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Joan Rivers Stopped Breathing During Unplanned Throat Biopsy Before Her Hospitalization: Report

Joan Rivers Stopped Breathing During Unplanned Throat Biopsy Before Her Hospitalization: Report

New details are emerging about the cause of Joan Rivers‘ hospitalization which ultimately led to her death – and a report is now out saying she initially stopped breathing during an unplanned biopsy to her throat.

The 81-year-old comedienne was reportedly visiting the Yorkville Endoscopy center in NYC last month to have “a diagnostic procedure [to] see why her voice had gotten raspy,” the New York Daily News reports.

Doctors found something on her vocal cords, and another doctor who was with Joan and did not work at the clinic, asked if he could use their tools to biopsy the area. During the biopsy, Joan suffered from a vocal cord contraction laryngospasm and stopped breathing.

Reports say that this is “a huge no-no” for a clinic to allow this to be done as she had agreed to the endoscopy but not the biopsy.

Our continued thoughts go out to Joan‘s family and friends during this time.

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  • Sharon

    Why was Joan with “another doctor”? and why would he interfere? and why would this clinic allow him to interfere? This is just so sad and horrible!!! Poor Joan didn’t even know what the f–k these idiots were doing to her.

  • @Sharon: exactly. I’m sure her daughter is going to use their pants off. What a bunch of damn idiots.

  • Oops use = sue. Lol at use their pants off. I need some coffee.

  • @swiftie: I think you should watch her documentary joan rivers : a piece of work. It’s on netflix. You will come out with a different view of who she was. She was a nice lady… All of the meanness was an act.

  • Anon

    @swiftie: If you don’t like her or posts about her that is easily remedied, don’t click on the story. **** this story just gets worse because it sounds like this was totally preventable and almost criminal.

  • Poor lady

    Imagine Joan did not even have a reason to die. She died for the ineffiency of other doctors who did not have to interfere. Poor lady!!

  • forrest gump

    so think again about plastic surgery.

  • coco

    Everyone here seems to forget her age. I mean, probably the doctors should have been more careful, but I guess that after 80 “accidents” do happen a lot.
    I’ve heard a lot of stories where people over 80 years old passed away relatively quickly: things seem fine one day and then they suddenly discover that this or that organ doesn’t work anymore.
    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be sad (I still have three grandparents myself and if they passed away I’d be sad), but that’s how life goes.
    With all due respect I’m much more sad and angry about kids who die every day of hunger or violence than about someone who’s lived over 80 years of a good and full life.

  • nan

    @forrest gump: How is this plastic surgery? She was getting her vocal cords lifted? Make them high and nice and tight?

  • coco

    @Poor lady:
    Not defending malpractice at all, but it sounds like something was wrong with her throat anyway. It could have happened in a month or so anyway. It’s not like she was an healthy and strong 30 year old and they deliberately cut her throat and killed her.
    We don’t know what happened, but things are always delicate with people that age.

  • Sharon

    @coco: It’s not acceptable for anyone at any age have a “doctor” (and in this case I use the term doctor loosely) to go ahead and do something to YOUR body that he wants to do. Joan was there to basically have a camera look inside, take pictures. Then and only then Joan and the doctor look at the pictures and DISCUSS. These people should be sued and take it further Jail time. If they’re doing it to someone famous, imagine average Joe going in there.

  • coco

    As I said, I don’t condone malpractice, but (given that what the article says is accurate) it says that they did find something on her vocal cords, which means that something was actually wrong enough to make a few doctors agree on this biopsy being taken.
    What I’m trying to say (sorry if I’m not clear enough, english isn’t my first language) is that apparently they simply touched something that was already not working, it’s not like they went there with scissors and cut her vocal cords.
    And from what I read the doctor was with her, so I gather he wasn’t just a random guy from the street, he must have had his titles to be there.

  • coco

    Also, thinking about medical liability, since I study law, a lot of cases are difficult and good doctors take risks and try to save patients, but sometimes things just don’t work.
    If doctors were to be liable every time a patient die they wouldn’t take risks anymore and patients at risk would just die, instead of possibly being saved by a brave surgeon.
    That’s just in general, but obviously in this case an investigation should be done to clarify if anything wrong had been done.

  • Toe

    Sad. They have to be sued for malpractice. We don’t want more people to die for that kind of mistake.

  • Sharon

    @coco: If there was something wrong it was not there decision to make. Joan went because she knew there was in fact a problem. If she had enough sense to get checked for something she would without question want to know HER options. As for it wasn’t some random guy he was a doctor. Yep, Michael Jackson thought he had a doctor by his side too. Just sayin

  • ladyb

    I smell $$$$$$$ lawsuit. The clinic should just considered themselves closed. Yes, definitely going to watch the documentary. I have always loved her. She was just so funny. And I thought the people she made fun took themselves too seriously. Yes, she was harsh but just laugh with it. Or hit her back with your own cruel jokes..she won’t have mind one bit.

  • Joanie hired other doc

    No it is called Sudden Cardiac arrest ! Too bad they did nit have a fibillator could of saved her! LIFE! Wonder who the other doc was?

  • coco

    Look, we don’t really know what happened, so whatever we all say doesn’t really matter, but you say “it wasn’t their decision to make”, then again I wonder whose decision should it be. They might not have been prudent enough, but I don’t think they just did a random thing without asking her if she was ok with it.
    They probably said, “look Joan, it looks like there’s something wrong here, we’d like to do a biopsy and see what it is”, and I guess she trusted them.
    What I’m saying is that- all due investigations aside- people can actually die without it being anyone’s fault, especially at 81 years old, I’m not a doctor but I can imagine that sometimes things just don’t work.

  • Sharon

    @coco: You sound a little to informed and the way you’re defending the clinic’s doctors is very uncomfortable. Just sayin…

  • coco

    I’m just practicing critical thinking. ;)

  • lulu

    I’ve had endoscopies, and with every one I’ve had to sign a release saying I agree to any biopsies, if they find something that seems suspicious. I can’t imagine Joan not signing the same type form.

  • coco

    Dear Sharon, here’s why you should practice critical thinking too, and not just take everything you read as absolutely true:
    You see, the alleged biopsy never even took place…
    Don’t believe anything they want you to believe, always try and go to the closest source and separate what’s been declared as absolutely certain from reports, from what “sources” have said, etc…