Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper's Love Lives Take a Dramatic Turn in 'Serena' Trailer - Watch Here!

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper's Love Lives Take a Dramatic Turn in 'Serena' Trailer - Watch Here!

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper find love during the Depression-era in the new trailer for their highly-anticipated movie Serena.

This is the third movie together for the pair whose previous movies Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle went on to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

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Serena is based on the Ron Rash novel of the same name and takes place in 1930s North Carolina where the future of George Pemberton’s (Cooper) timber business becomes complicated when he finds out that his wife, Serena (Jennifer), cannot bear children.

Watch the full trailer below!

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Reunite in Steamy First ‘Serena’ Trailer

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  • ki

    I thought this movie neevr existed! It’s way too dramatic but at least looks very beautiful.

  • Elodie Cezard Canet Williams


  • LaCroix

    god she’s starting to act the same way in every film..

  • char

    Finally! a movie I’m going to see. Looks GREAT!!!!

  • Sar


    I just think she is type cast now. She needs to do a comedy or something different from all the drama. Not sure how this movie will be, I don’t think it has a US distributor yet so it might not come out here in the US.

  • forrest gump

    bradly was using a gigantic D*LDO to affect her…………..

  • sweetness

    Oh ohh here comes the couch potato haters….really she’s acting the same *eye roll* uh huh..
    this film looks very interesting and dramatic to say the least..her role in American Hustle was comedic to say she needs to do a comedy is just another reason to nit pick. If she did a comedy then people would say she needs to do drama…

  • Kiley

    Is this their third movie together now? Damn…I don’t get her appeal.

  • Kiley

    Oops, sorry I didn’t read it…but yeah she has got typecast as the powerful woman in many of her films now. Kind of getting old.

  • allison

    Funny how Bradley Cooper’s accent change from English to his normal accent back to English in this short trailer. I can just imagine how many times it changes in the whole movie.

  • ace11

    This guy is really creepy

    Seducing Girls who could be his daughter

  • Judy

    Looks like its going to be a good film, but no distributors in the USA? Whats with that? Could it be that its too racy and has to many sex scenes that would hurt the Billion Dollar Hunger Games Franchise by making one of the main stars look bad?

  • but

    @sweetness: i actually agree with Sar, she’s done too many dramas, she’s basically trying to beat meryl streep’s oscar record and i find that very calculated on her management team’s part. i’d love to see her do something lighthearted like a judd apatow film or do an ensemble cast of a really great raunchy college movie comedy, something where she doesn’t have to think its always about getting the oscar and just enjoy acting. its like jay-z making rihanna do an album every year which he basically signed her to contractually do, i feel like jens management is making her do the same thing but for movies, to do a drama every year so she can be a shoe-in for awards season which i feel is very forced and i am a j-law fan so there’s no couch potato hating in the least, its purely from a moviegoers perspective. im not even sure if jen is happy about that herself cause she has said that she needs a real vacation yet one director seems to want to pimp her out which you can point the finger at pretentious O. Russell cause O. Russell doesn’t care about giving her a break at all and i find that disturbing considering that movies do filming for over 12 hours in a day with starting their shifts at very early hours in the morning and very late hours into the evening and that’s purely exhausting.

  • Laurell

    @Judy: Too many sex scenes? How do you know that from a trailer? American Hustle showed Jennifer scantily clad, but not actually doing it or in the throngs of passion. Wasn’t Bradley dating Zoe Saldana while this movie was filming and Jennifer dating Nick Hoult? I wish they would show this movie in the USA.

  • Jamie

    @Laurell: The last time he was on Howard Stern’s show I believe he mentioned that this movie was dark and sexual, something along those lines.

  • Anna

    I was expecting her acting to be better in this than it looks. She’s so bland and and wooden… doesn’t really express much. Not the type of performance you’d expect from an Academy Award winner.

  • Stephanie

    I might be in the minority, but I’m not buying her as Serena. Serena is a very DARK character….incredibly brutal, selfish, controlling, cold, manipulative and.. towards the end.. sociopathic. Maybe they are going to try to make her more “likeable” for the audience, but if they are keeping the character anything like the book, Jen is just not cutting it for me. She’s trying to be intense but its coming off as forced and melodramatic, rather than dark and foreboding. Bradley Cooper doesn’t bother me as much since George Pemberton is kind of a wet-blanket character anyway. But Serena is really the driving, magnetic force behind the plot and if she is not 100% spot on, its going to take a major bite out of the story.

  • Bam


    Ok, well Christian Bale played bongos on her ass in American Hustle, I highly doubt the nature of this film is the reason it doesnt have a US distributor. From what I read the problem is the director being hard to deal with.

  • Jamie

    @Bam: Wasn’t Christian Bale doing that with Amy Adams in AH, not Jennifer?

  • Nicky

    @Anna: I agree. At this point she’s just miscast. And this movie looks like a mess… And probably is considering how long it had to wait for a distributor. Also she could at least try for an accent… She gets so much money for every movie it wouldn’t kill her to work a little bit over her character.

  • Bam


    Could have been they are both gorgeous ladies but Jennifer’s character in that movie was pretty nuts and always very sexual so I still say that is not the reason Serena doesn’t have a US distributor.

  • Bam


    What kind of accent does she need, the film is suppose to be set in North Carolina?

  • lol

    @Bam: it was amy getting her ass handed by bale, not jennifer lol

  • sarat

    She is NOT GOOD actress att all

  • Emme

    Why is everyone talking about how horrible J.Law is when I can’t get over Bradley Cooper’s horrible accent? It’s not her that already ruined the movie, it’s him. But of course in almost every society, the woman gets the hate and criticism when the man cruises by on his looks.

  • Stephanie

    @Emme Eh, I see what you’re saying. Bradley isn’t too great either but, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much of him, given his acting range and the character he has to play. Serena is a much more integral and fascinating part to the story, so I feel like its more important that they get her right as she’s the one most people are going to remember.

  • Lilly

    Mr. Cooper, I have to say you look quite sharp in Depression era clothing. Distinguished.
    And trust me, Jen can go dark. She has it in her.
    As for “wet blanket”. Classic response from men who love women they want to “fix”.

  • Fercat

    It can’t be helped. This is the kind of role suited for an older actress. Or one who had done theater work for a long time. She’ll have no true point of reference to base her character on. A slightly younger Kate Blanchet would kill in roles like this.

    Jen should stick to roles in her age range. She doesn’t have the experience for this.

  • Jamie

    I’ve never read the book so I can’t say whether or not she’ll pull this role off, but it’s possible that a lot of people might just be a little too eager to put her in their projects because they think it will do well and earn nominations. They might not be thinking about whether or not she is right for the role.

  • Lilly


    You might have a point. I tend to be optimistic though.

  • Cate

    Very poor trailer. Doesn’t make the film look compelling at all. The accents are all over the place too.

    Once again Lawrence is miscast playing a role meant for an older woman. This is a role for a strong, powerhouse actress in her 30s to 40s. Not even sure what to make of Cooper’s performance from this trailer.

  • anon

    @Cate: agreed. She chooses these roles of women who are MUCH older than her, I remember reading somewhere recently that she’s also playing the role of a 30/40+ woman in a David O. Russell movie (of course…) and it’s just like they’re trying to get her to do these characters that require LANGUAGE training, yes, this is based in America but can’t you see it’s pretty periodic? Look at the costumes? Just because you talk deeply doesn’t cut it as making it an aged/19th or 20th century accent.. Idk, it’s like someone said: they’re trying to push all of her movies into being “worthy” of awards when the performances aren’t that great

  • Daniela

    @sarat: totally agree with you

  • Dolly

    I think its a little premature to say that JLaw has been miscast. She has handled really heavy material before. Winter’s Bone got her an Oscar nomination and I think she was still in her teens. It was a pretty dark movie. If anything she tends to gravitate towards roles that are based in Appalachia. Or maybe that’s just how she is cast.

  • Dolly
  • Ewwww

    @Dolly: Anna Wintour loves porn and hardcore….. first Kim Kardashian in vogue, now Jennifer Lawrence at metball. What a fashion icons! Ewwwww

  • B B


    Sorry I like Bradley but not sure of this movie, JLaw seems so so but this trailer leaves alot to be desired.

    And I’m not a huge JLaw fan but I have to defend her from your comment. You cannot compare JLaw who had her private photos invaded with Kim Kardashian who is only famous for releasing her own sex tape with Ray J. Huge huge difference.

  • Ewwww

    @B B: No difference between them. Porn is porn. I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian but inform yourself better. The FBI never helped other cases but America’s hardcore Sweetheart yes. Dirty and filthy Hollywood

  • B B


    No it is not, taking pictures of yourself in private for your BF or yourself is not the same as releasing a porn tape with your consent for profit and fame. You need to inform yourself better but your jealousy and hate of JLaw is clouding that. Her pictures were in private and not meant for public consumption until a hacker stole her privacy. Again huge difference. And the FBI was just giving lip service to all the media asking about it because it involved APPLE COMPUTERS, yes it took a celebs like JLaw, Kate Upton, Vic Justice etc to make the media ask about it so the FBI responded. I am not even a JLaw fan but I will defend her on this you are wrong.

  • B B


    I read your article and Paris and Kim both can deny all they want but their is a law in the united states that prevents places such as vivid entertainment from releasing their sex tapes without their consent. They gave consent and got paid or else vivid would be held liable by law for not having them signed off on the tape. Iggy Azelea is going thru the same thing, if her sex tape which she now says is real is released by a porn company then yes they got her consent. The difference lies in this case it was a hacker who released tons of photos stolen from icloud accounts onto a black web where they are being passed around, if i remember ScarJo and Christina Aguleira got hacked and the FBI tracked down and sentenced their hacker to 10+ years so its not just because of JLaw. So please dont compare the two, these girls took nude selfies in private which lots of people do, they just werent careful or smart enough to know those photos could potentially be stolen from them which is wrong.

  • B B

    Here is the link from 2011 talking about the FBI arresting the ScarJo and plenty other people hacker. So they have done this before.

    Never thought I would defend JLaw but I will and all the other ladies of this hack as it was a invasion of privacy and theft against them.

  • Lordhelpyou…

    @B B: You must be a Jennifer Lawrence fan or you’re getting paid because those “private” nude selfies weren’t real they were pictures of pornstars with the celebrities heads photoshopped on you dumb moron!

  • B B


    Huh? If you say so. I don’t understand what your argument is here. All the hacked photos were fake? If true then great because invasion of privacy is a horrible thing to have happen to someone but I have read where all these ladies have confirmed they are real.

  • Ewwww

    @B B: Apple? sorry hunger game fanatical….. any electronic expert can tell you that it was not an intrusion to icloud server. Again inform yourself better while watching the saga. Conclusion; Jennifer Lawrence likes porn and hardcore so ewwwwww Anna Wintour ewwwwww

  • B B


    Yes Apple, they own iCloud and that is why the FBI was brought in because all their iCloud accounts were hacked. They then determined that these women were hacked over months by using a phishing technique to get passwords and what not to get into the accounts. I am informed. I am done with this conversation since you clearly are just trolling.

  • Athena

    I see that the Lohan Clan has hit he posting boards again. LOL!…apparently it’s not only liquor and drugs and JOHNS that you can’t manage, but jealousy as well. The Blog are well known for invading posting boards and spewing their jealousy/hate….to no avail.

    Lohan…you will never win an Oscar, be respected, beloved, or EVER be invited to the MET Ball. Deal with it.

    Love the trailer, look forward to everything else Jennifer (OSCAR WINNER, MET CO CHAIR, RESPECTED ACTRESS) Lawrence does next.

  • Athena

    *Blohan* not *Blog*….in case there was any confusion.