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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Had a Romantic Date This Week!

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Had a Romantic Date This Week!

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin reportedly went on a romantic dinner date this week, according to People.

The 24-year-old actress and the 37-year-old musician were spotted having dinner at La Dolce Vita on Monday night (September 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“They were super cute together,” an onlooker said. “They were laughing a lot and Jennifer was acting all goofy!”

Jennifer and Chris have reportedly been dating since late June and romance rumors have been swirling for the past month. We can’t wait to see the first photos of them together!

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  • tick

    This relationship is an upgrade for BOTH of them.
    Now that Chris is with Jen, he will write the best music of his life.
    That old hag he divorced was a terrible muse who never inspired him.

  • Ren

    This feels like a PR stunt. No pictures of them together ever, yet Chris is photographed either by himself or with his family

  • Courtney

    Does this not occur to anyone that a guy and a girl laughing and acting goofy is also a sign of friendship? Just because they have one dinner together and are seen having a good time and laughing it up, they’re automatically romantic partners? I laugh and joke around with my guy friends all the time. I go on outings with them and my relationships with them are strictly platonic. People may be a more reliable source, but it’s still a tabloid mag and can blow some things out of proportion. Also, where’s the picture? In this day and age, it’s not that hard to get a picture for proof, people! Still skeptical about this “relationship.”

  • Katie

    The only thing I always liked about Lawrence is that she disappears when she doesn’t have a movie to promote so there are few months every year when I don’t have to hear about her or to see her (I would like to ignore her but it’s impossible because everybody is so in love with her realness and her adorbale quirks and omg she likes pizza and she hides her butt plugs under her bed in a hotel and she trips!!!). Now everything is lost. Let them date or whatever they do without these reports every week…

  • Jojo

    Well People is a much more reputable source but still where is a picture. How can no one catch these two together in a photograph. I just need some pictures of hand holding or them confirming it to be real.

    I am sure they are good friends and best of luck to them if they are actually together.

  • Courtney

    @Katie She said on Conan that a friend bought those for her as a joke. Also, yes everyone seems to be hung up on her realness, but I think that’s because they’re so used to seeing actresses who have these “made” personalities and who are into being thin and having plastic surgery to look pretty. I’m not saying that all of them do, but this is the image that we’re being fed of the Hollywood actress. Jennifer seems like a breath of fresh air to the industry. Yes, she does things like every other person does, and she has said many times that she expects to be treated like a normal person and doesn’t get why people like her so much. She doesn’t seek attention by pulling off the stunts that most of the young actresses in Hollywood do, either. That’s why everyone (including me) loves her.

  • Pam


    I agree she is one of the few who truly disappear when not promoting but she is click bait so the gossip rags write about her nonstop even when she has disappeared. But I don’t mind her and don’t ignore her like you want to for the very same reason because she really does try to stay away.

  • Courtney

    @Jojo: That’s what I said! They could be just friends having a casual dinner.

  • ma

    @tick: just cause he’s with her doesn’t mean he’ll write the best music in his life. Are you a kid cause you sound childish saying that? There have been great love matches in the music world and musicians don’t always make hits with the songs that are based off the person they are with. at least it’s good to hear that she’s in high spirits after the reddit BS.

  • Chanel

    It is a PR stunt. The question is who exactly is feeding this to the media, and for what gain?
    People mag is basically an outlet for publicist Stephen Huvane (and CAA) who reps Gwyneth P. Maybe her rep is just trying to divert attention from her relationship with the Glee producer Brad.
    The more it ‘appears’ that Chris has ‘moved on’ the easier it is for Gwynnie’s transition as the next Martha Stewart.
    She already pissed off Moms for her comments about having it harder than most other Moms. Maybe she thinks she’ll get sympathy if it ‘appears’ that her husband moved on with a younger woman.

  • Tick is an idiot

    Why are people still so naive? If People is reporting a story it means an official rep for the celebrity is the one who shared the details.

    Jennifer and Chris and her/their people must be testing the waters to see what people think of the relationship. They have to sell it first before the staged shots for the paps begin to happen.

  • @11

    Not always.
    Not every story People writes is sent in from PR.
    IDK until pics I am skeptical.
    If they are good for them but these days with everyone having a camera and twitter I find it hard to believe no one is taking pics of them out together.

  • Cate

    If it’s reported by People then it’s legit Probably from her people as it is pushing the J-Law is so goofy thing & Chris MArtin is very private.

    This relationship is so funny. They are like the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot of celebrity relationships. The photographer who gets the first picture is going to make a lot of money.

  • Deni

    Still no picture? Martin was photographed sunday morning with a fan..sunday afternoon with family..monday afternoon with a guy..and is not photographed with Jennifer Lawrence in a restaurant in Beverly Hills??? And the description of the dinner seems too restrictive. “Laugh” is the most obvious thing to say!! Are together and not even an affectionate gesture? In a romantic dinner there is a amicable dinner there are laughs!!!…It seems that someone is playing with media to keep afloat this story.

  • Annabelle

    I’ll believe it when I see actual footage or pics of them going on these so called ‘dates’.

  • LaCroix

    This is so PR .. and for a young lady in the business that suppose to be so honest & refreshing sure is acting like just typical hollyweird behavior. #unlike

  • http://comcast Joni

    Publicity stunt.

  • Courtney

    @LaCroix: Well, maybe the dinner happened, but the details are too scarce to be believable. Plus, there is no picture or any other proof. Like I said, maybe they had dinner, but it could just as easily be a casual dinner with no romance whatsoever. 2 months ago, someone snapped a picture of Jen and Wes Catham at a restaurant in Hollywood. People didn’t speculate about them then (but that’s because Wes is married). People is more reliable, so there might be some truth, but they’re still a tabloid magazine and can make some things bigger than they actually are. Plus, Chris was with his ex and kids on Sunday. People could get pictures of him with his family, but not at a restaurant with Jennifer Lawrence? Something just ain’t right.

  • Do photos of said date exist? If not I don’t care.

  • I love the photr you choice of Chris. It’s like telling us you don’t like this pair by choosing the ugliest sweatiest photo possible.

  • Greengoose

    Honestly, stop with the false reports… Chris was with Gwyneth and their children on Monday, and hey, check this out, theres actual photos of it, like 50 of them too….on Tuesday Chris was up in San Jose at the Apple Event, yes again, photo proof and video proof as he was sitting in the front row , and today, actually right now, Coldplay is in Minnesota at the Target Fall Employee show playing a gig…again, photos and videos aplenty…its 2014, do you really think anyone believes your nonsense rumours without a photo proof?? Besides, no one has seen JLaw since her nudes were leaked, I would gather the Paps are stalking out her home the first sign she emerges, and its not gonna be in a fancy place to eat …SMH

  • Deni

    @Courtney Maybe they had dinner to talk about the gossip of which they are the protagonist?! May seem strange,but i thought about it! 2 people so important are at the centre of a gossip and not looking for a contact? They are seen in 2 concerts before,so why not see each other to talk and have a laugh about the gossip? Will seem really strange,but i thought about it! And maybe happened. But,is anyway so strange that no one saw them..Martin was always seen in this days..and do not see him with Jennifer Lawrence at a restaurant in Beverly Hills? He was seen with Alexa Chang..with Rihanna…but not with Jennifer? Their use of costumes,maybe?…And it is strange that there are rumors about Gwyneth Paltrow and Falchuk..then about Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart and at last,about the two ex of them…

  • Courtney

    @Greengoose Exactly! If Jen hasn’t been seen since the leaked photo fiasco, who is actually going to believe that she’s going to want to be seen now? She just said she stays at her home a lot to avoid being photographed. These two are world-renowned artists of their respective crafts, and yet no one would notice or take a picture of them at a restaurant?

  • Deni

    @Greengoose Martin was with his family on sunday! Monday afternoon he was with a guy..there is a photo..and yesterday he was at the Apple event..and today he is in Minnesota!

  • Shelly Dooval

    Why would she date the old wimpy codger?

  • Spencer

    Greengoose, the pics of Chris with Gwyneth and the kids are from Sunday. But even if they had been from Monday, he could very well have had time for dinner with Jennifer later on. Lunch with the ex and kids and dinner with the new girlfriend. Nothing strange. Though what is strange that they chose that restaurant of all places. It’s not exactly low key and the surrounding area is crawling with paparazzi. Had it been any other source but People Magazine I wouldn’t have believed it, but People is usually pretty legit. (And the fact that we’ve yet to get a single picture of them together is also very weird, obviously.)

    Not to say that it must have been a romantic dinner. They could very well just be friends. But with all the rumors these past few months, I think it’s likely something more than just friendship. But hey, if anyone can use some laughter in her life right now, it’s Jennifer. And while I still think the pairing is the most random and odd one ever, if Chris is the one putting a smile on her face, then I’m happy for her.

  • terry

    He’s bedding her?

  • terry

    These celebs don’t even wait until they are divorced before they are scr*wing someone else.

  • SnoZzzNiston

    No pitty party from his boring wifey yet?
    I am shock…. the world is in a shock… Oh that’s right … Chris and Jen law ain’t the mighty Brad and Ang… Sucks to be desperate for attentions like Jen Jen SnoZzzNiston…

  • Courtney

    @terry He’s not bedding her. Get your mind out of the gutter! First of all, he still hangs out with his ex for the sake of their kids, second it has not been officially confirmed that they’re dating (it’s all tabloid speculation and we all know how reliable tabloids are–not), and third, even if they do hang out, it’s probably just as friends. Laughing and acting goofy do not always equate to romance. They could just be friends having a good time. Have some respect for both of them!

  • Fake

    She’s gay. This is a PR stunt.

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney Am I the only one who sees so much “wrong” with this article?

    First, this “date sighting” happened Mon. night, and it’s only now being reported, 2 days later? Paps and tabs have been trying to find Martin and Lawrence together for weeks, and it took that long for someone to approach People about the “date” for it to be reported? We’re not talking about waiting for a magazine to be published, but online, when everything is more or less real time, and yet it still took this long.

    Second, no pics again. If this person was into reporting some “juicy gossip” that nobody has to a tabloid (and bottom line, People is), then why no pic to accompany one of the most sought-after tab stories? Wouldn’t that guarantee the person a bigger paycheck for their “trouble”?

    Any person who uses “super cute” and “goofy” (especially “super cute”) is likely a late teen/20-something. And that person is likely to be on Twitter and have a cell phone with a camera. Wouldn’t you expect that type of person to be all over Twitter with news and pics? Yet, Twitter has been quiet for these 2 days, with no mention of this and still no pics.

    While People might be more “reputable”, that’s not saying much when you are talking about tabloids. They’re all in it to make a buck. Maybe People has felt left out of the loop, since it seems almost all the other tabs but them have been approached by (mainly) Martin’s “sources”, “insider”, and “friends” about this “relationship”. Maybe they were so desperate for an “exclusive” of their own that they took the first story they got on faith with no pics or corroboration. Wouldn’t be the first time People has been fooled.

    Which comes to another point-again, only one “onlooker” (guess that’s the new term for “source”) saw them and reported it, with no corroboration or pics from anyone else? A whole restaurant full of people (it is a “hot spot”, after all, just like the vineyard) but only one “onlooker” decided to report it and didn’t take pics? As posters have stated here, there’ve been plenty of reports about and pics of Martin’s whereabouts the last few days, but nothing but one skimpy report from one “onlooker” and no pics for this, the BIG STORY?!

    You’re right, it’s doesn’t prove anything more than they’re friends, which is something that hasn’t been denied by anyone. Again, you’d think the “onlooker” would be very watchful of whether or not they left together. Because after all, this is a BIG story! But no…just a story about them being “super cute” together and laughing, and Lawrence acting goofy. I could go to People and say the same thing without even seeing them, because Lawrence is known for being goofy and make people around her laugh, and People would believe me too.

    If this was supposed to be the big event that meme said (in the other thread) would happen, it’s pretty suspicious.

    @Tick is an idiot The People story said there was no comment from Coldplay reps. So why would they be the ones to give a story to People and then turn around and not comment when asked? And I’ve never heard of Lawrence’s reps actively seaching for publicity opportunities because she’s never been one to seek it out. She only does publicity when necessary, not because she wants it.


    If they were really sneaking around within America, I would shoot them and stab them like everyone else.

  • Courtney

    @pah-lease True! Beverly Hills is swarming with paparazzi, plus with all the people in the restaurant, you’d think at least one more person would come up with a pic or tweet about it. Chris gets photographed all the time: he was seen on Sunday with his ex and kids in L.A., yesterday he was at the Apple event in Cupertino, today he is in Minnesota for an event I don’t know much about. He manages to get photographed all the time, but yet no one gets a pic of them together at a restaurant in paparazzi central? Even People gets shit wrong sometimes, no matter how reputable they may be.

  • Courtney

    @pah-lease Also, on Monday he was seen out and about and took a picture with a fan. As for Jennifer, if she hasn’t been seen out since the nude photo leaks, then what makes people think she’s ready to go out now? Not that I know her, maybe I’m just assuming, but the point is, she hasn’t been seen once since the whole photo disaster. Why the hell would she want to go to a restaurant with paps around? That’s the kind of publicity she doesn’t want/need, so why would she risk it?

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney You knew I’d be able to shoot a million holes in this story! Makes me believe even more this whole time, there have been people out there that don’t have any connection to Martin or Lawrence, but are trying to make a buck by feeding this kind of made-up garbage to any tabloid stupid and desperate enough to believe and print it. All it takes is a glance at comments about any story on this “relationship” to see very few people are buying it at all.

    I go back to what you and Spencer said about how the area is crawling with paps. This restaurant is well-known, well-attended, and probably a magnet for paps to frequent, looking for a photo op. But we’re supposed to believe not a single one of them knew Martin and Lawrence were dining there. They can find Martin all over since landing in LA on Sat., but they can’t find him AND Lawrence together in a restaurant known for attracting celebrities? And not just any celebrities, but the most sought-after couple in awhile?


  • sweetness

    Hmmm, I don’t get why out of all people she would need him as a PR stunt and vice versa. Of course, it is possible that they are friends…and only friends..So it doesn’t hurt him to have the public think he’s got it going on to be with the most powerful actress in Hollywood right now.
    BUT I agree with some or this is a fabricated story or exaggerated story of just two friends. I do believe two famous people can go undetected. It takes alot tricky maneuvers and going through back doors of restaurants and changing cars…wearing wigs and hats.

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney You’re right about this not being a good place for Lawrence’s first post-scandal public appearance. It’s as I replied to meme in the other thread about the concerts next week.

    For her to make her first public appearance at such a popular and pap-stalked place as this restaurant is asking for trouble. It’s not a controlled environment, so she could be bothered by restaurant patrons or paps about the scandal. Worse yet, there’s no reps with her on the dinner “date” to run interference and get her out of the place. Somehow, I can’t picture Martin being able to fend off even one pap, let alone a group of them (which there would be once word got out about Lawrence).

    It makes sense she’d wait until the premiere(s) for “Mockingjay” (or “Serena” premiere, if she’s required to attend) to make her first post-scandal public appearance(s) . Even though there’s fans attending, the red carpet is a smaller, more controlled area. Anyone giving her grief about the photos could be identified and kicked out quickly, unlike the paps outside.

  • sweetness

    if it’s not true why wouldn’t their reps deny these “date” stories ?

  • pah-lease

    @sweetness Why would they? They couldn’t buy this much free publicity if they tried! Having Martin linked to Lawrence is a bottomless pit of free publicity for him, without them having to really do anything. Someone (maybe someone they know) tells a tab a story about him and Lawrence, and Martin’s reps sit back and watch him get exposure, and in turn, his album, videos, and tour.

  • boom boom


    why should their reps have to deny any little story about them, as long as its not outrageous such as her invasion of privacy which needed to be commented on. its obvious they are friends but are they more no one knows and having no pics to prove any of this still makes you wonder. that restaurant has paps crawling over it and no one got a picture.

    also everyone says this a pr stunt for one or maybe both of them but i dont buy that, neither needs the pr she is uber famous now and he is a big rock star. pr stunts in hollywood are all about being seen together out in public looking happy but this one is not that. i still wonder if this is pr if its for gwenny to cover up she got caught breaking up the glee dudes marriage, something like that.

    who knows, guess we will find out eventually with the mockingjay press starting it might be addressed or pictures will finally come out. if its not true it didnt hurt either and if it is best of luck.

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney Now that I’ve thought about it, I’m not surprised this or any story about Martin and Lawrence came out today.

    Haven’t you noticed the pattern? Just as one story of Martin and Lawrence being “spotted” or him linked to her in some way (nude pics scandal) dies down, there’s suddenly another one to take its place. And each one has a “source”, “insider”, “friend”, or now “onlooker” who has inside info about the “relationship” and/or sees and reports about them when nobody else does, and yet doesn’t get a pic of them.

    It all comes back to who benefits most from all this publicity. Not Paltrow, who to her credit, has been as quiet with her relationship (which is confirmed) as Martin has been public with his. There is the possibility that her PR (Huvane?) is putting the Martin and Lawrence “dating” rumors out there to deflect attention away from her relationship, but she’s done a good job of that herself by not finding ways to attract attention to it.

    Certainly not Lawrence. She’s never been one to actively seek publicity, and pretty much disappears between press for movies. And after the nude photo leak scandal, I doubt she wants to put herself out in public already, especially in a place where anyone can approach her (including paps) with no “safety net” of reps, body guard, etc.

    Despite what the “experts” have said about her career not being damaged by the scandal, they forget she’s the face of the biggest YA franchise in history. That franchise is dependant on kids/teens as an audience. The scandal was bad enough, but now I’ve read and heard some jr. high and high schools are already using Lawrence as an example of the dangers of “sexting”, which is a huge concern for parents. Add to that her dating a not-yet divorced 37 yr. old guy with two young kids, and she’s generating publicity that isn’t appealing to the parents of those ticket-buying kids/teens. It’s better if she lays low and waits for this to blow over before “Serena” or “Mockingjay” press than to actively remind parents of her “relationship” with Martin. So that eliminates Lawrence.

    So that leaves good ol’ Martin. For a guy who is well-known for keeping his personal life private, he’s in the public eye a lot lately, isn’t he? And for what? Taking Lawrence on a “super-romatic” date, inviting her to go on tour with him, writing love songs for her, being “very supportive” after the scandal. Almost everything that has gotten him major publicity the past few weeks is tied to Lawrence. When he’s on his own-not so much. Sure, there are some pics and a story or two, but not the stories repeated in one tab after another as they are when Lawrence is involved. No coincidence, he just “happens” to have an album out, and a new video, and tour starting up soon. And let’s not forget the possible Super Bowl appearance being negotiated. Again, for a guy who loves his privacy, he’s sure milking the publicity for all it’s worth.

  • Vero

    @Tick is an idiot:
    People printed that Chris & Gwyneth had an open marriage. I sincerely doubt that their PR people confirmed such a story to People.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease @Courtney I believe at this dinner. Because “People” is more reliable; i think it was just a friendly dinner; just because “People” is reliable. If there were other meetings,they would know as they knew about this dinner! Although it is strange that in a restaurant in B.Hills where it is full of paparazzi,are not photographed or seen by anyone, when Martin was photographated everywhere these days! But once it can happen..and it is for this that may not have had other meetings! Once can go unnoticed..but 2,3,4,5 absolutely not! In any case, EOnline did not report the story,as “People” did not report anything until now; it seems that the newspapers do a competition to see who shoots the biggest! Martin was at dinner with Alexa Chang,are together? No. Martin was at dinner with Rihanna, are together? No. A dinner is not to say “relationship”..and we know that all the meetings and the stories of the past weeks, are all false. Martin has spent more time with his wife and kids,that with Jennifer. And he was always photographed with them..but not with Jennifer Lawrence.

  • pah-lease

    @Deni Except this story from “reliable” People has “fake” written all over it. Just remember-they’re a tabloid. Maybe a high-end tab, but one nonetheless. They’re in competition with a lot of other tabs for stories. People might shy away from the obvious lies and rumors, but they’ve been sitting on the sidelines for pretty much this whole Martin-Lawrence fiasco. At some point, it was clear they had to get in on it because they were losing readership and website clicks to those running the stories. Even the most “reliable” tabloid isn’t above cashing in on a hot topic for some quick, easy bucks.

  • Courtney

    @Deni I won’t discredit your opinion. I mentioned before on this post that yes, its possible they had a dinner, but it wasn’t quite romantic as People makes it out to be. Guys and girls giggle and act goofy all the time as friends as well. Jen being goofy is just Jen being herself. Anyway, People is still a tabloid magazine and it sounds like they were exaggerating on a few things. I believe they’re friends, since he recorded a song for the Catching Fire soundtrack, they’ve probably known each other since then, so they have a history of friendship. I still think the whole ‘no pic’ thing makes this “date” very fishy, though. When it comes to stories like these, I need to see some more proof other than the word of just one “onlooker” especially in a place full of paparazzi. And you’re right that Chris does spend more time with his ex and kids than he does with Jennifer, so that further supports my belief that Chris and Jen are just friends whose every movement is linked together for tabloids to get more clicks. Can’t this schtick just die now?

  • Courtney

    @pah-lease Not that I don’t believe you, but has People magazine been wrong before? I don’t read it that much, but I’ve heard it’s one of the more reliable sources…for a tabloid.

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney You pretty much just answered your own question. “Reliable” and “tabloid” aren’t usually found in the same sentence! I would venture to say that’s a perfect example of an oxymoron (with an emphasis on the “moron”).

    It’s all relative. Considering some of the outrageous rumors/lies that have been “reported” by some tabs over the years and even this year (Lawrence/Hoult Christmas engagement, for one), People looks like reputable, hard-hitting news magazine!

    But a tiger can’t change its stripes, and People is a tabloid, pure and simple. They’re after the juicy stories like everyone else, but they have to be careful to pick the right times because of their “reliable” rep. As I said before, after sitting this whole “relationship” out for the last few weeks, they had to do something to help maintain readership and website clicks. Maybe they thought with Martin known to be in LA, they could get or make up a story that would be believable. Except in their eagerness to join the fray, their story just doesn’t add up.

  • Deni

    @Courtney @pah-lease I also think it’s just a friendly relationship! A loving relationship takes time and appointments. They did not have time and like i said,once can go unnoticed..but two, three, four or five adsolutely not, especially in Los Angeles!! This maybe was just a friendly dinner, to talk about this gossip. Although it is strange that Jennifer decides to go to dinner with Martin now in the middle of a scandal for the photos and in the middle of gossip!

  • Cc

    Agree with the “most random and odd pair” EVER!