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Vanessa Hudgens Sends Love To Austin Butler on Twitter After Mom Lori's Passing

Vanessa Hudgens Sends Love To Austin Butler on Twitter After Mom Lori's Passing

Vanessa Hudgens has sent out her love and support on Twitter to say goodbye to boyfriend Austin Butler‘s mom, Lori.

“I miss you already mama,” the 25-year-old Gimme Shelter actress wrote after Austin, 23, announced his mom’s passing earlier tonight.

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Vanessa added a little later, “#ripLoriButler #celebrateLori spread the love for Lori.”

There’s no official word on what Lori passed away from, but keep hashtagging #ripLoriButler on Twitter to show your support to Austin.

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  • forrest gump

    moms were crucial in your younger years.

    now he must do it himself.

  • Haters Suck!

    Be strong. May God be with you b

  • Bee

    I’m sorry….I find the Twitter RIP very tacky.

  • Ren

    May his mom rest in peace. I hope he finds the strength and support to get through this terrible time.

  • jess

    @Bee: yea I have to agree with you on that, not tasteful at all. just respect her like a normal human being would normally grieve, not tweeting like an attention seeking celeb.

  • Haters Suck!

    Wow certainly didn’t take you haters long to use this as an excuse to hate on vanessa. Y’all are real classy people. Pat yourself on the back u must feel proud.

  • IMO

    It’s very hard to know what is the right thing to do , at a time like this. Instead of criticizing just pray for Austin and his loved ones . They are Christians and while it is a huge loss it is a celebration to know she is in Heaven with Our Lord and that is the only comfort when something like this happens. He will miss her for the rest of his life but he will be left with the hope to see her again.

  • tina

    @Haters Suck!: would you casually hashtag your bf’s mother’s death as a trending topic on twitter if she passed away??? has zero to do with hating, it’s called mourning properly, not in a high school way. you sound really immature, but it’s ok, I’ll give you a pat on the back for trying to defend your role model.

  • Haters Suck!

    Mourning properly? There’s no such thing. Each person is different, how austin goes about it it completely up to him. It’s not like there’s a book with a set of rules on how to handle something like this. I want to go on but this is no time to fight

  • http://justjared Charlie

    This is a terrible news, poor Austin. I watched some photos of Austin’s mom in 2012 and she was a young woman. I am very sorry.

  • italian mom

    Unespected horrible news.
    Austin is so young and it will be really hard but also, his youth will provide him strenght; time and great memories will help him very much, as we all see Austin is a sweet strong guy.


    It must be very hard on Austin. His mom was just too young. She must’ve been ill. I also understand Vanessa’s attachment to her. Losing a mother or a loved one is heartbreaking, I have seen many friends and relatives pouring their hearts out on Facebook, twittering is just another aspect. I too , have lost members of my family. As the saying goes,’ Haters are gonna hate no matter the situation or circumstance’.

  • Kylie

    Wow, so sad. She seemed so young and vibrant. RIP.

  • Amoore

    So vanessa is seeking attention right…if she didn’t post something on twitter about Austin butler mom passing then people would automatically think she didn’t care and what if someone asking her or austin if they had kept this private just between a few family and friends then fans would be angry and questioned why they didn’t say anything.

  • Kylie

    My condolences to Austin. He is so young…losing his mom, who he seemed so close to, is heartbreaking. I agree that Austin and Vanessa should grieve in their own way. If Tweeting helps that process, so be it. Who is anyone to judge?

  • john

    who the hell “celebrate ” a death??? is she crazy?

  • maria

    She was SO young and beautiful. My thoughts and prayers go out to Austin and his family. She raised a thoughtful, living, and kind young man. She must have been very proud. I believe Vanessa was very close to her and I completely understand her need to express her love in that way. Love and support come in different ways and for many today, it’s on their media. I see it all the time and just makes me see how deeply they feel for someone if they tell the world.

  • jen

    @john: not celebrating death but celebrating her life.

    May she rest in peace.

  • BTZ-Girl

    He had nothing better to do then tweeting about it and she’s not different. Instead of saying nothing at all, they want pity from all people out there. A lot of people die every single day. No matter if it’s from celebs or not. The media wouldn’t have said anything about it, if they wouldn’t have made it public, because they normally they wouldn’t even know it.

    Kidman’s father died as well, but here it were the media that made it public, but Kidman has a complete different degree of popularity than Austin Butler.
    I know why I stopped to like and support here. The VH who kept everything to herself doesn’t exist anymore. The attention seeking one is nobody I’m able to like.

  • omg

    Holy Fuack!!!

    is nothing sacred?

    This girl is so messed up in the head.

    ewww ewww I feel sick

  • Masbonita

    Maybe they hope for everyone that read it, to keep them in their prayers so they can overcome the loss…..Sorry Austin

  • meam

    Thats sad didn’t know his’s mom was sick. Wonder how old she was. He wants every one to know about his’s mom. And people to feel sorry for him.

  • meam

    Every day v wants attention when she can getit.

  • Emme

    @jess: Normal people put everything on the internet. What are you talking about? Not saying that she’s not an attention seeker but to compare it to normal people? Normal people put even more private matters on the internet but get little attention because they have a small following.

  • e

    Maybe they decided to send out tweets to inform their fans of what happened so that they know if they are not in the mood to talk and might have to cancel something.

  • maria

    Austin broke the news on Twitter to let his friends know. I’m sure all his pals knew how sick she was. He couldn’t call everyone, so he sent out a loving, thoughtful message and Vanessa responded. Wow. How awful is that? Your GF responding to your sad news. Horrors.

  • yose

    I understand Austin’s tweet. Could be apnea to leave him be to mourn his mother, understandable. Then his girlfriend retweet to show support, understandable. What is really inappropriate is the # hshtagging that Vanessa Hudgens did. Shocking! That’s not being supportive that’s working pr for selfish reasons.

  • Fran

    Whats outrageous is hearing she was sick for a while. Why wasn’t she living w Austin and Vanessa if she was short on funds. Why was she getting hair and nails done instead of nursing his mom who she called mom too? Why did they not hire a nurse to come to their home and help her instead of being shot by papps while doing frivolous things like shopping. Why would Gina say they are friends and Vanessa call her mom and want her not to live with them? A visit to see her wouldve been nice. Papps didnt get that. Cause it probably didn’t happen. Thats awful.

  • Jr

    SMH, you people have some nerve that’s all I can say.

  • zafcan

    @fran: you don’t you wipe your ass first before picking on someone.

  • Jimmy

    how could she do this? on twitter? has she no shame, using any opportunity to promote herself? sickening woman.

  • Paul

    @Jimmy: I saw my friends on facebook doing this. People do this all the time. If she wants attention she would be crazy like Miley Cyrus or wear stragne clothes like Lady Gaga.

  • Paul


  • Amy

    @Jimmy: if she was looking for attention she would she everything she does or where she goes all the time but she DOESN’T. JEEEEEZZ, stop looking for stupid reasons to hate on her! So the celebrities that sent their condolences to Robin William’s family are attention seekers as well? Vanessa has some projects coming and she barely talk about them. She went to Las Vegas to visit a sick girl last month and she didn’t even tweet about it, she went to his fan’s prom and didn’t say anything till the party finished, STOP HATING.

  • Amy

    @Jimmy: she would say*

  • Amy

    @meam: yeah that’s why she said she’s going to sing tomorow, that’s why she said she was going to be on Chelsea Lately finale, that’s why she didn’t talk about the sick girl she went to see last month in las vegas, that’s whe talked about going to his fan’s prom, she barely promotes her projects and never says what she does or where she goes. Dude, stop hating and don’t be jealous ;)

  • Amy

    @maria: why is that so bad? omg you’re so dramatic! What heppen with people when they respond other’s condolences too?

  • hi

    I’m glad that he has Vanessa as one of the person who he can rely on and lean on <3


    For goodness sake, where is the humanity in some of you critics? ! Austin has lost his mom and Vanessa, too , who was obviously close to her. Please allow them to grieve without them having to cope with Trolls and adding to their grief.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the world to know that they have lost a loved one. Some people grieve in private and others in public. Look at Joan Rivers, she wanted a celebration of life, I would too.

    I have been through the experience of losing loved ones. When I was younger, I mourned and thought that was the end of life. Now I have a better understanding and different perception of life and realized that death is only a transition. So it is not Lori I feel for as bless her soul, she’s at a better place with no more pain or suffering but the ones she’s left behind, who are bereft.

  • maria

    @Amy: I was being sarcastic, my dear. I don’t see that she did anything wrong, even hash tagging. She wasn’t hashtagging herself, but a woman she loved like a mom.

  • jeez


    She loved her so much she sent her out of LA to die. When she yachts with friends she should’ve been visiting her ” mom”. Her nails got done every week. Did his mom get attention? I loath when people act like they’re grieving n send their loved ones away to die like dogs.

  • italian mom

    Devil people on here, what did life do to you to make your soul so nasty? Shallow people think they know it all, no common sense, ever. Perfect mindset on the highway to be 100% losers for the rest of their only life.
    Useless haters.


    @jeez: who are you to make such a harsh judgement and where is the justification for it, pray tell me? What inside information have you got to come to that conclusion? Jumping to conclusions to make it a reality is indeed dangerous. That is how rumours are spread. Your melodramatics could be better used elsewhere, you little Troll!

  • zacfan

    @jeez: look who’s talking. you’re feeding your fat mama a dozen donuts a day and let her sit stinking in front of tv to die.

  • Lady

    Austin pr people should say somethink about his mom befor vanessa that there job.

  • Wow

    Some of the people on here are simply evil. I say the best thing to do is ignore them. If they are going to act like they are possessed by demons and try to bring down people they don’t even know during this grieving time, then I say that there is a deeper issue with these people than we can imagine. Something way beyond this Universe! No good will come from hate. All you can do is pray for them.

  • whateva


    how many accounts do you have, weirdo?

    it is disgusting and tacky to promote someones death on twitter. I’m glad people realize that.

    Your Idol Vanessa is an attention whore, there is no denying that.

  • Jen

    HOLY MOLY, some of the comments on here are unbelievable!

    Don’t act like she’s the only one who’s done this. Thousands of people do this everyday, celebs or not. You people pick on her as if she brought the devil on earth.

    She didn’t tweet about it first, Austin did. All she did was respond and try to gather as much support for him, from her fans and his fans alike.

    @jeez: What are you even talking about? You’re just pulling heinous assumptions from your ass. They took in Darla- her dog- what makes you think they wouldn’t welcome Austin’s mum with open arms if it was what she wanted? Goodness.

    Honestly, I really don’t understand some of the hate she gets when she has literally done anything evil.