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Taylor Swift & Katy Perry's Dancer Talks Switching Tours, Basically Confirms the Feud

Taylor Swift & Katy Perry's Dancer Talks Switching Tours, Basically Confirms the Feud

An interview with dancer Lockhart Brownlie that is resurfacing from last year basically confirms that the mystery artist Taylor Swift says tried to sabotage her Red Tour was Katy Perry.

Lockhart toured with Katy on the Part of Me Tour and then after it wrapped, he and two other dancers from the tour auditioned to be a part of Taylor‘s Red Tour.

“I was with Taylor for the first six months,” he told the Examiner. “It was a great experience and she’s a great person to work with, but then Katy contacted us.”

“Obviously we were with Katy for 2 1/2 years, she’s like family to us, so we were, like, `absolutely’,” Dominic said about leaving the Red Tour to join Katy‘s Prism promo tour. “We weren’t really dancing in Taylor‘s tour anyway so I had got a little bored and I really wanted to do a promo tour.”

“The experiences were completely different,” he added. “Taylor is very untouchable. When we did see her, we had so much fun with her, but she’s a lot more protected than Katy. Katy‘s 28 now and can do her own thing. Her team are so lovely, so we have such a good connection. And this time around she is a lot more in control.”

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  • Sayer

    They’re some idiots on US Weekly who still think the feud is about Carrie Underwood.

  • Ash

    Taylor needs to grow up.

  • Ava

    So unprofessional of Katy Perry , if you called up dancers and they said they were on a tour already especially knowing what it takes to put on a world tour, last thing you would do is hire them.. But Perry always seemed like a passive aggressive back stabber , that’s Rihanna doesn’t talk to her much anymore.

  • John

    Katie Perry needs to grow up and stop shading people, jealous hag, always talking cr*p about other people even her own ex husband. Perry’s a untalented sl*t who in ten years no one will her remember her name.

  • Erin

    Katy Perry just jealous, dating John Mayer years after Taylor Swift when he wasn’t even popular anymore, and he still dumped her a$$, her record sales don’t even compare to Taylor Swift’s and her tour second rate to what Taylor Swift grossed

  • dude

    Taylor runs her show as a business! Every one thinks this is some catfight. It’s corporate warfare. Taylor held auditions and hired an out of work dancer.. This guy ruined his career because no one will ever hire him because broke a contract with brand Swift so his credibility to honor a legitimate contract is gone. And Perry knew it would be hard to replace her lead dancer. But will actually cause Perry problems because people in the business will question her business practices. Wake up this is two brands fighting to solidify each fan base.

  • Lynne

    I’m not a fan of Taylor’s music. I’ve always liked Katy’s. However if it’s true that Katy contacted and hired/took away dancers from Taylor’s tour- that just isn’t right. Period. There’s a gazillion dancers out there. Hire someone else, or wait for Taylor’s tour to end. It’s called being kind and respectful.

  • Sam

    This dance’s not too bright, Swift’s world tour was stadium , way better production while Perry small time arena tour , of course she’s more accessible and when they’re out of work next year and Swift’s starting another tour , hope they remember why.

  • Mia

    If your husband dumps you by text you know you’re up your own butt. Katy Perry always been tacky and embarrassing , just the way she paraded her relationship with douchbag John Mayer in public, that LOL music video., shut up and go away.

  • Sara

    Love Swifty calling out what a fake azz bi*ch Katy Perry is, bet Rihanna would to, Miley already called her out .

  • Ri

    All of u are idiots!

  • both of them

    I think both of them are lame! Taylor has very limited talent and so all the hype that surrounds her isn’t supported.
    Katy has even less talent- she is a terrible singe, decent dancer. But Katy seems mean.

  • Sara

    Katy Perry needs to sit down, all she is a auto tune double dd breast joke, she can’t sing live, doesn’t write her own music , doesn’t play any instruments, can’t dance has never even won a Grammy , unlike Swift who’s the only pop act out today that has won Best Album of the year. Katie Perry doesn’t even sell albums, all she has is digital single sales, it still mazes me she has fans for her “music”

  • Nora

    The comments on here are really hilarious. If you read what the guy actually said – they were not being used on Taylor’s tour & must have found it incredibly frustrating just to sit around doing nothing. It’s no wonder that they chose to jump ship when Katy called.

    People need to think about Taylor’s choice of timing in making these comments. Presumably a conversation must have taken place between Taylor or her team & the dancer when they decided to leave the tour. If she/they were unhappy about why didn’t they say something about it? Why didn’t she have a conversation with Katy privately about her thoughts on it then or at any other event that they have both been at together?

    I really just don’t like the way that Taylor conducts herself at all – writing bitchy songs about past boyfriends & other female pop stars & then not having the guts to openly say who they are about. It’s so shady. The girl really needs to grow up & stop acting like she is the victim all the time.

  • Mike

    Sorry @Nora but I disagree. The dancer and Katy are extremely unprofessional. It doesn’t matter if Taylor was using him or not, he signed a contract. It’s like having an under study for plays. What if the lead dancer got hurt and one of these sideline guys were needed, like this joke who is talking to the mag? Now they don’t have a stand in. I would choose Swift over Perry any day. Like others have said. Swift is on a different level.

  • Sarah

    Well said!! So passive aggressive of her..

  • Capt. Bob

    Nora is 100% right — Taylor Swift always plays the victim…Katy Perry was giving someone a job who Taylor chose to let idle……then Taylor comes out claiming to be the victim……Taylor cannot sing — cannot entertain….she looks clumsy and awkward on stage…..she wins awards because she plays the “victim” so well — maybe she should go into acting!

  • kim

    katy’s people probably called up some dancers from her prior tours and now the two women are in a “fight.” i doubt katy is so close with the dancers that she’s calling them one by one to pull them off another persons’ tour. it’s called business and that is done by her “people”

  • Avril

    To the people saying the dancers were not used, let me tell you he was being so used, even more than her mates. If you watch any video of Taylor’s performances at awards shows or at her tour you can actually see that blond dancer right next to her all the time. He was kinda like the main dancer.

  • guest

    So happy the dancers are taking Katy’s side. Taylor is such a passive agressive bitch,
    Grow up Swift!

  • meridith

    @kim: you know maybe your right Taylor is a business woman who runs every aspect of her career. Taylor honors contracts and business comitments and Perry is just a puppet with no control of her career.

  • antonio

    Guys did you read what the dancer says? Like honestly how do you feel if you are in a tour and you are doing nothing? Even he said Katy is like a family to Us… And is an obvious reason why they left taylor for Katy… No more Words

  • lol


    why are they idiots? maybe they aren’t so involved in celebrities lives like you. If anything they are smart.

  • loserguest


    stupid thiings make you happy

  • ohyeah

    Basically Taylor said she always had a feeling that Katy didn’t like her and then she went and did this, so it wasn’t so much as stealing her dancers but it was the fact that she did it maliciously. She didn’t do it cos she needed those dancers, she did it to piss her off.
    Katy Perry is a hater.

  • Nora


    Again you are failing to look at the facts of the matter. Firstly, this interview is from last year before this controversy blew up & so the dancer hasn’t suddenly just decided to speak to the press. His comments are very diplomatic & suggest that he at least thought that he had left Taylor’s tour fairly reasonable terms. And surely any of the dancers would have been in breach of contract if they had left without authorisation.

    Again my point is that the way that Taylor has gone about this is very underhand & this is probably what has provoked Katy to tweet about it. I think most people are aware that this probably had less to do with the dancers & more to do with the fact that Katy was dating John Mayer but she doesn’t have the guts to come out & say it. Needless to say there will be lots more interviews & acceptance speeches to come in which she endlessly makes snide remarks about this.

  • sting


    yeah but did you read Taylor’s interview? it wasn’t so much about needing the dancers, it was more about Katy’s dislike of Taylor and purposely trying to sabotage her whenever she can.

  • romy


    if you read the interview it all just seems to be taylor’s perception of katy more than anything else. she said that when she came up to speak to her at events she thought that she was being insincere – there is no actual evidence & katy has never said anything in public. & it’s a stretch to say that katy took the dancers with the sole purpose of getting back at taylor despite what she believes. the dancer has already said that they toured with katy in the past & saw her as family. it all seems to be in taylor’s head.

  • yoyo


    Katy Perry’s twitter reply proves Taylor was right. Such a rude, catty remark.

  • Jane

    Silly Katy Perry, she is so not relevant.

  • Honest

    Let’s be honest!!!Katy can’t sing anyway!!!

  • olivia


  • romy


    she is allowed to defend herself. she’s probably just shocked that taylor has bought this up out of nowhere a year later & even written a song about it. if taylor had a problem with it she should have addressed it with katy at the time & not caused all this messiness. it’s silly & everybody knows that it is over some stupid boy.

  • yyuno


    you call “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…” defending herself? That’s just a catty remark that pretty much goes along with the image Taylor has of her.

    they are both idiots in my opinion though. so whatever :p

  • Bille

    Taylor said that there is “a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Tell me how her RS comments help women. They have created this unnecessary controversy and division. Do you mean to tell me those were the only dancers in LA, NYC, Nashville that were capable of doing her tour? She also mentioned how she doesn’t know how to be confrontational. Well, she shouldn’t sell herself short. She managed to be both confrontational and passive aggressive with her unnamed enemy quote in one fell swoop. Kudos to her!

  • Jenny

    Imagine being so annoying that your boyfriend demanded total “vocal rest” at home. The sad thing is that Katy actually thinks she can sing well. She can’t. She is a glorified cartoon character..

  • Reb

    @Sara: You should be more observant or do better research before trashing someone. Katy plays guitar and has for 15 years, she actually does write her own songs and many have been big hits. Katy has written songs for other artists as well. Who cares that she hasn’t won a Grammy. Morrissey, KISS, Journey, Bob Marley, Led Zepplin – none of them ever won a Grammy. Grammys are pointless now that Swift has won so many. Grammys have no credibility as they can be BOUGHT. Team Katy Perry. Taylor is such a whine-a55 and has to constantly have drama in the headlines or she tells her dirt to magazines in “exclusive” interviews. Sick of her and her high school crap.

  • Tyla

    OK, lets get a few things straight. NEITHER of these chicks can actually sing. I’m sure in real life they are both huge b!tches. Both have huge egos. Both write songs and play guitar, both are incredibly overrated. There. They are both very similar and obviously neither like each other. I guess for publicity Swift had to blow the lid off this “story” and try to make Katy Perry look bad. Sorry Swifty, but you’ve done some sh!t to people too, so don’t try to play the victim here.

  • pretty kitty

    katy perry is all about female empowerment through sparkler titties and cupcake tits?? yeah good role model for little girls. tart it up like candy for pervs and you can have a career too..

  • bn

    I’ve heard Katy Perry smells like bullshit

  • PFFFFT !

    Neither one of these young women have talent. Taylor Swift is a joke. She does nothing that her promoters say she does. To us REAL musicians, she is nothing more than a punch line.

    Katy WHO? One poster correctly stated Perry’s act. KP is a pop singer. she has a max lifespan of about 5 years. TS is pure product. She really is not a talent. she sells acoustic guitars, lots of clothes and makeup. She is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

    Both of these girls have agents and publicists that more or less tell these girls what to do. The DRAMA is to sell, sell, sell!

    this is kind of funny – the comments. Many of you have no idea what corporations are like. Make no mistake about it. Perry and Swifty are nothing more than PRODUCT.

  • Alex


    I think Taylor does what any artist does and that’s turn her feelings and thoughts into music in a way that other people can relate to and it has made her very successful. The fact that she’s so good at it and calls people out for hurting her is why some people dislike her.

  • http://comcast Jaimie

    Taylor sounds like a WHINEY CRY BABY. Taylor WHINES about everything.

  • Kiv

    Haha! The dancers feel that Katy is like their family and so does Katy. If I were Katy, I would do the same because I couldn’t just let my good friends (the dancers) not travel for the world tour with me. Katy and her dancers are pretty close and they had some good time and photos together (from Katy’s instagram). And it was an offer that the dancers could reject (it’s not like it’s a must to them to move; Katy didn’t force but just asked them), but they chose not to. While it seems to be unprofessional, if there’s a much preferred choice that they can take they’ll absolutely take it (it’s human nature). And I believe if Taylor wasn’t all that protected and if there were real dances (to the dancers), I think they wouldn’t leave the Red Tour. Too bad that it’s also human nature to compare one thing to another (in this case comparing Katy and Taylor of course). And as a dancer myself I would choose the one that has more dances because that is the reason why I’m called a dancer.
    I understand Taylor was upset about it. And although I appreciate that her songs are about her past real life experiences so that people can relate, I think she’s getting a little too much. Sure the song isn’t about a guy but come on lol! The word sabotage is too much. It’s not like Katy taking over and bringing the whole Red tour down. And it’s not like they were the only dancers in her tour. I believe professionals always come up with alternatives when there’s an unforeseen event happening (even though it’s not easy) and professionals move on and solve the main problem fast (I know they did in the end too though) instead of whining like ‘what does she want from me’ and making the problem seem so big.
    I also believe there was some mismanagement issue by the dancers’ agent. But really Taylor gotta grow up and shouldn’t have started this as she said herself she hates conflict (If I were her, I would rather lie that it’s just about feeling betrayed by a friend instead of mentioning about bad blood with another ‘famous female artist’). She should have known what should be said to the media and what shouldn’t. Katy did not mean to hurt anyone and maybe she was all cool with everything until this issue surfaced. Taylor’d better finish what she started.

  • toolong


    no one is gonna read that

  • LOL

    I think a lot of people are missing the obvious. The dancer CAN NOT simply leave during a contract period or he would be sued. Its likely that he had a 6 month contract which is standard for live performance dancers and he moved on after the contract was up. In general whether its tv actors or theater actors or dancers, the management wants to stay in control so they offer the least they can and it allows them to drop you if you ask for a higher salary.

    The dancer did nothing wrong. If Taylor wanted the dancer for the full tour, she should have given the dancer a 15 month contract. However that would also mean that if the chemistry was not there with the dancer then she would still have to pay him for 15 months.

  • http://comcast Joni

    If it isn’t her boyfriends leaving her , Taylor is always griping about something. Her parents have spoiled her rotten.

  • sara

    Taylor is so immature. Katy fired back, so what, Taylor is the one that made this public. She hates when people make fun of her (Tina Fey) yet thinks its OK to write a song bashing someone?

    Grow up Taylor, the world does not revolve around you.

  • James

    @Nora: #14

    Thank you. Well said. These people on this thread did not comprehend what the dancer said. I think reading comprehension should be a priority in the education system.

  • guest

    @Honest: #31

    Taylor can’t sing either.