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Oscar Pistorius Verdict: Judge Finds Paralympic Athlete Not Guilty of Murder

Oscar Pistorius Verdict: Judge Finds Paralympic Athlete Not Guilty of Murder

Oscar Pistorius has been found not guilty of premeditated murder after being on trial for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the New York Times reports.

The 27-year-old Paralympic athlete shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva, 29, through the door of their bathroom back in February of 2013.

Judge Masipa said that although she found Oscar to be an evasive witness in his own trial, she found parts of his story credible, including the main part of his story that he thought he was shooting and killing intruders in his home.

Oscar could still face charges of culpable homicide in the case, which would result in jail time. Court is currently in recess until Friday morning – Just Jared will bring updates as the final sentencing is given.

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  • LOL

    So now Africa has it’s own white version of OJ.
    Pity for the girl’s mom to have to hear this news.

  • John

    A sad day for justice system…..

  • kel

    Outrageous! I feel sorry for Reeva’s family.

  • Cheryl

    Not surprised by this – although I do think he will be found guilty of culpable homicide – which would be right. May not serve any time though because of his disabilities.


    NO! The verdict is tomorrow….

  • Kay

    You must be kidding me… another example that money can buy you everything, including freedom. I hope he will still go to jail. He deserves it.

  • Moi

    Knew this would happen. What an absolute travesty

  • Maria

    They will need special jail to house him since they can’t put him together with general population. Could he even be under house arrest ??



  • susan chidawa

    ” she is dead and who cares” That is exactly what the South African Law is saying to Reeva’s Parents,,,, so sad

  • Patrick

    Where’s Dexter when you need him.

  • Anna

    People, if you read more than just the headline, Oscar has NOT been let off the hook yet – he was just not found guilty with MURDER, which means one must have malice aforethought. He can still be charged with homicide, which means UP TO 15 years in jail. It will be declared tomorrow what the verdict will be, and in a few weeks what his punishment will be.

  • LOL


    sorry love, but even though he may be found guilty of having a weapon or homicide because he did indeed kill Reeva, the judge (and listen to the direction she was going with her ruling) she was preparing Reeva’s family and the media that she has the discretion to give him a longer sentence 15 years or a reduced sentence. This judge was sympathetic to his emotional state and it’s highly unlikely she will put him in jail. He’s not doing hard time.

  • Jennifer

    South Africa is extremely corrupt, I’m sure his family paid off the judge and he gets away with murder. Unbelievable!

  • sheigh

    God my God! God!
    Mandela is rolling over his grave!
    White with money = unpunishable

  • What a joke

    Once more it is proven (worldwide) if you are rich and famous you can get away with murder.

    I believe he intended to kill poor Reeva and so he did and now he will walk away free. He will buy off his sentence and voila!! free as a bird to live his life.
    Too bad poor Reeva lost hers.

    My heart and sympathy goes to her family.

  • Alaric

    involuntary manslaughter is still killing someone. that girl is dead and no sense of justice is so messed up

  • Question

    Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between murder and culpable homicide ? Isnt that the same thing?

  • Hesus

    There’s no justice in today’s courts. Be it US or Australia. Murders walk, and innocent people serve 30+ years for murders they didn’t committ. It’s a battle of good vs. evil. Welcome to the New World.

  • Jim

    In closing.
    Society today justice is affordable to those who can afford it, if you can afford it you can have all the justice you want.

  • groundcontrol

    I had reasonable doubt. That is all that’s required.
    We can speculate all we want but that is not evidence and that is not proof. There may be proper inferences that can be drawn from the facts presented in court that could lead to a finding of some type of guilt but they can’t be based on simple speculation.
    His testimony, flawed as it may have been, was sufficient to cast doubt o he government’s case – which seems to have overreached in the first place.
    Having experienced a similar situation in the dead of night and awakened suddenly in the dark I understand the weird state of mind that utterly grips you and has you doing totally weird and seemingly inexplicable things – until you’ve experienced this dissociative state of mind it’s almost impossible to understand it.

  • Sexyback

    Bummer, I was sooooo hoping they put him and his STUMPS in a cage next to OJ

  • NoJustice


    Always an idiot.

  • Jen

    @Question: For him to have been charged with murder, the prosecution would have had to prove to the judge that he had intended to kill or cause serious harm to Reeva: the key word being INTENTION. The judge stated that the prosecution’s case was not enough and the defence managed to plant a seed of reasonable doubt into her.

    Culpable homicide: In here the judge will look not so much into intention but more so on wheter he was negligent/reckless in his actions that morning. (SA law states so)

    To be honest, from the start of her verdict this morning and from the way she was directing it, I immediately predicted that he would get culpable homicide; let’s hope tomorrow the judge doesn’t throw away the one shred of faith the people have in the judicial system.

  • NickyAngel

    In my opinion I think that he intended to kill Reeva.

  • Anna


    I do agree with you on that one, that he will most likely not be doing any hard time – if even any jail time at all…

  • groundcontrol

    Logic not your strong suit I see.