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Kanye West Stops His Show to Demand Everyone Stands Up

Kanye West Stops His Show to Demand Everyone Stands Up

Kim Kardashian joins her husband Kanye West while leaving the Qantas Credit Union Arena following his second to last show on the Yeezus Tour on Saturday evening (September 13) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old rapper created a stir this weekend after he demanded everyone at his show the night before stand up, but created an awkward moment for some handicap fans.

“I can’t do this song, I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t,” Kanye told the crowd, according to the Daily Mail. “Imma see you if you ain’t standing up, believe me, I’m very good at that.”

Kanye noticed that one fan wasn’t standing and sent his bodyguard to check on why he wasn’t. When the bodyguard confirmed that the fan was in a wheelchair, he continued with the song.

Kanye West Stops His Show to Demand Everyone Stands Up

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  • kkk


  • Kar


  • jamoo

    What a douchebag

  • rafa


    Nice username, idiot.

  • Mmmok

    I’m sure kanye meant to look like a badss but he just ended up looking severely beta. Perform, kill it, whatever – they stand, you did well. They sit, you didn’t. Learn from it.

  • Nicky

    What the F___ is wrong with this guy?

  • reeven

    Dumb idio*t

  • sarah

    People go to be “entertained” this guy has major issues. It’s like he wants white people to bow to him.. I still can’t believe people actually pay $$$ to see him

  • Chay

    “According to the Daily Mail” Just Jared how is that real reporting from a known Right Wing Hate Rag? I sad but I expected better from JJ

  • allison

    I don’t understand why people spend their money to see the a s s. If his performance is good enough than people will stand on their own.

  • Cain West…please

    Anyone who pays to see this turd deserves WHATEVER happens to him/her!

  • chris

    Somebody be needin’ to translate what this chump say.

  • Kimily

    SUCH an ASS.
    If only media/blogs! Etc… Would stop giving him a space to be seen.

  • Kerry Louise

    This is the state of America. A third of the population is on food stamps.

  • zane

    what a nigger. and what kind of idiots would go pay to hear this nigger spew crap out his mouth that should really come out his nigger ass.

  • well

    I would have stood up alright….to walk right out the door. Kanye is a ass.

  • Wes

    what an arrogant asshole. he is an idiot egomanic. why do you poeple support this no talent dick head

  • Pamela

    You get what you pay for. Keep giving him attention and he’ll stay around. Ignore him and eventually he’ll go away.

  • KIM

    He’s a ” DUMB ASS ” !!!!

  • me

    Here’s a thought… STOP putting this jerk in all the entertainment news, STOP putting his UGLY FACE on magazines… and to all those idiots that go and see this idiot — Grab a brain and go listen to some real talent!!!

  • Kim

    Very uncalled for. #classless

  • cchybinski

    He needs to be euthanize!!

  • forrest gump

    his goal: TO MAKE A STATEMENT???

  • Billy

    I will stand up and cheer when both these idiots will GO AWAY!

  • Michele81

    Really dude?? I’ve never liked Kayne, never will!!!

  • pumpkin

    The people in the audience paid good money to see him perform not themselves if the man had not been handicapped what was he going to doto him he really is a sad pathetic shell of something but I’m not exactly sure of what that is if a person is really talented (meaning kanye you noticed I used a small k) he would show case his talent not his insecurity and the need to show everyone just how bad he’s really not

  • mileykee

    @kkk: Kanye is just a PUPPET! He is controlled by egomaniac fashion designer Marc Jacobs. He even made Kanye to steal a 40 years old Hungarian song for his latest album. Jacobs wants to control the entire media system. He has great influence on Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus as well. Read the truth about them at styleangelique blog spot

  • Londonvibe

    We have such weird fans dont we?

  • Diedre

    Kanye is the worst kind of creature: a narcissist with absolutely no talent. Why anybody would buy a ticket to one of his concerts is beyond me.
    If you’re that stupid then you deserve to be subjected to his whims. He and his gargantuan @ssed wife need to disappear forever.

  • Londonvibe

    So what is the problem then? why is there even a question posed and about what? what is it? Is there a problem again. If so, what is that problem? (in regards to relationship), whats the issue. I think its gone past missing the mark here because there are lots of pictures on the internet, so this story doesnt necessarily have to match up with these pictures.

  • suzybel

    Is this idiot full of himself or what?

  • Whatever

    This man is vile…can’t believe people support his shows

  • M

    He has that face like his’s going to bet someone up. Dick head never smiles. Kim don’t have to dress up all the time. Hate that dick head. Why to people go to his’s cancerts?

  • abby

    I blame the people who still pay to see him live.

  • aryine

    F–king, untalented, stupid and rude bastard! I hope those poor fans sue him for how he humiltaed them! He didn’t even apologize! His nasty wife is a horrible person too. There are stories of how she has started to make people pay for her autograph! Who would pay any money for some D list tramps autograph? Digusting.

  • Nigel

    Terrible human being! Why does he still have fans anyways? No wonder Jay Z and Beyoncé have distanced themselves away from him and his hooker wife! And peoples still call him an A lister! No, only D listers and C listers act like this!

  • Amy


    They have a pic of the stadium on TMZ and there are a lot of empty seats…lol…

  • timeout

    He should be thrown in jail for vilolation of the basic human rights.

  • jarvis

    He claims to be the biggest star in the world, yet he can’t even get full stadiums, nobody really likes him, the only women who want him are famewhores like Kim, Amber, porn stars,etc.
    He should be grateful with whatever fans he has left. What an asshole.

  • jarvis

    @timeout: I am surpised how he and Kim didn’t even go to jail for making up that story about the’ racist’ teen a while back. How can you even file a police report over a lie? How can someobody sink to low to lie about a racist experience? That alone should have them in custody!

  • Tom

    Kanye just proves over and over again what a worthless and pathetic excuse he is for anything! Why would anyone come to see this nitwit?!

  • http://website sethsheppard77

    He’s one dumb negro that has said he wants to leave America. I wish he would leave and take all the Kardashounds with him