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Kanye West Hospitalized for Bad Migraine, Performs That Night

Kanye West Hospitalized for Bad Migraine, Performs That Night

Kanye West had a scary moment while on tour in Australia on Wednesday (September 10) – he was rushed to the hospital for an awful migraine.

The 37-year-old rapper was rushed to the emergency room in Melbourne after playing basketball with his buddies. Fortunately, he had a quick recovery and as they say in show business, the show must go on!

Kanye hit the stage later that evening at the Rod Laver Arena for his Yeezus Tour show after doctors determined there was nothing seriously wrong, according to TMZ.

Hope you are feeling better, Kanye!

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  • VH1access Blog

    I thought he had a seizure

  • rio

    wow what a hero!! and of course this had to be made public because what is taking every single step without getting publicity for it…

  • AA

    Its Taylor Swift… she poisoned him.

  • Vickie

    I have chronic migraines and would like to know what they gave him that had him up and performing that night.

  • LOL

    it wasn’t a’s his ego growing to big in his head.

  • well..

    we already got rid of joan rivers… so let’s hope this migraine is something deadly

  • James

    Hope he feel better , I was at the concert it was by far the best concert I seen , it was far more than just a performance he truly is an amazing artist .

  • bahahaha

    puhleez. drama king. Maybe it was the fat injection Kim made him get in his head…. and it takes 0 talent to put the same sentence in a song and keep repeating it, then rant on about how you get no respect. duche… However I will say this part cracked me up…

  • Diedre

    Yeah, I notice that this account of the incident didn’t bother to mention that the patients who were there for scheduled MRIs had their’s cancelled so that this knob could confirm that there wasn’t anything wrong with his tiny pea brain.
    Go to the ER and wait for hours like everybody else you d*uche nozzle.

  • Mary

    I’m with Vickie as a fellow migraine sufferer – a migraine bad enough to send you to the ER doesn’t dissipate in a matter of hours. But I also think that “migraine” is a ready excuse for the hospital visit, and as far as medical stuff is involved, I don’t mind the lie if it was something other than a migraine. It’s his business.

  • tick

    Too bad it wasn’t a tumor.

  • web domain

    I’ve heard he really put a good show that night and despite having a migraine he didn’t start the concert much later than usual. I’m curious what they gave him as well especially considering he was performing on stage with the music booming out. I would be surprised if he didn’t have a relapse.

  • Lonri

    He and his wife are getting irrlevent. He has learned from Kim on making up fake stories in order to stay in the press. Really? His migraine was so bad he was ‘rushed’ to the hospital, but was able to perform a concert still? These two are just pissed because Brad and Angelina had the wedding of the year, Kate Middleton is expecting again and soon George Clooney will be getting married. They are angrey cos nobody gives a hoot about them.

  • Robb7

    This “tale” has so many inconsistencies. A migraine forces him to go to the ER??!! Then he’s not only up and about, but performing in minefield of noise and bright lights??!! Both are a no-no for migraine sufferers! Everything about this knucklehead reeks of lies, b.s. and hyped-up crap!

  • janie

    Another fabritcated story! Just like the racist teen story! I don’t believe anything coming from these peoples mouths! Rat bastard and his slut wife and her greedy family!

  • hahaha

    Cry me a river, nobody cares. He’s a POS that nobody likes. If he was gone tomorrow no one would shed a tear. Maybe Kim K. would shed a plastic tear just to get some press.

  • Shoegal421

    I’m with all of you fellow migraine sufferers. It usually takes me a day or two to recover from one and that’s without any light or sound. No food either. I’d like to know what magical medicine was administered to this douche.

  • Jessie

    Whatever they gave him should be available to those millions of migraine suffers who takes days or weeks to get over an episode, obviously the medical community is withholding life changing medicine from them. If that sounds like I doubt Kanye had a migraine headache, then yeah.

  • NYJ

    SCREW Kanye. Emergency room patients had to be cleared out of the waiting room AND consulting rooms because this self-important pri*k had a headache? Boo-freaking-who, poor baby

  • suzybel

    I’d have a migraine too if I were married to a Kardashian.

  • mean

    To bad he didn’t die. kim is a high maintance women. Who in the f cares and this dude.