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Nicole Kidman Appreciates Outpouring of Support After Father's Death

Nicole Kidman Appreciates Outpouring of Support After Father's Death

It was announced earlier today that Nicole Kidman‘s father, Antony Kidman, sadly passed away after a fall in his Singapore hotel room.

Nicole and her family are in shock by the sudden death of her father. She appreciates the outpouring of support and kindly requests privacy during this very difficult time. Thank you,” the 47-year-old actress’ publicist and friend Leslee Dart told Just Jared in a statement.

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Only a few details of the death have been released, but Singapore police told Reuters they were investigating his “unnatural death.”

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  • Ella

    We love you Nicole! Your dad is in a place where he can watch over you and the family. RIP to Dr. Kidman – a great man who helped people his whole life.

  • Gloria

    So sorry for your loss Nicole! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  • IrishRose

    Sending thoughts of love and peace to the Kidmans. RIP Antony Kidman.

  • holla

    It must be horrible to lose your father basically in an instant. Love and prayers go out to the Urban and Kidman families.

  • Jimmy

    I feel bad for her. Her whole life is based on deception.

  • RIP

    Her relationship with her father was the only real relationship she has ever had. So sad.

  • Sally

    My heart and prayers are going out to all the Kidman’s and Urban’s. Keith flew to your side as soon as he heard the news. Lean on him as he loves you with all his heart.

  • Sally

    Are you serious #5and#6 her heart is breaking and you can’t give her a break from all your hate. You are both evil.

  • http://comcast Joni

    # 5 and 6 aka THE CRAZY ONE using even more names. Goes to show how sick with jealousy this person is when the ugly, black remarks can be made at a time like this. Feel so sorry for Nicole and her family, they were all so close.

  • Mary

    God bless you, Nicole, as Keith shares with you all of his love, strength and courage during this time of loss in your lives. Not only was your father Antony an amazing psychologist who helped thousands if not millions of lives, he was a blessing to you and your family– including Keith. Antony and Keith made such a great connection and had a beautiful respect and admiration for each other. May your hearts be filled with love and beautiful music at this time.

  • Mary

    @Jimmy: The only “deception” around here is what filthy lies you creepy lunatics spew. Jealousy is so ugly on you!

  • Mary

    @RIP: Nicole has an amazing and loving relationship called a MARRIAGE with her husband Keith Urban. You’re so full of hate that you wouldn’t be able to recognize what that is.

  • Not so close after all

    Travelling abroad for over a month without his wife?

  • Sorry

    The details surrounding the death are really sketchy. Alone at a Singapore club without his wife. Reported unnatural death?

  • ?

    Let’s hope Nicole’s ‘Inept Team Kidman’ isn’t handling the PR surrounding her fathers death or nobody will ever believe their version of what really happened to Antony Kidman.

  • Gloria Darcy

    @?: Latest story says he collapsed in the hotel restaurant after his exercise routine. They were not able to resuscitate him. Apparent heart attack.

  • http://comcast Joni

    # 13, 14, and 15, along with 5 and 6 , all the same person aka The Crazy One. So sad that this person can be so full of jealous hate at this time. Nicole and her family is loved by ninety nine percent of the people and are caring for her feelings. We all have to go through this sometime in our lives and it is heartbreaking.

  • Kim

    @Joni: That crazy person doesn’t know what “heartbreaking” means, she doesn’t have a heart. Her comments here (# 5, 6, 13, 14, 15) are truly shameful.

  • reality check

    She’s shameful and deluded, quoting her own nasty lies from here on the cuckoo board as if they were made by someone else.

  • One

    Isn’t it eye opening the type of people that post hatred here? There are some sick, disrespectful people out there. They are the minority, but the internet gives them a platform. Probably their only means of being heard. Best we can do is to ignore them. Just like their real world. They deserve to be ignored.

  • curious

    Will Conor and Isabella attend their dear old grandpa’s funeral?

  • http://comcast Dee

    @curious: None of your business The Crazy One. How sick can you get ?????

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ Kim, you are so right, absolutely ‘no heart’. A nasty, nasty person with a deep mental problem. I feel so sorry for the Kidman family, they are so close to each other and Nicole is so fortunate to have such a loving husband in Keith.

  • Oh dear

    “Nicole Kidman’s son Connor Cruise continues holiday while family grieves in Sydney”

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Oh dearPp You do such a great job keeping up with Nicole and Keith’s business, so Connor won’t be attending grandfathers funeral. Well thanks for telling us The Crazy One but nobody cares whether he is there or not.

  • bahahahaha

    You care deeply Joni, The Obsessed One. A no show by Isabella and Conor at their grandfathers funeral will be very telling indeed. Such a close family NOT!

  • Paula

    @bahahahaha: Connor seems like a very superficial, pretentious, unpleasant kid. Just like his father.

  • not really

    It doesn’t mean anything if they don’t go.
    I doubt they were close to the grandfather at all. Connor has been in Africa.
    They mostly grew up with their dad and although spent time with Nicole it wasn’t like they were with the grandfather during those times.
    Haters do your thing and assume all you want but you will never know the truth but the inner workings of a family just by a few pictures here and there and tabloid stories. Only they know and they have all said they are close and love each other.
    Anything other then that is your gossip and fantasy.

  • Just Sayin’

    you’re the obsessed one.
    It’s pretty clear no matter how many times you change your name.

  • Holly

    @not really: Don’t make excuses for why Connor is not with his “mom’s” family in Sydney. This proves that all those PR articles stating Bella and Connor have a great relationship with their “mom” are all BS. If they are close, they would be at the funeral. If they don’t attend, it proves they have chosen to stay away from their “mom”.

  • poppy

    do you know what the word proof means?
    speculation is not proof.
    but no sense arguing with a fool on the internet wrapped up in a celebrity life.

  • Paula

    @Holly: Connor and Isabella are brainwashed scientologists. So no, they are not close to Nicole and her family and yes, they have chosen to stay away from them. As scientologists, they have to “avoid or destroy” anyone who is not a scientologist. There are many, very sad stories out there of mothers or fathers who lost their kids to the cult. The stories you are talking about Holly were obviously planted by Scientology in order to prove that Connor and Bella are regular kids who love their mom. But they are not, as their dad is a cult leader. They are just as shallow and manipulative as Tom is. They only think about themselves, they are robots with no hearts. I feel very bad for Nicole right now, she just lost her dad, she’s devastated, and her son doesn’t even take time to come and support her. He is too busy partying with his scientologist friends on vacation in Morocco. What a good son.

  • 000000@@@00000

    Conner made those statements with his own mouth. If you don’t believe him fine.
    But you are jumping in way over your head saying it was a plant from the cult leaders.
    They didn’t plan that interview. They didn’t ask the person to ask Conner that question.
    Everything is so huge conspiracy theory with your kind. It’s kind of funny but yet kind of sad to see the degree of anger people like you have for things you really don’t know a whole lot about.
    You are way to invested in this story and you have very little facts to go on.

  • Paula

    @000000@@@00000: Well, the facts are here for everyone to see : Nicole is grieving her dad, looking devastated and Connor is partying in Morocco, posting pictures of himself looking relaxed and happy on Twitter. That says a lot about the kind of son/person he is. Actions speak louder than words.

  • 000000@@@00000

    So much you don’t really know.
    You read a few tabloids here and there.
    Family dynamics are much more then that. I don’t know the reason he didn’t go and neither do you.
    Glad they don’t care that people like you spend way too much time
    investing in their personal life.

  • Paula

    @000000@@@00000: Why are you defending him then? Have you seen the pictures he posted on Twitter? What would you do if your grandfather died and your mother was devastated? Would you go on vacation with your friends and post pictures on Twitter for everybody to see how happy you are?

  • Holly
  • 000000@@@00000

    It isn’t about defending him.
    The point is we don’t know everything. In fact we see less then 1 percent of their life and yet make so many conclusions.
    Did he call and talk to his mother and they decided it was best he didn’t go?
    My only point is that we don’t know much of anything and the amount of anger and assumptions about these people is way ott.
    Do they have a good relationship?I only know what they both have said. Are they lying?
    Is it Nicole’s fault? is it Tom’s fault? is it Conner’s fault if they aren’t close??
    I wouldn’t waste my time being so invested or angry since whichever way you lien you are probably off base having not known them.

  • Paula

    @Holly: Being nice to them is the only thing she can do so they don’t completely disconnect from her. Poor woman.

  • uh oh

    News Headline – Nicole Kidman’s Father Dies Amid Pedophile, Child Murder ring allegations

  • Paula

    @000000@@@00000: So you don’t find his behaviour weird and shocking? If I was on vacation and my grandfather died, I would come back immediately and comfort and help my mother. Just like any child who loves his mother would do.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @uh oh: Your News Headline is just too much THE. CRAZY ONE. Just goes to show how crazy you really are!!! You must be off your meds to come up with that one. Hope your cell is padded.

  • 000000@@@00000

    No because I don’t know all the details of the family dynamics or reasons as to why he is not there.
    You are assuming all families should act like yours.
    If someone saw a snapshot of your family they might also come to conclusions that in your mind are no where near the truth.
    As to “poor Nicole” you are assuming she feels like poor Nicole in this situation and maybe she doesn’t feel that way at all.

  • Kim

    @uh oh: Lol those allegations are made by a crazy woman and a bunch of wackjobs who also claim that the Pope and the Queen of England abuse and kill babies and drink their blood. They call everyone famous and powerful “pedophiles”, “satanists” and “luciferians”. And of course you, dear Crazy One, believe everything those nutjobs say.

  • Oh dear

    Sketchy details surrounding cause of death and now pedophile allegations?

  • Diabolical News

    Conor and Isabella may have legitimate concerns regarding Antony Kidman’s past behavior.

  • whattttttttttt

    I saw that some place that looked lower then the National Inquirer. Is anyone else reporting it? If not, it’s safe it say it’s straight trash.

  • reality check

    Same stupid skeptic games. They will defend ANYTHING if it is hurtful to Nicole or Keith.

    There was a man who legitimately stalked Nicole, her two oldest children, and several other female celebrities because he just ”wanted to date them”. He was a whackjob obviously. Cheyenne the skeptic defended him on hate boards claiming Nicole ruined his life and prevented him from successfully running for office. Yes the man ran for President. I believe he also tried to sue his stalking victims.

    That’s the kind of behavior skeptics defend – psychotic, irrational, nonsensical, idiotic, and conspiratorial nonsense.

    Way to go Crazy One! Here’s your foil hat!

  • Oh dear

    You seem a little hysterical sewer mistress. Let’s hope for KUNKs sake the pedophile allegations against Dr. Antony Kidman are false …… time will tell.


    @whattttttttttt: @whattttttttttt: I tell you what, whoever wrote that trash has more than a screw loose.

    Let’s say you are fleeing the country because you’re a sex offender. You don’t travel to be with family because that’s the first place authorities go .looking. You also don’t allow your location to be known by the world and be photographed with your kids in the US and Singapore and have those photos posted on the internet for everyone to see.

    So this story was written by a moron. Forget what they think about the Queen. The story has more holes it than a leaky bucket. No wonder The Crazy One believes it! Maybe the two of them can go looking for Elvis and Tupac because everybody knows neither of them are really dead!