Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Get Affectionate at Chateau Marmont

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Get Affectionate at Chateau Marmont

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin seem to have taken their romance public after showing off some PDA at the celeb hotspot Chateau Marmont!

The 24-year-old Hunger Games actress and the 37-year-old Coldplay singer enjoyed a night out with friends on Thursday (September 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“They seem very comfortable in each other’s company—and happy!” a source told E! News. “It doesn’t seem like it’s a new relationship. They seem super affectionate and at ease with each other.”

Chris was reportedly being very affectionate with Jennifer, holding her hand and rubbing her back. They “were the center of attention…They seem super cute together.”

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  • Sarah

    This is so hard to believe considering there are ZERO pictures of them together

  • Joy

    I agree with you Sarah, a date in one of the biggest celeb hot spot where paparazzi camp out to get photos. Plus all these dates and not one fan has got of picture of them together. It might be true but I need real proof of photos.

  • Fernando schiavi

    Lucky man!

  • Fercat

    If you guys want something really juicy, find out whose phone really got hacked.

  • kami

    yep, i agree. something is fishy here.

  • Jay

    they both just got out of serious relationships

  • Anabelle

    But where are the pictures?!!

  • Camila

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Pauly


    Do tell Fercat if you know if wasnt her phone, from everything I read it was her phone considering it was mostly selfies?

    And this story is getting ridiculous, all these dates and no pics.

  • Emma

    You won’t get pictures inside Chateau as they have a no pic. policy…but outside, yes. Also, the age difference bothers me because of the way she handles herself in the spotlight (as a klutzy ditz), but in private dating men much older??? What in the world do they have in common besides being famous. I mean, can you imagine what a 37 yr. old would talk about with a 24 yr. old?

  • Elena

    You not should publish this :’( , I like Chris ♥ but not with jennifer, I have hope that Jennifer is next to Josh Hutcherson… they are perfect because they have incredible chemistry, they are soul mates and MUCH Sexual tesion

  • dealin

    we need real pictures and look at them to see if they are staged. because nobody believes in this. hope that f there are sightings of them, they will be genuine because it’s easy to see it it’s fake or not.

  • Jess

    Too good to be true, but, seriously, we are in the 21st century and still have people caring about age difference? I’m 24 years old too and I also dated older men who earned so much more worth than two youth together, just saying. Deal with it.

  • Ha

    @Emma: I bet it’s just for the sex …. older men can have some skills, y’know! ^^

  • Ha

    @Jess: Woh, woh, woh!!!! Are you saying you were just in it for the $$$$$? lmao you go girl xD

  • liz

    @Jess: I get what you are saying completely but I just want to point out that the 21st century is actually a lot more conservative on their views on age gaps than previous centuries. teenage girls used to marry men in their 30s and have children with them just a little over a century ago.

    anyway, this couple is just PR. all these reports yet no evidence of them ever having even met before. ha.

  • Ally P

    Check out this great site!

  • lala


    I agree with people being more conservative about age gap but I don’t understand how this is PR. It makes no sense, normally PR you want to be seen together and get some type of gain out of it. This one is dumb date stories and no real proof not really PR but seems like just tabloid fodder for clicks, very weird to me.

  • leelee

    Taking PRelationships to the next level that they don’t even need photo evidence. Get your $$$$ JJ!

  • Jamie Yearout

    Too true Emma, my late husband was 13 years older than me, but he sure was sexy.

  • Foster

    Jennifer is a lezbo.. Theyre creating fake relationships for her since shes at the height of her career. In a few years, once her 15 mins are up she will come out.

  • la

    @Sarah: The Chateau Marmont does not allow any photography inside, they’re quite discreet, that’s why alot of celebs go there. They would only be papped driving in or out of the parking lot, but that would be tricky too if they had a driver.

  • 8888

    @Foster: what? what kind of rumor is that?

  • pah-lease

    This story of a “date” is just as fake as all the other ones before. A “source’ can track them across the country from a Hamptons beach, a vineyard, and now two restaurants in LA, but can’t seem to figure out how to take a pic of them? Not just once, but every time Lawrence and Martin are supposedly together. How does the “source” seem to know exactly where and when Lawrence and Martin will be, but the paps can’t find them, especially in the Hamptons, NYC, and LA? Makes me believe this “source” is being paid by Martin’s reps to leak stories about them to the tabs.
    Besides, a Bieber fan (yes, you read that right) was able to snap TWO pics of Lawrence in the same restaurant yesterday afternoon (and tweet them)! He did what this “source”, people at all the “date” places, and paps couldn’t do in almost a month. And in the “no pics” policy Chateau Marmont on top of it all.
    As it is, Monday’s “date” story was definitely bogus. People and US Weekly ran the same story, but US Weekly added that Lawrence and Martin “spent the entire day together” on Tues. (with no pics again). Hard to do when Martin was photographed (pics-what a concept!) and videoed alone at an Apple event in Cupertino.
    The other telltale sign of how fake these are-no tweets. With all those people at the beach, vineyard, and restaurants, there’s not one person who recognized Lawrence and Martin to tweet about it? If Bieber fan can do it, why not anyone else?
    Plus, can anyone really believe a “source” who describes these “dates” as “super-romantic” (vineyard), “super-cute” (Monday’s) and “super-affectionate” (this one)? Is this “source” a teenager or what?

  • Kerry Louise

    Why would she date a wimp like him? Does not make sense.

  • assman

    he could do better

  • talia

    Still not buying this relationship, robert pattinson was also at chateau marmont and their is even a video of him trying to leave without being seen so if jen and Chris were really there, you can guarantee that their would be pics or videos of them leaving together or separately.

  • Cc

    Another? Goshhhh aren’t you folks get tired of this fake relationship made up by the tabloid and B. S. “sources” “insider” “onlooker” etc. ????

  • Asswoman

    She could do better.

  • Odd world

    In Hollywood one just get over end of relationship or end of marriage within a week and second week he/she is ready to be in another relationship.
    I wonder if its real love!

  • Billy

    Don’t be stupid people, both CM and JLaw have things to promote, he is about to go on tour and her next 2 movies are coming out soon. They are both pushing these stories. CM is friends with Beyawnze and JayZZZ who fake everything for publicity.

  • nathalie

    Jennifer Lawrence with Josh Hutcherson, now that would be hilarious since when they are pictured together he has his eyes on her breasts level.

  • Amelie

    There is obviously something going on otherwise their reps would have denied it by now. When Martin was being linked to Alexa Chung his band issued announcing that the stories were untrue & that they were just friends.

    I can understand the attraction between the two of them – he seems very much like her ex- boyfriend Nicholas Hoult – quiet, earnest & witty etc. That being said I don’t think that either of them have really thought this through as Jennifer really doesn’t seem ready for the type of commitment entailed in being in a relationship with a man this age with an ex- wife & two children. He is 40 in 3 years which will probably put it into perspective for her – she should be out partying with kids her own age.

  • Spencer

    I agree with Amelie. Clearly something is going on with Chris and Jennifer. There is no way all this can just be made up PR bullshit. Sure, it’s odd as hell that we haven’t gotten any pictures what so ever yet, but we do have a few little clues that some of the things that’s been said could be legit, like Jen actually being at the concert in New York and her now showing up at the same hotel the day after Eonline reported that her and Chris were there hanging out with his pals. There is no way that can be just a coincidence in my opinion. But we’ll see. If they are in fact hanging out at all these places, they’re clearly not caring much if people see them and aren’t exactly hiding and trying to keep their relationship a secret. So sooner or later the paparazzi or some nosey fan will get pictures of them together.

  • Cinevisor

    Jennifer Lawrence has long quit acting over a year or so ago. She’s gone, so this is hard to believe.

  • Spencer

    Oh yeah, sure she has. It’s not like she just wrapped up Mockingjay a few months ago and will head off to film Joy soon or you know, that little movie called X-Men: Apocalypse that starts shooting in April. Plus all the other projects she’s got lined up. Quit acting? HA! Dream on.

  • The Fountain Freeway

    Jennifer Lawrence left the biz ages ago. No reason for this article.

  • The Fountain Freeway

    @Spencer: No, it’s true. She wrapped it up long ago and that’s it. No more projects. Quit. Moved on. Forgotten.

  • Spencer

    Dude, stop trolling. She wrapped MJ2 in late June and is on a few months break before promotion starts for MJ1. And then she’s off filming the movie with David and then in April she’s headed to Montreal for 4 months. Forgotten? Hardly. Haha

  • Deni

    @Spencer This story it’s FAKE..because thursday was the JBuckland’s birthday and all the Coldplay are in LA now..CM was with them thurs.! If all the Coldplay was at Château Marmont that day..would be seen exactly like Robert Pattinson and other celebrity and the same EOnline would know of their presence! And also the fans who was there,would seen them,like the girl that spotted and photographed JLaw at Château friday afternoon at 16.30 pm!! Jennifer does not go to the same place in the space of a few hours..especially a place full of paparazzi!! JLaw does not comment her private life..never. And Martin was silent when it came to him and is convenient to shut up now!

  • Courtney

    Ok JJ. Chateau is a “celeb hotspot”, we know that. Even though it has a no photo policy on the inside, paps couldn’t sneak a pic of them as they headed out (if they were there at all)? The paps aren’t dumb, they have their ways of taking pics. If a fan on Twitter could sneak a pic of Jen at the Chateau inside a no picture zone, how could these “sources” say that she and Chris were there and not get something? That says something about the credibility of this story. Rob Pattinson, Chris Pine and others were caught outside the Chateau, but not two of the most sought-after and well-known people in the world at the moment? Are they wearing invisibility cloaks or something? Sorry, I still don’t buy it.

  • Damien Thorne

    @Deni: Spenser is a troll, Deni. No further explanation needed.

  • its REAL

    @spencer @amelie earlier i was also quite confused like you how can they remain silent and dont deny this fake relationship but now i totally agree with deni that its a total fake tabloid shittt otherwise papz cant get one picture of them as they know exactly where these celebs are as the have taken picture of r pattz 100 times at CM not even from front door but also back door so they would have definetly know whats going on there and the other question why they are not dnying it simply because when you are such a huge superstar and your name can sell a 3$ tabloid and magazine by linking your name to any one like that shit john mayer or chris martin and that too every week with some new bullshit story then its better to keep quite and dont give them any bite as you knoe j law has been linked with so many 40 50 years old actor that know she just dont care

  • Amelie


    I don’t think that anyone ever thought that Chris & Rhianna were actually a couple – they worked together in the past & Chris has gone on record saying that he would like to write for her new record.

    Further to this, Chris Martin never really spoke about Gwyneth when they were together. He’s always been super secretive about his private life – it was Gwyneth who posted pictures of their children on her instagram or told the world about her miscarriage – he never commented upon any of it.

    I can’t imagine that Chris & Jennifer would fabricate a relationship for publicity – she is arguably the most famous actress in the world & he is in one of the biggest band (their recent album went No1 & their tours always sell out). It is inevitable that they will be papped at some point but even when that happens people on here will still refuse to believe…

  • its REAL

    @amelie we can only explain how this so called tabloid do their shittt business to earn money rest is up to you LIVE IN YOUR DREAMS AND WAIT FOREVER FOR THAT MOMENT WHEN THIS TWO IMAGINARY COUPLE GO HAND IN HAND AND GIVES A PHOTO OP TO THE PAPZ

  • suzybel

    The ink is barely dry on the divorce papers before he’s stepping out with someone else.

  • Deni

    @Amelie The story of CM and Rihanna have reported in many..also EOnline and JJ insinuating something romantic! ..And CM was silent about it. If JLaw and Martin are a couple for weeks..why there is not even a picture? CM was photographed with anyone in these weeks,also his wife and kids..and as say the tabloids..they go to places full of paparazzi,Beverly Hills,West Hollywood etc. in exclusive restaurant..why no photos?? They have the gift of invisibility? The story of the Vineyard is completely false,because CM was in Manhattan between august 1th – 10th for radio interviews and concerts! He was in the Hamptons with wife and kids between august 11th – september 1th, with a short stop in LA for 3 days,then he was in London 4 days and returned in LA the september 6th! The 7th he was with wife and kids ( there are photos) the 9th he was at Apple event,the 10th he was in Minnesota! When he and Jennifer Lawrence were together? Where’s the time? Maybe this dinner reported by “People” of 8th..but is the only and shows that they have a friendly relationship..not a romantic relationship! And Jennifer after the july 1th,was 2 weeks between Paris and the end of july she was ever spotted alone! So..i still wonder..where’s the time to start a romantic relationship???????????????? I hope that i explained well..i’m not speaking English very well.. sorry ^_^

  • its REAL

    WHAT A MAN ! having lunch with his wife on sunday and then having dinner with his new girlfreind on monday at beverly hill . he is running for both OLD & NEW PUSSSY EVERY NIGHT .KEEP IT UP CHRIS YOU ARE MY HERO & INSPIRATION . i want to have such PUSSYFUL LIFE LIKE YOU . and you have a lot of fan here ME, MEME MY DEAR FREIND AMELIE

  • taliah


    In all fairness, Gywneth was pictured kissing Donovan Letch 6 while she was still married to Chris & now she’s seeing the guy from Glee Brad Falchuk but it is obviously getting much less attention. It’s pretty obvious that their marriage has been over for a while. Jen & Chris are probably seeing one another but is likely just a rebound for them both.

  • pork

    Celebs only find other Celbs interesting or worthy to date, what does this tell you about them people ? Regular pedestrians have zero to offer a Celebrity I guess .