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Katie Holmes Making Directorial Debut with 'All We Had' Adaptation!

Katie Holmes Making Directorial Debut with 'All We Had' Adaptation!

Katie Holmes has just set her directorial debut with the upcoming film All We Had, which will be adapted from the Annie Weatherwax novel of the same name, THR reports.

The 35-year-old actress will not only direct the movie – she will also star as a mother who lives on the edge of poverty with her 13-year-old daughter.

Jane Rosenthal will produce with The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone writing the script.

Katie has such a clear vision for the book’s irreverent, original mother-daughter relationship. Her passion for the material, along with Josh Boone‘s ability to tell stories grounded in the comedy and drama of everyday, will truly bring these characters to life,” Jane said in a statement.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Katie Holmes take the director’s chair???

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  • Meiling


  • lol


  • Can’t Stop Laughing

    Can not stop laughing!!!!!!
    This will flop so hard . OMG she is nuts if she thinks she can pull this off.

  • Can’t Stop Laughing

    All she has is to milk her own mother daughter relationship but she isn’t in poverty. OMG she is so freaking delusional.
    She will milk this to the end and play on people’s sympathy since she got a divorce.
    Oh dear lawd, I look forward to the second hand embarrassment from this because for sure it is coming.

  • Caryn

    Well if it is as boring and uninspired as the one she did for AOL–it is going to be another fail on her resume. It is hard to believe she would get the funding necessary with her track record of films not making money.

  • Mary

    I can’t see how she got funding for this. It would be one thing if she were a rock solid actor, and someone is taking a chance on her directing abilities, but she’s not a solid actress. She’s ok sometimes and lousy others. I’m amazed that she keeps getting opportunities even though she can’t seem to make them work (Broadway, fashion designer, and now director??).

  • @6

    It’s probably incredibly low budget or we will find Harvey’s name attached some how. lol.

  • Beth

    With Holmes it’s always wade through the hype and see what actually comes to fruition. Lot’s of hype for the Giver and it flopped.
    Will it actually get made or will these be like her Indies that sat on the shelf and eventually had very very limited release?

  • Caryn

    Well it looks like Katie bought the option for the novel which is a debut novel. The production company is probably funding it. Probably a $5-10 million budget. Should make money no matter how good or bad it is due to the audience it is directed at. Smart move on her part if this succeeds.

  • @9

    that’s just it. Very low budget stuff. Not something many are going to see at all.
    I know it was discussed here a while ago she bought the option.
    Making money on something so cheap isn’t the only factor for success but it will give her the appearance of looking busy.

  • truth hurts

    She could have bought the movie to act in and direct herself…

    Angelina Jolie is doing this exact thing over in Malta right now because she wasn’t getting the roles she wanted….

    I’m sure Katie has used Tom’s money from the divorce to buy her acting jobs before…see those 3 indie indie low low budget films she has done since the divorce…she prob. quietly partially subsidized the production of them.

  • Beth

    @truth hurts:
    She is not the first to buy herself a gig but she is no Angelina Jolie who can float a movie. Not all AJ’s are great but c’mon KH isnt in the same league at all.
    I bet you are right though that she helped buy the indie’s to get them released.

  • Jen

    What happened to her TV show?

  • Nathan

    Ben Affleck was always thought of as a bad actor by most but when he directed and stared in 2012 ARGO it all changed he now has an Oscar and is respected in Hollywood.

    I think the same thing could happen for Katie I mean who knows maybe she’s an awesome director and dosen’t know it yet. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

    I’m happy for her. Go Katie! I’m sure you will be great. :)

  • Jen

    Moved back to L.A., Suri isn’t in school, Katie has absurd opportunities that do not remotely connect with her proven talent… Sounds like Tom’s back.

  • Missy

    Wow. Way to go Katie! I love how she continues challenge herself and takes risks.
    LOL. You guys are too funny. When she was married it was said that Tom was buying her roles. Now it’s “She uses Tom’s money to buy herself roles” Anything to discredit her I guess. From the way you guys talk, one would think she gets 40 million a year from Tom, not 400k. You guys insist that she doesn’t make much money on her own and lives primarily off of child support. Who knew that 400k a year was enough to pay for her mansion, all of her staff, taxes; travel, clothing, food, entertainment for both herself and her daughter. And she still has money left over to be financing her films. Amazing!

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money she has, she can’t force people to work with her. Jane Rosenthal is an experienced, successful producer who apparently likes and believes in Katie.
    Josh Boone just wrote and directed one of the biggest critical and commercial successes of the year. He could do anything right now, and yet he is choosing to work with Katie. I think that says a lot.

  • Missy

    And how in the world would you know that her daughter isn’t in school?

  • Gotta Laugh

    Her fans/stans are the funny ones.
    We all know her track record around here. Hype it up all you want but not too long ago her stans were saying “the haters aren’t going to know what to do with themselves when her new hit tv show airs and she is totally successful ” and of course it never made it to air. But she did get a lot of press from it.
    That is the M.O.
    This will get her some press for now but how will this all pan out? If her track record is anything to go on, we know the answer.

  • @15

    Tom is in London and Morocco filming MI5
    He isn’t in LA and I doubt has anything to do with this current move. I think it’s just Katie trying to get some work going.

  • Missy

    @Gotta Laugh:
    Ah I see you’re deflecting while completely ignoring the content of my post. I was responding to the ridiculous claim that she was using “Tom’s money” to get work for herself.

  • Gotta Laugh

    I am not deflecting anything. I am humored by this since I think it’s once again all hype and will at the end of the day be like the rest of the crap she tries her hand at just like her TV show that you and Annie said were going to be amazing and the poor haters weren’t going to know what to do with themselves. I remember laughing then and I am laughing now.
    Still waiting for Katie to do something successful and of substance that last.
    Fashion line? Fail
    Bobbie Brown? Let out of contract early
    TV show? never made it
    Broadway? cut shut down early
    Movies? The Giver just bombed.

  • Gotta Laugh

    For the Tom buying roles comment ask the person that made the comment it wasn’t me.

  • Missy

    @Gotta Laugh:
    Well you responded to my post so I responded to you.
    Oh well enough of all this back and forth. Don’t know why I even bother trying to engage with folks who change their names every time they comment.

  • K-Flop – Ghosting

    She will obviously be using a ghost director.

  • Missy

    @Gotta Laugh:
    Also I never said anything about her tv pilot except for the fact that I liked the writer.

  • Gotta Laugh

    If it wasn’t you it was Annie for sure because I remember it.
    Don’t feel like looking for the link
    Whatever, again time will tell as always she will get a few days of press from something that will never make it or will bomb.

  • Sari


    She probably has plenty of her own money. My amazement comes from her track record. Look at – her films either perform below expectations or totally bomb. She either has the most incredibly bad luck in choosing roles or else she is box office poison,. Plus, as another poster said, her AOL directorial debut was awful. She tried to cram too much into the time frame and it was quite honestly not a good piece and very boring. There was absolutely no creativity in anything she presented. Same goes for her very dull fashion line. So I question how she is going to bring a creative and dynamic view point to this project.

    Going back to money. Katie’s prenup probably included her keeping whatever money she made. And she was able to keep jewelry and clothing. And it is very possible Tom did have to shell out some money to her other than child support. Her fashion line tanked so she probably didn’t get much profit if any with that. She is part owner of Alterna and I think they are doing okay. She has gotten probably about $5-7 million for her endorsements. Even if Bobbi Brown dropped her she probably got the full amount. She probably got at least a couple of million with all the films she has done. And now it appears she is shilling products so she probably gets something from that. Then Suri gets $480ish thousand a year. I’d say Katie is doing okay. She isn’t extravagant like others in the field. And Tom probably pays for body guards etc. for Suri (not Katie). But it appears he considers her a subversive. I have a hard time believing that he wouldn’t be photographed with occasionally her if he was actually seeing her. And based on how both of them pimped this poor kid out during their marriage, I have a hard time believing he wouldn’t take an occasional opportunity for a papped photo. Katie certainly does!

  • annie

    You guys are so funny…..can’t understand how she gets this role or that role, but hey, she gets them.!
    So the bottom line is nobody gives a fig what you people think, and your crazy comments mean nothing in the scheme of things.
    I read a bit about the book weeks ago, and it sounds great. Katie is very good at playing quirky complicated roles, and this has an interesting storyline.
    As Missy said , Katie is challenging herself for better things,
    And you know what?
    I think people in the business think highly of her, and that’s what counts, not how you nasty pack of so and so’s think.
    Don’t go away, because 2015, is just around the corner!

  • Olivia

    I don’t think he sees her as much as he should but I don’t think he views her as subversive. That is generally for adults and those that talked negatively about it which of course Suri has not done. There are a couple of pictures of them together since the split the time in the park with the cup cakes and the time at the bungee jumping. Those were not pap pictures so it’s really not known what other times since then he has seen her.
    Not counting the July 2012 pictures.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    You beat me to it!

  • @28

    Yeah 2015 is almost here. Just like 2013 and 2014 you said before was gonna be it.
    So far all lead balloons.
    Not sure why you would assume this will be different.

  • pinkrose

    There are a lot of people who have passable talent at many things. Katie is one of those – Jack of all trades and master of none. She needs to choose one art form and concentrate on it for a long time. Practise. Practise. Practise. And stop flitting from art form to art form and accomplishing nothing!

  • annie

    Sari don’t you get tired saying the same things over and over, year in , year out. People move on, they try to better themselves, that’s what she’s doing.
    Oh yes I forgot you are the greatest of” I’ve been to hell and back” NK fans.
    Like I said, what you or the rest of them here think (like the ones who keep changing their name) doesn’t seem to matter to the ones that really count.
    That much is obvious!
    Continue on, doesn’t seem to be getting you or the rest anywhere by putting her down all the time. You don’t have to be a fan to see that, the girl is doing fine!

  • @33

    Katie doing fine? that’s a matter of definition. Most things she set her mind to have flopped the last few years.
    Yes she gets work but it either doesn’t come through at all or flops or she lost the job or whatever.
    So she has the appearance of looking busy but not much has come of anything to make her a success in her field lately.
    And who are you to talk of people saying the same thing over and over??? Really??

  • annie

    you say it often enough, which you do , you play it over and over in your mind, trying to convince yourself that what you say is true!
    get a life, and stop being so hateful!
    you say anything that pops into your head. like your interesting little comment, she gives the appearance of being busy, really?
    god you just say anything!
    as you see , i don’t have a problem using my real name !

  • @35

    Bite me, Annie
    No interest in pleasing you. No need to convince myself of anything. I see it with my own eyes.
    She does appear to be busy but not much going on. Many threads here at JJ talking about projects and crap that sit on the shelf or never make it at all like her TV show.

  • @35

    And Annie spare us the using your real or same name crap. It’s already known you switch it up when you feel like it too.
    Who cares if people do it more then you -you also do it when you feel like it.

  • Danelle

    “ARE YOU EXCITED to see Katie Holmes take the director’s chair???”
    - Uh, No.

    But, it is curiously interesting how much Harvey Weinstein and group (Jane Rosenthal, Leslie Sloane, etc) are marketing Katie.

    The solid, front-lining actress of a film doesn’t look promising, so change script to Director.

    Jane Rosenthal was in Katie’s (amateur/boring) AOL directorial short and now she is behind this project.

    Katie has a special skill in getting supporters for experimenting – her dad with her acting, Tom with her acting/fashion and A-list goals and now Harvey (and group).

    Whatever happened to ‘Molly’? The film she wrote, produced and supposedly starred in.

    In the end (say, a year or so) her directorial experimentation will go the way of her fashion line, theater and limited acting – deadend.

    Jane and Harvey have collaborated on other projects (Artemis Fowl (pending), Blue Valentine (supporting Michelle Williams) and others)

  • bahaha


  • Missy

    Katie doesn’t tweet much anymore but she used to always be tweeting back and forth with Jane Rosenthal. There have been a lot of photos of them together and she referred to Jane as her “dear friend”. Not sure why it’s always assumed that Harvey is the mastermind behind everything. It could be the other way around. She does seem to be good at networking.

  • Danelle

    Her ‘dear friend’ since when?

    Is there any connection or ‘tweets’, photos, projects, etc connecting their relationship prior to 2012 (Leslie Sloane and Harvey Weinstein)?

  • susan3252

    Angie doing the same thing as Katie, buying a movie because non one will hire her. Angie is a bad actress also. Katie marrying tom ruined her career. And brad becoming a producer on films so he can turn around in act in them, case in point 12 years a slave

  • To K-flop

    @K-Flop – Ghosting:
    Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner.
    I guarantee she will get director credit but not really do the work. Having done nothing but a few min. short there is no way she is ready to be responsible for directing movie.

  • Deanna

    I’m beginning to think that her film “Molly” was just a PR stunt from her people to make her look good during her divorce from Tom Cruise. This woman is so fake!

  • Missy

    There seems to be this assumption that Harvey is her “puppet master” and he is pulling strings to get her work. I’m just saying that out of all of the people in the “group” that you refer to-Harvey, Leslie Sloane,James Dolan, Jane Rosenthal- she seems to be closest to Jane and Leslie. Maybe the women (including Katie) have a plan and Harvey is just another player in their game.

  • Missy

    As someone pointed out in another thread, most of Harvey’s proteges are young, busty blondes. Katie doesn’t really seem to fit the bill of Harvey’s typical girl.

  • Danelle


    Leslie does the image management (manipulation) – ‘Midwest values”, “Not Without My Daughter”, “Multi-faceted Business Professional”, “Broadway Professional”, “Everyday Woman Fashion Designer”, etc, etc,…

    Harvey does the campaigning (getting the recognition)

    Jane Rosenthal, Patty Newburger, Leigh Bishop Taub and a few others (clique) assist with connections and status validation.

    All starting 2012. Getting the business (and the audience) to take any Katie Holmes project seriously takes a team; just ask Tom.

  • 000000

    Gwyneth Paltrow is far from busty.
    Don’t think everyone on the list was blonde though.

  • Missy

    I was simply repeating what the article said. But I realize I misread it. When they talked about busty blondes, they were referring to starlets in general not just Harvey’s girls.

    @Danelle, the “just ask Tom” comment was funny as he seems to have a large team that obsesses over his image. The ‘Team Tom’ e-mails that came out during his lawsuit were interesting. And that’s just his PR team, not including all of his other reps.

  • annie

    You criticize Katie a lot, but if you read your posts you make her come across as quite smart and savvy. I mean all these connections in 2 yrs. She’s got all these” well connected people” backing her, this so called mediocre actress, with not much talent, has these , I ”ll use well connected” again because it’s the truth.
    After all was it you that said that Harvey doesn’t do anything from the kindness of his heart. Producer Jane R is there to make money as well, not doing a friend some favour.
    Soon you’ll all have to pull out some new ideas, because clearly this girl knows how to work it!