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Jennifer Garner Says Ben Affleck Could Bench Press Her With His Buff Body

Jennifer Garner Says Ben Affleck Could Bench Press Her With His Buff Body

Jennifer Garner checks messages on her phone while carrying a little black notebook on Thursday (September 11) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old actress recently chatted about her husband Ben Affleck‘s physical transformation for his role as Batman.

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“Big Ben is defiantly looking buff. I mean he’s incredible…. It’s like who are you.. I think he’s 8 or 7 percent body fat and all muscle. I can’t keep up with him clearly, he could bench me, but ya we work out at the same time, I do my little mini workout,” Jennifer shared to Extra.

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  • Izabel

    She’s soooo supportive of everything Ben does! They’re a great couple, a real one. Love, love, LOOOOOOOOOOOVE her! :)

  • klijjh

    Most guys should be able to bench press how much she weights. So you dont have to be strong to bench her.

  • ace11

    Im sure Ben would love to “lift” J-Lo again if he had the chance

  • Nikki

    Still wonder why Ben married such a pasty, plain looking woman with zero personality who talks like something’s stuck in her teeth. JLo was a million times prettier. Then again, Ben grew up near Boston. Those guys have lower standards than guys from NY and LA.

  • swiftie

    The fact that Ben’s creative writing professor ridiculed an early draft of the Good Will Hunting screenplay gives me hope.

  • http://comcast Dee

    Jennifer always comes up with a lot of stupid remarks. I think she is needing attention. Some people should just shut the F up and people would think more of them.

  • Mean

    Look like her pants are to big on her. Don’t like Ben. It seems everyone in la what’s attention some way or another. Go get a haircut women. Your bangs are covering your eyes.

  • mismatched

    They seem mismatched to me. From how I see them, they don’t seem very n love with eachother. I think she is honored to have been chosen by him, but isn’t actually in love with him. I think she is fond of him and wants to please him but doesn’t feel fully loved by him. And I don’t know why he hooed up with her- I think she is down to earth for him, and a good mom. But being Ben I think he just is not in love with her I think he tries to make it work for the sake of the kids but I do not see this marriage lasting once the kids are older. He will ikely seek a prettier woman, sorry Jen. Jen is just not that pretty- not that pretty is everything but it is a standard in the movie industry. She seems like a good person and a good paren. Ben, I don’t know- I think he is also probably a good guy but maybe a little egocentric.

  • B

    Wait, did she really say “defiantly looking buff” or did she say definitely and someone at JJ doesn’t know how to spell? That’s an odd statement.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    For once,i like her outfits

  • http://comcast Audra

    I think Jennifer is starving for attention but the way she is seeking it is better than J Lo flashing her huge ass. J Lo is desperate because she is 45 years old and cannot compete with the 20 yr olds.

  • April

    Jen and Ben are perfectly matched in every way. It”s kinda sad that after over a decade some of you find it hard to accept facts. Jen is gorgeous and doesn’t ever speak to press unless she is promoting a film and they always ask her about Ben and she gives them little bits of funny stories and keeps their relationship private while doing so.

    She lost a lot of fans when she married Ben and some of his fans wanted JLo for him, in the end they made their choices and so far it is working for them. What more could you ask?

  • Dianna

    @April: For pity’s sake, girl, give it a rest! We get that you are the world’s biggest sycophant when it comes to the Afflecks; the constant fawning and mooning is just over the top. You are either being paid by them (or their publicist) to keep the saccharine posts coming, or you are in serious need of a life, away from the fairy tale fantasies of “happily ever after.” Are they good people? Probably, but who knows? They are both in the business of make-believe so can appear to be whoever you want them to be. Down to earth? Sure! Unaffected be the Hollywood hype? Why not? Human? Not if you can help it! My dear, these people cannot walk on water and are no better or worse than anyone else. They do not need you (or anyone else, for that matter) to defend or attack them because they simply don’t care what gets posted on these gossip sites. Please, worship from afar if you must, but GET A LIFE!! You sound like a nice girl, just come back to Earth once in a while! (Or, if they ARE paying you, tell them you should be getting more for debasing yourself every time JJ posts something about Jennifer. Seriously…she is NOT Mother Theresa, Princess Diana and the Blessed Virgin Mary all rolled into one! We cringe for you after every simpering comment, alrlthough no one can deny your right to your opinion, no matter how silly the self-righteous defense of these people may be. Praying for you, Sistah!

  • Kiera

    Ben looks like he’d be a big bore in bed. Actually, they both look rather lackluster. An every other Saturday night couple.

  • Kerry Louise

    How long will Ben be interested in this boring and homely Woman?

  • April

    @Dianna: How many times must you silly people change your name to post the same stupid comments? Just be glad she Ben saved her from marrying a lazy good for nothing bum like Michael Vartan. That guy can’t even make a marriage work with a non celebrity person not to mention someone who is as talented as Garner. He though he was going to ride her coattail to stardom but thank God, Ben saved her and gave her three beautiful children and provided for her and them while she is able to pick and choose when she wants to work outside the home.

    I am not employed by them, (I wish) I just stand for fairness and allowing people to chose their significate others without hating on them, You appear to be THE one with the problem in this case. I have a right to like who I wish and so do you but you have no right to attack me for my choices. For the record, you won’t find me following someone I don’t support and (people who are not on my radar), don’t get any feed back from me, one way or another, I only defend a person who I feel is being unfairly attacked regardless as to how it may offend you or anyone else. Stop stalking me and follow your own advise. If you don’t like her or find her boring, why waste your time clicking on her thread and commenting? Not the best use of your time. GET A F/ U/ C/ K ING LIFE. See you in the funny papers

  • April

    @Kerry Louise: And how long will you be interested? That is the question. After all, it has been over ten years for him. How long has it been for you?

  • Zoee

    Here we go again , this mediocre women Jen Garner is using BEN to promote her film every time she has a film she start talking about him and yes Jen Ben is to much for you

  • batman

    @April: Grow up! You sound like a starstruck teenager who can’t stand it when someone has a different point of view to yours! Why do you get so mad at people who don’t worship Jennifer Garner like you do? This is a free country and people who don’t care for her have just as much right to post their opinions as you do. Don’t hold others to your own an*al standards, just learn how to agree to disagree. BTW, I have not posted before although I read a lot of these threads for entertainment; the venom and hysteria in your reply to “Dianna” struck me as a very exaggerated response to a perfectly considered comment. As for Jennifer being “saved” by Ben? I think that as an intelligent, independent woman, she would find that statement offensive indeed. I doubt she needs anyone to save her, not Ben and certainly not you! Lighten up and chill out!

  • Ivermom

    Jen is one of those ladies who does not feel the need to dress up in her day to day life. When she gets dressed up with hair and makeup, she is absolutely stunning! I think it is great that she is confident in who she is and knows she is beautiful but does not feel the need to impress all of you who come here to complain about her.

  • Izabel

    @April: Agreed! :)

  • Mitch