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Jennifer Aniston Is Getting Major Oscar Buzz for 'Cake'!

Jennifer Aniston Is Getting Major Oscar Buzz for 'Cake'!

Jennifer Aniston poses at a press conference for her new movie Cake during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday afternoon (September 8) at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto, Canada.

The 45-year-old actress was joined by her co-stars Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington, and Adriana Barraza.

Jennifer is getting some major Oscar buzz for her work in the movie and Deadline’s awards editor even says “this should be Aniston‘s Monster or Monster’s Ball – or even Dallas Buyers Club, which transformed Matthew McConaughey‘s career last year and brought him the Best Actor Oscar. There are really no tricks to this performance. It’s raw and real, poignant and unexpected.”

“It was such an emotional moment for me. I was nearly brought to tears,” Jennifer told the site after she received a standing ovation following the film’s premiere.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Sportmax dress. Anna is wearing a Valentino Red dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jamie Wolf earrings.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston attending the press conference…

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jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 01
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 02
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 03
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 04
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 05
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 06
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 07
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 08
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 09
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 10
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 11
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 12
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 13
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 14
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 15
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 16
jennifer aniston anna kendrick cake press conference 17

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  • GerardButthole

    LOL! Oscar buzz, for this annoying and horrible “actress?” That is the funniest ting I read all day. Trust me, she won’t win. She is known as a big joke in Hollywood. She basically plays herself in every film, and she will forever be know as the girl who brought us the horrible “Rachel” hairstyle.

    She will die alone. No man wants to put up with her annoying horseface.

  • courtney

    mentally or physically ill characters are at least guaranteed award nominations if not for the actor/actress to actually win the precedence was set with 1957′s The Three Faces Of Eve when that won Best Actress in a leading Role for Joanne Woodward. granted you can’t compare a one trick pony like Jennifer Aniston to a thorough breed race horse like Ms Woodward who didn’t only manage that Oscar win but three further nominations including one for a film directed by her now deceased husband Paul Newman

  • Shame

    The only “Oscar buzz” is from her PR firm.

  • Kylie

    WTF? Finally in her 40s she took some acting classes? WTG, Jen.

  • kick

    August, September, October are the months when publicists and studios plant the “Oscar buzz” articles in the hopes of putting that thought in the minds of Academy Members and the Public. It rarely translates into a nomination or a win. And I doubt very much that the Academy is going to accept Jennifer Aniston, who had yet to carry a film over the $100 million mark, as someone to give an Oscar to. Just ain’t gonna happen.

  • Zxca

    And the Oscar goes to… Jennifer Aniston. You all remember this gonna happen

  • hah

    @Shame: exactly. this article made me LOL.

    @Kylie: lmao, had to be sooner or later. sad that it took her 20+ years for her to realize she needed the acting classes though :P

  • rio

    well theres still along way to the oscars so well see but she sure deserves it

  • Michele

    Seriously…those who are interested in seeing her in this movie please raise your hands…..

  • Anon

    Aniston wins best actress and Angie wins BEST DIRECTOR & BEST PICTURE!!! (she already has won best supporting actress)

  • ConnieW

    You LOONS are so jealous of Jennifer. She didn’t need 6 kids and 10 years to get Brad Stu Pitt to marry her. Stop hating her and move on.

  • ヽ(´ー` )ノ

    ヽ(´ー` )ノ

  • gmab

    She won’t get an Oscar nom. This is a personal best for her not one of the best of the year. There is a difference.

  • guest

    yeah, sure…

  • courtney

    great extension, short, almost indetectable

  • :3

    @ConnieW: wow and you only think that there’s brangelina stans here? god you’re delusional little jenhen. i just dont find jennifer aniston to be particularly stunning or talented, i could give three effs about brangelina, brad, or angelina against jen. trust me, there’s many ppl outside of that whole stan system that see jen as a talentless actress with no range and a vastly superficial personality.

  • Fercat

    She’s no Sandy B.

  • lulu

    One person mentions Oscar, really Jared, that’s everyone, umm, good to know, because an Awards site just released their Best Actress list, guess who was not on it, yeah, Jennifer, guess who was, yeah, Angelina, what now do you have to say.

  • http://justjared chrissy

    WHY!WHY!, did I have to read such hedious news at work, this is nothing, but nothing to be shock about; everything is being done to keep her light from going out completely. HEY! I wonder how much is she paying everyone to pull that string, Justin getting paid for ignoring her scrap and sleeping with her in the house that she bought, then there’s her PR’S that will kiss her *ss with diahera running down her leg.I say give her whatever award she PAYS for to keep her relevant, JENNIFER is a pathetic case of lost in fame, good luck they owe you for all the money you have put out, you will wake up a find out Justin is THE OPPOSUM THAT FAKED YOU OUT AND GOT AWAY WITH IT.

  • Dd

    Hollywood likes aniston; by default she will Win the oscar.

  • Justin Aniston

    @lulu: Ehm, comma much? But the Best Actress list hasn’t been released yet? What the f are you talking about?

  • Alaia

    It needs distribution before she is getting anywhere near an award.

  • oh please

    Aniston better be lucky her paid flunky at Deadline used Oscar and her name in the same sentence. Because that is as about as close as she will get to one. Monster, Monster Ball and Dallas Buyer’s Club had real talented actors in it. Charleze & Matthew are great actors. Halle is not all that strong but she has done way better work than Aniston over the years and can beat her in a script read anytime.

    Aniston can’t even get a buyer for her movie that is why they are showing it 3 times at TIFF. They are begging for someone to pick it up and that other mess that she’s in with Owen Wilson. LOC just flunked so do you really think someone is going to risk millions on her at this point??? NO

    Aniston if she’s lucky will once again be just a seat filler at the Academy Awards, not a nominee.


    If Sandra Bullock did, Julia Roberts did, Reese Witherspoon did,
    why can’t Jennifer ?
    Not a big fan of her, her films or Friends, but it would be funny
    to see her winning an nomination and an Oscar when
    everybody is talking about Angelina getting it next year.
    We can’t forget that this year seems
    to be very weak for awards so far.
    This can benefit her.
    Just saying it.

  • keller

    Actually, @oh please, several outlets have reported that there’s already several interested distributors for Cake. You act like every film but this one went to TIFF with a distributor already lined up. Most of them don’t, and that’s why independent films go to festivals in the first place. If you don’t like Jennifer Aniston, fine, but it’s not unusual for Cake to not have a distributor yet, it almost definitely will after the festival, and there are many people outside of deadline saying it’s an Oscar worthy performance from her. She probably won’t get it, it’s a crowded field at best, but as of the last few days, she’s on most of the possible or likely contender lists. Not liking it doesn’t make it not so.

  • Miller


    If every other actress in the world suddenly died or disappered, Manface still wouldnt win.

  • ummm


    Sandra, Julia and Reese are talented and know how to act from comedy to drama. That’s the difference.

  • BlogBrat

    Look at all the jealous Heroina fans going to town on Jen…as always they are the 1st to bring up s!utbag Ho-lee’s name…Jen is gonna win this Oscar… Remember that trolls..She has carried movies to over $100 million to the idiot that didn’t do their homework…”Look”, Brad married the wh@re he had an affair with…I don’t understand why the “twat squad” feels the need to make morons out of themselves by showing they still feel that Jen is a threat the s!ut Ho-lee…Jen never wanted Brad after he slept with a drippy piece of tail like Heroina…I know Jen is so beautiful & amazingly talented (something Ho-lee is not), but Jen has been a far bigger success than Ho-lee will ever be…I can understand the jealousy unless it consumes your lives like it does most bloggers on these threads…

  • Heroina Jolie

    No ! This is not truth ! Oh, no, no, no, no !!!

  • Cocaina Jolie

    Well, who am I after that ?
    A little piece of bony shhift .

  • @ Such a Nasty Troll


    LISTEN, there is no need to holler and scream displaying such ignorant vileness. Others here have posted as true Jen fans, ONLY DISCUSSING HER ATTRIBUTES AND ABILITY AND POSSIBLE AWARD CONSIDERATION. They did not attempt to drag any one else into her thread . Because they are intelligent and TRUE JEN FANS.

    You are nothing but a piece of slime migrating here from that filthy FF site. Jen has no problem with her ex and his wife, she is in love and happy with Justin who is the love of her life and her career is doing fine. Makes no sense to me why you are so obsessed with BP and his wife and his family so logically that tells me you are truly psychotic and on some major meds which you are not taking as prescribed.

    True Jen fans do not want you here, SO SCRAM!!!!!

  • LSDina Jolie

    Life is so unfair !
    Looks at her bod ! Look at her hair ! Look at her smile ….
    I hate my wedding !

  • Joy B Angie

    Congrats Jen !!!
    G O R G E O U S ! ! !

  • Joy B Angie

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful !

  • @ Such a Nasty Troll

    @Heroina Jolie:

    True Jen fans do not want you here, SO SCRAM!!!!!

  • @ Such a Nasty Troll

    @Cocaina Jolie:

    True Jen fans do not want you here, SO SCRAM!!!!!

  • Jen fans

    We want Heroina Jolie here ! She is a honest person.

  • the thruth

    BRAVO JENNNN !!!!!

  • the thruth


  • the thruth

    @BlogBrat: OK

  • the thruth


  • Jen fans

    @@ Such a Nasty Troll:
    Are you a robot ?
    Or a parrot ?

  • the thruth


  • Joy b Angie

    @@ Such a Nasty Troll:
    Why don’t you talk to Jen haters ?

  • the thruth


  • the thruth

    You are a very brave woman ,BRAVO JENNNN

  • BlogBrat

    And the award for president of Heroina’s “twat squad” goes to poster #31…Yay…You are officially deranged, insane & totally envious of “America’s Sweetheart”….I see I got a tad under your thin-skin…Go away before someone drops a house on you too…Sad sad lil twat troll you are….Does your hoo-ha drip too??
    Jen owns Heroina & Her Pitty Wussy man…..

  • the thruth

    ” It was such emotional moment for me .Iwas nearly brought to tears.”Jenifer told the site after she recived a standing ovation following the film`s premier.J.J. SAID.
    Bravo Jenn !!!

  • Joy B Angie

    Wow ! My comment is awaiting mo deration !

  • Joy B Angie

    Geriatric weddding – sounds good !
    Laxatives, sleeping pills & Vi_agra – what a wonderful treat !