you ever wondered that his chief public image strategist scheduled a Clooney wedding at 53, and she even co-ordinated the ex-”girlfriend’s” wedding before George’s? Coercion??
    She who has been handling George’s public profile for years and advised his publicist Stan & obtains her fee.
    It’s all about control of Brand Clooney. No initiative.
    Then they found him a candidate who was suitable. Never mind love. That comes later, if ever. He can always try and act.
    He stated he hadn’t met the love of his life in December edition W in 2013. So he knew Alamuddin for months??? Strange. Then he never will & just compromised.

    Yes, he seems rather defeatist & withdrawn.
    Who knows? Who cares?
    He signed up for this, right, Lola?
    Btw, to whom you write post #27, two minutes after your previous one??

  • bettiec

    His Pr team do run his life. I met him after he met Amal, November 9 2013, and I also met one of his PR people from WB talent since he had to have Stan and her there which is a question– why? She talked with me and with a stern voice stated NO I am not introducing you to Mr. Clooney, I did not even ask, well that to me showed they pick his partners… shortly after he walked right by me on the red carpet looked straight into my eyes for it seemed awhile and said well hello and with very sad eyes he was pulled yes pulled off the red carpet like he was a sad puppy living in misery and they owned him like he was on a leash…. makes me sick…sick PR team, evil illuminati team more like it. I feel so sorry for him, he has no say in his life. His close friends even run his life on a whole other level and they cheat on their wives with the women that want to meet clooney and then they act as if they lead these admirable lives… it is a sick world at that level in life and I would not want to be there… so sorry you are a puppet GC, one can tell by looking in your eyes…your empty now just trying to get through all the lies…and you come from such a nice down home family…. so sad to see..

  • What a snooze!

    @bettiec: You are definitely right on all accounts. George could have a say, but it means he would have to give up some of the wealth and status. At least he would have his sanity and peace. George has always been h*e*l*l**bent on fame, power, and control. That is how these clowns got the upper hand. He allows them to make all his moves. They do not allow any woman near him that will allow a kink in their plans. His family are nitwits. They lap it up and go along with it. His parents have no backbone it seems like. Any parent in the right mind would speak up for their child. WTF? They are just as bad. Yet, they were shocked when his Aunt Rosemary had nervous breakdowns? They claimed they were inexperienced due to how Hollywood is run. What is their excuse now? Living poor in Kentucky give them a complex? I got news for them-THERE IS A LOT OF POOR PEOPLE IN THE WORLD AND THEY DO NOT TAKE GUFF!
    I give that boy five years before he totally cracks up mentally, dies, tries suicide, or become a vegetable in the head. Amal and people like her do meet their end. It would come faster if George grew a pair if you know what I mean. If any horrible thing happens to George, I put full blame on his family. His Aunt Rosemary was the first casualty and now George is number two. Their hands and fingers are over the gun and trigger just as bad as the rest of them. Didn’t his father say that George was his retirement fund. I use to think that was funny, not anymore! Disgusting!

  • carla

    He is so ugly!

  • What a snooze!

    @carla: Maybe so but the way he allows this mess to be conducted is what makes him look ugly to you probably. I just had an interesting occurrence. I tried to get on this site, and a Trojan virus was sent to my computer, and my system is blocking this site until the virus can be removed. What is the desperation Clooney handlers? Are you that frighten your plans are going to derail? Well, it is not like you do not deserve it. You igits are pure evil that is for sure. All of this will catch up with you even though you morons are resorting to the dark arts in more ways than one to make it happen. Now that is very telling.

  • flag this

    @What a snooze!:
    I don’t know anything about the dark arts you mention.
    Evil can be blocked with strength of mind, positivity, faith, etc.
    His behavior is very strange.. Almost like self-sabotage/ death wish…
    I admit he looks sallow & irritable.
    Even Vanity Fair mock his fake delivery today. Mocking him as desperate for publicity.
    Oh, well…

  • bettiec

    It is very sad and (What a snooze you are right) you are all right, it is just so sad, I hope he does not end up like Robin Williams, it is heartbreaking to watch, oh and (Flag this) I watched his Vanity Fair video of him telling her he loves her, I bet she put him up to it, she has full power in that relationship, I give it 3 months after the marriage and he ends up drugged by her and he signs over everything he ever made to her and she admits him into an insane asylum, that is what gold diggers, crazy ones do. She is after all connected to Al Queda…. she is gonna take him down and his friends love it by the way, they all cashed in on him and could care less, he just cannot see it, this makes me very sad, he is very empty and sucked dry, soulless like a puppet, man he needs balls to drop everyone in his life and start new and fresh and he could do it, but this marriage may destroy him, and that is so sad, read somewhere, marrying at Cipriani’s 9/12 and she gets 20 million….for doing it, wow sick world we will in, whatever happened to love? Just plain love?

  • bettiec

    Oh and to add to this, they made Amal a facebook publicity page to make her famous wtf? I thought she was quiet and not a famewhore? And all they speak of on the page is Palestine and quotes, she hates America why is she on FB then? such BS she is worse than all his other girlfriends….she is very mysterious and pulling one on him so she can come out on top and he in the gutter watch….watch her in the photos in the black dress with her head held high as if I am a Princess, No Amal you look like a man and not only that you dress like one on your off days…. ewww. There is much more, but I cannot say it here…Clooney and Amal have their teams on every site watching and as soon as they read these comments you will not see this particular Just Jared page up because stuff vanishes after they see it…. love that power don’t cha? Sick twisted world we live in…

  • What a snooze!

    @bettiec: That is not the worse of it. I posted this on another Just Jared. It is in the one with right now about 76 posts. I have a friend who has contacts in the Muslim community. They are telling her that when you say Jihad that means to fight against other Muslims like ISIS. Also ISIS has already infiltrated here in the US. They are apparently waiting for means to expand even bigger. If you go inside of the mosques especially in California(Los Angeles) they are arrogantly advertising it with shirts and other items showing who they are. I do not find it a coincidence that Amal and her walrus mom hone onto George. Not at all. They refer to Amal as the woman with a black heart and a true b*I*t*c*h*. There are some Muslims do not even want to be in the same room with her. She is considered evil and when they heard she was with Clooney they felt it was nothing but trouble. It was also said that the plan more than likely is that once she got married to Clooney is to take his money and spread and expand things like ISIS. The number one goal is to destroy America. Marriage to George would ensure that. bettiec you have a point about signing things over. I do not think he would be alive too long after it was done. He is in a hornet’s nest. I am sure in the next few weeks, my friend will be attacked and attacked hard. I will be attacked as well especially if this marriage fails. Personally I do not care. This is a travesty.

  • PersonallyIdonotcare??

    What a snooze! says, “Personally I do not care” if their marriage fails. Then why is he here?? He also states, “They refer to Amal as the woman with a black heart and …. ” Who is “they” ????

  • What a snooze!

    @PersonallyIdonotcare??: Boy! You idiots are out in full force. Paranoid are we? You are on a need to know basis. You do not need to know. Paranoid dips. You do not know what having a black heart means? Well you have got a lot to learn.

  • Riley

    Many women have long thick hair. My own is thicker, longer, straighter, golden and shinier. It’s very common in Latin America, Russia, Italy, Ireland, India, Iran, etc.
    Amal’s seems ratty and unkempt. At the red carpet event, it was scraggy. Even too thick at the front and an Amy Winehouse / Fran Dreschler blowout. Plus it’s the color of manure.

  • Observer

    Is this as good as it gets, G? Defeatist weak man.
    Sallow skinned, lily-livered alcoholic. Men go through mid-life crisis at 43. You’re 10 years too late. So you settled because it’s “good enough”
    But not the best it could have been.
    Once again, you made a mess.

  • bettiec

    No he did not settle, she was paid. A source wrote months ago about this and said it would be on sept 27 at Cipriani’s and that she has been paid 20 million to marry him…it is all fake,… but the source is apparently right, wow…it really is the truth…what a fake life to live GC, your PR people will send you straight to your grave… how sad…and his friends who also forced this..GC has no brain of his own… he is lost…what misery and she will ruin him…anyway calm down people it is not love it is a movie like all of his since he no longer knows reality he lives a movie and portrays he loves her, he does not… he cannot stand her…. it is all a lie… now we wonder what will happen with a divorce hmmm and when…. it is hilarious.